August 17th, 2011 | 829 Entries

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829 Entries for “succeed”

  1. i want to succed , im scared one day ill fail at life and my whole family will hate me , i was to have that feeling i did something right, the warmth inside your belly.

    By courtney on 08.17.2011

  2. I want to succeed. I just don’t know what I want to succeed at. I think I’m scared of success because trying to succeed could open the way to failing to succeed. Success scares me as well because you can’t succeed at everything – I’d have to pick what I want to do in life. I. Have. NO. Idea. That really worries me. I don’t feel normal. I’d rather not think about success, only fantasize about it.

    By Josie on 08.17.2011

  3. To succeed is to achieve all that you want to be. Completely subjective and specific to each individual out there. Success is not measured in numbers nor tallies of any sort but rather driven by the idea of fulfilling dreams and ambitions.

    By Mason Koenig on 08.17.2011

  4. In life we all want to succeed. Grow to be happy, have a nice car, house, family… Does that shit ever actually happen? I mean in the long run, you go to school at least until you’re 22. Then you get a job and work from 9-5. Then you go home, spend a little time with your family over a meal, wake up and repeat. Now tell me, is that really succeeding in life?

    By Jennifer on 08.17.2011

  5. I did it. Something I didn’t mean to do but maybe subconsciously always wanted to do. We killed him, at least it wasn’t a solo adventure. We didn’t mean to and really I would have rather Jamie not have gotten involved at all, but what’s done is done. Dad is dead.

    By Cassie URL on 08.17.2011

  6. I go to school to succeed in life. To succeed I must be doing what I love and be able to do it for a while. I want to be able to support myself but to be successful I don’t have to make a lot of money. Doing what I love is very important. Also, I want to be happy with where I am with the people in my life to succeed. All of that must come togther.

    By Elizabeth Manuel on 08.17.2011

  7. I always have trouble spelling that word. Winning. Being right. I guess.

    By Virginia Theis URL on 08.17.2011

  8. all i ever wanted to learn in school was about how to succeed. What is the way to succeed? get a job you think will make you happy? do the things you love? Its thought to tell. Have a succeeded? no. will i? i can only hope

    By K on 08.17.2011

  9. success is important, without success you are a hobo. Hobos are not cool, they scare people. They scare people because they don’t live in houses. Houses are for people with money. Money is only gained by providing others with useful services. Money is for the successful.

    By TJ on 08.17.2011

  10. win

    By test test on 08.17.2011

  11. I can’t, compared to everyone else. Have you seen her SAT scores? Jesse INVENTED something sophomore for gosh’s sakes! I’m not even that smart. And without a diploma, I’m nothing.

    By Madeleine Marie URL on 08.17.2011

  12. succeed? this word makes me feel if I am begging for your approval. look at the sun and the sea it feels cozy to bask underneath the light i’ve accomplished love today I haven’t had a sip of that moonshine yet but ill take a drag of that lou lou

    By Alejandra on 08.17.2011

  13. if i were to succeed at something i would try to make it worth while so that people might prosper off of it like microsoft or a vaccine it would be great for the population of the world

    By isabel on 08.17.2011

  14. It takes clear vision and all your energy to succeed in life. Things may drop into your lap but what you do with that opportunity is what counts.

    By paulie aragon on 08.17.2011

  15. It doesn’t take that much to succeed in life, if you do what you love and you love what you do. Whether you are the next president or a cashier at Mcdonalds, if you love your job, you will have succeeded in life. thats what life’s about: happiness.

    By Nicole on 08.17.2011

  16. and the pressure keeps pounding like a pulse in my head, dragging down on my heart like an anchor i can’t quite shake. and every time i toss and turn and pretend i’m dreaming i feel submerged in water. i’m drowning in the worries in the back of my restless mind.

    By Annie URL on 08.17.2011

  17. “You make such beautiful words”. Oh. And I feel so fine now. But I wish something more. And that’s the thing, this would mean it ends.

    By Louise URL on 08.17.2011

  18. I will succeed in everything I do. I will concur and eliminate all competition. I will not fail, I will win. I will be strong and I will continue to succeed long after you fail. I don’t care about you. AT ALL. Success is limited.

    By Arielle on 08.17.2011

  19. She wanted to succeed. Needed to feel the feeling of success course thru her veins again. She sighed and hit the keys, hoping to write the next great American novel or something similar. Her fingers moved with lightening speed, as words spread across the screen. Her thoughts coming to life, she smiled, excited for what this could mean for her and her future.

    By Wendy on 08.17.2011

  20. To succeed is to first fail– a million and million times, over and over again. One cannot succeed without at first failing; however, I’m not writing about failure. I’m writing about success.

    By R.Pool URL on 08.17.2011

  21. He wanted to get the part, he had to. If he wasn’t the lead, then he wouldn’t get the kiss that could save him. Not litterally save him, no, but pretty close. It was the last thing on his bucket list, the last thing to do before this disease took him away. He wouldn’t be able to get it any other way. “Next Please” a shrill vocie rang out. Ronni stepped forward and began his monolouge.
    A few minutes later and some sweat beads he had finished the monolouge.He had done more than finish it, he had nailed it.

    By Angie URL on 08.17.2011

  22. I think the idea of success is over rated. It gets in people’s way, makes them think and act differently than they would if they were less concerned about what people thought of them and more concerned w things like, I don’t know…Living?

    By kelly hagen on 08.17.2011

  23. To succeed is to feel like you yourself have made an accomplishment. Be it achieving a goal you have been working toward for a day or years, that is success. While success is getting what you want, happiness is wanting what you get. b

    By Katie on 08.17.2011

  24. I wonder sometimes if I shall succeed.
    Maybe I’ll just always need
    someone to push me.
    I hope that under duress,
    I’ll achieve some sort of natural success.
    Probably not.

    By Rose URL on 08.17.2011

  25. pretty much the aim for all actions is just to do so. I mean what else is ther? Even when you don’t you intend to do better. From here its more than word. It must be done.

    By Mr.584903 URL on 08.17.2011

  26. Jeg har haft succes når mine projekter lykkedes og når jeg bliver færdig med noget. I min verden er succes en meget sjælen ting fordi jeg er meget perfektioniske og går højt op i at alt skal være godt. Jeg hader det, men jeg kan ikke lade være.

    By Ida on 08.17.2011

  27. i believe that no one will succeed in life. everyone will fail. life is set up for failure in such a way that no one can succeed. this i believe.

    By amanda on 08.17.2011

  28. I wish i could succeed in life. maybe become a lawyer or a really famous writer like JK Rowling. I would really like that. I hope to succeed in high school too. I really want all A’s and to make some really good friends. That would be really nice. I also want Sachi and Mama and Papa so succeed.

    By Misa on 08.17.2011

  29. To succeed is something i always wished that i can do. Whenever i try to succeed it never works. My life accomplishments are just that accomplishments and i feel like thats all they are. They aren’t even successful thing… There just there.

    By Amanda on 08.17.2011

  30. This is a stark word. One that you need, is driven to find. Yet it always lies out of reach as attainment makes it moot and the need to go farther drives you.

    Clear. To the point.

    By Random-Mom on 08.17.2011

  31. High school. you need to succeed in high school to get anywhere. and then you have to go to college. and get a good job and become the CEO. That’s what success is all about. being the best and never failing. you have to be amazing at everything you try. Like chuck norris. he’s awesome. hahaha. he’s my hero. hahaha. i want to marry him. like i’m going to marry batman and spiderman. they shall all be my husbands. i’ll become a mormon so that’s okay. see, i have it all planned out. i’m a genius. just admit it. hahahaha. i’m funny. ha ha ha. don’t you think so? ok i’m done. now.

    By Emily on 08.17.2011

  32. I wonder sometimes, if I shall succeed.
    Maybe I’ll just always need
    someone to push me.
    I hope that under duress,
    I’ll achieve some sort of natural success.
    Probably not.
    Is it okay then, to just

    By libyrinth URL on 08.17.2011

  33. I wish to succeed. I have worked my whole life at it, but it is something that is rarely achieved at the level desired. School, work, and home life have always, and will always, offer opportunities for success. One only has to reach for them, but the stretch is far and requires much strength.

    By Angela on 08.17.2011

  34. I am not very successful in my life… so far. I want to accomplish little things in life. I would love to have a small farm and be able to be self-sustaining. I think that is not a huge goal, and I think I will be able to accomplish this one of these days.

    By Erin URL on 08.17.2011

  35. The success that lead Darell to great heights came from his inability to makeout with women. There is little that is known about this crippling disease, but his doctors say it can be cured.

    By Scott Stewart on 08.17.2011

  36. i need to succeed in college and become an author that is amazing to show everyone that i can do that i wanted it that bad and that i showed and proved them that i could do it. they were wrong to ever have doubted me. they should never doubt someone just push them toward the direction they want to go. do not bring them down it is rude and heart breaking.

    By manar on 08.17.2011

  37. My mother always told be to drink my mead so that I will grow up to be a big boy and succeed.

    By Lord Jim URL on 08.17.2011

  38. He was afraid to succeed. He was afraid to not succeed. He was tired of his father’s constant disappointment, but he wasn’t sure if he was good enough. How could others believe in him if he didn’t.

    By Annie on 08.17.2011

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    By anonyme on 08.17.2011

  40. SUCCESSION is very difficult to describe. Success is viewed differently from a diverse group of people. Succession to the upper class would be finally achieving the perfect house, perfect car and perfect life. Success to people of Ethiopia means “I got that bucket of water and was able to feed my family today”. Succcess is achieving your goals and striving for your absolute personal best.

    By Kate URL on 08.17.2011