July 20th, 2012 | 304 Entries

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304 Entries for “suspects”

  1. Some say they automatically suspect strangers of being guilty of something, that it’s natural to distrust those with whom we are unfamiliar. Myself, on the other hand, am obviously too naive or uneducated in the rules of confiding in others, because I have the curse of trusting everyone; and that’s how you fall in love with idiots.

    By Shannon URL on 07.20.2012

  2. Sspects are people who are blamed for something they probably did, i spelt suspects drong hbe gwh fist parem oh no almost two seconds left mwawaawawawhahahahhahah oh n the suspects are evil

    By Jasmin on 07.20.2012

  3. While walking down the street and peeking into the window of a barber shop. The boy noticed blood escaping the three bodies on the floor. He ran as he heard the sirens and no one ever suspected a thing.

    By Willy Smith URL on 07.20.2012

  4. There are many suspects in the world; I think in the case of the 4 gospels, no one would have thought Judas Iscariot was to be the blame for the handing over of the Messiah. But what I enjoy so much is the fulfillment of such a prophecy as that one; everything is truly in His hands. The way He died…everything.

    By Ryan URL on 07.20.2012

  5. Who did it? Was it you, sir? Seeking fame and fortune? Or perhaps it was your wife, doing it for you under your nose. (And your very prominent moustache. I must say, it is a fine mustache.) Perhaps your butler, seeking revenge? Your own lawyer, seeking early pay?

    Who can say?

    By D. Chan URL on 07.20.2012

  6. In light of the recent tragedy in Aurora Colorado, the word “suspects” has no true relevance. This tragedy did not occur as a matter of gun violence, political frustration or clever attack. This was a senseless act of terror and there are no suspects, there is only a villain.

    By Aurora Author on 07.20.2012

  7. i’m a suspect, not the usual suspect though. that’d be far too predictable, who wants to be the usual suspect anyway, being just “the suspect” is better, but not too sure about suspects, suspects means you’re expecting something and therefore have a vision of what the future holds. You shouldn’t, you shouldn’t.

    By Kane Miller on 07.20.2012

  8. She suspected that her mother had made the wrong soup. It tasted a tad off tonight and Angelica was furious. She scolded her mother and the mother knew that she had made a mistake. Back to the kitchen went Angelica’s mother.

    By haley on 07.20.2012

  9. There were about 20 suspects that the police had found, 9 of them didn’t match the description and 2 of them had somewhat reasonable alibis. It was the other 9 that we weren’t too sure about. It seemed as if they were hiding something. But how could all nine of them have the right description and seem suspicious. Something just didnt fit.

    By Christina on 07.20.2012

  10. suspects are bad people sometimes like in a murder trial, but other times they’re good. sometimes suspects are not at all the murderer, but simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. sometimes people can be too harsh on a suspect, but then again, murder is harsh too.

    By j on 07.20.2012

  11. They needed money. They had thought long and hard about fundraisers but to be honest with today’s society there was no hope. There last chance was to rob a bank. They pulled up in a black Cadillac with tinted windows. This wasn’t going to be an easy task but they HAD to do it.

    By haley on 07.20.2012

  12. Everyone points fingers at everyone else
    but themeleves even the most inncoent are gulity,
    is that what society has come to the fact
    that no one trusts anyoen anyone at all
    we are all so scared to be nice and friendly
    because then someone suspects that
    we are up to soemthing when all we
    are doing is being nive and friendly go figure since
    there is a world without trust then everyone
    then becomes a suspect in this world
    and no one is above suspicion,
    everyone is a suspect at some point in time
    it will happen to the best of us
    even in the court of law the court of law the guilty is set free
    while the innocent rot in jail
    since we do not trust are allies,
    we will end up fighting with our allies
    and trusting no one in this world
    what is a world without trust
    if there is no trust
    then there is no relationship or treaty to be established

    By Casey Banks on 07.20.2012

  13. i was about to tell you something, but i forgot what i was to say, i love fresh air, and artificial things, but im not happy anymore, sad but true…

    By Ice Cupcake on 07.20.2012

  14. “We have several suspects.” The detective explained, shuffling the papers on his cluttered desk.
    “Is there one that you’re more… er, suspicious about than the others?” I asked hopefully.
    He sighed.
    “We’ll tell you when we have a lead, Miss. I promise.”

    By Anna on 07.20.2012

  15. There were about 20 suspects that the police had found, 9 of them didn’t match the description and 2 of them had somewhat reasonable alibis. It was the other 9 that we weren’t too sure about. It seemed as if they were hiding something. But how could all nine of them have the right description and seem suspicious. Something just didnt fit.

    Suspects 1-11 were sent home and 12-20 were sent to a “green room.” One by one they were each called into rooms 1 or 2.

    By zany3zebra URL on 07.20.2012

  16. people who makes crimes or people who invest

    By Gaby on 07.20.2012

  17. Many people believe the suspects were guilty, few gave us the benefit of doubt. In this world evidence and facts are subordinate to the belief of crowds. Rumour and inuendo will out play truth in the end. The more you defend yourself the guiltier you look. And you don’t want to be on the wrong side of a crowd, while there are lots of them and they trip over each other when they chase you, in the end there is always someone new and fresh to take up the pursuit.

    By Meredyth URL on 07.20.2012

  18. He peered up from under his hat as rain poured over the brim. His cold eyes darted from side to side as he carefully examined the others on the street. Any one of them could have done it. He just had to figure out who.

    By grace URL on 07.20.2012

  19. “He suspects a plot,” whispered the voice from within the confessional. “However, he doesn’t know it comes from inside the church.”

    “Excellent,” whispered the nobleman back, leaning his forehead against the bars. He slid a velvet coin purse through the slot. “I hope that is a considerable enough contribution to the church?”

    “It will be our lord’s last confession.”

    By Isilo Aranel URL on 07.20.2012

  20. Prof. Plum, Col. Mustard, Mrs. White. Miss Peacock, Miss Scarlet, and Mr. Green.

    By SammiRye777 on 07.20.2012

  21. The suspects were lined up against the back wall. The officer asked me to identify the shooter, the man who had killed my father for the three dollars in his wallet. I looked form face to face but he wasn’t there, the man with the black hair was missing.

    By S.G URL on 07.20.2012

  22. Suspects should be innocent until proven guilty. But usually it’s the other way around. We have a terrible media that distorts truth for rating and ruins lives. The word suspect might as well be a death sentence. Oh, and fuck Nancy Grace.

    By teradactyl on 07.20.2012

  23. a group of people who seem involved in a conflict, such as eye witneses

    By Valeria URL on 07.20.2012

  24. All lined up, staring off at different directions. Shuffling a bit, hands in pocket. She stared them all down, with that cool gaze of hers. They shifted uncomfortably. The tall dark man next to her fidgeted ever so slightly. “He’s not here,” she said finally.

    By tomo on 07.20.2012

  25. Crimes, were committed yet there were no suspects, but yet everyone was a suspect. A cunundrum in itself. tensions were high as everyone looked suspect

    By Rachel Sanchez URL on 07.20.2012

  26. Suwspects come form any simple act. From any word, place, location or picture. They come awith baggage and with situation that we never expect. Suspects for crimes, passions, mates. So Many things can come from these naging suspicions.

    By Koun on 07.20.2012

  27. The man walked slowly into his office and stopped in his tracks. His apprentice was lying on the floor, blood trickling from a head wound. All of the other coworkers stood in a circle around him, whispering and looking fearful.

    By Megan on 07.20.2012

  28. Michael has a crush on somebody named Diana. Well Diana suspects that Michael has a crush on him. Michael suspects that Diana knows that he has a crush on her. He has nothing else to do but to confess to her. Diana confessed to Michael too that she has a crush on him. They both lived happily ever after. THE END.

    By MD URL on 07.20.2012

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    By alisson on 07.20.2012

  30. The usual suspects sauntered in as I stood there with my hands on my hips and a frown on my face. Their sheepish grins gave them away. My two blond hair blue-eyed bundles of joy and trouble exchanged knowing glances. Pointing at each other they protested in unison. “He did it.”

    By sheila Good URL on 07.20.2012

  31. All people are suspect, unfortunately for me there is only a handful of people who I trust don’t have untrue intentions. The rest have done nothing but, prove me wrong. I don’t know if I was just born differently or what but, I have run across people who make me wonder if they were raised by criminals. I hope to be proven right more often as I get older and move away from this town.

    By kt URL on 07.20.2012

  32. The doctor turned and stared at the town police men looking at him expectantly, eyes narrowing.
    “What do you mean?” He demanded loudly, and both officers flinched. “How in the world do you think I could possibly kill my own kid?”

    By Colleen White on 07.20.2012

  33. There weren’t a lot of suspects at the “Batman” massacre…in fact is some really creepy dude with a creepy smile in his mug shot.I don’t know who in their right mind would go to a movie theater to kill a lot of innocent people.

    By Becca URL on 07.20.2012

  34. three suspects walked into the police station. They were apprehended ealier that morning but it wasn’t until now that the officer decided to inflict what was to be the most daunting 3 days of torturous interrogation. Their crime? It was undetermined to all but one of them. Without the others realizing it, she was to be the only one to walk away free.

    By Cecily on 07.20.2012

  35. People always assume that if someone they love were to be murdered, they would be able to spot the man who killed that loved on sight. They don’t know how wrong there are.
    When someone you love is killed, everyone looks like a suspect. The mail man, the lady who waters her flowers across the street far too late at night, even that teenager down the street with the awful haircut. They all did it. They are the ones that turned me into a monster.

    By Rory on 07.20.2012

  36. Only suspicion yield suspects, only fear yields foes, but from where do the eyes of the artists grow?

    By Seth on 07.20.2012

  37. this week has been fun. Though it was quite disappointing, it was fun. He has a new girl in his life and we’re all opposed to it. For me, i don’t know if its because i liked him or if its because of the other girl. I’ve been suspecting them for days and now that I’ve had it confirmed, I lost all interest. nothing left, so yeah i still oppose. I want him and my other friend to end up together and that\s legit

    By ban-a-bomb URL on 07.20.2012

  38. She suspects nothing. I glide closer and closer, the long sharp blade shining lethally in my hand. She bends toward the oven, nothing on her mind but the chicken, now smelling of lemon, garlic and basil. As she opens the oven door, I pounce! Slicing off a portion of the chickjen, I shout triumphantly, “Beat yah!” I had won the race for the first taste!

    By Betty Barker on 07.20.2012

  39. She can’t keep her eyes from flickering over to where we stand, even though she knows that we know she’s watching. I force a cheery smile and give her a little wave and watch as she stiffens and wheels around in disgust.
    “Do you think she suspects?” he asks me nervously.
    “Nah. Otherwise she probably would have charged right over here.”

    By WearyWater URL on 07.20.2012

  40. The suspects gathered around the dead corpse trying to figure out how he fell from the roof top. Alexander looked up, the wind blowing slightly enough to make the trees sway. He thought of Mike and wondered if he was safe

    By Slivrvolf on 07.20.2012