December 30th, 2012 | 258 Entries

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258 Entries for “sure”

  1. you sat tight lipped and sturdy faced
    your back arched forward intently looking at the peice of paper in front of you
    your demeaner suggesting an asuredness of yourself
    you were so sure of yourself
    you were in the right

    By beccastewart URL on 12.30.2012

  2. Sure. How do we ever know if we’re really sure? It’s such an unsure word…because behind every commitment are the little details and consequences. What do we ever know about tomorrow? Sure. It’s a promise without having to be said that something was ever promised to begin with. Such a simple word, with such comp

    By Kimberly Luz on 12.30.2012

  3. To be sure about something is to know for certain. We rely on past experiences and assume that due to previous occurrences, a certain event is ‘sure’ to happen or we are ‘sure’ of facts. In reality, nothing we know is for sure. Anything could happen at any time. We are never sure.

    By AJ on 12.30.2012

  4. sure. i’m here. it’s not where i’m supposed to be but I’m here nonetheless. you said you’d be here too. but you’re not. it’s like a black box you said you’d conquer, but then when the lights came on you never showed up. it’s like a thunder clap that you created and said you’d get rid of and shower me with safety and then you never came to clean up the pools of water around my wet cold feet.

    By Rachel on 12.30.2012

  5. …I know it sounds crazy, little green men landing at Hickory Creek Marina, but it’s the truth.

    By Steve on 12.30.2012

  6. Sure. Is anyone ever really one-hundred percent sure about anything. Surety seems like an essential part of life, but what is it really? It is the absolute knowledge that something is what you absolutely must have. Sure. Such a simple word, yet so hard to obtain. Sure. That one little word causes so much doubt, but at the very same time, so much certainty. Who knew one little four letter word could be so complex.

    By S. E. Gutierrez URL on 12.30.2012

  7. I am very sure

    By Latisha Burks on 12.30.2012

  8. There was a heartbeat, sweaty palms, weary eyes looking forward. In one hand, a bouquet of roses, and in the other, an eloquent note. He waited patiently, his breathing erratic. He approached, the boy’s blue eyes looking down softly in confusion. The note was passed, read, and he smiled. “Yes,” he said, and then a gentle kissed was exchanged.

    By Owl URL on 12.30.2012

  9. why not.
    It hasn’t always been easy but the way you allured me into this friendship makes me angry. It makes me want to scream and hurt things; it’s unnatural.

    By Claire on 12.30.2012

  10. Anything that you agree with. Or an expression of sarcasm. Also to convey assurance and your understanding. But just to finish off, not everyone is it about their lives.

    By om on 12.30.2012

  11. What are you sure of?
    I’m sure of the people I love.
    I’m sure of cats.
    I’m sure about my books reclining on their shelves.
    And I’m sure of the fruits and vegetables filling my days with color.

    By Robin on 12.30.2012

  12. Sure, you loved him. Sure, you actually dared to think about the future for once. But look where that went. Now he’s gone, and you’re alone and old and seriously worried that you’re going to die a virgin and alone.

    By jupiter URL on 12.30.2012

  13. Certainty. It’s a strange concept for someone like me because I am so fickle. I wish I could say things with more confidence. Perhaps, if I knew what I wanted out of life I could say “yes” instead of “sure.”

    By aheesuh URL on 12.30.2012

  14. Trust in your anger friends. Channel it, yes and make sure no-one is ever harmed… but don’t reject it, suppress it or be ashamed of it. It’s there to help us find our boundaries and expand our horizons. It doesn’t let us down.

    By Liam Johnson URL on 12.30.2012

  15. Sure is a word of many meanings depending on the tone. Usually, it comes with indifference or perhaps, discontent. But, being completely sure is what it will mean when you know what you want and you’ve made up your mind.

    By Christa on 12.30.2012

  16. Sureness. It’s what we all want, I think. We want to be sure in our happiness, our success, our reality. Sure he loves us, sure she idolizes us… uncertainty hurts.

    By Maddie URL on 12.30.2012

  17. positive….to be sure is to be positive that something is true. Sure is also a positive response to a question being asked. It could be used with complete sincerity, but may also be used to with sarcasm.

    By Beth Fisher on 12.30.2012

  18. Yeah sure, I can write about this word. One of the most passively agreeable words in the english language. You can say this word and agree, but not happily. Hard to sound like a happy person with this word.

    By Kyle on 12.30.2012

  19. I am surely positive that the way we kids act today is based off of what we were made of by our parents and this is the base to what we are going to be once we grow up. When we are out on our own and when we are settled down, life will go on. And sure, we have issues now and then, but we will learn to love and always be loved by the people who are around us. Recently I was told that I was truly an inspiration to people because I taught them that anyone can be anything. I am trying to come out to people about my sexuality and it either gains respect to people and disrespect to some. It also gives me some major trust issues…

    By Tom on 12.30.2012

  20. Wow. this is a good word for today. I just got back from a retreat with my church and it was one of the best i’ve ever been on and after all of it i am so sure of God’s existence in my life it’s crazy. and its such a good feeling. to be sure. to be sure of something so magnificent.

    By Shelby URL on 12.30.2012

  21. I’m 100% sure I’m in love with you. But do you feel the same way? I’m sure that you don’t. I’m sure that my heart is breaking. I’m sure that it hurts. I’m not sure about a lot of things in life, but these are the few that I am sure of.
    “Sure? Let’s do it?”
    “You sure?”
    ” I’m sure.”

    By Jason URL on 12.30.2012

  22. Sure

    She replied. She had no choice, anyway.


    By Grace URL on 12.30.2012

  23. “Sure Hon, I’ll be sure when the sun rise’s tomorrow” – Preveian proverb meaning: I’ll be absolutely sure tomorrow but for today I am unsure.

    He clicked off the light and a ding rung inside of his head. He knew it was time, he shut his eyes and drifted off within his bed.

    By Eric Harrell on 12.30.2012

  24. you have to be sure about you’re choices they will affect your life. Sure about the way you’re living. Sure about the one you love. Sure that no matter what you will have friends by your side, that you will never be alone.

    By Jessy on 12.30.2012

  25. i asked, would you marry me? the only response she gave was ‘sure’. “sure?” i asked. “i go through all this trouble and the only thing i get out of you is ‘sure’????” i then stormed out throwing the ring behind me.

    By sara on 12.30.2012

  26. not sure what this is but I am sure that I am confused about what to do! will people read this? will they like it? oh well I tried my best and that is all that i am sure of at that I am sure of.

    By Sydney Goode on 12.30.2012

  27. i’m sure i can’t do this, why would anyone ever be able to? what even is sure? how do we define how we are sure, in life, death, this universe of ours? nobody can ever be sure before it happen, and even then they must still be uncertain.. right?

    By jasmine on 12.30.2012

  28. Sure I know exactly what not to do but maybe what to do sometimes. What does it mean to be absolutely positive. I guess the only thing that I can really be SURE about is being saved by Jesus Christ. Nothing else in this world is sure. When I run to things other than him I always end up disappointed. Why even do it then? Why not run to the exact place where I know I’ll be taken care of? I love Him and I am SURE that He loves me. It shouldn’t even be a doubt in my mind that He will always be there for me and others simply will not. Am I SURE? Only of Him.

    By Caleb on 12.30.2012

  29. Sure, this word is easy to write about. It’s the symbol of easy going acceptance. Sure, you say? It’s going with the flow, taking life at your own pace, getting on with people well.

    By Emmy on 12.30.2012

  30. what does it feel like to be a giant unibrow in a misty mountain? i reckon it’s great, nice feeling. i wish i was a giant unibrow in a misty mountain

    By marquez on 12.30.2012

  31. i believe that we know certain things. they are not taught, nor are they told. They just are. we are sure that these things are what rule our lives; they give us the impetus to move forward and not stayin a cave forever. we must know what to do; we are sure.

    By lucky4me on 12.30.2012

  32. In life today, one can never be “sure.” Nothing in life is guaranteed or definitely going to happen. We don’t know what we’re going to have for dinner let alone what we’re going to do about the future. The world is so uncertain and unstable that in a moment, everything we were so “sure” about can be unbalanced or even destroyed completely. I guess the moral of the story is that we can’t take anything, even the smallest things, in our life for granted. You never know if or when they could be taken from you.

    By Han on 12.30.2012

  33. safe

    By kate on 12.30.2012

  34. sure, he was as sure as sure could be that she was lying, he knew it in his heart and it killed him. He loved her more than anything and she was betraying him. Her smile faltered when he didn’t answer her.

    By Serra on 12.30.2012

  35. The end was coming, he knew it. Everyone else refused to see this simple fact. He tried to warn them but they laughed, that can kill a person, laughter, if it’s hateful and cruel, meant to destroy.

    By Serra on 12.30.2012

  36. I was pretty sure that I was angry about the situation I was in. It was almost completely terrible but it’s not that bad, I guess. I could be dying and I’m not dying. I just feel like I am.

    By Kennedi on 12.30.2012

  37. “Are you going to take the trash out?”
    “And how ’bout cleaning the dishes?”
    “Will you go out shopping with me?”
    “Are you listening to me?”

    By Chris Clow URL on 12.30.2012

  38. “Want to go to Chipotle for dinner?” “Sure.” “Well, where do you want to go?” “I said sure.”

    By Jamie URL on 12.30.2012

  39. Sure is the worked that I want to be. Its the thing that I wish I was, but can’t seem to get right. Who are we and where are we going in life? I really wish that life was sure. But that I realize that how am I supposed to be sure about anything when nothing is sure.

    By Kyle on 12.30.2012

  40. Sure, I don’t like this word. It’s too… Plain.

    By JaneDoe URL on 12.30.2012