November 23rd, 2011 | 184 Entries

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184 Entries for “stunning”

  1. People grinding to the deep mystical bass of the bars music. Stunning men and women, gay or lesbian different people of all types join in. Moving their hips in exact motions partying till dawn. This is the joy of becoming of age.

    By Journee URL on 11.23.2011

  2. He was stunning, his blood red eyes, that smarmy, knowing smirk. So very, very stunning. It made Ciel feel like he was melting, though he would never let Sebastian know that he was so very, very stunning.

    By Aspen on 11.23.2011

  3. He is so stunning …. Life is so stunning …. love is so stunning but I have to tell you he living life through the eyes of love is stunning beyond the scope of my current lens. ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!

    By Dlc URL on 11.23.2011

  4. Isn’t she lovely? Isn’t she wonderful?
    That’s one of those lines you wish someone would just look you in the face and say to you. And mean it. I know I wish that.

    By tessabella on 11.23.2011

  5. It was stunning to me that he felt that way. He’d never mentioned it before, and all indications were that he would rather be alone. I wasn’t his type anyway…was I? I guess that is what I get for assuming. As he kissed me I wondered how much time we had wasted already.

    By monica on 11.23.2011

  6. She’s so lovely with that hair on clouds that you just have to turn away. There’s something about the way she practically steams as she moves; maybe it’s the fire in her heart. You’re great lovers, you too, like heat and hate; sinking and twining and dying to have one another because there’s nothing you’ve done that hasn’t hurt.

    By Rosalia Vanderbilt URL on 11.23.2011

  7. She walked out with eyelashes bristling fire, her lips molten lava melting into her tongue as she licked the ripe skin. Bosom bulging outward to complete the volcano. And probably most of the boys in the room were about to erupt.

    Instead, I clapped. Then I took her hand and escorted her to the small corner table reserved for us, where we’d watch the show.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 11.23.2011

  8. awesome, incredible, amazing, interesting, free, big, small, ugly, beautiful, rare, human.

    By Beast URL on 11.23.2011

  9. She was stunning in that backless dress, her dark curls falling around her face. she looked as if she had a secret…

    By Christine URL on 11.23.2011

  10. her stunning hair flipped around in the wind and the sunshine made her golden hair glow.

    By Abby on 11.23.2011

  11. the night was cold, we left the house for a 12:00 clock movie show we looked stunning as it was me and my husband having the blast of the time i enjoyed every minute with him last night as yesterday i understood his worth everything i do for me he completes me as a person he is the one and will always be the only one… I Love I Love I Love Mara*

    By Kainat URL on 11.23.2011

  12. I want to be
    I need to be
    Everyone around me I see
    They are all so breathtaking
    I want to be
    I need to be

    By Lydia on 11.23.2011

  13. i slid it on, pulled my hair back, drew lines in their necessary places, smoothed red around the rims, chose the sparkles, slipped into the towers, walked through falling fantasy, and slowly stepped down the stairs. there he was, hazelnut eyes ablaze. and all he could say was, “…stunning.”

    By C. Ritchie URL on 11.23.2011

  14. With your eyes trembling,
    Melting into lids that are trying to cover,
    All those tears that your life breathed out,
    I can’t help but think,
    How beautiful you are in this instant,
    With stars falling out of your eyes,
    And sadness in every word you speak.

    By Vareesha Khan URL on 11.23.2011

  15. The ring was stunning. It shined like the sun. It was cold to the touch. And there was a small but beautiful ruby in it. Inside was engraved, ‘I love you forever”

    By Brianna on 11.23.2011

  16. Isn’t she stunning? The way her voice cracks in between words so hard to speak. The way her eyes shed tears, as if it was the end of the world for her. The way she victimizes herself, seeking attention she rejects.

    Isn’t she stunning? The way she’s not herself? She’s stunning. But…

    That’s only fleeting though.

    By circinus URL on 11.23.2011

  17. The world was stunning, and me just mediocre.

    By stephaniewrites URL on 11.23.2011

  18. i close my eyes as I imagine stunning foreign scenery… lively Israeli marketplaces, clear Seychellois beaches, historic European boroughs, bright Japanese cities, glorious Russian fields…
    i open my eyes and choke back tears. i’ll never get out of this town.

    By Rivkah S. URL on 11.23.2011

  19. The first time they met, it was a rainy day. He was captivated by that beautiful smile. Those crooked teeth and the gorgeous set of eyes that stared at him. He never thought he could meet love like that. But he did, and that was fine. Hyde was a complicated person. But he was brilliant, in and out. And that was all that really mattered. The fact that his smile was able to brigtht up the whole room was more than enough for him. More than enough.

    By olga priego on 11.23.2011

  20. I’ve set my gun to stun but you already have me paralyzed.

    By Ace on 11.23.2011

  21. She walks flawlessly with grace and passion in her eyes, as the crowd begins to chant her name as she glides across the stage. She looks into the crowd, scooping it looking for her reason to smile, then she spots him. As there eyes meet she knows in an instant that he believes her beauty is deathly stunning.

    By BriannaNicole URL on 11.23.2011

  22. I’ve never really thought of myself more than just average. Sure there are sudden spurs when I like that reflection in the mirror, but my personal term is “Pretty Potential”.
    I’ve got potential, maybe one day you’ll see it.

    By Mara on 11.23.2011

  23. It’s stunning how quickly you can have your creativity abandon you.
    Stunning how much it hurts to have someone else walk away, for a change.
    Stunning how odd it is to be on the wrong side of the lights when the stage curtain falls.
    Stunning how damn crazy you can be while still sober.
    Stunning how dumb you’ve never realized you were, until you saw she was smarter.

    By Lancir URL on 11.23.2011

  24. Stunning like the sun
    that is what you are.
    Stunning like a taser
    you shocked me bad.

    By b3mused URL on 11.23.2011

  25. She was stunning in her new dress of silver and white and quiet gold trimming, splashed with pale colors to highlight the pale blue of her eyes and her quiet smile and it was wonderful and pure and it was such a shame that would be the only time she had to wear such a thing. The sacrifice was the next day. Sacrifice of innocence for another year of safety. Light to fuel the fire to drive away the shadows.

    By Salaa'ut URL on 11.23.2011

  26. She walked into the room. Every head turned to look. Confidence. At first look she was plain, but the swagger in her step and the eyes she made at the men… Perfection.

    By Kim Freimoeller on 11.23.2011

  27. i wish i was stunning.
    i wish people were jealous of my boyfriend for having me.
    i wish people were envious of my looks.
    i wish i could wear whatever i want.
    i wish i could look in the mirror and be happy with what i see.
    i wish i loved me.

    By sarah marie URL on 11.23.2011

  28. I love that lavender blonde
    The way she moves
    The way she walks
    I touch myself cant get enough

    (not mine o.0)

    By Ashley R. K. URL on 11.23.2011

  29. you know whats stunning? how stunned you are after finding yourself stunned of being stunned. can you believe how long its been? how can this just keep going and going? its still there but it gets old. after a while theres no enjoyment, no fascination. it seems to taunt you. you grow weary. you get sick of the feeling. then youre really surprised at how it still seems to surpass that. it still lingers. like that cartoon cloud. it becomes an old companion. sometimes you under appreciate it. forget its real. but the rains always remind you of the truth in it.

    By unbornsymphony URL on 11.23.2011

  30. I saw Jupiter the other night,
    I have to assume it was a stunning sight.

    Although I know it’s far away,
    the world will feel it’s touch some day.

    Bury the day,
    Fingerprints always laten.
    Those few that worship satan.

    Leviathan was in the waiting water,
    Luke Skywalker was almost Bantha fodder.

    I’d fuck me, I’d fuck me so hard.

    By Ashley R. K. URL on 11.23.2011

  31. Oh baby, your eyes are so beautiful I cannot even begin to imagine what it would be like if I could touch them. You stud. I love how they gleam like the four day old pee in my toilet. Yummy.

    By kai on 11.23.2011

  32. isnt it stunning how time passes. stunning what it was like when we were younger. oh, how we wished that it would never end. how we didnt see it coming until it was too late.

    im still stunned at how such things simply pass away.

    By unbornsymphony URL on 11.23.2011

  33. …not always beauty..
    in fact, i find you quite stunning.
    in the way you take my breath away,
    without even knowing your doing so.
    i can just look at you,
    and fall;
    like my heart just caved into a black hole,
    and there’s nothing there but empty space.
    not because of your looks,
    or clothes,
    but the memories that bubble up.
    i just have to think of you,
    and my chest starts shrinking in…

    By katie URL on 11.23.2011

  34. I looked up at the man beside me. Simply stunning he was. Why he would like a girl like me, is beyond me. We looked into eachothers eyes, as he took me hand and swept me over to the dancefloor. Together we moved almost flawlessly across the dancefloor, scoring annoying glancers form the other dancers. Then, just like at all weddings in my family, the chicken dance played. I glanced around the room for my best friend. Finially I found her, but not as I expected. She was making out with the best man. Jackson and I moved over to the maid of honour and the best man. We stood there, just looking at them. Whitney looked up to see us. “We were just saying how stunning you look” she whispered breathlessly. Brad nodded and the grabbed Whitney’s hand and took her into the centre of the dancers.

    “She is right you know” Jackson whispered in my ear, “…you are absolutely stunning” he said as he swirled me back into the commotion of dancers.

    By Rach URL on 11.23.2011

  35. Will there eve be someone who thinks I’m stunning?
    Will there ever be someone who just thinks I’m pretty?
    Will there ever be someone who just thinks I’m cute?
    Someone who thinks the way I act is special?
    Someone who thinks I’m special?
    That all my quirks are special?

    By ambie URL on 11.23.2011

  36. It is something that may appel to somebody’s eyes or otherwise. It could be used to describe something or somebody in terms of appearance or character. it can be used to describe a movie or a book that you really like. It may be grand or big or marvelous.

    By Patrick on 11.23.2011

  37. “My sister is stunning,” I said.
    The guy just stared at me.
    “She looks like a dang horse, honey – ”
    But I walked away, too loyal to listen to another word.

    By hazelwillow URL on 11.23.2011

  38. Your hair is absolutely stunning. they way that the most beautiful light of all…the sun..makes it shine..My warm body feels great when being cooked under the sun..with a beautiful woman having her hams cooked under the sun…now consider the image of a choopped up ham being under a operation tbale at a hospital..under a ultra voilet light ewwww

    By ajloopy URL on 11.23.2011

  39. As I watched her walk away from me once more, I thought about what I really liked about her.

    She was stunning truly.

    Not how beautiful she was, that’s a given.

    No, she left me stunned every time, shocked and disappointed every time she said, “No”.

    By mistershin URL on 11.23.2011

  40. My girlfriend. She’s incredibly eager to serve God, to minister to others, help them with their problems. She’s challenged me to grow in so many ways. Her impact and influence in making me a better man is simply stunning.

    By Otto Neubauer on 11.23.2011