November 22nd, 2011 | 282 Entries

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282 Entries for “study”

  1. a

    By CalledtoGaming URL on 11.22.2011

  2. I began to study the room around me. Shades of greyish brown, possibly a khaki color. It’s dismal really. Then I studied the screens in front of me. “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…” reads my right monitor; always reminding me that Star Wars Rules!

    By CalledtoGaming URL on 11.22.2011

  3. It was her moment and she was killing it with kindness.
    Elisha took one glance at her understudy and bit her lip as she addressed her manager. “I think I’m sick today. I guess you should ask Jess to take over for me.”
    She hoped she’d made the right decision.

    By Myona on 11.22.2011

  4. I love how it’s ironic because I’m actually taking a break from reviewing my tests. It has been 3 hours straight and I think I deserve a little Tumblr time.
    But here’s a tip, if you don’t study, you’ll end up as a hobo, or a 40 year old virgin.

    By alyssa rae on 11.22.2011

  5. helping mario with aepa. books. coffee. library. college. exams. finals. all nighters. nights that turn to to mornings that turn to afternoons and nights again. headaches. notes. laughing with friends. acronyms.

    By erika on 11.22.2011

  6. we began to study. as rose strategically pinned up our hair, the two of us studied Q102, all of the songs that would be playing that night. that night was the prom, you see, so we needed to be updated on all of the latest music, you know, in order to dance accordingly. so we sat there studying. a radio station. while putting on make-up. preparing for the senior prom.

    By Julie Marie URL on 11.22.2011

  7. i have designed a list of steps i must take in order to simplify my life, thus reducing the levels of stress i have been faced with in the past few months. i have come to realize that the time spent on my study – also known as the time spent not sleeping, the time spent continuously slamming down the snooze button, and time spent sipping away at cup upon cup of coffee and tea – has to become top priority.

    By t URL on 11.22.2011

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    By aaa on 11.22.2011

  9. study her face. what do you see? smile line from genuine laughter. dark bags from late study nights. puffy eyes from a tear-jerker movie during a sleepover. glasses from reading too much (but too much is never enough)….

    By Lisa Lee URL on 11.22.2011

  10. For Sale: 4 bed/3 bed + study B&T home, blt ins; sep lvng fam rooms; main bath + ens; lge deck, district views, dble garage; low maint grdns. Price: Your soul ONO.

    By daleleelife101 URL on 11.22.2011

  11. i study my life too often. i worry about living in between two realities, splitting myself in two. the truth angers me. i wish for the way things used to be, but in such a way that wouldn’t ruin the way things are. minus the studying.

    By Paige Lucas URL on 11.22.2011

  12. It has been years since I have studied. I have never been very studios, though I wish I were more so. I am not stupid, just not as smart as I should be! Maybe I should go study something now…

    By Christine on 11.22.2011

  13. Study, Study, Study, Study
    Late Night
    No Sleep
    Oh no
    What If?
    Studious Behavior

    By Leah on 11.22.2011

  14. I have to study every night for tests. Studying sucks as I have to do it with my mom. Someday I hope I can be so mart that I don’t have to study anymore. Studying takes so long to do. I’d rather be watching

    By K de on 11.22.2011

  15. Jeff Spacely didn’t bother to study for his tenth grade nuclear fusion final exam. He instead spent the evening playing anti-grav hocksketbal with his droogs. He saw no reason to go over the materials for the test. He had learned all about that stuff in third grade and really considered it antiquated technology.

    By richpee URL on 11.22.2011

  16. He could write well and has improved tremendously especially in his Mandarin language. Primary was bad, his Mandarin went backwards. I sent him to see his first teacher who taught him well but was rejected by her. Her reason, he is not up to her class standard, hard to teach. I was little furious of what kind of teacher is she, but settle to seek solution instead of hatrage.

    By prrudy on 11.22.2011

  17. As I study his face, i see the anger and misery within, and realize how much he has been hiding from me.

    By Maddie on 11.22.2011

  18. Study Study Study. I study so hard, but i still fail the test. My pneumonic devices have failed me once again, and my mind has gone into overload.

    By Maddie on 11.22.2011

  19. But out of every room in that big, decrepit house, it was the study that held the most mystery to me. It was full of secrets; books, papers, photos and letters stuffed in between shelves and in drawers, underneath and in boxes and stacked one on top of the other. some papers were perfectly preserved and looked as if they had been printed or written only yesterday. but most were crumpled and stained and indecipherable, proof of their age and ancient scars. i spent hours, days, months and years of my childhood in that abandoned house piecing together fragments of history, while my parents thought i was at the park.
    sometimes i wonder what my life would have been like if i had done what my parents expected i did. Had playmates or friends instead of making friends with the shadows and crevices of my mind. Played normal games like tag, hide and go seek or cops and robbers, instead of exploring dusty rooms and sinking bookshelves. and read normal children’s story books, instead of unravelling a secret, the no one should have ever discovered.
    safe. comfortable.
    but this thought usually makes me laugh. it would all be just too boring.

    By Taylor K URL on 11.22.2011

  20. Study is the form of writing, reading, watching or observing certain information to help with research or other importance, such as homework or other assignments.
    Chocolate is the end of the world.

    By Jordan on 11.22.2011

  21. He typed his number into my phone and handed it back to me.
    “There,” he said. “Maybe later we can study or something?”

    Or something?

    I wanted desperately to grab his shoulders and plant one on his waiting lips, but I took the phone and pocketed it.

    “Yeah, sure, let’s study later.”

    By A mere cephalopod URL on 11.22.2011

  22. I analyze my mind. I study my emotions. I analyze my thoughts. I study every effect to my cause. Its a ripple affect. Everything is based on the energy given off of something else. Is it possible that everything is a study?

    By Nique. URL on 11.22.2011

  23. if u don’t study hard
    You won’t make it in life

    But it all depends really
    On which system you are in

    The Babylonian system
    Is principled with limitations

    The Kingdom System
    Is principled with Possibilities

    By mpenzimtenzi URL on 11.22.2011

  24. I should really study. I have 3 tests next week. In fact, I have an essay due tomorrow that I’ve barely started. But I miss my William. I miss being loved. I miss everything I had and gave up. I want to wallow in misery and I want to forget it all. But I can’t. So I’m avoiding the reality of my homework for the mindnumbing effect of the internet.

    By Ellen URL on 11.22.2011

  25. Studying. Practicing. Patience. I wish I could take a course on patience, so that I could stand to practice and study. I could be so much more if I would just apply myself. And no, I’m not a mother. Though I sure as hell sound like one.

    I’m going to go now and play that song again for the hundredth time on the piano. I will triumph!!!

    By RoxyLane URL on 11.22.2011

  26. I want to be
    a writer
    a journalist
    a photographer
    an explorer
    a happy person

    i want to study life
    to its fullest
    the world
    every little corner of it
    educate myself in small
    glimpses of life and culture

    i do not need a scholarship
    to do that

    not a bit
    not at all

    By Åshild on 11.22.2011

  27. It’s. Not easy .
    Or being the
    Of someone

    By Diana on 11.22.2011

  28. I would be studying right now for the classes I keep missing. I would be writing my essay, or preparing overdue assignments to be graded. Instead, I sit here, hollow and miserable. My Grandma died today, and I can’t study when I’m grieving.

    By darseyrsm URL on 11.22.2011

  29. I just couldn’t study. Everything kept rattling. The pages on my book were moving so frantically that the edges nearly cut my fingers wide open. My book started growing. It stretched far across the desk and the words became distorted and started thinning away. The smell of the damp paper started filling the room and the entire book stretched to the size of my desk. Then, it stopped. I heard a creak. Like that of a ship. I noticed something in the center of the book and peeked closer, nose first. A drop of water had developed. And it seemed to be coming from the book. The drop got larger and before I knew it, it was enormous. Not a lot of time passed before a waterfall was pouring out of the pages of the gigantic novel lying on my desk. I sat there as the water filled my room.

    By jmush URL on 11.22.2011

  30. Study. This is timely. Today is a Wednesday and I should have been studying my Calculus. But I guess Wednesday holidays should always be about supposdely doing your Calculus but not doing it. Good thing I’m a sloth.

    By Kyle on 11.22.2011

  31. When I went into the study I saw her sitting there. She looked so peaceful gazing out the window. I called to her, first quietly as not to startle her from what appeared to be a deep thought. When I got not response, I called a little louder, still nothing. Frantically, I continued to call and run to her. It was then that I noticed, the trail of blood dripping from the side of her temple. The gun was leaning against the leg of the chair on the side facing the wall. It was too much for her, I never thought she would really do it. I guess I was wrong.

    By jessica poertner on 11.22.2011

  32. study is something that we must do all the time to enhance our understanding on stuff , we must study so we can achieve good academic results that would aid our path into our future . Being a realistic person i think we should study more so we can score better for our exams and have a better future . Being also a student i feel that studying is very suckish as it is boring and takes up alot of time.

    By SHANG WEN URL on 11.23.2011

  33. From across the room, behind her and just to the left, he can see that’s she not really studying, no.
    She’s got her small little notebook open inside her textbook. She’s sketching things, showing him the worlds inside her head, as he studies her not studying.
    He’d give anything to be able to stand up, walk over there, and start a conversation. Today’s not that day.

    By Chelseyann URL on 11.23.2011

  34. I study the ants as they crawl across the pavement.
    They go, one by one, over a small stick.
    I observe their marching patterns and write them down in my notebook.
    I am an entomologist.

    By somebody on 11.23.2011

  35. The study took me back in time – back to when Jason was alive, and this had been his province. There was joy and laughter here then, as well as quiet time spent reading in front of the fire.

    By Bonnie Cehovet URL on 11.23.2011

  36. keen on faces, keen on laughter, keen on everything good there is to see. study, study, little expressions. I don’t want to be a part of these experiments any more. I don’t want to see this study published. I just want to know the answers, know the fate and continue forward. but instead here we are, studying and studying

    By Spark URL on 11.23.2011

  37. Some people just aren’t meant to go to college. I mean, I consider myself to be a very intelligent individual and I am aware that college can better my chances at being more successful in life; however, I am just not cut out for it right now..

    By Chele on 11.23.2011

  38. Long ago, I studied the line of your face, the corners they met at, the shape of your jaw, the curve of your cheek. I used to study the way expressions melted across your face. I know it all by heart now. Can tell with my eyes closed.

    By s. smile URL on 11.23.2011

  39. Study black holes in negative spaces. See where that will take you. You may end up inside out…………………

    By Aingeala on 11.23.2011

  40. He doesn’t know how he ever became attracted to the thought of making that reserved boy his best friend. Maybe it was the way his chin was angled, or the way his eyes were studiously calculating future possibilities. Or maybe it was the sanguine eyes; quiet and cold, despite the fanning flame it resembled.

    Or maybe, it was just fate. But isn’t that a bit cliche.

    By circinus URL on 11.23.2011