June 13th, 2012 | 319 Entries

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319 Entries for “straw”

  1. There was a straw sitting atop the shelf. I wasn’t thinking as I grabbed it and started flicking it about, the mayhem of my mind focused on bringing nothing but imaginary pain onto the piece of plastic that seemed like it poured through my pores. I couldn’t do anything except break it around with my fingers. I couldn’t do anything but blindly let my rage consume me to the point of no return as I sawed it and severed it in two with my nail.

    By Lucy URL on 06.13.2012

  2. This thing will tear your fingers maybe, but most likely it will stick deep one of them and you’d have trouble getting it out. And when you do, it will hurt a lot, but you’ll feel better.

    By yandexx URL on 06.13.2012

  3. She saw straw when he was roaming the field. It had a fork in it she contented herself to go and play with. She took it out and put it between her legs, straddling it as she jumped around like an idiot . The sun blared through her dress, making it slightly invisible. Still, there was no one else in the field, so it was all right.

    By Sam on 06.13.2012

  4. straw man. hollow argument. oversimplified antithesis.

    By LolaGlass on 06.13.2012

  5. the bendy straw is my favorite straw of all, there are so many possibilities. you can make it into any shape and it just makes drinking a drink into a fun experience. i love straws. they can also be used to consume cocaine, an illegal substance created by mexicans. straws are amazing and the president of our nations should be required to like straws because then our country would run so smoothly! STRAWS FOR LYFEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :]

    By Cassidy Cole URL on 06.13.2012

  6. The horse ran across the field. He was hungry…he ran into where his boy fed him. In the red barn he was once born. Ohh how the horse loved to eat. And as always he had his favorite; the crispy fresh straw. Right from the farmers own land. What a life to live where I eat my favorite things and get to run around freely all day, thought the horse.

    By Jess on 06.13.2012

  7. Slowing ascending from the cup below
    Up and Up
    Until it’s destination is reached

    By Alli URL on 06.13.2012

  8. I think that standing me up on Saturday was the last straw. I’m usually pretty easy going about these things, but after three broken dates in a row, I was getting pretty angry. This was a special date, in particular. One for which I had a new dress, and gotten my nails done.

    By Debbie URL on 06.13.2012

  9. straw berry straw storm straw winter wonder land la dee da straw straw strewn about for an adventure draw the straw sea shell storm thunder lust

    By ky on 06.13.2012

  10. This is the last straw. You can’t control me like this, not anymore. But in the end, we all know you’ll simply provide me with more straws. I’ll continue to weave this basket of sorrow and lies… it’s kind of infuriating. No, it’s simply sad. Our ping pong of emotions, when in the end, I’m really just hitting a wall, because you aren’t here.

    By Madylin on 06.13.2012

  11. thin & long. an amazing tool to drink liquids from a container with a narrow opening. can be used creatively to design artifacts too. Dried straw can be used to make jewellery

    By nidhi on 06.13.2012

  12. a straw is the gateway to life. to water, which is life. the passion i have behind straws is immense, when they’re curly or bendy, i love them more. it turns into an adventure when you slirp through them. so refreshing to have the life flow through you from that straw.

    By Elizabeth Grace URL on 06.13.2012

  13. noget til fest. Drinks og frugt smoothies om sommeren, med jordbær, banan, isterninger og lidt af hvert af det gode søde frugt.
    Cafe kop i kolding med de lækreste smoothies.

    By Julie on 06.13.2012

  14. A straw you pull things through
    Any element of liquid
    it’s used to guide things into our bodies
    to protect and make life easier
    the bendy ones are the best.

    By Kelsey Binder on 06.13.2012

  15. A straw what? For drinking? Or just dried grass? How am I supposed to write about something I’m not sure about? Or maybe I should just choose what straw this is?

    By Jelly on 06.13.2012

  16. I couldn’t understand why she would do this to me. Why she thought it was okay to lay this piece of information on me when I was on the brink of a nervous breakdown. I couldn’t breath. I rarely could anymore. But at this moment it had become painful to do so.

    By Ruben URL on 06.13.2012

  17. Straw is a fun word to say. I like them very much. The best onec is with the little spoon in the end, the ones you use for freezies. I like the green ones best.

    By Jenny Kristine URL on 06.13.2012

  18. s are the perfect accessory to any beverage. Classy and convenient.

    By Caitlin on 06.13.2012

  19. straw men, straw houses – they burn easily and are not something I want to be involved with. I will go to the brick house and he can huff and puff but I won’t let the big bad wolf in.

    By Katherine URL on 06.13.2012

  20. Straw is dried up grass. People harvest it and feed to barnyard animals. It’s also good for kindling.

    By Chris on 06.13.2012

  21. This was the last straw. Abigail was tired of Stephanie’s bullshit. How did she think she could flirt with her man and get away with it? No, ma’am. Enough was enough. “Excuse me. What do you think you’re doing?” Abigail asked Stephanie.

    By J URL on 06.13.2012

  22. the straw hat that the farmer was was created not only with a sense of perfect thread counts and pieces of straw that stood out of place, but the straw hat was aged with time being that the straw was a darker gray. The wrinkles under the farmers eyes were age because of time and the sun. Though the farmers brow ridge was defined. His lips were cracked, but his lips lacked unattractiveness. This farmer had one time been good looking. This farmer had a family, a land to farm, and a couple beloved hunting dogs. He had all these things at one time. However, the Great Depression had taken all of his values and thrown them into fire. His whole life was plunged to hell.

    By bethany kaffenberger URL on 06.13.2012

  23. The straw hat the the elderly farmer was wearing was certainly aged. The underneath of his eyes was filled with dark wrinkles; caused my years under the sun and stress.

    By redlippedraven URL on 06.13.2012

  24. The straw was golden and scratchy, like his hands. His arms were a darker gold, almost bronze. She observed them as they went up her torso, coming to rest right below her armpits. He looked deeply into her eyes, and she could see green flecks within the blue.

    By Sara on 06.13.2012

  25. I really want a straw hat cuz it pretty much goes with everything. I once suggested that me and my friend blog about it, since its summer, but I dont have time for that. I wrote about a beanie though! Check out our blog at !

    By Mitsege URL on 06.13.2012

  26. This is perfection. I pull my last straw from my brain and literally scream. This morning I dreamt I was lying in the middle of the street, mummified over thousands of years stuck in that scream, cursed with this life, still alive but drained and tired and tired and tired. I screamed in my head as I walked, today. It can’t be the last straw, can it?

    By Treys Ludlow URL on 06.13.2012

  27. Straws are used to drink stuff up. When i was a kid there used to be those plastic long straws that looped so many times and were in bright red and blue colors. They way the color changed when liquid was sucked into it. Was awesome.

    By Harsh Nisar on 06.13.2012

  28. i use straws to drink out of, they are very useful specially when drinking alcohol. however they can be very annoying when im at work as people always steal the straws and throw them on the floor which means i have to clean them up. Without straws drinking would be very annoying particularly in the cinema. straws come in many different colours and u can build things out of them like towers and stuff, how interesting.

    By Melissa Shannon on 06.13.2012

  29. STRAW!

    By Juli on 06.13.2012

  30. the straw hat. sitting in the corn fields with the straw hat. his straw hat. i’ll probably never see him again. but at least i’ll still have the straw hat. his straw hat. it was the hat he wore when i saw him. the hat he wore when he kissed me for the first time. in the same field where i’m laying now. with the straw hat.

    By Cara Marie Carosielli on 06.13.2012

  31. So first off… I don’t get those flavoured straws that they came out with. I think they are sheer stupidity since there are probably so many chemicals in them that they will probably be one of your causes of death! I mean seriously! I know they’ve gotten better through the years, but they still kinda concern me…

    By Charlie URL on 06.13.2012

  32. STRAW REALLY. I don’t know what to say about this. I drink from straws, and do not own a straw hat. Straw rhymes with raw and cuckaw, and draw. I have a limited amount of time left.

    By Geena on 06.13.2012

  33. I stared at the straw right beneath her lips. It was the most beautiful invitation I had received, and we just lost it by the sea.

    By Lusmerlin Lantigua URL on 06.13.2012

  34. With her car on fire, clothes torn to shreds and her basement flooded with sewage, Melissa decided having Tony over her home laughing at her expense was the last straw. In a fit of rage, she sent a kick to his groin and kicked him out onto the streets.

    By Jude URL on 06.13.2012

  35. It was official, she had snapped.
    I could only watch as she stomped around the room, screaming at the top of her lungs, while throwing everything but the kitchen sink. The family portrait was thrown to the floor, wine glasses shattered, and, worst of all, the China grandma left behind was now across the floor.
    All thanks to the love letter that wasn’t for her, but me.

    By Kristen on 06.13.2012

  36. hmmmm. well right away, i thought of horses eating straw. im allergic to straw. it makes me sick and sneeze and gives me runny nose. blech!

    By kaitlyn on 06.13.2012

  37. seventy two million pieces in a bale, seventy two million pieces make up the horse. no more time to think or have a clear mind because the straw will always get in the way.
    choose a straw.
    you got the shortest
    you loose
    nobody gets out alive anyways, so always go for the shortest straw with the most detail.

    By william on 06.13.2012

  38. The last straw.

    The only words I could think of when I saw the hooded men enter the Kum and Go, 3 blocks from my house.

    One had a knife.

    I had a gun.

    I turned around and told them to get on the floor before I put them there myself.

    They sat down, and that was all I did.

    By Mitchell on 06.13.2012

  39. Spikey, country back to the earth. Essential basic for some. Straw coloured – familiar, traditional and reassuring

    By jo on 06.13.2012


    By MARIA URL on 06.13.2012