April 4th, 2011 | 727 Entries

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727 Entries for “success”

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    By she53lly URL on 04.04.2011

  2. Being able to write professionally and make a few bucks. I want nothing more that to see my script come to life and be able to say look that was my idea. I helped make that happen. Wow! And maybe have a small role in the show too. :)

    By markojenessa URL on 04.04.2011

  3. I think success is something people achieve only if they truly set their minds to their goals! It is possible to achieve it and you should never give up. Sometimes things set you back, but then you have to pick up and keep on going. You never know when you’ll find that one thing that drives you forward and launches you up to reach your fullest.

    By Erin on 04.04.2011

  4. The meaning of success has very little to do with the money that you have, the people you associate with, or the job that you have. Success is about the way you live your life, how true you have to your friends and family, the way you are with yourself. The way you love. The heart that you have. Your empathy and compassion.

    By Kacie V on 04.04.2011

  5. Satisfaction. Exhausted Smile. Finally, you’re here. You made it. You did it. It’s all yours, and you deserve it.

    By Alison Uralli on 04.04.2011

  6. What is my definition of success?
    Success is three beautiful Sons
    Success is strong belief in who I am
    Success is knowing that success is not an “it” rather success is a state of mind
    Success is knowing that in the face of loss I will survive
    Success is a family that bands its arms around and under you to keep you from falling apart
    Success is loving every person – – every minute – every moment of your life without the expectation of having it returned
    I am in awe and blessed with unfailing success

    By Kat5 URL on 04.04.2011

  7. Success: it can be found in many places. But you have to look. As many say, winners never quit and quitters never win. For those who never win, they don’t share the same level of success as say, someone who has done something for many years.

    By Sammy Hipe on 04.04.2011

  8. The highest of highs and the lowest of lows. The knowledge that I set a goal and worked my hardest to see its fruition. The ability to set a goal and discipline myself to work that hard. The ability to find a way to paint a picture with my own words and the words of someone else. To bear my soul on stage and do so with all honesty of the truth of the moment. The triumph of change. The triumph of now.

    By Jason URL on 04.04.2011

  9. graduating getting a job being elected to congress doing well in life getting a first from this university finding love 60 seconds is a long time those are all my goals the end bye now game still going eh well that’s alright i can keep bullshitting almost there and done

    By Robete Dister on 04.04.2011

  10. Sweet success. I can feel it. The power of it courses through me at an impossible pace. I haven’t felt like this in a long time. I’ve almost forgotten the feeling. Makes everything seem so much more… alive.

    By Melanie Oesch on 04.04.2011

  11. Our success was unavoidable. As hard as I tried to bring you down too, you managed to change everything. My thoughts, attitude, my whole peception was altered. I didn’t know someone could make me feel so loved, wanted.

    By my minds eye URL on 04.04.2011

  12. what does it mean to go to the top and fall down sot hat you have nowhere to turn and then you look back up once again. but I don’t want money. i want each day to breathe in peace and eat till my stomach is full enough. i have no ambition sit there and stare as things pass by you apathetic dog. everything pushes towards this. but what happened to the notion of living better and not being so set on being this definition

    By Ylan on 04.04.2011

  13. Success is our civilization. Success is masonry, literature. Success is clay pots, algebra. Success is militias, massive graves. Irrigation. Pyramids. The wheel. Success are the few who lived.

    By MJ on 04.04.2011

  14. Success can be defined in so many ways: financially is just one of them. And yet, it seems to be the yardstick by which most people want to be measured. Money, fame, power. Whatever happened to being a successful parent? Or even just a good person? A good friend to those in need?

    By lil_nail URL on 04.04.2011

  15. i win success with hard work responsibility and perseverence. lately i havent been doing that. that changes now. I will work my way through the adversity and negativity to success and i think you should try it to.

    By Lewis on 04.04.2011

  16. success is not measured in money, or awards, or jobs. It is measured by what and how people perceive you at the end of your life. Do they remember you as fun? busy? entertaining? caring? Whatever you want to be remembered as, do that in life. focus on that

    By ali on 04.04.2011

  17. Success is such a relative term. People measure it so differently. If only the world would realize that no amount of “things” can satisfy their desire for success, people would be less destructive.

    By Becca URL on 04.04.2011

  18. Success is what you achieve. You have to work for it, because it’s not simply given to you. Hard work pays off and leads to your success. I hope you will successful in what you choose to do with your life.

    By Sammy URL on 04.04.2011

  19. Success is defined in the dictionary but is not based off fact. Success can be anything. So yeah…

    By Danielle URL on 04.04.2011

  20. “Hallelujah!!!”

    “What are you so happy about,” asked Lindsay.

    “Ahhhh! Sweet success!”

    “Dad, you finally found the time capsule.”

    “Yes…yes I did! Just look at this suitcase! It must be three hundred years old. Quick, go get my…

    By vanhaydu URL on 04.04.2011

  21. To achieve something you have worked for very hard, or to realize a potential in yourself you hadn’t been aware of before it showed. Success is different for everyone and it will appear at different stages of life and at different times for everyone. :) Success is happiness and inner fulfillment.

    By Rose on 04.04.2011

  22. a word that describes something that you do when you think you have completed something amazing and important and knowledgable and something your very happy about. even if its something other people do, its a word that makes you think of something well accomplished and important. usually comes with happy endings.

    By Morgan on 04.04.2011

  23. i don’t feel like i am very successful in my everyday life. i hope to one day be the way i know i can be. Why wont anyone help me along so i can be a success… fuck schooling.. it did nothing for me… bachelors of nada.. bullshit. regret…

    By Avery on 04.04.2011

  24. i want this in my life. i want to be happy and have money, but not sasying so in a superficial way. i just want to make it in the world. perhaps live in a big city and have a nice home. i dont know. success is something we all strive for but is different for each of us. we all find it in our own personal accomplishments, i guess.

    By shaa on 04.04.2011

  25. I can’t achieve success on my own. God guides me. He is true success and will lead me down the path of godly ambition.

    By Mychaela on 04.04.2011

  26. How do we measure student learning success? Well, first we have to spend the time to determine what we mean by student learning. Most common measures utilized standardized testing, but who cares if students learn to take standardized tests? Real life is not a standardized test, and real learning is not about answering test questions. I want my students to ask the questions rather than answer them.

    By maritov URL on 04.04.2011

  27. Success is relative. Yet it’s something we’re sort of preprogrammed in our culture to think of in a one dimential way. When that simply isn’t the case for most of us. 9-5 jobs are lackluster and heart numbing for most of us. “Success” often comes with drool down our cheap polyester dress clothes. What do we really want? What is success really? It’s individual for each of us, but it’s passion, love, freedom and a life of fulfillment and fun. That’s it, its as simple and complex as that.

    By Ashlee on 04.04.2011

  28. Something I dream of everyday. Today, I’ve been feeling no pride and therefore no success for the dreams I follow. Need to pick my chin up and strive to be the best I can be.

    By Julie URL on 04.04.2011

  29. success

    By Shadow URL on 04.04.2011

  30. Success. When you accomplish something in a succeeding way. The way you wanted to accomplish something. Reaching a correct goal in whatever it was.

    By Mikenna Brannon URL on 04.04.2011

  31. over spoken about. too much to do with money and power not enough to do with happiness. why can’t people just be happy with where they are in life why does success have to deal with going to school and making money. enough with money it sucks the life out of everyone

    By Moira on 04.04.2011

  32. success. it is when you have to goal a reach and you succeed. although most people think success means that you have to complete something with pride.

    By Chelsea Jarrell URL on 04.04.2011

  33. It’s internal. It’s self-knowledge because even if you take a moment to define it through something else it is still an endowment of value you are deciding to place. It could be an award. An award you are choosing to value which means you are still the arbiter of your own worth.

    By Jason URL on 04.04.2011

  34. Success mens that you did something . It maybe small or maybe big but the thing is that you did it and put ever thing in it did your hards to do it.

    By cando URL on 04.04.2011

  35. Success means to not fail or no failure. If you have success you are usually happy.

    By Summer Emond on 04.04.2011

  36. i have success in my life but i still strive for it everyday. it is what i want when i wake up in the morning and it is what keeps me going when the tears fall from my eyes. success is craze that only the dreamer can have access to.

    By LaurinM on 04.04.2011

  37. something I am trying to achieve. This means hard work and dedication. I need support to succeed from my friends and family. I am confident that I will succeed and I hope it will fufill me in the way I am expecting.

    By janie pamment on 04.04.2011

  38. This past weekend I was browsing through my RSS reader, and I came across an interesting post titled What is success? Impact.

    The author is basically questioning what should be considered success (on a professional level), and he comes to the conclusion that success should be measured as the positive impact his work will have upon the lives of other people.

    The article caught my attention because I have the exact same opinion.

    Obviously I don’t think there is right or wrong as to how we define success. The term itself is a subjective thing, so what success means to you might be different from what it means to me or other people, and this is perfectly fine.

    By ezgi cetin on 04.04.2011

  39. Everyone wants it, but no one has it. Some people have it according to other people, but those some people don’t think they have it either. So no one has it.

    By Bill URL on 04.04.2011

  40. I thought I’d feel like this – like a success – when I’d worked hard, when the dream happened, and it did. I imagined I’d punch my fist in the air, walk with my shoulders back for the rest of my life, have people fawning, bowing thier heads in recognition. And plenty did. But what did I feel? What did I really feel? ‘Could Do Better.’

    By Jeannie URL on 04.04.2011