December 30th, 2012 | 258 Entries

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258 Entries for “sure”

  1. i am unsure about life. therefore i do not know the deffinition of the word “sure” becuase i have never been sure in my life when it came to a decision i wanted to do. in my future i want to be more sure about what i plan on doing and on a day to day basis becuase i want to live in the moment not the present.

    By Kira leahy URL on 12.30.2012

  2. I’m not sure what I’m going to do.
    I’m not sure about what I want.
    I’m not sure that I can be happy.

    By AngelDuCiel URL on 12.30.2012

  3. im not really sure about anything. sometimes ill wonder just what i should be sure about. im not sure about my future, or my past. my plans and choices. even my present i cant be too sure about. it just seems like im too worried about, that i dont take the time to take it slow and just be unsure. which is okay.

    By Matt Morlan on 12.30.2012

  4. Matilda was sure she had locked the door. She remembered doing it with crystal clarity. She could feel the cool metal key in her fingers as she pushed it into the lock. So why could she hear footsteps on the stairs?

    By mogumba on 12.30.2012

  5. “Sure, I can do that for you, not a problem.”
    Well, what about today?”
    “I can’t today, I have plans.”
    “I knew it, you always say that!”

    By Sheila URL on 12.30.2012

  6. There will be tears. I have no doubt.
    Sure, there will be smiles, but just a few.
    And when those tears have run out.
    Sure, I’ll be numb and blue.

    By JaneDoe URL on 12.30.2012

  7. I am not sure where I am going with my life. Everyone around me is convinced that I am. I have great grades and am almost done with school. But what am I going to do after? Everybody thinks I am so sure. I have no clue whatsoever.

    By Samantha on 12.30.2012

  8. I did not know what to do with myself when the image came into my peripheral vision. In that perfect moment, I caught a glimpse of his emerald eyes.

    By Magdalena URL on 12.30.2012

  9. Sure, the word that can make one feel as if they are worthless. When a person replies sure to a question which should harbor a much more thought out and planned answer it can take a toll on the heart. For example if my lover were to answer sure to a question in

    By maranda on 12.30.2012

  10. I could not think in that sweet moment when his hand gingerly brushed my face.

    By Magdalena URL on 12.30.2012

  11. never sure. about anything. everybody believes I am. where am I going. what am i doing. i feel stuck. they think i’ve figured it out. they think i’m sure. i’m not. i’ve never been. will i ever be?

    By Samantha URL on 12.30.2012

  12. Noncommital and simple. Such a simple little word, giving concession but not support. It can be given so many different meanings, though, with slight changes of inflection. With an eyeroll it’s practically the same thing as “no.” Change your tone and it could mean precisely the opposite.

    By Chloe on 12.30.2012

  13. “do you love me?” he said.
    “sure,” i said.

    By dolores URL on 12.30.2012

  14. i might seem like i forgive you but i really dont. you think everything is okay. sure it is. sure im not dieing inside, sure im not craving to kill myself and you, sure i can live on. sure its all okay.

    By Claire on 12.30.2012

  15. sure everything seems beautiful on the outside. but on the inside im hurting. on the inside theres a knife held at my throat by an unknown person. hes waiting for me to crack. waiting for me to confess.

    By Claire on 12.30.2012

  16. sure. im undecided. i dont know. i wish you could see i dont want to. i wish i could run and hide and forget. but all i say is sure.

    By Claire on 12.30.2012

  17. Things I never am. Sure. I’m never sure. Never sure I made the right decisions. Never sure I can make it. Never sure that everything will be all right. Never sure that I will ever believe in myself. Never sure.

    By Julianne URL on 12.30.2012

  18. i am sure that i love him. Convinced. from the first moment that i saw him. Some would call it crazy because there is so much uncertainty that comes with these situations but i know it. I am sure. I’ve never been this sure in my life. Or have I? Things are different now, this is real.

    By laurie on 12.30.2012

  19. Sure I would like to. Sure? what is it with this word? it almost seems useless. how can anyone be sure of anything when times and surroundings are constatntly changing. The things that you were sure about 4 years ago I am certain are much different now. It is the constants the things that plague your mind day in and day out that you can be sure of.

    By laurie on 12.30.2012

  20. I think today is the very first time I had nothing for sure to say about what I was doing with my life. I think inside I have an idea what to do, but I never had to pause during a conversation to think about what to say.

    It seems like they all know what they want to do. But I’m never really sure of that, either.

    By MollyJ URL on 12.30.2012

  21. Everything was in place
    I was to be released on the 5th
    into the arms of my lover
    they told me it’d be fine
    and they were so sure that I
    was getting a second chance to turn it around
    well I could see a smirk on the face
    of the man as he read aloud that I
    would never see the light of day again
    not that to die alone in this cold den
    would be any different from what I was used to

    By That guy that's high on suicide on 12.30.2012

  22. sure i have nothing to hide. im an open book. NO secrets at all. so what if thats a lie. secrets are meant for one. one very clever person.

    By Claire on 12.30.2012

  23. “Grief doesn’t change you, Hazel. It reveals you.”

    If that sentiment is true, then I am broken. Like a puppet cut from its strings.

    By agloe on 12.30.2012

  24. I was positively sure he would do the right thing.

    By Linda on 12.30.2012

  25. if you had to know one thing about me, you would need to know that I am not sure of anything. I live on the line of indecision

    By stephaniewrites URL on 12.30.2012

  26. sure they said. i doubt they were. it certainly seemed otherwise. at the same time though we could have been. in the meantime when they lost composure there wasn’t any. he asked. they weren’t answering. it felt the same.

    By ils URL on 12.30.2012

  27. It’s really hard to be sure about things. I’m not sure about a lot of things, but I’m a teenager, so I guess that’s okay. I’d like to think that sureness comes with age, but I’m starting to think otherwise. Maybe it’s just important to be sure about certain things. Love. Friendship. And the bigger questions like religion and meaning can be left alone.

    By Kaylen on 12.30.2012

  28. Okay. Why not? Whatever. Aite. That’s cool. Fine. Uh huh. Could be better. No problem. Okay!

    By Michelle on 12.30.2012

  29. i’m sure that i’m fine. there’s nothing that can really go too wrong. sure that happiness is all i am capable of. sure, i might sound crazy but i know that it’s true.. we were meant to be here to experience things we want, to be happy. it might be hard to see it that way, but it’s the only way out. the only way to conquer fear.

    By laura maneri on 12.30.2012

  30. To be sure. How does one ever know if they are sure? Is it the feeling in their heart, the tightness of rightness that makes them know? Could it be the opinions of others around them, what they say, their words of assurance and confidence?
    Or is it none of those things? Can one ever really be sure? I don’t know
    Don’t as me. For I’m never sure in myself.

    By Brianne on 12.30.2012

  31. I’m sure I don’t like him but I’m not sure if I can go on like this… like with him. I might fall deeper and become unsure. But I’m sure right now it’s not a good decision.

    By Yer URL on 12.30.2012

  32. She always said that she was sure of herself. No big deal, she said, I’ll be fine. I wish I could say the same. She was so strong in everything she did, no matter what. She was the strongest person I knew, and when she said “Sure,” she’d do it. It wasn’t a statement of “I’ll do it later”, it was a statement of “It will be done and it will be done right.”

    By John URL on 12.30.2012

  33. Sure. A word I know well. I say sure when I don’t really want to do something. I also say it when I don’t want to seem too excited about something. I’m trying to act nonchalant, but deep inside I’m quite happy to be doing that thing. My ex hated when I said sure because he didn’t understand it. But i did. I understood what sure meant. I hate the word sure. I hate it.

    By Allison on 12.30.2012

  34. No one is sure of anything. Whether we will wake up tomorrow or simply find ourselves in heaven stands to reason. So, honestly, sure is never sure. To be sure would be to know. And we don’t. We can’t be what everyone wants- sure.

    By DreamerGirl on 12.30.2012

  35. “Are you sure?” His eyes bored into mine.
    I nodded, I had thought about this long and hard. My decision had been made.
    “You can’t go back from this point, you know. They won’t forgive you for what you have done.”
    “I know.”

    By Kristina URL on 12.30.2012

  36. “Sure” he said, “I’ll take a coffee.” But what is sure? Do you know? What does that mean, sure? It means yes to some people, but half-heartedly? Maybe so, but still an affirmation. Why not a full-on “yes”? Certainly that’s better for people’s ears. Truly a word of half-assedness.

    By James Blackmire on 12.30.2012

  37. im sure this is the word i must write about correct? sure is sometimes pronounced as shore, which i may do most of the time. it is completely unlike me since i must be grammatically correct most of the time i get into arguments about it constantly.

    By Vanessa Gomez on 12.30.2012

  38. There were very few things in life Stiles was a hundred percent certain of. There was the fact that his mom was gone and wouldn’t be coming back (he didn’t believe in the after life). There was his dad always being there for him. And then there was Scott. He was certain of Scott.

    They’d been best friends since three, when Scott’s dad had moved the family to Beacon Hills.

    By neviot on 12.30.2012

  39. He said as if it was that simple.Maybe he hadn’t understood what I was asking of him.No sane man would comply to these demands so easily. And yet just like that, with one word, he had.

    By Catherine on 12.30.2012

  40. Well, I already wrote about this word. I wish I knew how to write about another word, but I’m SURE that I’ll be able to figure that out after these 60 seconds are up. I suppose we shall see, yeah? Yeah. Yeah? Definitely. I like the beach, I’d SURE love to live there. At at least near it. Long-term goal, y’know. bum bum bum

    By James Blackmire URL on 12.30.2012