April 4th, 2011 | 727 Entries

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727 Entries for “success”

  1. If you try and try again then you can then succeed so just keep to it and you will be able to do it.

    By Emnm URL on 04.05.2011

  2. there was a guy who failed and failed but on day he didnt and he yelled success!!!

    By 71angel URL on 04.05.2011

  3. She ran through the ribbon! She was in first place! She was a success! Everyone cheered and roared! They loved her, she couldn’t believe it!

    By fluffy1297 URL on 04.05.2011

  4. Success is a great thing all people want it in many different way and some times they what they don’t wont.

    By Stephen on 04.05.2011

  5. Success is when you accomplish something.

    By Stephanie URL on 04.05.2011

  6. I am success!!

    By logan on 04.05.2011

  7. Success is a journey. Everybody wants to meet the final destination of success but unfortunatley not everyone is dedicated enough to make it.

    By smileigh URL on 04.05.2011

  8. “Do you want to be successful?”, asked the interviewer.
    “Yes!”, he blurted. He had been desperately waiting for this opportunity and now, his desperation was making him nervous.
    “Yes??..Then tell me, what is success?”, the interviewer fired back instantly.
    “It is to get what you want and I want to be Rich”, he was sweating now as he realized he made a big mistake.
    “Money !!! Is that what you think signifies Success?”, the interviewer was on his toes now.
    “For me? Yes. Because even if something goes wrong, it’s always better to cry in a BMW than on a bicycle.”, he was smiling now.
    The interviewer remained silent for a while.
    He got the Job.

    By Tyroceur URL on 04.05.2011

  9. I think success is when a person does somthing and gets it done right.

    By peyton URL on 04.05.2011

  10. Success means achieving your potential. Making the most of what we’re given and fulfilling the potential that God has given us. It won’t be equal across the board, across humanity, but giving everything you have and maximizing your talents is the key to success.

    By Gray URL on 04.05.2011

  11. its super important to me i guess, i guess thats what everybody is striving for , thats why everyones sitting here in this geology class learning about hurricanes…because this class promises a degree, a job, a career, a family..which are things indicating success..geology is so boring.

    By Helen URL on 04.05.2011

  12. I dreamed of teh day when I could call myself a success. I tried to shake off the memories of all of my past failures but it was hard. They sucked at my feet and ankles like so much muck and mire, dragging me down, holdingme back. Now I ust wanted to be free. I stared up into the blue sky and imagined the feeling of freedom that the butterflies and birds experienced. I dreamed of a day when I could join them.

    By Fran URL on 04.05.2011

  13. Is what you’ll find in fort mcmurray
    up here where the illusion is money\
    dream big and you will find it
    drop the ball and it will be lost

    By Billie-Jo on 04.05.2011

  14. the measure of succes is not what you have but who you become.

    By cory on 04.05.2011

  15. If someone asks you are you a success, you should reply ‘at what’?

    By cancerphysio URL on 04.05.2011

  16. TEA!!! TEA!! TEA!!!! I finally have tea. I have finally succeeded. YES! I will go stand on my head now. Now, what tea shall I have now? I shall have green tea. NOM! NOM! NOM! I need crumpets with that. Hmmmm….now where’s that tea strainer….Where are you, tea? Where are you? I thought I had succeeded…Oh, there you are! Do you take delight in vexing me? You always hide in that closet! Grr! Well, I shall drink some tea now. *drinks tea* A little too dull. I hate you, tea. I believe that I have failed. But, someday I will have success.

    By Isis on 04.05.2011

  17. Success is when I have a tingly feeling inside me. I kind of like the tingly feeling. Except sometimes I get too much of it and I wanna throw up. Some people say i am mad. But if madness is success, I hope to be completely insane.

    By Isis on 04.05.2011

  18. Success is not how much money you have or how many promotions you received. It’s waking up every day happy to be living your life.

    By Courtney on 04.05.2011

  19. Giving your all for a great goal. Being happy just where you are right now! Sharing your talents with those around. Doing your best each day. Continuing to learn and grow even when you are a professional. Never stop. Always learn.

    By CP URL on 04.05.2011

  20. Success is escaping when people are throwing leeches at you. Success is finally finding that delicious tea you’ve been missing. Success is sending in a poem to a website and you find your poem in big letters on the bus. Success is not being me.

    By Isis on 04.05.2011

  21. jeg skulle ønske alle jeg kjente levde et liv full av suksess. Jeg vil ikke si jeg har det selv, men det kan jo hende det komme en dag. nå jobber jeg liksom ikke akkurat en bra jobb og jeg skulle vel ønske jeg hadde en fast jobb for en gangs skyld. Men neeeeida. Her sitter jeg med kid uten mannen og lager wok og gleder meg litt til mat.

    By elin URL on 04.05.2011

  22. I’ve never been much for the idea of success. It’s strange you’d think for one moment I’d consider whether or not I’ll be successful in the future. But, really? Everyone has a different interpretation of what success means to them because we all have different things we want.

    By Rose on 04.05.2011

  23. success is a fickle friend… and yet hard to attain… i’v been running after it my whole life… the whole 24.5 years of my life… i have conquered writing successfully… and reading… and math… and science… i have gained my degree… and yet how come i don’t feel successful stlil? like i am in a constant and endless search for success. how do i know if i have achieved it? how will i know if i have indeed been successful? when should i stop? i am not one to want to over achieve… to over hoard material things… to gain high status… so does that mean i will never be successful because i never aspire above and beyond the simple bliss of knowing and having just what you need…? what is success really? they say it’s relative. so if it is relative, how come people can still say i’m a failure in more ways than one?

    By jox on 04.05.2011

  24. Success is different to everyone. To some people it is money, to some people it is family, to some people it is the person they marry, but success shouldn’t be on how much money you have or how big your house is. Success should be measured on how happy you are

    By Faith URL on 04.05.2011

  25. Success is like salad versus soup, you always have a choice.

    By C.J. on 04.05.2011

  26. achievement work happiness play money friends wealth materials satisfaction health love life skill

    By charlie on 04.05.2011

  27. Everybody craves it. Few achieve it. It seems nearly impossible to attain, yet everyone goes after it – pursues it.

    By selzilla URL on 04.05.2011

  28. She did it! She had got the part of sleeping beauty! She knew it would be a lot of work. But she had got the biggest part of the most known ballet.

    By Anna on 04.05.2011

  29. Thade lofted a brow at his sister, confused by her cheeky grin. The 8-year old girl looked up at her brother, holding something out to him in gently folded hands. “I caught it!” Her voice fluttered like a butterfly, always tickling Thade into a smile. He peered into her hands to see a mouse, resting in her hands, panting in defeat. Thorn grinned and stroked the mouse carefully, two fingers gliding along its’ fur.

    By heather URL on 04.05.2011

  30. success is determined by what you make of yourself in the life you live. People, societies, and cultures define success based on a stereotype of the norm, and what proves to be effective. However, success is simply a synonym for betterment.

    By Lucy on 04.05.2011

  31. sweaty ear lobe… running uphill and reaching before the expected.

    By Aaliyah on 04.05.2011

  32. What is true success? Winning a medal? Achieving approval from those who judge you? Or is it simply satisfying yourself when you’ve resolved to pursue your biggest and most outrageous dream, and finding that your best efforts put those dreams within reach?

    By Emily on 04.05.2011

  33. It was a success…he finally made it and got exactly what he wanted. Satisfied, he grabbed his coat and walked out of the office. The fresh breeze hit his face and he took a deep breath, life will never be the same again. Finally.

    By Anton URL on 04.05.2011

  34. Why is success so important in life? Because we have nothing else. There are no God, no fairies, nothing supernatural. The only thing we have, and the only thing we can trust, is success.

    By Mathias on 04.05.2011

  35. Success is great it’s what drives people to do all kinds of crazy stuff. People like success in business, romance and just about anything else. If someone rode an elephant and it took off like a rocket through space and they landed on a far away planet they would think, wow, that’s real success. Charlie Sheen is winning success.

    By Andrew Shell URL on 04.05.2011

  36. Success is determined by ourselves. Though many consider success to be defined solely in terms of material success, I feel we ought to concern ourselves with whether we live well and in accordance with the dictates of our own consciences. We can do no better than ensuring we don’t disappoint ourselves.

    By Brent on 04.05.2011

  37. I don’t feel like I’ve gained one ounce of success. My life has been spent on the most useless things. I waste my life on thoughts that get me no where. Today is a new day. I will do my best to succeed in this world. Watch as I grow. I may surprise you.

    By laughalot on 04.05.2011

  38. What is true success? Winning a medal, achieving the approval of those who judge you? Or is it satisfying yourself when you’ve resolved to pursue your biggest and most outrageous dream, and finding that your best efforts have put that dream within reach? True success is knowing the ultimate capacity of greatness you are capable of, and pushing beyond the boundaries of limitation.

    By emily URL on 04.05.2011

  39. success is fun. its better to have success than failiure so you has to try to have success.

    By just582 URL on 04.05.2011

  40. I work constantly and, I believe, tirelessly on this word. It is something that shouldn’t be argued with but I guess you could if you are an idiot.

    By Brendan on 04.05.2011