July 30th, 2011 | 245 Entries

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245 Entries for “step”

  1. into it. on it. for it. with it. a journey starts with…and then we move forward. walking in this city through and around and up and down through bookstores, subway stations, for fashionistas and comic book lovers alike. This leveled scenery. into it we go. We walk. We keep on moving no matter what comes before us.

    By Jessica Marie C URL on 07.30.2011

  2. He stepped in line, watching as she laughed with the customer before him. Her gold curls, tan shoulders, and maple-syrup sweet smile caught his eye with an awkward glance. He knew he was in love.

    By Caroline on 07.30.2011

  3. As one, they took a step into the room and glared at the man lying handcuffed to the bed. “This is so not happening,” Jensen thought as he stared at the gaggle of armed men crowding around his bed. “I’ve got a bad feeling about this,” he thought.

    By chole URL on 07.30.2011

  4. I took a step towards what most would consider a risk. I took a step towards my destiny, my future. I may be crazy in the eyes of others, but the step I take today is a step worth a thousand times over. I love my relationship with Christ and I love my Muslim husband. I believe that both of these worlds can take a step together.

    By JennK URL on 07.30.2011

  5. one step at a time. step by step instructions. quicksteps an foxtrots. pig’s jig to
    pratiehole.flight of steps. that’s put a spring in his step which he couldn’ conceal… ya’d jolly well know there was jolly well sumthin up- be that spring in his step!

    By the wiz that he was URL on 07.30.2011

  6. The steps taken in the right direction are always tough. One might falter at times, but the effort put forth is truly rewarding. Easy concept to understand; tough concept to put into action. Every day should be focused on taking the steps in the right direction.

    By Fender2010 URL on 07.30.2011

  7. Step by step. Paso a paso. Steg for steg. Sometimes all you need to do is to just take one step in the right direction and then something else will lead you towards something extraordinary.

    By Alegría URL on 07.30.2011

  8. Everything starts with one step. That’s one thing he always had trouble with understanding and acting upon. The magnitude of the entirety would peak around the corner and then leap out at him, destroying his confidence. One step, that’s all he needed to do, just one step…

    By Bob Hussey URL on 07.30.2011

  9. she took a step forward and wanted to cry. She wasn’t sure she could this, not without him in her life anymore. She had to do though, had to admit the fact that he had chosen someone else, that he had moved. “Take one step at a time, no need to rush…” the lyrics played in her head from the song she had had on repeat since he had told her of his new girlfriend. She sighed and shook her head, taking yet another step forward.

    By Wendy on 07.30.2011

  10. Step by step. Baby steps. That’s what people expect. But what happens when you lose all feeling and self control? What can you do when you can’t stop yourself from leaping instead of stepping? Who said stepping is the right way to do things? Perhaps there is no need for stepping when you can empower yourself with a leap of faith. Perhaps the answer to all we innately seek is in that simple act- A leap. Not a step. A leap.

    So now what?

    By A.J. O'Riley URL on 07.30.2011

  11. The first step to world domination was to convince someone that you deserved to rule the world, then you worked your way out from there. At least, that was his theory. He hadn’t tested it yet but he knew already that he couldn’t convince his little sister. She was too close to the source, as they say. He had to find someone else to make his minion.

    By Dawn Eastpoint URL on 07.30.2011

  12. Step into my mind right now
    Hear me think, see my town
    Lit up by thoughts, together as one
    Shut down by memories, they haunt at dawn
    Step into my mind right now
    I’ll tell you what you need and how.

    By Allee Cooper on 07.30.2011

  13. the first step is the hardest one to take when you are doing something out of your comfort zone after that is managed then anything becomes a habit and doable then fun

    By she53lly URL on 07.30.2011

  14. I am stepping forward with faith this week. I have had to do a lot of preparation for a conference next week in Philadelphia, and I was feeling mighty overwhelmed, so I figured out that I could reduce my stress levels if I would step forth in faith and keep moving forward. It has worked really well so far, and I got my major PowerPoint done two days early! Yahoo!

    By Carol Bailey Floyd URL on 07.30.2011

  15. step in the future with a new pair of spinal cord sneakers, a length of white marrow stands out from your black suede shoes, in the rain the bright bone becomes dusty, off-white, older.

    By Fred Fingery URL on 07.30.2011

  16. something i need to take – the first step – towards creating that amazing idea into a painting that i have been wanting to do for a while…

    By Zaynah on 07.30.2011

  17. i take each step
    with careful considerartion
    i decide weather the next step
    will lead to some unwanted confrontation
    i believe that if i am carefully aware
    i wont mess up as much
    if i give them no reason to stare
    i won’t fall at the slightest touch

    By celeste cervantes URL on 07.30.2011

  18. Step by step, gotta make my way back to you, baby.
    And step by step you’ll lead me, and I will follow you all of my days.
    One small step for man.
    A step in the right direction.
    Step Up 2 The Streets.
    Step, step, shuffle step. Step, step, step-ball-change.
    I count my steps; usually starting at the number 16.
    Don’t ask me why, I couldn’t tell you.

    By Hollie URL on 07.30.2011

  19. She had taken her first step. Not physically, or mentally, but metaphorically. She was well on her way to finding who she was, and she knew for a fact that she didn’t need anyone to hold her hand and lead the way. Of course she still had tethers tied to people, and flimsy bridges leading to others, but she was slowly taking her time breaking those down, and she knew what would come to be the ending would suit her new self just fine.

    By Luhan URL on 07.30.2011

  20. I step up the stairs one at a time.
    The elevator was working, yes, but I wanted to take the long way so that the anticipation of seeing you would heighten.
    With every mounting step, my heart skips more beats, and my stomach upsets in an all too familiar way that is the feeling of love.
    I am stepping into your room in my heart, and I would rather be nowhere else.

    By Danny URL on 07.30.2011

  21. One-two-three-four! The teacher says softly, gracefully floating to the music. Watch your step girls! Don’t trip each other.

    By Jazz on 07.30.2011

  22. I saw an article about tyrying to get more people to use the stairs. So they turned them into a piano. Now, each step is a different note, and each step you take changes the tune.

    By Jazz on 07.30.2011

  23. in mazy turquoise leotards, wrinkling at the human creases,
    on the step and off again
    up and down
    up and over
    up and kick

    try not to trip

    By rorourke URL on 07.30.2011

  24. Something a person takes to lead them in either the right or wrong directions. Sometimes they are well thought out, and sometimes they are misguided. Sometimes you miss a step, or end up one step ahead. Literally, they move your body forward or your body back depending in the direction you choose to go. Sometimes you wish you had the opportunity to retrace your steps.

    By Natasha on 07.30.2011

  25. Steps are what we learn to take as children. An attempt, a fall, and again; until we stand tall.

    By Stephanie on 07.30.2011

  26. Step


    House steps

    “Step kick kick leap kick touch. Again…”

    “On the steps of the palace…”

    “Step in time step in time, step in time step in time. Never need a reason never need a rhyme…”

    “And I took myself one step. One high steppin’ one step. And taking that one step, I won’t stop with two.”

    “Steppin’ to the bad time…oooh ooh oooh (Steppin’ to the bad time….)”

    “Somebody get me an anti-depressant. She’s at the most maybe post adolescent. Time can be so unkind. I’m a beat behind.”

    I could probably come up with more, but that’s about 60 seconds :)

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 07.30.2011

  27. Steps to go upstairs. Steps to go down.

    The bleeding red sun is peeking through the curtains, begging you to wake up. You’re going to abandon your husband, buried in mountains of white sheets. You’ve already dug out of them, you see, because today it is going to be you who beats him to the coffee and eggs.

    They’re waiting for you on a breakfast table as round as the moon. Just down those steps.

    By Theresa URL on 07.30.2011

  28. Upwards. Forever upwards. Rise over run. Energy expended in vertical motion, then rest. A step is a symbol for our efforts to move forward, upwards. I have an image of what is at the peak of the world but I will need to climb to reach it.

    By tammie URL on 07.30.2011

  29. step. step. step.
    there were so many steps to take.
    it wasn’t that hard.
    really it wasn’t.
    there were just so many steps.
    how could any one do it.
    how could any one do it alone.
    it took so much.

    By ghia on 07.30.2011

  30. one step forward one step back that’s how I feel I function a lot of the time but at the same time I know the longest journey begins with a single step so if you just don’t take the step back and keep taking the steps forward you’ll get to your destination eventually steps break things down into something more manageable so you feel like you can do anything at all.

    By chilimango URL on 07.30.2011

  31. step. stomp. dance. guitar. campfire. summer.

    By deen URL on 07.30.2011

  32. Penelope creeped cautiously up the stairs. Each step seemed louder than the next, despite her efforts to remain silent. Creeeeeaaaaakkkkk, the 23rd step echoed out into the house, and as she paused, breathless, she swore she heard a door close above her.

    By kyle on 07.30.2011

  33. it broke my heart when i broke my leg. i took one step in the wrong direction, and everything in my world goes spinning out of proportion along with the spinning and cracking of my brittle bones.

    By Lightsandcandy URL on 07.30.2011

  34. Step, that can mean many things, for example, step up the movie has step in the title, a step – yanno those hazardous things you trip over when slightly intoxicated. Or even to take a step in life towards something you want to achieve, I like stepping stones though there my favourite, slowly but surely I’ll always get to where I want by stepping on my step.

    By wodkacoke URL on 07.30.2011

  35. Nothing could really prepare me for this step in life.
    The step where you realize that in order to feel better about yourself…
    The step where you realize that things will be difficult but in the end it’s worth it…
    The step where you realize you’ll be on your own after high school ends…
    The step where you realize that it’s not worth it to listen to those idiots…

    Nothing could really prepare me for this step in life.
    And in the end, I’m thankful. Because I managed all that on my own.

    By Elin MacRae on 07.30.2011

  36. It’s time to step up. Step up into power. Forget being walked all over. What are you, a doormat? You’re a human being. You are more powerful than that. Stop letting others take advantage of you and start doing what you want, not what they want. Shake them off and step it up.

    By xstal URL on 07.30.2011

  37. I ran, my sneakers smacking the pavement with each step. My backpack thrashed around on my back and the straps dug into my bare shoulders. All I knew was that I needed to get away. It didn’t matter where, it didn’t matter how, but I was going to be gone.
    It was getting dark. The last rays of the sun were fading from the horizon, and the landscape was becoming an eerie, shadow world.

    By Claire URL on 07.30.2011

  38. He stepped into the room quietly, careful to not disturb her peace and quiet.
    She was humming to herself, dancing around the room and flitting about. She was stunning.

    The floor creaked as he stepped on one loose board, making him curse and her to stop her actions.

    Their eyes met in surprise, each glinting with anticipation mixed with panic.

    After a few moments, she started towards him.

    By Crice S URL on 07.30.2011

  39. Step one, next, then the next, and off you go, on the trip of a lifetime. All you need to do is start, and the rest follows on. It is all so much easier, once that first step has been taken.

    By Bartok URL on 07.30.2011

  40. I take a step, then another. Soon it becomes a run;
    lungs heaving, and a shock to my heels each time foot hits ground.
    I dash down the dark corridor of Life
    I reach a doorway.
    Not The End, not Opportunity, just a doorway.
    Wood paneling opening into an empty room.
    “What now?”
    I wish to scream, but the question is stilled on my tongue.
    It dies behind my teeth.
    Standing, I fall to my knees.
    I wait.

    By bethany URL on 07.30.2011