August 9th, 2016 | 60 Entries

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60 Entries for “structure”

  1. A sturdy structure most have a good foundation. If it does not then it will fall at the slightest storm.

    By Nobody on 08.09.2016

  2. “I’m a little concerned about the class, Zane.”

    Zane looked up from their book in surprise. They were very busy planning the curricula out for the week. Their large feet, clad in bright green socks with sushi rolls stitched into the fabric, rested on the marble surface of the coffee table.

    “What’s wrong with it?” asked Zane, a notable twinge of concern in their voice.

    “It’s just…it lacks structure,” I said, “like there’s no organization.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 08.09.2016

  3. He sits at his computer, rubbing his temples. The structure of his book is wrong, all wrong.
    He knows it, what he’d had before the meeting was beautiful, the most beautiful thing he’d ever wrote. Then, the execs wanted more, and he gave them more, and it turned out for the worst. He sighed, and thinks to himself that inspiration has to come from somewhere.

    By Salem Hotten URL on 08.09.2016

  4. My life is so mapped out, it’s almost laughable. I was the girl who always had a plan, who had every possible back-up and contingency. I prided myself in being prepared. When the structures and machinations suddenly turned against me, I was sure I am adept to handle it. I was so, very, too sure, which made me crumble all the more when I finally realized I was wrong.

    By Zoe Jen URL on 08.09.2016

  5. I can see the individual bricks that make up the tower. Look closely and you can see the cracks that formed and were filled in year after year, trying to make sure you don’t notice the problems. So much weight, one on top of another, with another on top of that. Every year I think “there’s no way it’ll keep standing.” Yet it goes on, until its more cracks than actual surface area. It’s a wonder how anything stays standing.

    By Michael URL on 08.09.2016

  6. there was a tall instruction in the middle of the city it glared in the sun light as it was a sky scraper utterly made of glass it hurt my eye as i went closer and then a fear kerpt over me as I went threw the door it was Stark Industries .Then there he was a short brown haired man with a short trimmed goaty and holding the hand of a taller red head ‘That must be Tony and Pepper .. I wonder if they’ll rember me’ I took a deep breath plucked up my courage ” Mr.Stark ” He turned his head I waked a fast pass towards him I held out my hand to shack hands holding my school books in my other arm very tightly ” Stella Stark Sir” He shook my hand ” What a convenient last name he said with a smile ” Yes sir ” I answered back with a giggle I turned to pepper ” Mrs.Stark” ” oh you flatter me, not darling” ” Oh i apologias ..Mr. stark you don’t remember me” ” I’m afraid not maybe you could flush my memories” Two nights ago sir time square the almost car crash ” His eye brows lifted with supersized ” That was you, you did that ?” I gave a little nod

    By Rebecca on 08.09.2016

  7. I don’t know how you haven’t noticed it before, but you are built of the strongest bones to ever exist, your blood has the highest boiling temperature known to mankind, and somehow you are still the most fragile structure to walk across the surface of this planet we call home.

    Darling, you could be invincible if only you put your mind to it.

    By M. Rene' URL on 08.09.2016

  8. The structure was massive, concrete with windows high up on the façade of the building. She wondered what was inside. The leaders only let people know what they thought that they needed to know. Watching the troops march past the review stand, she pushed all disloyal thoughts away.

    By MsShel330 URL on 08.09.2016

  9. Structure, rigidity. We all need some form of structure to be able to stand or to build from. It could be as easy as using a structure to build a house, or as abstract and complex as a structure, or discipline to help you master yourself. Rigour, rigidity, discipline, support. Structure.

    By liyasha85 on 08.09.2016

  10. Structure, life’s greatest strength and weakness. It provides us with stability and cages us in our ways. It’s the chain that holds us to our comfort and warns against whimsy. Yet it also protects us and guides us. Structure is the fine line to be walked.

    By Noah D Everett-Curwick URL on 08.09.2016

  11. The structure of life collapses easily
    At a single word, a series of touch.
    House of cards made of skin and bone
    Paper and trash.
    Crumbling utnil the final assault,

    By Nikki on 08.09.2016

  12. By the end of the summer she had transformed the entire coastline from the point at Devil’s Head right around the Bay of Saints. Where once laid piles of hopelessly abandoned flotsam and jetsam there now appeared a delicate trail of lace, with one piece of junk joined to another by way of intricately crocheted cobwebs shimmering in the coastal breeze, the entire structure magically unfolding like the wing of a giant angel.

    By bb333 URL on 08.09.2016


    Sometimes in the morning they would be tender with each other. Gentle strokes. Soft kisses. But mostly there was something animal like between them. A desperate urge on both fronts to sink into each others flesh, to push and pull at the pain and anger buried underneath and by ripping it out of the other, set it free from themselves.

    By bb333 URL on 08.09.2016


    If there was one thing I remember about Missy Collins its that she was not a young woman who liked to take instructions. It wasn’t that she didn’t like learning. She had a curious mind and an often dangerous appetite for adventure, always pushing herself to new limits and trying new things. Certainly Shane Crawford had been witness to that. So it wasn’t that she didn’t want to suck all the beautiful juice out of life, its just that she god damn hated being told what to do.

    By bb333 URL on 08.09.2016

  15. “The structure of a paragraph should be like this,” the teacher said. The droning of the voice made me feel tired. Half-sleeping, I imagined a crystalline structure in front of me. I woke up when he shouted my name.

    “The structure is a palace,” I said.

    By chanpheng URL on 08.10.2016

  16. I think of our society. How we think that this society has a structure. Possibly.
    Yet all we see is mess?
    Structure in itself is neither good nor bad. Like a building.
    But the trenches, the foundation, the root of the structure is where my thoughts linger.

    By ToniCezeal URL on 08.10.2016

  17. If there were a thousand things that he could have done at that particular moment, rather than sit around twiddling his thumbs, h probably still wouldn’t have done them.

    Instead, he falls off the wooden fence, splinters digging into his calves and palms, knees bruised and torn with thinning blood as he lands off his feet.

    By AMeursault URL on 08.10.2016

  18. Structurally speaking, which I very rarely do because I don’t have a good idea what it means, my house is not all that up to par. The upstairs bathroom leans at a 20 degree angle. Especially if water splashes out of the bathtub you can do a water slide into the toilet. Then, one wall of the guest bedroom is falling down. Whoever, structured this house was not the best structurer. Oh, I think it was me.

    By Joanna URL on 08.10.2016

  19. It was sound, sturdy. She added a leaf that had blown by to the top. “It’s a flag!” Jan looked at her daughter and laughed at the look of pure glee on her face. “It sure is. It looks great.”

    By Bridget Grace URL on 08.10.2016

  20. A structure is a structure. That is beyond doubt (and a tautology). It is important to have structure – they say – but i have always had my doubts. Perhaps it is also important to have entropy. Without entropy there may never have been structures. Structures may have only come about through a process of random

    By Jonathan on 08.10.2016

  21. Strutcure. something everybody needs in their life. Structures provide shelter and a framework to live by. I like little structures because they are fun and I like using them for small things. sheds hold books or chickens or give me a place to read quietly.

    By Ericka on 08.10.2016

  22. Craning toward the east, the massive building’s foundations had settled over the past 3,000 years. And yet it still stood before him, like an ancient witness against his way of life.

    By ml on 08.10.2016

  23. Structure is what gives you halt, like a safe rock. You can hold on it. It is a guideline that you can follow whenever you feel lost. It gives you security and a sense of being in a safe place.

    By S on 08.10.2016

  24. One’s taking a shower
    Another’s wanting for a book
    One’s in the mirror defining a look
    This one’s on the bed strumming on the hour
    That one’s in the kitchen looking at a flower
    One’s soaking feet in a tub
    Another is writing on a wall
    One’s in the car like it’s a concert hall

    By Intuition URL on 08.10.2016

  25. Sara Pereira de Alcantara
    I’m 18
    My birthday on 4 october
    I like th

    By SARA PEREIRA DE ALCANTARA on 08.10.2016

  26. the first think that i have to do everyday the structure of it..
    some they saw me i’m crazy but i just to win time to be more organize…

    By romi maiss on 08.10.2016

  27. The structure of the house was stable on the down. The structure of the wagon was not stable to loaded the wood in the wagon.

    By MHSrotties URL on 08.10.2016

  28. The structure of the house was stable on the down. The structure of the wagon was not stable to loaded the wood in the wagon. The structure of the ladder was not stable at all .

    By MHSrotties URL on 08.10.2016

  29. I was thinking about structure in my life, and how important it was for me in my childhood. My father came home every evening from work – when he was in town. My mother was home every evening to fix us supper – when she wasn’t drunk. My grandfather took us fishing – when he

    By Ann Davenport on 08.10.2016

  30. Structure is a necessity for all things to be in harmony with each other. In the natural world, in the social world, in the spiritual realm, there is an order of all things. Structure is our glue in all things.

    By MaryMary4207 URL on 08.10.2016

  31. The fabric which ties all things together. It can be a building, a social formation, a method of child-rearing. With this we are able to work together and complete objectives that alone cannot be accomplished.

    By Kevin on 08.10.2016

  32. I stared at the building above me, the way it stood with such strength. It had a structure, it had support, it had foundations. Nothing like me. But that fascinated me.
    I ran my fingers through the grass and rolled over onto my stomach with a huff, returning to the sketchbook to finish my drawing of the towering offices.

    By Sharna on 08.10.2016

  33. The structure was tall and massive. Perfect for my new can of spray paint I carry in my backpack. Why don’t I start now? Well, for one, there’s a cop car fifteen feet to my right and I don’t feel like going to juvy. Again.

    By Dylan on 08.10.2016

  34. The marble structure, appeared on the skyline – ancient and tall. From this distance it was impossible to see the superficial cracks in its foundation nor detect the black moldy film that had began to encroach at its base.

    By Ginger URL on 08.10.2016

  35. There’s a place where you go and they give you things to do all day long. Oil paints and knitting and things like that. These things are done at different times during the day, so that you can fill every minute with something. It’s as though you’re a bunch of water glasses and every one of them has to be filled with something every second of the day. The guess the theory is that if you’re not doing something, you’re not living a normal life, or the right life, or the life you used to. This is why you know the system is fucked to begin with. Because in your old, ordinary, real, normal life, there were minutes, hours when you didn’t have anything to do. You sat there thinking, maybe took a walk, maybe played with your dog or looked through your drawers to find something that you thought you saw there. Mindless things; no thought, just doing them. So already, when people you don’t know who smile a lot because they get paid to smile a lot, when these people come along and try to fill your day with something to do, they’re reminding you that there is nothing normal or even abnormal about the life you’re living now. Because it’s neither. It’s not normal or abnormal or any kind of degree of anything. It just plain isn’t fucking life. Structure. Fracture. Rupture.

    By rubyluby on 08.10.2016

  36. the structure of a building is very tough and it is build to0 last whereas the structure of a pile of dominos is not so the structure will collapse after a little push but the structure of the moon is so s

    By fuckyou on 08.10.2016

  37. The structure of writing isn’t always easy to keep up with.
    That’s why I like to write
    Outside of those lines.
    Maybe I am inspired by
    MarGo rOth spEiglmAN.
    The rules do not apply to one like me.

    By Megan R C URL on 08.10.2016

  38. Too much structure is the enemy of daily life. Free thinking, adventure, novelty, and spontaneity are crucial. Routine kills. It creates boredom; it traps you in your own life and activities. Some structure is necessary, but too much is stifling.

    By TYQWON DOE URL on 08.10.2016

  39. Structure keeps my back straight… kind of. Structure is all I need. A bit of structure and I could lead a different life… One I’d probably rebel against as strongly as I rebel against this one. I will never be content, will I? I take that back… I will be when I see only green.

    By Zoe URL on 08.10.2016

  40. The structure of the building was that of a tree. Small tunnels in the shape of roots extended downward throughout the earth. The bottom floors, as it always has been, start out small and branch upwards into a lush paradise. The people on the top floor, where the lush green branches and berries are, do not realize that the lower floors hold them up. If the lower floors were to be broken, they, too, would fall.

    By Jennifer on 08.10.2016