October 27th, 2011 | 477 Entries

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477 Entries for “still”

  1. The sound of the air-con compressor is so massive that I started not to hear them anymore. When it stops at 6:oopm, the entire office is back to its stillness, calm and serene.

    By prrudy on 10.27.2011

  2. I set in the moment; mind mind still, my heart still even the blood coursing throught my veins feeling still. I had never thought to know a moment like this. I remember being scared that I would never feel this way. Never know love like this. But lookng at her small body; breathing in her scent and I want to freeze this moment. Never forget the moment the fear went away and I simply feel in love with my baby girl

    By xanda on 10.27.2011

  3. it’s hard to really grasp the concept of still as humans. we can’t be. we breathe and move and our organs are going whne we’re not. but still is beautiful it’s moving and real and just as affecting as anything. It’s something you’ll never get the fullness of.

    By Lizzy on 10.27.2011

  4. she often finds herself staring at nothing and thinking about everything. she is still. her mind wanders to thoughts of being in love, of winter getaways and the joy of the holiday season. she closes her eyes and sighs. she can hear his breath and feal the warmth on her neck. he is close to her. she feels the forcefulness of the air between them being moved swiftly out of the way as he gently closes the distance between them. she falls into him, hugging him and finally lets her mind grow still.

    By BrownSugarBritches URL on 10.27.2011

  5. “sit still” she said. her delicate fingers worked deftly with the scissors cutting my hair. “if you keep moving, I’ll end up slicing your ear off.”

    By Chris URL on 10.27.2011

  6. He’s just sitting there.

    In all of it’s effort, it’s effortless
    Breath and water

    In all of it’s pain, it’s painless
    Ache and hunger

    He’s still and she’s electrified

    By Emma on 10.27.2011

  7. Still.

    Be quiet. Be still. Know that I am God.

    I love that. That word. That line. That remembrance. It’s like, the perfect reminder in the middle of my most chaotic day. It’s a time where I know that what I’m doing needs a rain-check and that who I am needs to pause for a minute, before I forget who I need to be.

    Still. Calm. Quiet.

    Yes. That.

    That is me. That is a part of me. That is who I am supposed to be. When I remember, I can’t forget and if I don’t forget, well then, I guess I’m one step close to being the me I’m supposed to be.

    By Sara H. URL on 10.27.2011

  8. He feel to the soccer field. He gave a twitch and then lied still. Miles away his girlfriend got the call. Feet away his brother watched. Together his family, friends, team and school mourned. Never again would he move. Forever he would remain simply still.

    By Stephanie on 10.27.2011

  9. “Still?” He asks. She shrugs. “Maybe it’ll last forever,” She tells him. Her eyes cut to him. “I really loved him, you know?” He nods, his eyes going dark and searching somewhere far away. “I do know.”

    By Cassie URL on 10.27.2011

  10. i still wait for the clouds to come home on a camel toe. furthermore, i also wish that seagulls had more wingsan time. still i wait for the day that a ship wil lwail into kansas and pick up me and my homies…..60 seconds sucks balls..

    By Ashley R. K. URL on 10.27.2011

  11. i was still waiting to see how things would turn out. I walked along the street, one hand extended and an eye on my watch. The seconds were ticking away, but there was no denying it any more. For one, I had missed my bus. For another, the person I was supposed to be meeting was never going to show up. I had gone with expectations but had found there only to m

    By Alex L on 10.27.2011

  12. there was a quietness about her..a stillness when she slept that stole his heart even as her chest rose in fall in evened breaths. his heart quickened at the sound and then froze in the realization it was love.

    By Cj @imgoodbackup URL on 10.27.2011

  13. Still I’m your garbage man. I’ll totally take you up ahead. No its not a garbage can. I’ll get you some candy for the day, then we can stay and lie. Lie not as in to speak. Lie as in to be comfy and stuff. Truck Truck Truck. OR ME TYPING?!

    By Ashley R. K. URL on 10.27.2011

  14. Still. Her body a statue. Her mind running, running, running as fast as the wind. Her body a statue. There is nothing here anymore. There is nothing here anymore.

    By laetitia on 10.27.2011

  15. If I sit still for long enough I might actually have the energy to get through the day. Watching children running around on the sidewalk while on a cigarette break is infuriating. Skipping about like they’ve got the most wonderful metabolism and couldn’t care less about their vanity. I guess eating like a model is not without its downsides. Fucking bastards.

    By Nicholas on 10.27.2011

  16. still i long and am incomplete. i want but i do not know for what purpose or means. i remain a shell of a person without solace. i stay. i wait. and i starve. still i ache.

    By Abraham Loaiza on 10.27.2011

  17. You’re still here? I think I’d rather take one too many. Oh, you’re not here. What’s that Bob? Jim, help Bob with your boxers. They don’t talk like that where I’m from. That man is a D flat I tell you. A D flat. Did Bob go? Jason tell Bob he needs to go to get some groceries. And take the coat off the dog, it’s too hot anyways. I’ll turn on the oven Jefferey but you’ve got to give me some time.

    She was still talking even after I left her.

    By laetitia on 10.27.2011

  18. One of my favorite words.
    So simple.
    To be.(One of the best places To be. I might add)
    I still love you, and still hate you.
    “you still on some Adele?”

    Romantic in origin, with a practical balance. A perfect word.

    By Natalie URL on 10.27.2011

  19. I can’t sit still. I hate sitting still. I shift around a lot even at work when I’m SUPPOSED to sit still. I think I have too much energy for a crap office job. Still, it pays well and has excellent benefits. So it it bad to go against my nature and sit still?

    By Saundra on 10.27.2011

  20. Though winter’s chill was already biting its way through the stone walls of the Nosetti Tower, Phee stoked teh kitchen fire til she was sweating, hoping that the tea would be done soon enough. James and she were still working on plenty of notes, and there was much work to be done. She also still had to head to Eternis lands to find out the status of Deidre’s temple, and find out where this Mystic Sword went. So much still left to do.

    By Phee URL on 10.27.2011

  21. she sat. her hair curved all the way down from the top of her head and dropped a little below the chin, and it very barely curled. it was all one color, even though the light filtered through just enough to make it dun in some places and dark in others, but she was so still that it simply hung, lifeless, restless.

    By Jessica URL on 10.27.2011

  22. there was a quietness about her – a stillness when she slept – that stole his heart even as her chest rose and fell in evened breaths. his heart quickened at the sight and then froze in the realization..that it was love.

    By Cj @imgoodbackup URL on 10.27.2011

  23. Still water doesn’t move. Until you throw a rock into it. Then it won’t be still anymore. But it’s alright, because slowly the ripples will pass. After that, you have still water again. Maybe you can see your reflection in it if you look hard enough. Before we had mirrors, that was all we had. No way to see what we looked like. Part of me wants to go back to that time.

    By an octopus URL on 10.27.2011

  24. Chalk dust.
    Paper scraps.
    Overturned desks.
    Broken pencils.
    Ink stains.
    Rotting books.
    Does it matter?
    It doesn’t.
    And all that will be left
    Are memories
    And ruined pages
    And unspoken words
    And the still echoes of lives that never were.
    And the echoes of lives that never were.

    By Yuka on 10.27.2011

  25. there was a quietness about her – a peacefulness when she slept – that stole his heart even as her chest rose and fell in evened breaths. his heart quickened at the sight and was then frozen still in the realization…that it was love.

    By Cj @imgoodbackup URL on 10.27.2011

  26. I am so still. Still as a lake in the morning, untouched. But still, I remain still.

    By Jack Blevins on 10.27.2011

  27. Still .. means quiet and sereness. Can also be used as an adjective ..”are you still doing that”? And of course, an alcoholic beverage preparation. Still waters run deep. and so on and so forth and still I type on till the bell rings.

    By Anne-Marie Deryaw URL on 10.27.2011

  28. “be still.
    and know that i am god.”

    i sit. i am still.
    my foot starts to tap.

    By sarah marie URL on 10.27.2011

  29. still i am incomplete. i yearn and want and seek but i don’t know why or what for. no purpose, means, end. i wait. i ache. i yearn. and i starve. still alone. i suffer.

    By Abraham Loaiza URL on 10.27.2011

  30. still i see something beyond whatever it was that made me believe that she was the one. perhaps it is not something that can be placed down on paper. not something that can be defined. but if i can feel sadness at another person’s absence, can i also not feel joy about their presence as well? is she all that will make me happy?

    By Joe on 10.27.2011

  31. She was still waiting for me. Waiting for the day I would return to sit with her, play with her, and cuddle with her. She would sit there, night and day, waiting for me, not knowing where I went or where I had gone or what had happened to me. Her smile never faded, never knowing that I had passed away

    By Andres Gonzalez on 10.27.2011

  32. The still of the moment. Any moment, anywhere. If only you took the time to stop and take in your surroundings and realize that what you are experiencing is only going to happen that one time, in that one place, with those certain people. Realize that, and every moment gets that much better.

    By Kelly T on 10.27.2011

  33. Still is when you do not move, it is a state of the body. Sometimes I like to lie still in bed but then I get uncomfortable. I use still in sentences too. “I am still in this spot.” “You are still ugly.” “You will forever lie still MOTHAFUCKER!” SHAT AP! I love stillness and it scares.

    By Pier Long on 10.27.2011

  34. Still he is not awaken. I try to wake up him but he does not response…

    By Jimmy URL on 10.27.2011

  35. I mean, still? Come on, at least give me something challenging. I could write scriptures of this one word, legends of men fighting dragons and pillaging towns. But what does the word really mean? Is it simply being without movement or is it something infinitely bigger, such as a state of being? Not just just standing still but being one with yourself.

    By Ezequiel on 10.27.2011

  36. It’s starts with one.
    Frozen in time.
    Waiting for the moment to arrive to break free from the silence and explore the world.
    Then a second joins.
    And a third.
    The fourth and fifth are soon to follow,
    and now I’m losing count,
    as the world dances round, and people finally find their faith.

    By Siege URL on 10.27.2011

  37. stillll i cant believe im here in this mind set of he matters but what matters is me

    By kerry on 10.27.2011

  38. Damn. The Bootleggers. The Still. Alcohol. Mixed drinks at the well at twelve.


    I still see it.

    By Ashley R. K. URL on 10.27.2011

  39. Everything was internally set to rapid fire, a chaotic storm of fears and doubts bombarding a mind tasked halfheartedly with studiously labors, yet externally all was still, for there was little to be done but wait.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 10.27.2011

  40. In the still of the night
    in the cool moonlight,
    i feel my heart is achin’,
    in the still of the niiiiiiiiiiight


    By Ashley R. K. URL on 10.27.2011