July 5th, 2011 | 461 Entries

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461 Entries for “stem”

  1. roses. marijuana stems in my bud. no stems no seeds. mexican brick has stems and seeds. i want the hygh kush, government grade.

    By riandiane on 07.05.2011

  2. The stem of the rose has many thorns. A single stab to a finger can send the poison of love in your veins. Most avoid that wound, but some are brave enough for love.

    By Analisa on 07.05.2011

  3. The stem on the leaf was the thing she decided to focus on. Try to move small things at once, they’d said. And so she stared and stared at the pale green thing, willing it to twitch, as if even the faintest breeze had gone through. If she had no talent, she’d just die. All her best friends were going to the academy.

    By Bookhobbit URL on 07.05.2011

  4. stem is on a flower. flowers smell good. i like perfume that smells good. i am excited to go to leatherbees tonight with scott for his birthday i like him, a lot. yes yes yes. i like music. mmmmm so anyways this is kinda cool. i don’t know what i’m saying but ya know it said 60 seconds for whatever talk so here i am doing that.

    By Karlen on 07.05.2011

  5. The word is still stem, despite the refresh. This stem’s my interest. It also makes me stemming furious. I wanted to write about something other than stems. But, I guess life just stems you sometimes. Stem stem stem steam steaming steamgton.

    By kaytee URL on 07.05.2011

  6. I wrapped my fingers around the stem, this was a beautiful specimen and I knew you’d love it. I rose from my knees and extended the flower towards you. Taking it with both hands, careful not to harm it, I saw your eyes grow larger and illuminate your gorgeous face. Your smile lit up my world like I never though possible and everything was alright. The only reassurance I ever needed was you.

    By Luke Renoe URL on 07.05.2011

  7. The stems don’t seem like they can support such a big flower. It’s so thin and it looks so weak and frail and yet, it holds up this gigantic flower without a problem. I wonder how it does that. Maybe I should learn how to be more like that stem and prove everyone that I’m not as weak as I seem to be.

    By xstal URL on 07.05.2011

  8. The stalk of a plant. A stem may seem very small but is very useful to a plant and animals. Stems carry all the nutrients plants need to carry out photosynthesis. Photosynthesis gives out oxygen which is useful to animals.

    By Shreya URL on 07.05.2011

  9. I wanted to replace it back into the earth at that moment. It was wilting as I looked at it, and I smelt it, and I was feeling it’s pain, and I couldn’t for the life of me give it back to the earth.

    By thought2action on 07.05.2011

  10. Stem
    a flower stem,
    helping the flower push up and meet the sunlight
    to grow,
    to become strong
    and beautiful
    and healthy
    all things that i wish i could be
    so simple it seems growing
    but when you look at it scientifically
    for the flower it is hard
    just like being human
    everything has a price
    and a difficulty

    By korrina URL on 07.05.2011

  11. there is this beautiful flower i have only seen in my dreams it seems to be magic its stem the thing holding it at just the right angle i love this flower .

    By liv on 07.05.2011

  12. A stem of a plant. Growing up from the ground. Spreading its roots. Like a tree branches out, but upside down. A stem is the basis of its life. This stem is where all the nutrients come from.

    By Jess on 07.05.2011

  13. flowers bloom from stems that will soon turn into beautiful flowers that many people will look at and marvel at all because of one stem. Stems are the roots to life; family stems, stems to words and flowers.

    By mags on 07.05.2011

  14. a leaf a gem a flower a lovely plant its all green and slender and fresh and it breaks and it crunches it has a crunchy snap sound when broken in half and its horrible yet satisfying but its all together lovely because its nature.

    By megan on 07.05.2011

  15. That day was a hectic, crazy day. It stemmed from their need to find an apartment or a house–whatever they could find–so they went to visit a few friends in a town over. They weren’t very successful in locating the places she wanted to check out, but they have tomorrow, too.

    By Scream URL on 07.05.2011

  16. As a metaphor it could represent the path to peace, perfection, happiness, deepness and beauty. Because finally nature was there before we came to earth, so it is a part of the truth; and a stem is a perfect metaphor for it.

    By helenalamelena URL on 07.05.2011

  17. the stem of the hoga plant can be used in many different ways. it can be chopped finely to make cakes and other scruptious pastries

    By RYk on 07.05.2011

  18. And when you said you don’t need my love more in your life you broke the stem that makes me stay stand up, now I’m trying to grow it up again.

    By MiltonRGVentura URL on 07.05.2011

  19. flowers. green. sunlight. bending. emotions. blue skies. weeds. spring. i already did this but i forgot to put my address sooo now i’m making it simple. what happens with these things?

    By Courtney Duplechian on 07.05.2011

  20. It’s quite simple really, the shower was too hot and the air was too cold, regardless of this fact she stepped in and felt the immediate satisfaction of her muscles relaxing at the pounding heat before the burning sensation began, only then did she turn the brass knobs and fix the heat to a more satisfying temperature. It didn’t feel as nice but it was easier.

    By Violatrix on 07.05.2011

  21. My feelings. They stem from my heart, or, at least try to. My brain always likes to confuse the equation, cutting them at their root before I manage to express myself. Like a flower crushed, wilted, dying under the restrictions that society has placed upon us all. It is a disaster in the making, a recipe for failure, and I find everything that once begged to overflow ebbing back to the place it came from. All because of them. Us. the world and its power to shape us all to fit its need. A power that stems from the need for acceptance. The need to not be alone.

    I hate it.

    By stellasoliz URL on 07.05.2011

  22. brain stem gives me life
    stem tree plants flowers
    all leads to life
    a stem is the epitome of life
    all things stem off of stems

    By Kim URL on 07.05.2011

  23. Stems are great. Stems actually remind me of music notes. Because the head of the note is called the stem. Also plants, with their stems.

    Stems remind me of roots. The foundation of virtually anything. Solely because everything in the world is built upon a foundation.

    By Lin on 07.05.2011

  24. The plant bloomed towards the sun, petals curling outwards, leaves flipped skywards, stem straight and tall. And in the night it closed, in the night it slept. But come morning, come sunshine, is stem reached straight for the sky once more.

    By Natalie URL on 07.05.2011

  25. I wonder why they use the word ‘stem’ as their entry form word?

    By juliana on 07.05.2011

  26. stem of a flower flowers have stem stem cell research stems are green green stems in the ground stems keep flowers alive stems a like nature’s legs stems stems everywhere but not a stem to drink stems in the dirt dirty stems sounds like a band stems in the ground stems in the ground looking like a foold with your stems in the ground stems stems stems are you almost done having me write about stems?

    By Samantha on 07.05.2011

  27. the stem of my thoughts came from the way i was raised. i never asked you to understand me. i am a simple person with a stem from a broken pot, a damaged seed. i was the damaged seed. its amazing how far i’ve come since first sprouting.

    By Izzy Gorden URL on 07.05.2011

  28. Stem cells grow slowly; they’re moving, fighting one another, rolling dice to decide what they want to become. It’s funny, to watch, y’know. All the cells gathered around the table, throwing down numbers and muttering curses as they move to another side of the table and start to mutate – make room for new cells to gather. The researchers are just watching the game, hoping they can use some loaded dice somewhere; it rarely works.

    By Lancir URL on 07.05.2011

  29. The rose fell of the stem with a sound that made the world fall silent.

    By lovestoned URL on 07.05.2011

  30. flower, stem to life, roots, pretty boquets and vases vintage, grandma and nonnie gardens eden flower ivory elephant i suck at this game but i like the word stem because its a solid word and i want to write but i dont know how to express myself and how i feel about it in sixty seconds or what this is all about.

    By margaret markham on 07.05.2011

  31. All we needed to save her were stem cells. Easy, right? Any fool can get pregnant. Except for me. The time my child needs me the most, it’s the time I can do the less.

    By Leira Carola URL on 07.05.2011

  32. i saw the stem of the flower and thought how amazing it was to be so strong and graceful to only be a stem to hold up the beautiful flower. the base of beauty.

    By alona on 07.05.2011

  33. The base, the stable part of the flower that keeps it up, even if it wants to lay down and forget about everything.

    By Mar URL on 07.05.2011

  34. The stem of his spine was twisted like a tree trunk caught in a tornado. The searing pain rushed through his soul. He did not cry out but absorbed the moment.

    By betty on 07.05.2011

  35. The stem of a plant holds so many mysteries.

    It’s where the plant operates.

    It helps the plant live and grow.

    Without a stem there is no life, no growth.


    By Abby URL on 07.05.2011

  36. the stems of the roses were stiff in his hands.
    He gripped them tighter. Holding on to lost hope like a mother clinging to a child.
    She was the monkey on his back.
    The one he could never shake.
    Suddenly the stems felt soft. he dropped them. Exited the subway. And went home.

    By Baillie URL on 07.05.2011

  37. from fallen tears, like mustard seeds, grow mighty, towering trees. the stem that holds a sunflower high isn’t always appreciated openly, but it knows it is important.

    By Cecilia on 07.05.2011

  38. Stem… I think of a flower swaying in the wind, and the wind that smells of popsicles, and fresh cut grass carries the petals through the air.

    By Kt Perner URL on 07.05.2011

  39. The flower represented the family, developing up from it’s strong foundation, the stem like the grandparents sitting at the head of the table leading up to the beautiful new blossom like the young beautiful baby held closely in her mothers arms at the other end of the table.

    By Steved on 07.05.2011

  40. I feel like a flower out of water…cut, thirsty, hurt, and wilting. I’m not safe out on my own.

    By amparito URL on 07.05.2011