October 3rd, 2011 | 512 Entries

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512 Entries for “suppose”

  1. Just suppose you were a kite. Suppose you were flying and free and soaring high. Suppose you didn’t realize that you had no control over your flight.

    By Ashley Mills on 10.03.2011

  2. He thought he’d seen her run past the big oak, and suddenly, supposed she was behind the thick foliage that enclosed the garden. He ran towards it only to find a very high wall, made of dirty, vine covered bricks which stared at him with reproving eyes. He backed up in panic. He’d remembered. His schizophrenia had been worsening for some years now. He could barely remember who he was or who he was chasing anymore except during the little moments of lucidity in which the abominable reality crawled up his neck. When gone, he couldn’t even remember that she, who he’d been chasing over the now flower-less garden was long gone. Gone on behalf of the fear; fear of the faceless illness that afflicted her lover. Illness which had taken his laughter, smile and love, and had returned empty bark full of echoing memories which now had no name or face but just the fake continuous loop of the garden chase the evening before he’d been diagnosed as the madman he now portrayed. He ached for lucidity to vanish; he shed a couple of meaningless tears and wiped them just in time to notice her running past the big oak.

    By Blue Bird URL on 10.03.2011

  3. Suppose you made a decision to do something that you really wanted, but it was something that would hurt one of our best friends. Suppose you kept it a secret and didn’t want people to find out, but they did. Suppose that secret ruined your, albeit rocky, friendship. Would you make the decision?

    By Rocky URL on 10.03.2011

  4. I suppose that the world is vast.

    I mean, I also suppose that there is other life out there. I mean, there’s got to be. The fact that some don’t believe that is mind-boggling.

    So ignorant! I think. But then again, I have no right to judge as I am merely a tiny human of the stars also.

    But if we were alone, wouldn’t that be so lonely?

    By Mandy URL on 10.03.2011

  5. I suppose I should have seen it coming, all of this, but really it was kind of a shock,I don’t know why it was, but it was. The fact that here I was doing the exact same thing as I always did truly did come as a shock to me but upon further reflection I realized I had known all along that it would come to this. So, subconsciously, I knew that I was going to become this way. I suppose I should have done something to stop it, but THAT would have been against everything I was up until that point.

    By Vi URL on 10.03.2011

  6. Ok don’t panic. DON’T PANIC! it’s simply the matter of organization and selection. I look down at the green suitcase laying on my bed among the endless piles and piles of clothing. Ok, bad. wait! I’ll make a list, of how many and what pieces of clothing i need. Um, let’s see. Jeans: scruffy, skinny, and sparkly. T-Shirts: white, gray, blue, and- hold on, how am i suppose to pack certain shirts and pants when what you wear is based on how you feel. suppose i feel happy and want to show of my, well you know, and suppose i feel gloomy and want to be discrete and not draw attention to myself. And there’s always the weather.

    By Jillian on 10.03.2011

  7. It seemed he was always supposing one thing or another; supposing, presuming, assuming. “Well, I suppose so…,” or, “I don’t suppose…”. Just grow a set, she thought. Land on one side and stay there.

    By macfeely URL on 10.03.2011

  8. suppose i would of chosen a different route. suppose i never would of met him. maybe things would be different. maybe i would still be in my apartment with my cousin watching harry potter or rose red….waiting for my friends to come over and chill. maybe i wouldnt be at home living with my parents. suppose id be happy. but even through all of this i still love him.

    By brittany on 10.03.2011

  9. Suppose for one second I stopped to think that craziness is, unlike the classic era thought it, a state of such perfect resonance that acting normal no longer seems plausible.

    By Simón Díez Montoya on 10.03.2011

  10. I suppose that life is really nothing. But what is a suposition? Is it your perception of how reality should be? Or is it simply the wheels of the brain churning to find alternative solutions to a situation?

    By Dyan on 10.03.2011

  11. I suppose this is all for a reason, because consciousness is such a gift that it would be a waste if it was for nothing. But what if it isn’t to be loved by a “god”? What if consciousness is merely a tiny window into the vast complexity of the universe, but isn’t that…better? Grander? Nobler? To accept that we are insignificant star dust?

    By Daniel on 10.03.2011

  12. Suppose I just left everything behind, just left everything I had worked for. Suppose that I ran to a new place, where no one knew my name and no one ever would. Suppose I built a life there, as someone completely new, new family, new friends. Suppose I did that, and I never looked back.

    By Katie on 10.03.2011

  13. suppose that i had about a million dollars…i would love to go shopping in the city! or go to someplace like Paris, ohh la la ;) or maybe, suppose that love and hope were real….and the world became a much better place. maybe someday that could happen, and everything would work out perfectly

    By emily czarnecki on 10.03.2011

  14. suppose I had this cat and he turned into a unicorn. But not just any unicorn, it was one that could turn into a cat at any given moment. Also, suppose I’ve taken too much acid and these trees just WON’T leave me alone. Oh god…OH……………GOD

    By Liam Belcher on 10.03.2011

  15. I suppose the world is fire or ice or another one of those simple adages. I suppose true love always finds you, right Jane Austen? I suppose college is romantic, wrapped up in the twisted mess of life. I suppose I’ll be wise when I’m old? I suppose if I believe in myself I’ll truly make it.

    By Talia URL on 10.03.2011

  16. I suppose that life isn’t what it’s all cracked up to be. I suppose that there is someone who really cares about me but he doesn’t want to tell me. I suppose that physics could get a little easier, but in truth, it won’t. I suppose that I can go to college without killing myself

    By Sabrina URL on 10.03.2011

  17. I suppose this is where I’m staying. Same old spot. Each day being tormented by the demons that once held me down.

    By laughalot on 10.03.2011

  18. I suppose I could write on and on about this word, But then again. I’d just be wasting my time. I honestly think typing is a good way to forget about whats happeneding in the world and focus on the little things. I suppose this is a good website so far. Oh. and i really like dallas. A lot. i suppose thats good.

    By Cagle James on 10.03.2011

  19. suppose I think about life for a second. I like to draw to read to write to watch hockey. Suppose I think about my future. it a mess. i keep thinking about plans they fail. Suppose I think about now. I am so excited to start living. Suppose life is easier said than done.

    By Kailyn on 10.03.2011

  20. I suppose that this word is used far more often than I can imagine; for one can create such a tapestry of imagination with it, and create also so many falsehoods and maybes and heretofores and wherewithals. But I suppose that’s quite alright.

    By Eli Carvajal URL on 10.03.2011

  21. I suppose this is a weird word. How can one write about the word “suppose”? Suppose the person writing doesn’t know what the word “suppose” means. How is everyone supposed to know what these words mean? Supposedly, not everyone is as intelligent as they seem. What’s this supposed to mean anyways? Am I supposed to write a story? Am I supposed to write an essay? Supposedly I’m supposed to write something… but why do they suppose I know what I’m supposed to write? I suppose I’ll have to just deal with it.

    By Izzy on 10.03.2011

  22. Suppose I was to just sit here, sipping my coffee and typing these words. Suppose I had only sixty seconds to write to you everything I could possibly want to say. What would I tell you? I don’t really know but I suppose it would be something rather simple, seeing as I likely don’t know you. Suppose I say, “Hello.”

    By Chrystal URL on 10.03.2011

  23. I suppose it’s time for me to really start thinking about my life. What DO I want to do? Am I even good at anything?

    Suppose you are given four years in which to determine what your entire future should be about.

    By sara on 10.03.2011

  24. i suppose suppose is a pretty useful word. i suppose you can use it fairly often. i suppose it gets old after awhile. suppose s u p p o s e
    yep suppose

    By karley jones URL on 10.03.2011

  25. Well, whaddya think? I suppose we could. I mean I know we could, but….ya know. I’m not quite sure how it’ll turn out. I mean I want to, but…you know. I can’t. Well, you’ve got a point. I suppose I could.

    I think I will.

    By Phil Lesh URL on 10.03.2011

  26. suppose, it’s when you think something is going to happen, or maybe something you imagine. it’s a place of possibility, it may or may not. and i say it a lot, i suppose, right? that’s how it works? suppose we go here or there, anywhere. maybe some day, not today.

    By emilie URL on 10.03.2011

  27. i suppose there might be another world out there, maybe there are people on this planet who think this
    i suppose people do crazy things, they suppose things and then world gets off balance
    i suppose that there is a higher god, one watching us
    i dont believe in god
    i suppose bubbles are pretty, i take that back. they are pretty!
    i suppose you should let it all go.

    By colette Brown on 10.03.2011

  28. I suppose this is a pretty awesome word to have to write about. It could mean so many things. It means maybe. It means so much more than maybe. It means might. I suppose it could mean a lot depending on who you are. I love this word. Suppose it didn’t exist, what word would we use? Maybe? Maybe is so much less… firm… somehow. It’s sadder. Negative.

    By Chelsea Mayne on 10.03.2011

  29. suppose i say to you that this is right or this is wrong. i’m not sure but suppose is so subjective. it says something like well i think this or that but it’s not saying the actual thing. it’s getting away from what you’re really saying and trying to compose something that will help you understand or agree with. i’m not sure what i’m writing about but suppose i’m saying to you that this whole thing makes sense. get it? it’s a steal away from reality. what a tease. suppose is a word that will always remind you that imagination will skew your reality.

    By Kristy on 10.03.2011

  30. And even though your so much paler than my dream man, even though you’re such a dork and I don’t feel the way I should.

    By Tay on 10.03.2011

  31. Life is all about decisions. Suppose you buy a snack in the vending machine. Suppose you invite someone to church. Suppose you drive across the United States. Every day, we have an endless amount of choices.

    By Connor G URL on 10.03.2011

  32. I suppose I always knew. I was always aware, at the back of my mind, this gnawing feeling in my stomach when he looked over, how I took it so personally when he criticised any other girls…I loved him. Just fancied to begin with, but in the end I loved him. Dammit.

    By Lizzie on 10.03.2011

  33. So, I suppose that I could go to college. I suppose I could be famous and beautiful and smart. I suppose that high school isnt as worse as it could be. I suppose a lot of things. But what I never want to do, is thirty years from now… suppose my life could have been better.

    By Rachel on 10.03.2011

  34. It was always the same, I supposed, as I sat with my head in my hands. Every bloody time. Here I was waiting at the station while Lucy Bloody Sparks dicked about at home, delaying our plans. What a piss-take. It was raining, and my artfully mussed hair was starting to just look…mussed. Useless bint. By nature, I am a very relaxed person, but my one pet peeve is lateness. I cannot stand it. And what was Lucy, reliably, perpetually? LATE.

    By Lizzie on 10.03.2011

  35. i suppose that i am going to be a teacher when ever i find a job. i suppose that the right thing to do is to pass my test and get a real job and move out of my house. i suppose that going to college was a good idea. i suppose that working in an office after getting my 4 year degree is a good way to spend my time.

    By Renee on 10.03.2011

  36. We might have jumped from the lower part of the bridge but, being 14 and full of cum, we decided that the very top was the bestest idea we’d ever had, and it would prove for once and all which of us was the bravest. Suppose we hadn’t jumped? Would Jim have still grown up to be a car salesman?

    By Santa Monious URL on 10.03.2011

  37. Suppose I was able to achieve an end to inequality. Suppose I was able to control my stress. Suppose I was able to guide my two girls to a glorious future.

    By Renee du Preez on 10.03.2011

  38. what am I supposed to be when I grow up? I suppose I could be a teacher and keep on the path that I have chosen. But is this the right choice for me? Sometimes I wonder what else is out there for me to do. Something that doesn’t require 4 walls and an email account.

    By Kwest on 10.03.2011

  39. Supose it wasn’t a dream, that this twisted world he lived in was real. What if it was? He’d spent forever trying to escape life, but had he really? He stared at the ashes of a person who’d burnt up before his eyes, the land around him was a barren waste. There was no life near by but him. He was glad for this, then he didn’t have to be around people, the sick twisted people of this world.

    By Solanaceae URL on 10.03.2011

  40. Suppose I came to you and said, “Your whole life is a lie.” What would you say to me in return? What would you think? Would you think me crazy? Would you call me a liar? Would you ask me what the HELL I was talking about? Well, you’re on the right track, I can tell you that. I’m crazy, I’m a liar. Half the time, even I don’t know what I’m talking about.

    By Evangeline Night URL on 10.03.2011