April 20th, 2012 | 123 Entries

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123 Entries for “swan”

  1. Swans come to our part of the country in the fall, and they stick around in the winter. But really, what are swans but geese who look classy? And everyone knows that geese are generally crabasses.

    By Kathleen Gabriel on 04.20.2012

  2. It was as if his tattoo was transforming. A golden swan, merging into silver and back to gold, swimming along his bare chest.

    “We’re closed,” I told him, still mesmerized by the swan.

    The young man said nothing as he took a step toward me.

    “I’m sorry, sir,” I said meeting his eyes, “but we’re closed-you can’t be here.”

    He said nothing as he pushed his dark hair behind his ears and smiled. His soft-ivory skin was glossed with rain. I hadn’t even realized it was raining. I glanced behind him and watched the rain for a moment.

    By Kathrynn Elizabeth URL on 04.20.2012

  3. There was something about the way she danced. It was beautiful. Her swift moves. Her white soft fur. The way she formed herself into a beautiful swan.

    By seiga URL on 04.21.2012

  4. I must have hit my head pretty hard because his tattoo was still a glowing, golden swan.

    “We’re closed,” I told him, mesmerized by the tattoo.

    The young man said nothing as he took a step toward me.

    “I’m sorry, sir,” I said meeting his eyes, “but we’re closed-you can’t be here.” The swan merged into silver and back to gold, swimming along his bare chest; his ivory-soft skin, glossed with rain.

    Peering behind him, I saw the storm. The streetlights illuminated the shower as it spilled over our tiny strip of old buildings and cramped sidewalks. Beyond this street there were no lights, no shops, just darkness rising over the hills.

    When I returned my attention to the room, the man exhaled a smiled, as if amused

    By Kathrynn Elizabeth URL on 04.21.2012

  5. The black swan. Some movie I never bothered watching, but something so much more than that. A certain corrupt elegance. I painting with just a small piece out of its place. Disconnection. Reinvention of sorts. I need to find where –

    By Jed on 04.21.2012

  6. i think of ballet, long necks, black eyes water, swimming, gracefulness, the pretense of being happy but at the same time something different, mysterious creatures, they have qualities related to humans almost as if their emotions were the same. swans have been shown to represent love, dark love often, twisted love.

    By Sarah on 04.21.2012

  7. Swan, swimming gracefully. Love. Swans only have one love in their lifetime. Graceful, and impeccable, like Chanel. Heartbreak. A swan can die from a broken heart. True love.

    By JV. URL on 04.21.2012

  8. She was so beautiful and young. Her swan like movements captured my curiosity as she danced across the room, but she was with someone elses. I hated that. It made me sad. Why did i not tell her how i felt. I was afraid.

    By Feroza Bhyat on 04.21.2012

  9. She was so beautiful and young. Her swan like movements captured my curiosity as she danced across the room, but she was with someone else. I hated that. It made me sad. Why did i not tell her how i felt. I was afraid.

    By Feroza Bhyat on 04.21.2012

  10. A beautiful, majestic creature. Pure white or jet black. Can also mean arrogance. Is a swan arrogant? Could a swan swan into a room? I don’t think swans are arrogant. Perhaps they are aware of their beauty, just as certain humans think that they are beautiful. White. Black. Grey sygnets. Race?

    By natalierose URL on 04.21.2012

  11. The swan floated on the lake, looking like a majestic creature from another world. It glided, leaving behind small waves in the water and approached her. It let out a dream-like sound and took her away into its world.

    By Edt on 04.21.2012

  12. For a minute, Pittsburgh Pa. had one of the most graceful swans flying around the field, but in many of the other fields across this great and beautiful country, he was doing his thing, catching footballs, scoring touchdowns, winning superbowls. Lynn Swan.

    By vanhaydu URL on 04.21.2012

  13. The swan flew up above the field in magestic swoops past the other animals high above the fields and over toward the far mountain. Everyone was in awe of the massive birds wing span and flight. Then all that changed.

    By Sue on 04.21.2012

  14. She cruised on the river, alone, head arched, like one half of a heart in the nature photographs that appeared on Valentine’s day – not that she would know anything about an artificial human symbol for love. He threw crumbs, flung them as far into the river as he could, but she swam on, leaving behind a rippling triangular wake.

    By Holden URL on 04.21.2012

  15. The swan floated like a cloud in a cotton dream in the soft blue light.

    By Jaenya URL on 04.21.2012

  16. Beautiful.
    Full of light.
    Full of beauty.

    By whenshecries on 04.21.2012

  17. Inside the pond were two swans–big, beautiful birds that no doubt added to the elegance of the manor. They glided along the water with effortless grace. The exotic curve of their necks, the alabaster white of their wings–I could see how anyone might want to look upon them all day. Even if it meant hurting them. How else do you preserve something beautiful, other than by caging it and clutching it close to your chest?

    By Julia Warner on 04.21.2012

  18. There was a swan that lived in a pond. It was a beautiful swan, full of grace. One day, a frog appeared near the swan. The frog said, “Hello. Do you like your pond?” The swan replied, “Why,yes! It’s the most beautiful pond in the world.”

    By amanda on 04.21.2012

  19. Well, I swan. I swam down a well and saw a swan. It saw me. The swan swam well. I slammed into the well wall. It all came down. We drowned.

    By Cy Margucci on 04.21.2012

  20. I was tired of being the one who left behind. Tired of being the one everyone else laughed at. The one who was scared of mirrors. The one who stayed at home on Saturday night.
    Then, I killed her. Swan. And now everyone fears me.

    By Akhila Vijaykumar URL on 04.21.2012

  21. Swan. Black. River. Swan. Orange. Ripples. Pond. Overhanging greenery. Young family sprawled across a red, checkered picnic rug. Tassels melding with the grass. A picnic basket of wicker. Soggy bread. Wet, cold water.

    By Sally URL on 04.21.2012

  22. He glanced around the room quickly, trying to find anything else that was stolen from the museum. In particular, he was looking for the wooden swan carving created by the Elders.

    By Jay Dee URL on 04.21.2012

  23. my mother and father-in-law have 2 swans living in the brushes in front of their house on the river. They swim up to their dock all of the time to get food. They are almost taking the food from the grandchildren’s hands. They are beautiful

    By Lisa Aarssen on 04.21.2012

  24. “Don’t feed the swan,” Liz told me.
    “It will eat your hand.”

    I reached into my bag and pulled out a pen. I scribbled something on my hand. And then I fed the swan a chunk of bread.

    By arose URL on 04.21.2012

  25. Swan is a beautiful white creature. It symbolises purity and love… for me atleast. Swans don’t change their mates at all; they live with one mate for the rest of their life and if one dies, chances are the other would too out of heart break. Humans ought to be like that.

    By Nikki on 04.21.2012

  26. its a aswome bird and it is the last name of bella SWAN in the movie twilight that we all know of .

    By shayleen on 04.21.2012

  27. The word swan is a funny word.I think that a swan is a pretty word .Bella SWAN

    By Aniyah on 04.21.2012

  28. A swan is a bird.it is a very pretty bird.the swan can swim.it is bigger than ducks.swans are very beautiful creatures.i think swans are one of the best animals ever because they are very romantic. swans can come in different colors.they can come in white ir brown and maybe even black.swans have very long necks.swans are really cool animals.

    By Silvia Marquez on 04.21.2012

  29. The Swan is a white bird. It comes from the family of ducks and is big duck and can attack. People like the swan so much they make plays and movies about it and that is why the topic swan is familier so familier that even i like and know it.

    By Alex Rosado URL on 04.21.2012

  30. an is a type of bird. A white bird to be correct. i like that bird it is very prett and outfoinf the only thing i dont like about that bird is that they use the bathroom any place they want to. but besides that they are funny,prett, and crazy birds :). this bird can do a lot of wonders and amaze you this is the type of bird that yhuu couldnt kee in side of a home wild. that is all i have to say about this bird . i love this bird wait no i dont i like this bird.

    By amya URL on 04.21.2012

  31. they are able to fly they like being in water and their food of chosse is fish small fish they have very long beak

    By hector on 04.21.2012

  32. “What are you looking at? You lost or something?
    There was a long pause. Cbc droned on the radio…just loud enough to be heard over the dull roar of the engine.
    “Jane…Jane….Yoo hoo…”
    I barely heard her. My spirit was busy running freely in the golden fields that we were driving past.
    “Jane! Holy crap! Where is it that you go sometimes?”
    My spirit bolted back into my body. I realized that if I were really running across the fields it would be quite so exhilarating. I’d probably get tangled in the wheat, get bugs in my teeth, get a stick in the eye…
    “ Yeah?”
    “Where we’re you?”
    “I was thinking that we could stop at the river and take some pictures of the swans.”
    As we approached the swans my spirit got ahead of herself again. I was swimming with them. The water was of course warm…not frigid…waves of peace filled me as I stroked their white feathers….
    My spirit was again jolted back into my body by a sharp pain in my hand…
    “It bit me!”
    “Jane…what do you expect…you’re still holding your sandwich from lunch!”
    Some say that God is in the details….

    By Pam Heighway URL on 04.21.2012

  33. She was like a swan: beautiful and gentle and slender with such consummate grace. And just as unapproachable. Her hair was as white and as pure as a blank piece of paper, yet unused, and her dark eyes shimmered and sparkled mysteriously.

    So he was mystified when she hugged him close and whispered under her breath, “I don’t deserve you.”

    “Why,” he asked.

    She said nothing, just stared at him with the stars in her eyes, stared at him like a little girl who’d reached for the sky and just been told that she would never be able to fly.

    By Skäila URL on 04.21.2012

  34. ugliness becomes you
    a gentle child born of grace
    of beauty
    your struggles will teach you
    you will know the ache of betrayal
    you will learn the joy of love

    By Domiknitrix URL on 04.21.2012

  35. I saw the swan in a dream once. Its long, curved neck arched into the moonlight, blocking everything in my vision but shining, ebony eyes. I wanted something in that moment – I have yet to discover what, though.

    By Kalilah URL on 04.21.2012

  36. on the lake there is nothing but the wind, the frost, the chill of the night, and the chill of the day. but as the chill approached, as the ice was forming, the last swans straggled through, finding open water, reaching through for the life below the surface, always there, through the coldest times, the bleakest times, but not soon to be out of reach. the ice is the swan’s enemy and his motivation.

    By k on 04.21.2012

  37. Swan is a very cool word, it’s like a duck but much cooler. In fact it’s soo cool that the queen owns every swan in England. That’s pretty lame, cause if i got a swan it wouldn’t be mine it would be the Queens. Damn Queen. I want a swan. Well actually if the swan if technically the Queens if i stole one from a farm i could actually say that it was the Queens.

    By Imran on 04.21.2012

  38. she looked into the lake, again the swan wasnt there, she wasnt suprised in the slightest Cassies swan hadnt been back, not since her best friend Krisy died last year, it was as if she had taken all of the bauty out of the world with her when she went.

    By mee123 on 04.21.2012

  39. Swan-like she dove for me. Pulled me under, feet kicking. I was drowning before I could grow wings. Her face was my own and I gagged on her. Under the water, piano music sounds. My eyes grow wide and I burst for the glass, a shower of feathers, surface showered in white.

    By L.V.Newc URL on 04.21.2012

  40. oh black swan
    how you dance
    across the stage
    you twirl and spin
    you are beautiful
    you are perfect
    if only you knew this
    you did the
    most regretable
    thing in you
    oh black swan

    By Hannah URL on 04.21.2012