January 16th, 2013 | 281 Entries

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281 Entries for “sweep”

  1. All I do is sweep. Sweep the floors, sweep the porch, sweep the chimney. It was like in Cinderella but there was no Fairy Godmother and no happy ending. I was stuck in this metaphorical hell and I can’t escape.

    By Maddi URL on 01.16.2013

  2. I had to do a virtual sweep and clean of my brain. Get rid of the cobwebs, if you will. There was not enough room for me to keep all the useless information in there when I could be thinking and remembering much more relevant stuff pertaining to the investigation.

    By Maddi URL on 01.16.2013

  3. It is a custom not to sweep the floor immediately after someone leaves the house
    Because at funerals they sweepnupnafter the coffin leaves. or something like this that my mother told me.

    By Robin on 01.16.2013

  4. Sweeping the nation with impact. Running around with the wind. Sharing all the goodness I’ve taken out. Trying my best to return it back in. Journeying across the country side. With my friends and family. Doing the best I can. Living the way I have. Sweeping this world with my impacting.

    By Sara Z on 01.16.2013

  5. Clean, without stumbling. I felt somehow relieved. She would never know. Never consider it. it was essentially, perfect. thank god.

    By ps on 01.16.2013

  6. clean the house but do not hide. do not hide the secrets in the corners, instead sweep them into piles to be poked at and prodded until they are known to all. sweep away.

    By Rachel on 01.16.2013

  7. Everything goes, Every runs… The tree out my window sways and the branches sweep against my window. As I look out and wonder about you and me together

    By Frederick URL on 01.16.2013

  8. Sweep.
    Sweep me off my feet.
    Sweep your dreams on off the floor.
    Sweep away the love that doesn’t live here any more.
    Sweep the dust from the b

    By Allie Paige URL on 01.16.2013

  9. Like a gum fighting with a cake to conquer the kingdom of cheese.

    By Chuppa on 01.16.2013

  10. A gust of wind came suddenly, and we were in the dark. but we weren’t alone. Ticonderoga was there, and magazine inserts, fuzz balls, wrappers, even an old retainer.

    By Hannah URL on 01.16.2013

  11. he sweeped me off my feet.
    the prince charming to my cinderella story.
    he found me a while back. ignored, and unloved beginning to weep.
    we became friends, he was the light of my life.
    he asked me to be with him because i was his light. as he was too mine.
    we grew old together, laughing dreaming and belonging.
    until that faithful day when he was no more, again trying to save me from sobbing.
    though i remember him dearly and will see him one day again.
    i live life to the fullest, knowing one day everything could just end.

    By Floyd URL on 01.16.2013

  12. cinderella, now that’s a cliche
    watching, waiting, sweeping up the secrets
    under the rug they go
    stomped on, dirty boots scuffed on
    secrets wear beneath the rug
    as they do in time
    actively cleansing
    even if just concealing
    secrets, grit, dirt, the past
    pieces of a glass slipper, forgotten

    By Rebecca URL on 01.16.2013

  13. I want to sweep you off your feet
    Toss you to the sky

    Oh how I pray that you freeze

    So on any given moment I can look up and breathe

    I don’t know what I want from you
    But I know what I desire

    For you to sweep me into the fire

    By Action on 01.16.2013

  14. What if I dond’t sweep. What if I can’t sweep. What happens then. Will t

    By Lance URL on 01.16.2013

  15. take the dirt that is in the house and sweep it off the worn concrete steps. Repeat every day at exactly between 12 pm and 1 pm. No exceptions will accepted. Deviations will lead to instant dismissal.

    By River Ranter URL on 01.16.2013


    By Sarah on 01.16.2013

  17. The great sweep…does it exist ….do you land on your feet…is there a fall?

    By 5thElement URL on 01.16.2013

  18. Sweep. Hm. When I see this word I think of two very different things. To sweep as in to clean, and being swept off your feet. I can’t say I sweep my floors very often. In fact there’s a broom sitting across the room staring at me right now. It’s making me feel guilty. Shut up broom. I don’t want to clean.

    By Deanna URL on 01.16.2013

  19. weeping by the window, rain beating against the cool glass, i wondered if i could cry any deeper. the water coming out of my eyes seemed never-ending and i wished someone could sweep away the pain.

    By valgal on 01.16.2013

  20. sweeping the floor
    dust flying in the light
    waiting for the ball
    not ready for tonight

    By Michelle URL on 01.16.2013

  21. They won all three games in one clean sweep. To celebrate, all of the players went to the local bar to get drunk on bad tequila and even cheaper vodka. When that was over with, the fullback vomited into the nearest potted plant outside the pub, and the goalie stumbled into the middle of the street and got hit by an oncoming van.

    Don’t worry, he didn’t die. He did, however, lose all feeling in his legs for two weeks. Which was kind of fortunate because of how painful compound fractures could be.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 01.16.2013

  22. sweeping chimneys. black, dust covered children, running into walls, coloring the colors with dark dust. sweepable, but unerasable. souless nightguards sweep the city at night.forget and weep, weep because you cannot forget, weep because you hav forgotten. Sweep the dark of our lives away, but who will bear the burdens of our dark ashes?

    By Jenny Kim on 01.16.2013

  23. I felt swept away, right away. I could hear the trees with the wind sweeping through their leaves. I felt the moonlight rush to my face as I smelled the earth below my feet. I knew this was a night I’d never forget. Was it love? I might never be sure.

    By Ashley URL on 01.16.2013

  24. Sweep, what a lovely word. The sound of a broom as it tosses duct off the floor. The sound of the embrace as a boy sweeps a girl off her feet. Its a whimsical, happy sweeping word.

    By Bobbi B on 01.16.2013

  25. sweep away the broken glass into a bottle you send off to sea. Forget the memories of your stained shards and wait for nothing to return. Weep at the sight of ash-covered children carrying the burden of the darkness you have burned away.

    By Jenny Kim on 01.16.2013

  26. sweep
    what does that even mean?
    so we sweep things in a sports sense
    destroying our opponents
    giving them no chance to touch our skill
    or sweep the floor
    getting rid of all the past
    the dirt
    the history
    do we look to move on
    get better
    get cleaner
    what does that even mean?

    By Erin URL on 01.16.2013

  27. She slowly let the broom sweep its way across the floor because she honestly didnt seem to be putting any effort into it yet the broom was still moving. She let her hands slip from the handle and she watched as the broom continued to sweep across the floor. “I did it” she yelled, right as the broom fell to the floor.

    By Alishea URL on 01.16.2013

  28. I felt swept away, right away. I could hear the trees with the wind sweeping through their leaves. I felt the moonlight rush to my face as I smelled the earth below my feet. I knew this was a night I’d never forget. Was it love? I might never be sure.

    By Ashley Alizabet URL on 01.16.2013

  29. sweeping away the scattered pieces of faded yellow, white, tattered lined paper out on the porch felt like a respite, as if those memories, written in scrawling black and blue within them, could be tossed and abandoned the same way

    By shin on 01.16.2013

  30. He swept into the room like a blizzard, obliterating everything. Every thought, in every head, every person’s will to remain on task. He was life changing.

    By Caoimhe on 01.16.2013

  31. In the dark shed, he could see her long silky black hair shining to just below her slim waist. She was wearing a white dress, with lace and flowers in some pattern. He tried to remain in his quietest mode, but a breeze came along, sweeping the dried leaves off the ground, along with her hair—that beautiful hair!—exposing her nape. An audible gasp came out from his throat against his own volition. She turns to the sound. “It came from that shed,” she thinks to herself. With the sharp knife in hand, she makes her way to the old, decrepit shed. The blood was everywhere—her hands, her dress, her face, and she has found him. “This might not have been a good idea after all,” he says to no one. She opens the door.

    By Tricia URL on 01.16.2013

  32. I used to love to sweep. Sweeping was a pasttime. They told me I could be on a curling team. They told me I was special. That was before it happened. The time where my life practically ended.
    The time of fire.
    It was a day like any other, I was sweeping the porch when a booming noise echoed through the town and I dropped my broom in surprise.

    By Emily on 01.16.2013

  33. The center of attention. He dominates the room. Hungry stares thrown in his direction, some resentful glares towards mine. Couldn’t help but do a quick assessment of myself. Not bad, but not the most gorgeous either. For a second, I don’t know where to look and avert my gaze, but his hand caress my cheek. I close my eyes and everything else fades away. He shifts my body so I can melt into his, as he whispered, “You sweep me off my feet.” I open my eyes. He is all I need.

    By Diana URL on 01.16.2013

  34. We tried to make sure it was clean, but it never was. The dogs decided that they owned the space and would do whatever they wanted to with it. When we came home, the floor was littered with scraps of cardboard and ripped books.

    By Autumn Miller-Wolfe on 01.16.2013

  35. The violent sweep of yesterday’s phrases could never negate the act of speaking them. No amount of apology or kind words could undo that gaze, the locking of eyes as you fouled the very trust your love was built upon. She will forgive but, no, she will never forget.

    By under that tree URL on 01.16.2013

  36. Sweep stakes is a fun game. I played one at work and I won a soda case. I use the word sweep at work to characterize a runs 24/7 and processes information.

    By Venkata on 01.16.2013

  37. I sweep the leaves off the porch,
    some getting caught in the crooks of the paneling
    They flow upwards
    in a flurry
    of madness
    Seeing who can stay up in limbo the longest
    and who can reach the ground fastest.

    By Lily URL on 01.16.2013

  38. Sweep is a process name that processes information 24/7 and updates the status of the customer. Customers get email after their information is processed.

    By thats a process on 01.16.2013

  39. I want you to sweep me off my feet, take me to your world. I want to go another way from the path I’m on right now, and follow you wherever. I want to profess my love to you and live until the end of time in a happy stupor.

    By Loren URL on 01.16.2013

  40. A broad sweep of his arms nearly knocks his traveling companion from her horse. Her arms windmill almost comically as she tries to regain her balance, pushing back the hood from her covered face and inky hair.
    I gasp in recognition. “Emilia?”

    By WearyWater URL on 01.16.2013