April 4th, 2011 | 727 Entries

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727 Entries for “success”

  1. I was success, who doesn’t. Wouldn’t it be amazing? To be known for how good you are at something. Take Mozart for example. He was so successful and well known. And he was hardly ever serious. I want to be that. I want I want I want. i want success, I want love, I want life. That all equals success, and that i what life is about right? Or at least what we are told. Success is life, without success, we have nothing. Or so we are told.

    By Olivia on 04.04.2011

  2. A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him.

    By ashly URL on 04.04.2011

  3. I have found that success can be described in several different ways…depending on the person that is asked to define it. Most claim that cars, money, and marriage equal success. But I would beg to differ. I think if we look at Christ, success comes from dying to one self and then finding life in Him. Life from Death. Rise from the ashes.

    By Bryne Palmer on 04.04.2011

  4. I followed you my whole life to reach you, only to realize you aren’t what you say you are. You have money, but no soul. You’re what society strives to be, all about the mainstream. Let me tell you, I quit. I’m going to follow my dreams. That’s where I’ll d=find success. That’s where I’ll find me..

    By Samantha URL on 04.04.2011

  5. I can find it. We can all find it, wherever we go. Everyone’s been stressing out about name-brand colleges, and I just want to shake them and yell, it isn’t about which school is “better,” it is about which you will be happiest in. I don’t know what else to say.

    By Isabel on 04.04.2011

  6. Success is defined differently for everyone. It’s all a matter of perspective. I grew up poor, and that could have resulted in two definitions: I could either be materialistic and show off what I accomplish. Or I could be humble and appreciate things.
    I am materialistic. I thought that if I can prove that I can accomplish something, like buying a nice car or new clothes, I could prove my worth to the world. Instead of focusing on what I need, I get what I want because I work for it. That isn’t the most productive use of my hard work. But that is what I was taught to think of success. Twisted, right?

    By Princess URL on 04.04.2011

  7. the very definition is in flux
    a shiny coin, a lover’s vow
    twenty kids or a life of luxe.

    By Myst URL on 04.04.2011

  8. I keep telling everyone that it isn’t about which school is “better.” It’s about which school you’ll be happiest at. I can’t say it enough. I guess they won’t believe me, because of the school I’m going to – but, it isn’t about brand-name. It’s about the feel you get, that first day you step on campus, in the looks you get from people, in the smiles and the kind words and the welcome, and the sense of belonging. There is no other way to tell if a school is right for you.

    By Isabel on 04.04.2011

  9. success is based on how you get there not when you get there
    success should be about what you did and how you did it
    not just the fact that you did it.

    the successes in my life are largely overlooked because i go about them with modesty….
    when I’m successful at something i do not throw a party and say, “I’m done!”
    i continue on… trying to attain my next success.

    By Delilah URL on 04.04.2011

  10. what is success anyways? who defines it? the worst part is that none of us know a damn thing about it and its what we dedicate all our time to.

    By rachel sea URL on 04.04.2011

  11. winning. feeling good about yourself, proud. yes
    doing what you wanted to do. no regrets. landing on the moon. acing a test. love.

    By iris on 04.04.2011

  12. Success is measured in ways different than medals and awards, happiness is one. Probably the most disregarded trophy or prize that you could ever receive. If you are happy, you couldn’t have done anything better.

    By Brigette Michel URL on 04.04.2011

  13. Gold, championship, winner. The oylmpics was something that made him powerful in the minds of America’s youth. He won. He won everything. He finally succeeded. If only his dad were alive to see him now.

    By Lauren on 04.04.2011

  14. it is what we made, what we want and what we are going to have. Love, friendship and family are included. You make your own destiny, make success with it.

    By Samantha on 04.04.2011

  15. Success is a word frequently heard. Find your path. Study hard. You’ll persevere. It’s actually not as easily done as said. It’s tough out there and I find every day more obstacles to overcome. One day I’ll find it. It might not be measured by my bank account, but if I’m happy I’ll know I’ll have found it.

    By Kajsa Vlasic on 04.04.2011

  16. success is measured by how much you feel… how much you love, how much you live and how much you enjoy being with yourself. You will only be successful if you can accept life for it’s ups and downs, highs and lows and that you will rise and fall with the changes it brings. Love measures success… not money. It is so subjective that you can’t justify it with an event, and amount or by the amount of material possessions you have. Success will justify you in the end, because the road is long and in the end it’s only with yourself.

    By Laura URL on 04.04.2011

  17. that’s a big word. I’m trying to get there, trying to feel successful. It’s hard to know what to do, what avenue do I want to pursue success in? that’s a big question. I’ll get there someday, I’m counting on it.

    By Cassie Kaldunski on 04.04.2011

  18. A landmark of Western society. To achieve it makes an individual achieve greatness in the public eye. But truly, success is to one’s own perception.

    By Krish URL on 04.04.2011

  19. Success and the pursuit of happiness? That’s what I think of. Will I be successful? And what does that really mean to me? Is happiness inherent in success or the other way around? I really strive to be successful some day. I think everybody does.

    By Rachel on 04.04.2011

  20. i want success but i dont think that i know how to get it but sometimes i know i will. other days im not too sure. all i know is that i am going to make something of myself and nobody will stop me. the only thing stopping me is me. life is too short to worry about making it or not. just DO IT.

    By jeanette on 04.04.2011

  21. I was at the height of my success when the crash happened. It completely threw off my whole balance, and it was then when I realized I wasn’t actually successful. Academically, yes. But not in my personal life. I was sorely lacking in personality.

    By Rags Stone URL on 04.04.2011

  22. I don’t know success. I thought I did. I thought I had accomplished some pretty big things. But apparently all the little mistakes I make have completely submerged anything good I have ever done in ruin. Or at least that’s how others think. I still think I’ve done good.

    By Sara URL on 04.04.2011

  23. We look so much for success. But why? When we die, we die. We’re not Norse, fame no longer makes us immortal. We have our fifteen minutes, then it’s all over. Why? I just want to live my life and not be compared to Andrew Carnegie. But even that is my own success.

    By Daniel Osborne on 04.04.2011

  24. Everything i do i try to make a success but it never comes out to be one. I’m not so sure what I’m doing wrong, perhaps I have gotten lazy. Perhaps I’ve given up. Perhaps I don’t see a point. Perhaps that is exactly what is wrong. I have just diagnosed myself, but what can I do about it now?

    By Catie Keegan on 04.04.2011

  25. there’s a desperate finality to finishing something, to achieving that elusive feeling of success. i can never remember it being quite so hard as it is now, but that is the beauty in pursuing it. only by venturing ourselves into the unknown and unfamiliar can we even get close.

    By Eli on 04.04.2011

  26. I wasn’t successful last year. No matter how hard I tried he wouldn’t be mine. It’s amazing how much I still love him even though we don’t even hang out anymore. I think of him more often than I do anything else. If it wasn’t for her he would be in my arms. I would have him all to myself. If only I could tell him I I feel. I thought by letting him into my bed it would show him that I loved him. But he was always so clueless. ‘We’re just friends with a few extra benefits, right?” He would ask me as he settled his head in between my neck and shoulder. I would nod without any words as out hands rested on my stomach. It wanted to stay like that forever sometimes, but midnight would always come. I know how Cinderella feels now. The stroke of midnight is a horrible thing.

    By a nini mous on 04.04.2011

  27. All around the city, buildings began to crumble as the ground shook violently. Bits of concrete and broken glass rained down on the panicked people below, as a collective feeling that the world was ending became palpable in the air. An hour later, the Mayor held a press conference to let the citizens know that everything would be done to find the person or persons responsible…

    Watching the whole scene unfold, a shadowy figure smiles.. His gnarled teeth grinding as glee washed over his face. “Success… is in the eye of the beholder!” he cackles, as a building on the television wall collapses onto the street below.

    By Kathy Bradford URL on 04.04.2011

  28. achievement, great, feelings, happy, happiness, exitment, i feel like i won the best in my life, i feel great and is all i want in life, i want to be the best designer and i really a

    By bluely on 04.04.2011

  29. dear diary, i am about to watch my fourth episode of grey’s anatomy in a row. yes. i deserve it. midterms were a success.

    By alyssa on 04.04.2011

  30. i want it. Doesn’t everyone? I want to be successful, but i don’t mean like have a lot of money. If i have success, it means I’m happy. That is how I define it. I don’t think it’s normal, but it’s how i see things. That’s my version of success. My brother wants to be a pediatric neurosurgeon, and I want to be a teacher, and I don’t want to be alone. If i’m not alone, and I am happy with me life, my life will have been a success.

    By Lizzy on 04.04.2011

  31. success is a dish which is better served cold. unlike forgiveness and, say, pancakes.

    By Patricia on 04.04.2011

  32. winning in your heart, no matter what anyone else could tell you. it might be a societal failure, but it might be a revolution. your spirit is the only way to really find it.

    By Kami on 04.04.2011

  33. Not my word
    Success is the opposite of my life style.
    Success is what I do the least and the worst
    Success is like a ninja, you’re amazing at everything.

    By Rebekah on 04.04.2011

  34. I’m reaching, as hard as I can. Success for me will be happiness- it will be a family, and someone who loves me dearly, all weirdness and oddities included, who I love just as fiercely. It will be a reason to wake up every morning, and know that I’m doing something worthwhile- someone that matters more that I am capable of realizing. That’s why I want to teach- think of the impact teachers can have!! That’s my success- that WILL BE my success.

    By Lizzy URL on 04.04.2011

  35. success is the reason so many people loose their fucking souls. they want it they need it they crave it and they do anything for it. its wporse than love. its worse than anything that could plague you. Sometimes it works for people who have low expectations for successs and they are happy eith what they have.

    By Liana URL on 04.04.2011

  36. the main thing about success, is that it can’t really exist. it is based off of what other people think of you, and not what you think of yourself. the only true success is to make yourself truly happy with what you are in this world. nothing else will do.

    By andy on 04.04.2011

  37. i am success.
    i will meet you when you need me.
    i come at your aid when you think that you have failed.
    i am what is epic.
    i help you through your pain.
    success is what is right.
    right when you need it.

    By Mariah URL on 04.04.2011

  38. Happiness. Fulfillment. I will be successful when I am thes things. Which is now. Success is now and is mnot measured by outside influences, whcih is a coommon misconception. So sad our society isod alliteration. I don’t like how choppy this is.

    By Tres on 04.04.2011

  39. write about it. i’m supposed to write about it. well i think i haven’t found a lot of it. it’s rather difficult. i think it’s a very hard thing to find in life. well it can come in different ways but i think the most important ones are the ones that make you feel accomplished and right in the world. on what truly matters.

    By Sarah URL on 04.04.2011

  40. I think of finally standing at the top of the mountain and feeling the wind caress my face. I think of that ultimate satisfaction, one that flows through me and never let’s go and let’s me know that I’ve made it, and that’s one more thing I can scratch of my list. It makes me wish that I weren’t so scared of everything, that I was capable of raising my voice and saying what I feel. Success is that moment when everything finally comes together and I can sit back and see what I’ve already become.

    By Antionette on 04.04.2011