April 20th, 2012 | 123 Entries

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123 Entries for “swan”

  1. The black swan came toward my outstretched hand without hesitation. She stuck her neck out to nibble my hand in greeting then sat by the edge and converse with me through her eyes.

    By Sheila URL on 04.20.2012

  2. Swan makes me think swan song. Which makes me think Charles Baudelaire. I guess it also makes me think of my dead friend Stephen, because he wrote a story that mentioned a swan, but wasn’t actually in it. I wonder if they really don’t make noise.

    By deadponies URL on 04.20.2012

  3. The lake shook and quivered in the pale moonlight. I waded through the thickets and weeds, trying to elude my predator, but it was closing in fast. The body of a man, the anger and head of a swan. It was my worst nightmare. I could hear the click clack of it’s beak, testing the air for any morsel that dare get too close. I was no such morsel.

    By Mike Thompson on 04.20.2012

  4. i saw a swan wants

    By cade URL on 04.20.2012

  5. white
    little girls

    By Desha on 04.20.2012

  6. Swans are very beautiful creatures, they are white and remind me of dancing. Sawn lake. They swim, swaddle in water, ponds, and lakes like ducks. They symbolize peace for me.

    By Desha on 04.20.2012

  7. The beautiful elegant swan capable of such beauty and violence. Maybe that’s where the Black Swan got it’s idea.

    By david on 04.20.2012

  8. She stood on the edge and considered her option. To go back was to admit failure. To go forward was a different kind of defeat. Neither option was good. She closed her eyes.

    The swan-dive was perfect and the water shockingly cold. At least it was over and she gasped for air with relief.

    By laurapacker URL on 04.20.2012

  9. A pair of swans swim by my river once in a blue moon. I love their grace and their feathers. I take my camera out of my pocket and record the moments I see them there.

    By Billy URL on 04.20.2012

  10. Beautiful. Elegant. From an ugly duckling to a swan, the swan symbolizes peace, love, harmony. The dove is its close neighbow. Beauty at its best. This is the moment when I stand here on my own.

    By amanga on 04.20.2012

  11. I sat by the river’s edge, I remember, poking the body of the dead swan with a stick. It’s head was missing and the feathers were soaked and scattered in blood. A dog or cat had had its fill, and the day had only

    By BillBixby on 04.20.2012

  12. The swan held on valiantly, struggling against the wind. Its neck was pitifully weak against the force, and it could not remain stationary. At last, the swan was swept away. I turned off the porch light and watched the rest of the storm in darkness.

    By Nathan on 04.20.2012

  13. The swan sailed through the air far above, gliding in gentle circles before landing in the small, still pond. Ripples flowed through the water and broke silently on the smooth stones that formed the pond’s edge.

    By Krospgnasker URL on 04.20.2012

  14. Beautiful. Graceful. Symbol of purity. Elegant. What you wish you looked like at all times. Peaceful. Because. You know it.

    By Susanna on 04.20.2012

  15. black swan was a pretty good movie. it was a little over rated i think, but over all natalie portman for sure deserved the oscar. the lesbian scene when mila kunis is going down on natalie portman was almost more awkward than erotic, i enjoyed it nonetheless. i ran out of steam real fast on this one.

    By jamesbitticks URL on 04.20.2012

  16. The story has not finished, may not until the princess regains her throne, the prince and his sword stab through the monster’s heart, and the knight dies, ripped with a strike from head to toe.

    All else is forgotten; only endings are written down.

    By Anna Meursault on 04.20.2012

  17. the swans glided silently on the surface of the water, the water was black, inky almost oily as it moved between the mossy banks. willows overhung the edges. she raised her eyes to the level of the water, and then her lips, slipping the reed slowly from between her lips and quietly and desperately sucked in the cool air as she peered through the screen of branches. still alive.

    By E Brower on 04.20.2012

  18. The beautiful white swan is here again. She returns every time. To think when she first appeared she thought she was an ugly duckling.

    By teeda URL on 04.20.2012

  19. I love to look at swans. They are so beautiful and so graceful. They are birds and usually white but I have seen other colors too! I don’t know about what swans eat but I would figure it is probably fish or small sea urchins or something like that.

    By Curiously on 04.20.2012

  20. Let us dance like swans
    gliding upon murky waters
    on a stormy night.

    By Desiree J URL on 04.20.2012

  21. The swan’s neck stretched, stretched, stretched…and snapped apart. The wolf dragged its head away before the unbelieving eyes of the small child. Her hands covered her tiny mouth’s silent scream. However, the wolf wasn’t interested in her, only in its white prey.

    By Mairead URL on 04.20.2012

  22. Walking by the lake in the summer, dreaming of better days and fairytale endings. A slight breeze in the quiet reminds you that you’re human, and you see a swan drifting on the water that makes you feel like everything’s an illusion.

    By Jordan URL on 04.20.2012

  23. Curvy neck and soft spine,
    brushing my hand through them like
    having my hand grace upon a
    pure and delicate swan
    feeling the frailness of your character
    through a physical and faint touch.

    I hope I get closer to God through you,
    because all I am is the tainted eagle who
    oversees everything
    knows everything
    sins freely up in the air
    separate from all the swans on earth.

    By TheAmoretto URL on 04.20.2012

  24. graceful, white, flowing, bird, swims swiftly through the dawn light glowing with perfection, from the ugly duckling into the beautiful swan

    By Michelle on 04.20.2012

  25. ‘s are white and used to be ugly til they grew up and came into their own and a book a long time ago the trumpet of the swan took a while to get into but i can’t remember the swans name and there was a little boy and wouldn’t it be neat to be a swan or wear a swan dress like bjork or ride a swan boat.

    By Sarah O'Toole URL on 04.20.2012

  26. Swan

    Some people look good when they’re dressed up. I have some friends who don’t. The clothes don’t fit them right, the makeup is a bit off… They DO look how “grown ups” are supposed to look, so it works in that regard, and they look “right” in that way, but they’d actually look more professional, more put together, and more “with it” in their non-work clothes. Because those fit them better. They move differently in them, they look great in them, and they seem younger, happier, more alive. Less awkward. I wonder if someday I can tell them this. Maybe not.

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 04.20.2012

  27. She embodied grace and beauty, the way she glided across the floor to the bar was like watching a swan effortlessly bewitch its audience.Every man couldn’t take their eyes of her and she knew, she’d always known but what they didn’t know was she was pure evil and this knowledge delighted her.

    By Leighsha URL on 04.20.2012

  28. Owen doesn’t believe in ghosts. At the lake last night he watched as a swan came up from the shallow waters and rose over them both like a spirit. ‘It’s a sign’ said Lottie ‘We shouldn’t have been doing that here’.

    By E.P. Hantera on 04.20.2012

  29. My worst memory:

    At two years old, I did not know not to disturb the pretty white birds nesting at the lakeside. They, like most other animals I had encountered at that age, were there to be chased. And so, before my mother could stop me, I had run after them in pursuit on my fat toddler legs, imitating the hissing noises they made was they stalked forth to meet me. I only had a moment to notice that their little grey cygnets were running away before the first hard wing hit the breath out of me.
    Even at the age of two, I had enough sense to run.
    So every time I see a swan, I break into a cold sweat and relive the terror of my assult.

    By WearyWater URL on 04.20.2012

  30. Many young football players were inspired as they watched Lynn Johnson do the swan dive.

    By vanhaydu URL on 04.20.2012

  31. Swan.
    Like the demented swan in the lake at Culver Creek.
    In Looking For Alaska.

    By Jordan URL on 04.20.2012

  32. It used to be I was the one to hide behind the hand-me-downs, the scuffed shoes, the hole in the knee. That was a long time ago, it has taken even longer to emerge from that feeling of being poor, not having enough; to step gracefully into being an elegant, poised, powerful woman of the world.

    By Alison URL on 04.20.2012

  33. The beautiful swan glided across the pond and looked toward the brilliant sun. It was almost as if it was worshipping the yellow orb. Suddenly, from around the reeds, two more swans approached, honking loudly and flapping their wings. Their flapping increased in urgency the closer they got to the lone swan.

    By Ellen on 04.20.2012

  34. White, longnecked, graceful, he glided along the pond. Looking. Seeking. Where was she? His mate for life, he was used to her gliding along next to him, but…where was she? Suddenly, a snow white feather drifted down from the sky and landed next to him.

    By Sample Student on 04.20.2012

  35. This is one of the strangest creatures, with an abnormally long neck. It’s so graceful that people have stocked their ponds with them just to watch them glide around. However, they are not all grace and pomp. They are fierce protectors of their territories, and will chase away geese who invade.

    By Mrs. Baez URL on 04.20.2012

  36. Wow….beautiful…graceful….alive…..neck white….feathers fluffy…to be so free and perfect

    By Isabella on 04.20.2012

  37. kjkdfjdjfjfjjf
    just 60 seconds to write. I like swans they are white this goes too fast what do I write about now I cant type that fast. I need to learn to type as smooth as a swan swims. Is my time up yet. What will happen when I am done? Oh my. I am almost done. Yikes! Now I know how to get more time. Just hit the wrong information. A screen will come up telling you to put in the correct information. If you hit the back button you get to start all over. That will be painful for some students.

    By Terrie on 04.20.2012

  38. Like a swan you took flight, but you wouldn’t return. As the imaginary white speck disappeared into the bright sky, blindness took my sight. I stared looking up until your footsteps faded and the car drove away. Darkness consumed as I crumbled into tears, a beautiful swan no more.

    By Haley URL on 04.20.2012

  39. swans. i see them every where. they are birds.
    so they are kinda like geese and ducks. swans seem like they are better then other birds. like ducks and geese think they are snobs. i feel like swans stick together.

    By Lincoln on 04.20.2012

  40. Did you know that the first real exotic bird I saw in Alaska was a swan? Well, two of them anyhow. In a little pond on the way to Denali Park. That was a CRAZY 24 hours landing in Anchorage and then driving north. I was thinking, WHAT HAVE I DONE? 15 years, later, I know I did something good.

    By nenana URL on 04.20.2012