September 6th, 2012 | 290 Entries

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290 Entries for “stillness”

  1. softness stillness a quite calm on a river the moon light shining down soft trees are lit by the soft light a cool breeze swaying grass fish swimming

    By Julia Zakaryan on 09.07.2012

  2. The air seemed to creak like cracking ice. The screams died out, faded, leaving his ears pricking and his eyes staring. The fog gave way to stillness, a glassy lake no longer rippling, a trembling night no long breathing.

    By Fia URL on 09.07.2012

  3. it broke like new light in the black expanse. Her wailing ushered in the procession of unveiled grief.

    By cjcampbell7 URL on 09.07.2012

  4. stillness is in the ocean only spolied when it decides to kiss the seabed, the sand gets stuck in it mouth and is pulled out into sea, stillness is in the eyes, vast pools of emptiness that are the windows to souls. stillness surrounds us.

    By Jessica on 09.07.2012

  5. I stood there without a word, without a blink, without being able to breathe, just staring at him. My mind was circling around trying to find something to say, or something to do, but couldn’t stop. Thoughts were spiraling out of control while I stood in the stillness of the dark, motionless…

    By one shoe URL on 09.07.2012

  6. stillness is the water, stillness is my heart when you breathe those words into my soul. i am still, i am here, alone, without your love. my life has stopped, stopped like my world without its rotation. the earth cannot live without moving, it cannot live in stillness, there must be movement. Dont stand still, dont keep those words i want to hear from my cold heart. frozen, i stand, i lay, thinking, i cannot move. a day without wind, where the trees do not move. where the leaves do not breathe life into the world, there is no sight of life. I stand still, cold, remembering what we once had, and seeing you now, standing still in front of me. what is it you have to say? your voice, it is coarse. but youre not speaking. tell me. why do you stay so still? move. the wind must move.

    By brianne on 09.07.2012

  7. The purpose of being still is to enjoy what has been provided to you by yourself and the things surrounding you. Stillness can be you at peace or the nature in front of you. The beauty of stillness is that it wont change atleast for a while. the fact that stillness is in your heart is the best one can enjoy.

    By Sathish on 09.07.2012

  8. The stillness of the water was desceptive. He thought it meant it would be save. The sea was never safe. A current undeneath took him by suprise.

    By kirsty URL on 09.07.2012

  9. Stillness is the lack of motion. Stillness implies that an object or thing is stationery. Stillness is a hard concept to achieve. Most people would think that stillness is a good quality to have in a surroundings. When people meditate, they are trying to achieve inner stillness

    By simon on 09.07.2012

  10. the stillness hurts, it is too quiet and I can’t think in the blankness of this awful room, I long for somewhere warm, with color and smell.

    By Kate on 09.07.2012

  11. The Stillness between us was almost tangible, I felt like I could reach out ant touch it, but detaching myself from the moment I knew that if I lent forward and stretched out my arm just a little I would touch him, sitting across from me, strangers on a train, the only two in the compartment.

    By Kate on 09.07.2012

  12. The Stillness between us was almost tangible, I felt like I could reach out ant touch it, but detaching myself from the moment I knew that if I lent forward and stretched out my arm just a little I would touch him, sitting across from me, strangers on a train, the only two in the compartment. He is still asleep, and as the train speeds through the night he stirs only a little.

    By Kate URL on 09.07.2012

  13. Stillness is hard to come by nowadays. When you’re young, you’re still on the inside and busy on the outside. When you grow up, you’re still on the outside, but busy on the inside. I wish I were young again.

    By Nikki URL on 09.07.2012

  14. stillness is nothingness
    stillness contains us
    stillness prevents inner freedom.

    I sought stillness
    I found anguish
    I found despair
    I found nothing; stillness not in sight.

    By Syahrul URL on 09.07.2012

  15. Stillness is the art of not doing anything for a number of minutes, hours or days. It is beautiful. The act of being still for quite some times takes patience, and patience is very hard to accomplish.

    By Katrina URL on 09.07.2012

  16. In the stillness of the night, you stirred and awoke me.

    I’d never been in this position before. Not with you.

    But what do you do, but love someone, when they are next to you?

    You never know where it will go. Where it will take you.

    You just go.


    By globusgeckus URL on 09.07.2012

  17. Come to stillness, the teacher said as the group shifted within the pose.

    Stillness settled over the view like water.

    By icfasntw URL on 09.07.2012

  18. Late in the afternoon storm clouds pile up in the west and blot out the sun. Twilight comes early, the dusty golden beams in the attic vanish and two boys, touching for the first time, hesitate as a static spark zips along their skin. The thunder and lightning are still far off near the purple horizon.

    By Zach S URL on 09.07.2012

  19. stillness shud b in evry one blood dat defines ur maturity n personality also… be serious n still in ur lyf 2 wht u wanna do!!!

    By riya khanna URL on 09.07.2012

  20. It is what it is. We may interpret it the way we see it and the way we process it in our mind.

    By Chemistry Guy URL on 09.07.2012

  21. When a person dies he is in stillness state. When we go to deep forests mountains we can feel the stillness. It is soothing.Stillness is soothing to oneself

    By kamal URL on 09.07.2012

  22. Not a sound penetrated the building. Johnny dropped the key back into his pocket and gave Jerry a quick nod. The stillness of the interior gave them confidence that they were alone and, with only thirty minutes to find what they were looking for, both boys wanted nothing more than to get it done and get out before the security guard moved to their location.

    By Cim URL on 09.07.2012

  23. When I feel still, I feel bloated, depressed, derived. It feels as if the world is going to end. It feels as though life is meaningless. For a moment I regret what I have done. For a moment I think whatever I did has just gone down the drain. I hope for a better tomorrow.

    By Etsuko on 09.07.2012

  24. stillness is all about not moving, being quiet, keeping still, reflection, it’s about nothing, thinking is banned, water looks still sometimes even though it’s constantly moving, stillness is perfect serenity, feeling peace and tranquility.nothingness but not emptiness. perfect.

    By hannah on 09.07.2012

  25. I wonder if my lack of response after finally taking up your movie recommendation made it hard for you to talk to me again.

    By Jessica Bang URL on 09.07.2012

  26. Early morning mist over the pond, with nothing moving, not even breath. The dead heat of a summer afternoon when even the leaves drop, too hot and tired to stand at attention and wave. The awful stillness of a baby, stillborn, quiet, empty.

    By Ara on 09.07.2012

  27. The tension in the room was terrifying. Just my mother, laying halfhazardly on white bedding, and I, sitting too nervously on an uncomfortable chair beside her, being taken away by each slow, monotonous beep on the LCD. Only a matter of time, i heard dad say. The tension in the room was terrifying.

    By Mollie McKinley URL on 09.07.2012

  28. I lay in bed, thinking, pondering. Wondering if things will ever change. This stillness that never seemed to go away… Was I waiting for something that will never come? ’til this day, I’m still confused. I wish that you would respond. Please. I like you.

    By nothingtodo on 09.07.2012

  29. The stillness of the day is startling after so much activity of the past few weeks. It is really nice not to be doing something every second. It is great to listen to silence. So peaceful…i almost forgot what this was like. Now to get to writing about fun topics.

    By -Diane. URL on 09.07.2012

  30. The tension in the room was terrifying. My mother, laying gravely on the white bedding, and I, sitting too nervously on an uncomfortable chair, being taken away slowly by the monotonous beeps on the LCD. Only a matter of time, I heard dad say. The tension in the room was terrifying.

    By Mollie URL on 09.07.2012

  31. quiet. winter. the buss early in the morning. a lake without any movement. a child asleep. sleeping. stillness.

    By Rikke on 09.07.2012

  32. There is no wind. It is peaceful and enjoyable. It makes me happy and calms me down. It makes me think and reflect. I like it and often there’s not enough time for it in my life. I wish there was more time for stillness and that we could use it

    By Carrie on 09.07.2012

  33. quiet

    By Megan on 09.07.2012

  34. The stillness in the air never failed to give away the tension within the room. In that very moment, no one made a move or even dare utter a word. Finally he sighed, letting out a deep breath. “Yes, I give you my consent to have her hand in marriage.” I let out a breath I didn’t know I held in. My sister’s getting married,

    By Cynthia URL on 09.07.2012

  35. The silence was almost unbearable. It was an eerie silence, one full of unasked questions and unfulfilled promises. It rang loudly in the ears of everybody gathered in the tiny room. Nobody wanted to break it; it seemed that to do that, one would have to take the whole weight of silence upon their shoulders.

    By Madeline on 09.07.2012

  36. She looked him in the eyes. Held his contact for a few moments. She knew, deep down, that walking away would be best for them. But the pull– the energy between them- always brings them back. She looked into the stillness in his eyes, his soft breathing. And she wondered- what am I to do?

    By Frankie on 09.07.2012

  37. Quiet, solemn blankets of solitude rested on him. They didn’t flap up and lay on him, as though they had been fluffed before being spread on a mattress; he simply became more and more aware of what was already there.

    By Dave URL on 09.07.2012

  38. The stillness and the silence spoke words of wisdom and that truth that was left unspoken. The icy coldness of her hand tangled itself in mine.

    By Katnaps URL on 09.07.2012

  39. Everything is still nobody moves. Everyone doesn´t know what to say. He had been there for everyone of them and now he was gone. Just like this, nobody had expected it.

    By Lia on 09.07.2012

  40. Everything is still. It’s like there’s no-one even around, and Dean can’t stand it.

    It’s different to hunting back in the real world. There’s always noises to give the prey aware, but here? Here in Purgatory, everything is still. Deathly still. It’s unnerving.

    He doesn’t know where Cas is, hasn’t seen him for a good few hours at least, and that doesn’t do anything to put him at rest.

    By Cait on 09.07.2012