July 5th, 2011 | 461 Entries

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461 Entries for “stem”

  1. The young boy picked up the withered flower by its stem and sadly disposed of it. The last memory of a fallen friend, gone but not forgotten.

    By Dave Puca URL on 07.05.2011

  2. The beginning. The start of all things. It may be an event. It may be a movement. It may be the lack of something. Whatever it is, it leads to the rest. Where it goes from there is up to us. Where are you going? What is your stem? What is your catalyst?

    By Dustin Vander Plaats on 07.05.2011

  3. A stem is found in plants. Pretty much every plant has a stem. When I hear it I picture it green and sort of stubby. That’s really all. Stems are not that interesting to write about. ..

    By siba on 07.05.2011

  4. The stem of a flower is an important part. It helps it grow, bringing food and water to the top of the flower, making it the most beautiful it could be. In ways, I guess humans are like stems as well.

    By Keesha on 07.05.2011

  5. There were too many stems on the plant when I broke it down.

    By =] URL on 07.05.2011

  6. Stand by me. Stem was a commercial in my country about fashion brand. I remember it, it was with two girls on the rain with one red umbrella.

    By Milica Rajkovic on 07.05.2011

  7. Growing taller with time, a skinny, green length from the ground used all the strength it could to try and grasp the sun. They all do, a plant’s goal in life is to reach the sun. The warmth is a helping hand that grabs and pulls on the youthful greens.

    By Kota on 07.05.2011

  8. every flower grows from a stem. it’s what holds that flower together. it’s what keeps it standing when wanting to fall down. it’s what defines the height of the flower. we, in some ways, are like flowers, needing a strong support system, like the stem.

    By victoria URL on 07.05.2011

  9. I stem from you at night and I wonder often if a flower petal wishes she could break away as often as I do. Of course, we both would die without the stems that give us food and water and love

    By Melissa on 07.05.2011

  10. It starts as a single line
    and from that line
    it branches:

    a leaf
    a lake
    a lineage

    each one from an origin
    each one from the same root.

    By Beebee URL on 07.05.2011

  11. a stem is the bottom of a plant that is connected to the roots of a plant the stem is w

    By dylan URL on 07.05.2011

  12. The stem comes after the root of the problem. I’m currently at the stem and wonder what comes next because there can’t possibly be a flower to come from this.

    By michele on 07.05.2011

  13. the stem of a flower is green. i have no idea what it is but stems confuse me beacause they remind me of broccoli for some reason and i dont like broccoli. also stems smell funny and stems are greeeeeeeennn ~~

    By michelle on 07.05.2011

  14. the beginning of a flower leading up to the petals. leaves are attached to it. it’s green and comes from the ground.

    By emily on 07.05.2011

  15. there was a flower in my back yard with a really long stem. realizing that in the next couple days it would bend over i picked it and put it in a vase inside my house. the flower was white and had lots of petals.

    By Sara on 07.05.2011

  16. The smooth stem is in my hands. It is commonly ignored due to its flamboyant neighbor, the flower. Yet it has something special about it too. Its long stalk is an enlightening chartreuse. And then it is ripped into two. It is no longer a perfect stem.

    By katierae URL on 07.05.2011

  17. Where do the thoughts in my mind stem from? Previous experience? Is it biological? Hereditary? Situation? When i find their root, i can completely excavate them from my mind. A peaceful mind is what i crave…

    By Kirsty URL on 07.05.2011

  18. from a stem i see myself start. i see how much ive grown. the journey is the joy. i dont know when i’ll stop.

    By vika on 07.05.2011

  19. I saw the flowers, the leaves, and the stem. I knew this was the flower that I had been searching for. It was beyond perfect. The petals were shining so bright against everything else.

    By Rachel Sherriff on 07.05.2011

  20. Reminds me of AP Biology, the middle part of the flower or general plant.

    By Patrick URL on 07.05.2011

  21. Stem reminds me of a flower. A plant. At 5th Grade Camp I had to eat a flower. How I hated 5th Grade Camp. Yuck. It was horrible. I got homesick. But we did learn a song about a flower. Roots, stem, leaves, flower, fruits, and seeds. Repeat. Odd.

    By Skyler URL on 07.05.2011

  22. i think of a flower maybe or stem cell research. i like flowers better they’re pretty. i wish i knew how to garden but that would require melting in the hot sun so that would suck. i like to look at them though, maybe i’ll stick with just walking through gardens. yeah, sounds like a plan to me. i like red flowers the best or yellow, but those mean sympathy which makes me sad. red is happy

    By Stephanie on 07.05.2011

  23. what a misfortune to open a tiny bag
    nice scent filling your nose
    a green blob with little red hairs
    to tug out the nug
    and find
    a stem everywhere
    which are crisp and crumble in your hands
    and you realize this is a shitty bag
    and this is really not poetic wow but STEMS IN MY WEED SUCK

    By Luna Rose URL on 07.05.2011

  24. Each arm stemmed out to another, all connecting in a circle around a warm, blazing campfire in the summer night. Everyone’s face lit with the orange glow from the flames that stemmed up from the charred wood.

    By Alyssa URL on 07.05.2011

  25. She looks like such a strong child when she stands up for herself. But really, if you know her well enough, you know she is as delicate as a flower. Her secrets are her thorns, her hope is her stem, and her heart the bud, still waiting to bloom. My precious Rose.

    By ichigoneko URL on 07.05.2011

  26. stem, its a support for a flower, the root of all problems, where the flowers burst from, without the stem, the flower would be nothing, yet stem doesn’t mean flower and nature, it can be math, a stem adn leaf plot for example. stem of problems as said above, a stem is green a stem is the reason why things breathe, a stem is the reason why a flower is a flower, why what would a flower be without its stem, its root, who would you be without you’re family, just another lost soul without anything to grow from, only heading down, there is no way to grow up when you have no support right?

    By courtney on 07.05.2011

  27. The flower stem tasted bad in my mouth. I broke it and then rubbed the juice on my arm. Maybe ill grow faster like that.
    The flower grew up, reaching for the sky. Its dreams to be as tall as a tree never accomplished.

    By Alessandra on 07.05.2011

  28. The stem was dripping with dew from the morning. The flower on the tom wilted from the weight. Jenna plucked the wet stem from the ground and handed the flower to her mother. The stem of the flower was sticky at the end where it was plucked.

    By Aislinn Nolan on 07.05.2011

  29. “Couldn’t figure out where the anxiety stemmed from so I turned to pills. Or my doctor turned me to them. Then turned me off, and its been an obscure ride since. How about you? Hooked on anything?”

    “I eat stem cells for super human powers.”

    By Dan on 07.05.2011

  30. Stems. I used to smoke weed, and there would be stems. When I bought reggs, stems would come out as well. I even smoked stems some of the times. I’m sure of it.

    By Mars on 07.05.2011

  31. flowers flow by the sea, on a stem i see just a twig, nothing more, just a thin little eye sore, holding something so delicate, attached to some leaves, or are they attached to the stem, that are attached to me? i’ll never know.

    By kristen on 07.05.2011

  32. Discontent stems from…well, I don’t know quite know exactly. Wanting more? but that sounds too simple to be true. Maybe it’s not that you want more but that what you have isn’t enough. Something’s missing. But is that the same thing as wanting more?

    By Liz Humphrey URL on 07.05.2011

  33. Love stems from one’s desire to be loved and accepted. My yearning for success stems from seeing anyone working their hands to the bones for their entire lives. I would love to be successful.

    By DC on 07.05.2011

  34. The stem was perhaps the most delicate place he could grasp the flower. With the exception of the petals, he knew the stem was the focal point of all of the plant’s energies.

    By Raymond Masters URL on 07.05.2011

  35. Brains grow on stems. New petals of knowledge form each day while withered memories fall away with time.

    By Emily URL on 07.05.2011

  36. life blood of a plant, like our legs as we develop from childhood through life phases! Giving Springtime the energy in the flowers we love so much! The core of plant life…ok I love flowers! Stems reminded me of the joy I get from seeing them in bloom!

    By Maria Forbes URL on 07.05.2011

  37. there was a stem on a flower one day when i was walking in the park with my friend val. we were ironically enough talking about our favorite flowers and stems and how awesome the colors of stems were, whether they were brown or different shades of green. stems are great.

    By Nicole on 07.05.2011

  38. The stem poked out of the tissue paper, the jagged end of a beloved thing. He carried it carefully, ensuring no more exposure. She loved daisies, and he loved her.

    By Jessica URL on 07.05.2011

  39. The stem of a person or thing is something that keeps you grounded. Whether its a person, or a pet or a book, it doesn’t matter. It’s something that when you think you are going to go crazy and just want to leave, it helps you remember who you are and why you are living in the first place.

    By Allie URL on 07.05.2011

  40. he had the engagement ring loosely tied around the stem of a single red rose. as he handed it to the most beautiful woman in the world, the silk ribbon slipped apart and the ring fell to the floor with a small “ping”. she smiled, retrieved it, and placed it carefully on her slender finger where it belonged.

    By BattleCry URL on 07.05.2011