June 13th, 2012 | 319 Entries

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319 Entries for “straw”

  1. Straws are things that you use to drink things from, often drinks from fast food places.
    Straw can also be found on farms, however this is a much different type of straw than the type that you drink from.
    Straws are quite interesting.

    By nic on 06.13.2012

  2. Finding the straw on the ground I knew I must be close. The kids had fled this way and I had no idea where they had got to. It was a barn style building though it had been converted into something more modern. Contemporary but not completely new. It was a long time since it had been used for horses.

    By Barry URL on 06.13.2012

  3. “this is the last straw!” She screamed at the red faced man, “your a terrible man and I will never see you again!”

    and she walked out, slamming the door behind her.

    By Erin URL on 06.13.2012

  4. Another simple tool made by the humans of our society to make doing something easier. In this case, drinking your beverage. It’s more complex than we think.

    By Tarissa Liss on 06.13.2012

  5. the hay bails that the cows eat from. or the thing that loads up a rag doll. best yet, the way my hair feels after a months worth of swimming in a poool every day for at least an hour. straw. the way some people hold themselves.

    By Phillip on 06.13.2012

  6. its the last straw, the straw that rbroke the camels back. im fed up on feelings dependant, i want to be alone, free, myself with myself in my own house with my own cat and my white wallks its not you i promise.

    By Laura on 06.13.2012

  7. straws are great when you have a smoothie or milkshake. I dont enjoy straws usually when I have a mixed drink. I like the red and white straws, you can sometimes find at old fashion restaurants. Why are McDonalds straws so big? It is insane. I used to steal straws from subway. Sorry subway and thank you!

    By sara on 06.13.2012

  8. She looked down nervously at the thick bales of straw on the street directly below her two story window. Behind her, the door was slowly breaking under the pressure of the men with swords. With an earsplitting crack, a thick broadsword stabbed through the wood. She gave a slight shriek and pulled herself onto the windowsill. She looked back and saw that the men were almost through the door. And she jumped.

    By Jules on 06.13.2012

  9. There were many straws in that basket. The basket was brown and red, it was tied with a beautiful purple bow ribbon. Maxine was holding the basket, and the straws were partly covered by a light fairy blue blanket. She was skipping down the street in her glorious new yellow dress, down to see the neighbours to bring them their housewarming gift. It was strange, straws, but it would do. Maxine was a strange girl.

    By Daisy URL on 06.13.2012

  10. Her hair. It used to be straw-colored, or rather… something closer to pale sunshine on a December day. Nowadays it’s hard red. Dark. Saturated. I can’t help but breathe it in when I see her. Every time.

    By caitlinmonster URL on 06.13.2012

  11. straws can come in a variety of colours, they can also bend to convenience you or stick up straight to prevent you from bending down yourself .

    By Danielle on 06.13.2012

  12. i guess you use it to suck water out of or whatever kind of liquid but i straw is actually so much more than that when you really think about it. you can chew on it when you’re bored sitting at a restaurant waiting for your food. you can play with the paper wrapping and tie it in knots. straws remind me of being hungry because when i’m waiting for food at a restaurant all i end up having to focus on so much of the time is my straw in my cup of water.

    By safdas on 06.13.2012

  13. straw hats old mcdonald had a farm ei ei o and then he had a horse he sent to the glue factory because it lost the kentucky derby and lost him a great deal of money that he owed gangsters who came after him and then they tied him to cement shoes

    By anthony on 06.13.2012

  14. straws are brillant. they come in all shapes and sizes, provide novelty cups for souveneirs from countless interesting places, make drinking easier and stop the ice cold refreshment hurting your teeth; wonderful.

    By cameron quick on 06.13.2012

  15. I felt my back weaken and my shoulders sag, and thought nothing of it. Only now, after two years walking down this path, do I turn around and notice the straws piling up, one by one, and feel fear.

    By N. Hart URL on 06.13.2012

  16. I felt my back weaken and my shoulders sag, and thought nothing of it. Only now, after two years walking down this path, do I turn around and notice the straws piling up, one by one, and feel fear.

    By N. Hart URL on 06.13.2012

  17. The cows and the chickens all laid down on the soft bed made of stiff, yellow straw. It is oddly comforting against their soft, warm hides. They have never expected anything more, every night it is the same thing; wander in from the fields and rest their tired bodies and aching bones.

    By Bonnie on 06.13.2012

  18. drinking, slurping out of straws I love to think of something dirty when I hear the sucking sound, milkshakes are cute tho, and yummy and come with straws usually…. all those meet cutes with a couple drinking from two straws out of a milk shake is soooo romantic and cute

    By Mary on 06.13.2012

  19. This is the last straw. I mean it. You have hundreds of kids and parents over for a party, and I actually got the coveted last straw. You can tell I’m having a bad time if I’m really excited over a fucking straw. It’s nothing special; it’s not cute or anything, just very cheap, like the one at McDonalsd. Cheap party.

    By lauren on 06.13.2012

  20. this is the last
    the one to break
    my back
    finally after so long
    you’ve finished me
    i’m shriveling up
    slowly dying
    and it’s all
    because of you
    so with a wave of
    my hand
    i’ll turn this straw
    into a knife
    and put it through
    your blackened

    By hannah on 06.13.2012

  21. It wasn’t up to me this time. I had enough and put the ball in his court. I packed my things and left to Japan. I was sure I would make enough friends to make me popular since I didn’t really know the language. If he wanted me, really wanted me, then he would have to climb through heaven and hell to find me.

    By Ruben URL on 06.13.2012

  22. straws are cool, theyre red and white and striped. I wonder who thought to make them striped. Well not all are like that, but that’s what i think of when I think of a prototypical straw. Straws are good for drinking from juiceboxes, but sometimes i just like to sip on a glass of water or juice and feel it rush down my throat.

    By pritz on 06.13.2012

  23. Strawberry blond hair…it was everywhere as usually. She pushed it off her face tying it back with a hair tie. She cried softly, cleaning her arm behind locked doors. She picked up her knife and cut 3 little line…hush hush hush….

    By Echo :) URL on 06.13.2012

  24. She took the straw and saw the lipstick on it. Slowly tears started falling down her face. He was seeing someone else. Someone so dear to him, that he would save that plastic straw as a keepsake of their date.

    By Martha Cruz on 06.13.2012

  25. the straw is amazing so tall and pretty, hollow, and am so confused about what to write, i dont like to use straws with coke or pepsi, makes it lose its taste :(
    its its stupid to write about the straw, its totally transparent and things could get a little messy since its two faced!

    By Reeema on 06.13.2012

  26. I love drinking out of swirly straws when i was younger. You get to see the liquid slowly catch up to your mouth :) It’s like you climbing stairs… but… faster XD Anyways, bottom line. I love drinking out of straws.

    By Roooonnniie URL on 06.13.2012

  27. I’m always the one with the shortest. No matter what happens, I’ll always draw the straw that throws me into the fire. And everyone around me who doesn’t deserve shit will always get the straw that gives them everything they’ve ever wanted. All of those people with the long straws can go to hell, for all I care. Screw them all. I’ve done nothing but nice things for those people all of my life, and they’re the ones who benefit where I fail. Tell me, when do I get the chance to draw the long straw?

    By Rachel on 06.13.2012

  28. when i was young i had a straw in my mouth, i walked to the car and opened the door, it made a huge hole in the back of my throat. i like bendy straws and curly ones. don’t hit a bendy straw on a table or it will break

    By jadan on 06.13.2012

  29. bails of straw lining the dusty walls of the barn, throwing of motes of dust as the sun streams through the open windows and down among the stalls. the faint smell of animals has nearly faded and the air is thick with stagnation.

    By Ryan on 06.13.2012

  30. It wasn’t the ideal material for a mattress, really. It was scratchy and rustled every time she rolled over. Or flopped over. There was really not a way to roll on such a strange movable material. But it smelled nice and fresh for now, like the grain it had been the grassy part of not so long ago.She knew, though, that in the winter it would take a serious turn for the musty worst.

    By Kathleen Gabriel on 06.13.2012

  31. I am allergic to straw. But you can make hats out of straw. Apparently Jesus slept on straw.
    mmmm straw. I’m high.

    By gertrude on 06.13.2012

  32. i always managed to break my straw before i could even drink out of it. and when i do finally put a straw in my drink, i chew on it until that one breaks as well. straws arent for me. unless they are wraped, they gross me out.

    By wendy on 06.13.2012

  33. He’s always the first to get you to draw straw. Thats what I dislike about him most .

    By commonloon URL on 06.13.2012

  34. its hard and soft at the dame time. Farmers like it. Horses eat it. My hair is similar coloured to straw. A straw can be used to drink liquids. if you suck a straw on top of an ice cube you can pick it up.

    By geneva on 06.13.2012

  35. Being out in the middle of a field sporting a straw hat would be nice right about now. I’m not saying I’d want to go the whole overalls and plaid path. A bottle of summer wine, a straw hat and a journal would be my kind of evening tonight though. It’s the appeal it has that makes me think. Do I really need any of those material items to make it what I’m imagining in my head. I think of a straw hat and I imagine lying in a field not worried about who is going to see me. I couldn’t care less what is going on in the world or what I look like. If it’s just me then It finally doesn’t matter what I ate that day and what I didn’t eat. It’s the want to scream out anything I want without considering a reaction. I’m not doing it for one either, I don’t want to be paid attention to. I want to disappear in that field. I want my straw hat to cover my eyes from recognition.

    By masked habit on 06.13.2012

  36. The scarecrow stood alone in the field, its long sleeves dangled in the wind. No one knew how much history the scarecrow had, but it had been around for longer than anyone could remember. It was always there, in the middle of the field, standing alone.

    By Rosie URL on 06.13.2012

  37. He is always the first to get you to draw straw. He always insists on being the one that holds the straw.

    By commonloon URL on 06.13.2012

  38. The straw hat was frayed and old, but he still wore it all the same. Sitting on the porch, watching the cars drive by, the dust kicking up behind each one.

    By umbazachika URL on 06.13.2012

  39. The last straw breaks the slowest.

    By Marianne URL on 06.13.2012

  40. I sat on one of the many benches in the park, sipping some random fruit smoothie through a ridiculous swirly straw. I mean, what’s the point of those stupid straws? The lower-class folk of Ander would never waste time or resources on mass producing such a frivolous thing. But the feeble minds of these rich, “high-class citizens,” or as I prefer to call them, snobs, take such pleasure in watching what they will soon turn into their own waste go up and into their mouths.

    By Chabo URL on 06.13.2012