April 4th, 2011 | 727 Entries

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727 Entries for “success”

  1. I watched him as he bled out on the carpet from the bite wound on his– okay, ‘bite wound’? That was putting it lightly. I’d ripped out a chunk. A big fat hunk of meat. I’d put the man down. He wasn’t going to rise again to any challenge. ‘Bite wound’– how does that begin to cover it?

    “I should kill you.”

    Oops. When’d he get there behind me? Eh, the night was still a success.

    By Sae URL on 04.04.2011

  2. You noticed I did not like to be touched and was hesitant and protective in response to you. And yet the moments where you did touch me felt better than the moments you did not. Whether it was your leg against my shoulders or your hand against mine. It was not my hand that I stared at after I suddenly reached for yours. It was yours. It was wonderful. And though I saw a side of you with your friends that I am not attracted to, but rather repulsed by, I put myself out there into you, allowing it to feel as truthful as I could until I could stand this sight no more. And I went to sleep, without you there, having learned more about you and me as separate entities. Wondering about the next time and the feelings that stopped me this time.

    By Jason URL on 04.04.2011

  3. Success. Something we all hope to achieve at one point or another. Something we all work so hard for. One day we’ll be engulfed in it. Success will be our lives.

    By Juan URL on 04.04.2011

  4. Success, this is what we all strive for. Every single person goes to school and tries to be the best in order to be successful. It is in our nature to try and reach our goals and have a perfect life. Well, success is our long term goal that will always be with us. We can always do better. we can always be more successful. Maybe success is happiness.

    By Sarah Ostrander on 04.04.2011

  5. success is better than failure, it comes when you put your head down and pound sand trying to reach a goal. it is the most fulfilling thing you can ever do with your life. it can also destroy you if you let it. there are many aspects of life in which you can succeed, its all in weather you want to bad enough.

    By Bibi on 04.04.2011

  6. success, it is the motive that runs us all. It is the energy that drums on out hearts and minds to try. success is not about wealth, or about material; it is a simply a point in which we all want to reach.

    By Sarah Ostrander on 04.04.2011

  7. Success is when professional accomplishment of goals meets personal desires. Success is happiness, for you and for others. To be successful, i want to share the most happiness I can with the greatest amount of people I can, in a way that I personally enjoy.

    By Alex URL on 04.04.2011

  8. damn. hit me with the upside right here. success. it’s got to equal one thing and one thing only. happiness. so you can wear all the gold medallions you want or rob millions of people while wearing suits. still don’t mean much in the end.

    By nabilr URL on 04.04.2011

  9. success is a weird word and I don’t have a lot to say about it
    in fact I almost left this blank
    I don’t know what success is in my life right now. I thought I knew, once, but I realised I was judging my success based off of what other people thought success meant. But I think true success is just being happy with your life. I just have to figure out how to get there. It’s hard work. I don’t know.

    By Anna~ on 04.04.2011

  10. Luisa walked out onto the balcony of the castle, looking down at the city below. Their plan had been a success. The King was gone, killed, and his soldiers forced back to their own kingdom. But, he had killed her sister. Luna was dead, and that left Luisa as the next heir to the throne. Luisa, the girl who had grown up in the forest, could climb through the trees faster than anyone, and was Gifted. No, it wouldn’t be long until another revolt started. She glanced over hearing footsteps, and smiled softly when Shasta approached. He put his arm around her, and kissed her forehead. She closed her eyes, leaning into him.

    “You were right, Shasta. It’s just…never ending.”

    By Claire URL on 04.04.2011

  11. Success is such a word that you know something good will come of it. Unless you have some kind of twisted version of the word success. Success will take you places, Home, Work, play…and if your twisted…Prison.

    By CLOVERRRRR on 04.04.2011

  12. What is success? It can vary from person to person. For some it may be happiness they have discovered through raising a family, perhaps from climbing the career ladder. Success is what ever individual wants it to be, it can be completing a simple goal or achieving a life long aspiration.

    By Peter Reid on 04.04.2011

  13. Their plan had been a success, they’d taken the money from the vault, but success doesn’t come without sacrifice. In order to get the money they’d lost a co-worker and a friend. Tears fell from Annabelle’s eyes as she slumped against the wall of her apartment. She would miss Henry with all her heart.

    By Blue URL on 04.04.2011

  14. Success. Is money and fame truly considered success? Or is it love and happiness the answer?
    All i know is that i would rather be happy than rich any day.

    By MBFAW URL on 04.04.2011

  15. To be successful, you must first find out what it is you want to succeed at.

    By Liv URL on 04.04.2011

  16. God I don’t have a lot of this, but I am kind of smart. I mean I get As on my math tests and what not but we didn’t have any of this this weekend. We didn’t even place. We lost, and we lost bad. It sucked. I wanted to be happy for percussion, and their success, but the way our colorguard turned out is crappy as heck. I just wish that we had done better.

    By Delia on 04.04.2011

  17. success is personal gratification. not materialistic, not what others consider is “successful”. it’s you doing what you want to do, and being badass at it. it has everything to do with your own goals. learn to take in your mindset and apply it to your own personal success.

    By amelia melancon URL on 04.04.2011

  18. Success isnt about how much money you have in the bank, what you wear, or how hot your wife is. Success is about happiness. If you’re happy, you’ve made it. You’re there.

    By Amanda Proskocil on 04.04.2011

  19. I hate studying for DNA. I am not in the DNA emphasis, so why do I have to take the class and study for it? Its boring and repetitive and dumb and I just don’t like it. Grr… That test tomorrow is going to no fun at all.

    By PunkyG URL on 04.04.2011

  20. The pinball machine rang out in tinny enthusiasm. Blue lights, green lights, flashing yellow and orange bulbs. “I beat it!” he cried out, his face awash in neon colors and his eager little hands still clasping the levers. When he turned, she’d already moved on.

    By Cheerio URL on 04.04.2011

  21. Success is beautiful. I think waking up each day is a success story. Feeling the rain outside your window is a success story. Experiencing each moment to the fullest is the ultimate success. Everything else is icing on the cake.

    By mieko URL on 04.04.2011

  22. This was supposed to be a success story. I was supposed to graduate med school with a head full of anatomy, of bone growth and organ functions. I was supposed to make everyone Better. But my watercolor life has run dry, and instead of diplomas and stories about my roommate, I have nothing. Just a threadbare trench coat and eyes that are tired of seeing.

    By Janine URL on 04.04.2011

  23. Her teeth scraped against the slowly fraying rope. The taste of pennies coating her bruised tongue was now being mixed with the moldy dusty length binding her hands. She couldn’t hear anything over the pounding of her heartbeat, washing the sound of the thunderstorm outside away and turning the few seconds she had into centuries. The rope snapped. Success.
    She heard the key scraping in the lock outside.

    By wulfcade URL on 04.04.2011

  24. She looked up at the crowd with a smile. She had done it. She had won.
    The referee came across the ring and grabbed her arm, lifting it into the air. She could feel the blood dripping from the cut above her eye and the blood in her mouth where he’d hit her the first time.
    She looked around, a little dazed. Not really sure how she had finally done it. But there he was laying on the ground. KO.
    She smiled as the referee held her arm. She heard her name in the crowd. It felt so good.

    By Rebekah on 04.04.2011

  25. Ahh the sweet smell of success! Hmm but then again..success is, I would suppose all in how you define it. Success for one person is not the same for another. Success in one culture again is not quite the same in a different culture. Success must be defined by each individual who is self actualiized and who knows what and who and when they want out of life.

    By kitdickson URL on 04.04.2011

  26. What is success? Is is looking at yourself in the mirror and loving what you see? Is it money? Is it fame? Can success be measured by any of these of things? Success does not mean anything in the end, you know. Success is a pointless endeavor we drive for all of our lives when we should be searching for happiness.

    By kait on 04.04.2011

  27. what i want to one day achieve. what i have been working for all my life. i want to be successful with love, family, friends, and my profession. It is not just about a persons job or the money they make. it is about who they are as a person. it takes a lot to be an overall successful person. Success in all areas of life will bring happiness.

    By samantha on 04.04.2011

  28. Nobody measures success in the same way. I hate the way most people think about it. It’s never about their success, it seems to be about someone else’s. They can’t help but compare. It’s sick. Mindless. Ridiculous.

    By Caroline on 04.04.2011

  29. Success? Success is being able to go where you’re going. Success is going to your highest. It’s being the best you possibly can be. It’s top-notch. It’s ‘it’.


    By Kathleen URL on 04.04.2011

  30. I want success. I want to be a success. But not in the way it is seen nowadays. I’m tired of success being equated with money and things that you can buy with money. Sure, those things are nice, but why are they measures of success? I want a success measured on my terms.

    By Carrie URL on 04.04.2011

  31. Success. The only thing I can never achieve. Unsuccessfully running and crawling and chasing something, anything or anyone that can make me feel more. I don’t even know really what success is. I don’t think Ive ever felt it… Or seen it. But surely someone is successful. Someone out there is a wild success and they gen up in the morning and just feel the whole world looking at them with the widest grin. They stretch thief arms in the warm golden sunlight. They do not hit snooze. They do not groan. They enjoy some orange juice an organic egg and a price of whole wheat toast. They write one or two emails to people who are excited to hear from them. They pat the dog on the head. Kiss the spouse on the perfect mouth. And do not hit a red light on the way into the city. Money is not of concern. But, they would never NOT work. Every work day, while challenging, is so rewarding.

    By Chelsea on 04.04.2011

  32. Ugh. I don’t like this word. It’s not just that I’m probably afraid of it, I’m annoyed by people who have conventional ideas of success. Typically, this means financial success. I think that’s pretty worthless. Smiling success is way more important. Getting others to smile, that is.

    By deadponies URL on 04.04.2011

  33. Well. I suppose success can be defined in a lot of ways. Money? Love? Lifestyle? Career? Who knows. I guess being successful is accomplishing your dream or whatever makes you happy. I have recently succeeded in talking to the guy who I thought hated me for 5 months when I was in love with him…and it just turns out that he thought I hated him. Go beyond your comfort boundaries and you may succeed at making your own life a little better :)

    By goozfraba URL on 04.04.2011

  34. I want to be successful so I can be happy someday. Successful with my work, and successful with starting a family with my boyfriend.

    By elisabeth on 04.04.2011

  35. everyone wants to be successful. everyone wants to be pretty. oh wait, maybe just women want to be pretty. everyone wants to have a pretty looking like. but i think women and men have a different idea of what a pretty life looks like. i think i have a different idea of

    By jane on 04.04.2011

  36. successs is a glorious thing where you feel accomplishment and happiness! It lifts you up where you belong and makes you feel like someone

    By Victoria Richards on 04.04.2011

  37. what i want to be when i grow up. i feel so much pressure to be a success. not from just others but alot from myself. my biggest fear in life is not being able to be happy or successful. i feel like i won’t be a true adult until i can support myself comfortably and be able to have a disposable income.

    By Sarah on 04.04.2011

  38. I believe that the measure of success you achieve is dictated by what you believe and how hard you believe in it. Those who do not believe in themselves will find it very difficult to succeed, whereas those who put faith in themselves will do very well. But the very definition of success is adaptable to each person; what is success to one is not success to another and vice versa.

    By Lauren L. on 04.04.2011

  39. success is when you get what you want without hurting other people, or ruining their dreams, in order to acheieve it. it’s when you get what you’ve always dreamed about and you feel so proud of yourself you could burst. it’s when you reach some goal in your life, no matter how unimportant, and it makes you feel like you’re on top of the world.

    By Emily on 04.04.2011

  40. I guess this is what scares me most. Success is a choice, and a task. It’s difficult. It’s full of pressure. And the pressure comes from everywhere; parents, friends, teachers. There is no place int eh world where you will find a completely stress free enviroment. It’s not possible because the human nature will never let it happen.

    By Lauren L. on 04.04.2011