October 27th, 2011 | 477 Entries

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477 Entries for “still”

  1. The silence was so still, yet loud.
    Whispering it’s dreaded words of guilt into my ears.
    “stop it!” I cried
    but no one answered, no one replied
    and I lay on the cold wet ground hoping me for an absolution
    that shall never appear.

    By Linda URL on 10.27.2011

  2. even after months pass, you are still on my mind. only the silence comforts me when tears escape my eyes. when i cry out, the wind answers, even when i pout, you never come. still, you are on my mind. still, you are gone.

    By Forgive-The-Fate-Bdog on 10.27.2011

  3. Everything stands still right now.

    By Victoria Vartanian URL on 10.27.2011

  4. dosnt the word still mean to not move or to be quiet

    By Binnie#9 URL on 10.27.2011

  5. I wait and still you don’t come. I text; no answer. Are you still alive? Are you ignoring me? Still I wait. What a fool I am.

    By Stilly one on 10.27.2011

  6. Does the word still mean that is water that is sitting out for a long time ?

    By lauren.forever16 URL on 10.27.2011

  7. there is stillness in the night, in the air, in the world. no one is moving everything is just this one word, this one idea; still. there is nothing quite like this all the time, we don’t experience stillness very often so when it happens, savor it.

    By Alexis on 10.27.2011

  8. “I am still working!” I yelled to my dad. I was behind on my Digital Design paper, and it was time to go to school.

    By TogetherWeWaffle(:<3 URL on 10.27.2011

  9. ”Im still working on my project.”,said the girl.

    By Together_We_Waffle URL on 10.27.2011

  10. like your frozon like ice and your still

    By santos URL on 10.27.2011

  11. ………. They woke up and everything had a small layer of dew! The morning sounded of crickets fading out. Everything was still.

    By garvin URL on 10.27.2011

  12. i am still missing my pink pillow that the sheperds herded away.

    By pink.pillow URL on 10.27.2011

  13. S.T.I.L.L.

    * Someone told Ida, leave. Leave.

    * Sea tales interest lonely lads.

    * Sarah Taylor invited Les Longsternberger

    * Sunny’s tan incredibly lasted long

    * Supper time. I love liver.

    By vanhaydu URL on 10.27.2011

  14. I fall stiff as a board on the satin liner. the lid closes on me and the sun will never touch me again. the dirt falls on my coffin like rain and I will be forgotten and still.

    By CarolineScott URL on 10.27.2011

  15. Nothing was moving at all — not even his heart. He could hear the silence; it was overwhelming. Even as everything slowed to a halt, he could see, in a moment, the future crashing down and the world taking off at lightning speed.

    By Scooter on 10.27.2011

  16. You’re still gone. Even though I need you, you don’t ever listen. My thoughts are trapped in my mind. Returning wouldn’t benefit you or me, but somehow I still believe it would. You’ve hurt me. You’ve taken up every thought that processes through my mind.

    By Mandi on 10.27.2011

  17. placeholders on my mind before i still the thoughts for what still stays
    and no matter what would have been on the brink
    of conception, the interception takes over
    and pushes interpretation through
    and through
    and elation arises as I see a connection
    that i made of nothing but missed directions

    By [entury Goth|c Med!um URL on 10.27.2011

  18. I still thinking in the idea of having a dog for company. It’d be great to have a new family member.

    By uba URL on 10.27.2011

  19. stillness is the serenity of a winter forest as the snow falls quietly and the sound of a birds wings ruffles the morning air.

    stillness is the sunrise over a quiet lake as the world takes a deep cleansing morning breath.

    By Julia on 10.27.2011

  20. Her hair hung around her shoulders, dripping wet. The tub drained its water down in a tornado. She stood still by the door waiting to hear the noise. The drain sucked the last of the water sloppily down the pipes. The scratching echoed from the window again.

    By Chris_one1ii URL on 10.27.2011

  21. My word is still “Still.” I guess this thing doesn’t let up unless you finish the word it gave you. Right? Right. So “Still” can mean a lot of different things, but I guess it all relates back to staying in one place. I think.

    By Gary URL on 10.27.2011

  22. Sitting still. It makes me itch. It makes me twitch. I can’t handle just sitting there. Perfect and prim. Still. I shift my weight. I scan my surroundings. Can’t anyone see I’m uncomfortable? Doesn’t anyone else feel the same way? What is wrong with me?
    I can

    By heather URL on 10.27.2011

  23. it is your stillness that moves me. it is your stillness that allows me to ignore the pang in my head and wrestle with the seatbelt. it is your stillness that distracts me from the blood pouring from my stomach, from the glass shards sticking out of my leg like daggers. it is your stillness that makes the sirens less loud, and the fire less hot, and the the taste of alcohol in my mouth bitter. it is your stillness that makes me loud enough to scream, “Get her out of this car! Help her!”it is your stillness that moves me; because we both know, it should have been me.

    By Taylor K URL on 10.27.2011

  24. Sitting still. It makes me itch. It makes me twitch. I can’t handle just sitting there. Perfect and prim. Still. I shift my weight. I scan my surroundings. Can’t anyone see I’m uncomfortable? Doesn’t anyone else feel the same way? What is wrong with me?
    I can’t sit still any longer.
    I have to move.

    By heather URL on 10.27.2011

  25. I’m still waiting to go to class. I’m still waiting to hear from him. I’m still waiting to figure out what the hell I want to do with my life. I’m still waiting to feel like I’ve made the right decision.

    By Quinn Dooley on 10.27.2011

  26. I still dont know what im doing right now. I dont even have time think they asked me to just write yeah thats basically it I usually use punctuation but I dont feel like doing it right now. I wish I could sing good, but I suck that has nothing to do with still. Well I still cant sing even after I wrote that. Thats lame. yeah. how do I know when my time is over? I dont know what else to write but this is fun, ill do it again sometime. maybe right after my time ends. Really this felt like 5 minutes. How much time do I have left? I feel stupid. is someone going to read this? I hope not. I want to read it but I dont want to waste time. I really really really ran out of words. I want a sandwich. Oh no I rather have an ice cream. Im sick so I cant have one. My mother just wont let me. Hey this is fun. I feel like a professional writer. Im so cool, I could be ice! I didn’t notice, I ran out of time a while ago…. Maybe that’s why it felt like 5 minutes instead of 1. Hey look! I did use some punctuation!

    By july on 10.27.2011

  27. still.
    still waters
    (a mental image)
    clifford still makes a painting that looks like water dripping or paint painting on its own, or bird shit, given uncreatively as a wedding present in 1945 – Untitled.
    mind blank.
    abstract expressionism.

    By Q URL on 10.27.2011

  28. Everything seemed still and it lasted for what seemed like forever. Then came my voice, sure and strong.

    By Muddypawprints on 10.27.2011

  29. still i wait. phone not ringing. you not showing up, i haven’t left my head for days. still, i am. still, i wait. still my mind. please.

    By jermiah on 10.27.2011

  30. The water was still and ghostly. A shiver ran up my spine. I bent down and put my cup in the pond and drank. How cool, how refreshing. And to think I was scared!

    By Muddypawprints on 10.27.2011

  31. I sat still and didn’t move at all. I didn’t breathe- COULDN’T breathe. I felt enclosed, as If I couldn’t do anything. My eye lids were too heavy to lift, my brain too tired to think anything. But I knew I had to do it. I knew I had to. But how? How would I ever save the world like this?

    By Isla URL on 10.27.2011

  32. i STILL love you and STILL will for always.
    you will STILL be mine and i will STILL be yours for always.
    I STILL need you
    I STILL want you…

    By Ally Haraty on 10.27.2011

  33. Still.
    To still any part;
    mind, body, soul or heart;
    Is a challenge.

    By elle MNOP URL on 10.27.2011

  34. She staid still while the intruder looked for her. She was terrified. She held her breath quickly as the motion settled around her becoming still air. She looked around, frightened. She panicked, she opened her mouth to yell, but nothing came out.

    By Lauren Robinson on 10.27.2011

  35. still were the trees beneath an echo of sun and dewdrops. marie spoke gently through the welts of her innocence, praying that the world would spin a little more slowly. still was the world for a moment in time, still was her heart for a while —

    By diane URL on 10.27.2011

  36. Be still said the lamb to the lion. “Oh my aching heart be weary,the night is falling, and it’s colder still.” On a night like this it’s hard to find solace, and so the lion laid with the lamb.

    By Kristen on 10.27.2011

  37. SHe couldn’t sit still, no matter how hard she tried. She sat on her hands, attempting to keep from fidgeting any longer, but the anxiety only bottled up the harder she tried. SHe wished he would just show up. Every time the door opened, she peered over, hoping to see his slim silhouette coming in, followed by the cold wind of fall. Many passed through the door, but none of them were him. It was beginning to frighten her.

    By Jassy on 10.27.2011

  38. Be still, for you know I am here
    Do not shudder, do not shake.
    Do not allow yourself to wake
    tis the evening time
    sound of silence
    it all around us
    as is the malice.
    Oh the beauty of night.

    By Mary URL on 10.27.2011

  39. The cold, baby, thrust from the womb in the saddest possible death. Ashes on the altar, pink candles alive, like it never was, the baby that couldn’t hold its own in this sick and twisted world. We killed out. Our actions devoured it, and we robbed the world of life, that pure newness that is Eden-esque. We tumble down the long chain, getting lost in our apathy and more babies perish.

    By Talia URL on 10.27.2011

  40. i cant stand still most of the time i need to move and move or i get bored and i dont know what to do if i had to stay still ill have to have my ipod with me or something to entretain me since i get claustrophobia and i need to be moving around all the time though dogs can do that pretty well maybe i should start eating dog food or something

    By re on 10.27.2011