June 14th, 2011 | 764 Entries

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764 Entries for “station”

  1. station. like i really have nothing to say about this word. bus station, train station, stationary. its a place to wait, thats it. really doesn’t mean too much. and now i’m just typing and not even thinking about this useless word. give me a better word!

    By Carly on 06.14.2011

  2. As we came in to the station, I recognized a face I’d not seen in twenty years. She was standing next to the light pole, all dressed in black. A tan jacket to help. And as she puffed her dark cigarette, all manners of memories came back in a slur.

    By Lucas Rudd URL on 06.14.2011

  3. I’m at the train station of my life. Getting ready to go to a place of new beginnings…

    By laughalot on 06.14.2011

  4. It was never suggested that I live beyond my station and as a wee girl I had to imagine myself living in a station below which there was no one and nothing but a field of grass and daisies and above me everything and everyone else. It was painted a faded wood red like railway stations I had seen on the Sunday drives we took in our car, mom silently staring out through the window and Dad whistling under his breath some tune that made the rest of us doze and dream.

    By nannan on 06.14.2011

  5. What happened to common sense? My brother brought a gun to school. He went to jail. I cried myself to sleep, and when he got out he was almost knocked to the ground by the force of my hg. I’d missed him so much. THat’s the true meaning of love. I would have done anything to get him home. That’s what love means.

    By Jessie Miller on 06.14.2011

  6. hmm workout stations…station. a state of being.

    ljlkhuiohjo;kll….. interesting

    By whit on 06.14.2011

  7. I don’t have a Play Station… but I want to got it.

    By Alex URL on 06.14.2011

  8. The station was a humdrum of activity. In fact, for a 21st century metro station, it looked more like a village market on a Sunday afternoon. Bodies thronged and there wasn’t a vacant space in sight. The price of petrol had gone up and so people were resorting to the cheapest and most efficient method of travel. Gone was the peace and sanctity. Gone was the luxury of inexpensive travel. The recession had hit home.

    By nabster121 URL on 06.14.2011

  9. I drove down to the train station. I had no bags, no luggage, no destination. I sat for a while, staring at the people around me. Lovers kissing passionately for the last time in who knows how long, parents hugging children, and me, jumping on the tracks.

    By Daniela URL on 06.14.2011

  10. I once played a game where I had 60 seconds to write about the word “station.” It was fun, but when I came back to play again, it gave me the exact same word. Which wasn’t as much fun.

    By Susan URL on 06.14.2011

  11. The station was very busy today, I thought that all of the seats on the train would be full. To my surprise, there were some seats available and I was able to catch a ride to Chicago. I was sitting by this nice lady with what looked like a bird in her hair.

    By Sammi on 06.14.2011

  12. That day in the train station we walked up and saw the heavens. We saw the constellations shining bright before our eyes. They were intricate like a work of God, yet most clearly formed by hand: boasting creature forms. We ascended to meet them face-to-face. We proceeded to greet them. And in shaking their hands we asked them to explain to us by whose hands they were formed. And though they moved about and tried their best to explain in gesture and word, our answer was only revealed in a stationary, solitary moment.

    By Jeff URL on 06.14.2011

  13. I left you at the station. The train is moving and there you are, on the red platform. You’re standing there, waving your hanky- something I never understood. How did you get a hanky in this century? All that I know is that I’ll miss you, and as your face gets further away, I love you more and more.

    By Abigail on 06.14.2011

  14. the train pulled into the dusty station and i had to shut my eyes from the great gust of wind. i was getting on that train today. pulling away and never setting foot in this dusty old town again.

    By Brianna URL on 06.14.2011

  15. it was a cold day as the breeze whistled through the shallow halls of the bus station, and near the edge stood a little boy. His black t-shirt must have been two sizes too big and his shoes a size too small, but his smile was content, as if not a thing were wrong.

    By mmlll URL on 06.14.2011

  16. waiting at the station. looking at the coming train and the birds flying around over the waiting passengers for the new beginnings, happinesses, excitements

    By iren on 06.14.2011

  17. The train station is full of people going from one place to another, but it is also full of emotions. People sad to leave the loved ones they were visiting, others more than happy to get rid of the memories associated with a place, and even more scared for the challenge ahead. The sound of the wheels on the track becomes a song singing out the feelings of those hustling to get to the next step in their journey.

    By Leah on 06.14.2011

  18. The train is puling out of the station. I stand on the loading platform watching it go. Was I supposed to be on that train? I guess I’ll never know.

    By Zukey Jones on 06.14.2011

  19. I go down to the station and fill out a card. They tell me I can have my purse back after the questioning. I didn’t see the line on the card that asked for my birthdate, so when the officer snapped at me and asked me how old I was, I felt like a child. I started to cry.

    By Carrie URL on 06.14.2011

  20. I walked up to the station, waiting for her to arrive. how long had it been? Two years? Three? I don’t even remember. We had a lot of things to figure out, her and I. We both thought that we would get over each other, but it never happened. In the past few years, I was never able to her out of my mind. What was it going to be like seeing her again?

    By Marily Weddell on 06.14.2011

  21. train station tooting and hooting from the train as it zips past. sleeping room on the train with Audrey my ten year old granddaughter. What a hoot. Meals served on white linen table clothes.

    By diana URL on 06.14.2011

  22. station makes me think of train stations and placement in life. on trains…i love trains. something that would have never occurred to me years ago until a friend told me about how he had traveled on them. its glorious…as for station in life, always as a point as to where you are…now that i think about trains, i feel like moving…

    By mitchisms URL on 06.14.2011

  23. There was a street magician outside of the station today. He called himself “Ivan the Awesome” I am not sure why, because all of his tricks were bogus.

    By Sammi on 06.14.2011

  24. Hello, hello, hello! Welcome to the number one station in Galspaeo, 96.4, Air! The only place in the area to find video game soundtracks!

    By Marily on 06.14.2011

  25. The young man was sitting at the station, waiting for his long overdue train to arrive. The rain was falling gently, but in a large amount, leaving him to only see a few feet in front of him. Suddenly, a woman appeared next to him, seemingly out of nowhere. He stared at her, slightly unnerved at her sudden appearance, but then looked away from the intensity of her gaze. Getting lost in his thoughts once again, he sneakily looked from the corner of his eyes, but the woman had left, as silent as a mouse.

    By Shania on 06.14.2011

  26. As I walked into the train station, I glanced around nervously. No one was looking at me. That was good. No one looked like they were expecting me. That was also good. I adjusted my messenger bag, checked to make sure the package was still in it. With that confirmed, I walked quickly and as stealthily as I could towards my train. I could not, under any circumstances, be remembered after I accomplished my task. That would mean failure.

    By Leighton on 06.14.2011

  27. Ok so I don’t really go to many stations. I get the bus every day which means I have to wait at a bus stop not a train station, simple really. So you see I don’t really get to see many stations, sad really isn’t it? I have been denied such a luxury. I personally find them boring things where people stand around awkwardly not really talking to one another, all waiting for something that is most probably late. It’s not as if I’m missing much is it? Or am I/ Maybe a station is where I’ll find my one true love.

    By Chloe on 06.14.2011

  28. My station wagon was too small to fit my mattress and my computer desk in. So I sold the mattress and loaded up the desk. I can buy an air mattress when I get there but a good desk is hard to come by.

    By Polly Prissypants URL on 06.14.2011

  29. I fold my ticket in half and shove it in my pocket. My jeans are washed out and too loose. I bite my lip and listen for the coming train. I’ve had to be waiting for an hour… could that be classified as loitering?
    Oh well. I’m the only one here, the place is otherwise deserted. I have half a mind to go back inside, out of the cold, but I think the train’s about to arrive. Maybe I can get another chance to skip this town. Maybe I can start over.

    By Mara URL on 06.14.2011

  30. The train station filled with students waiting for Platform 9 3/4. Cheers erupted as the bright red engined pulled into the station. Hugging, tears, and reuniting with friends later, they were off to another year at Hogwarts.

    By Anna URL on 06.14.2011

  31. train stations are where people go when they want to get away. the father of a family of three kids cheated on his wife and needed to get away. he hopped on a fast moving train after waiting at the station for thirty minutes. the station was busy and buzzing and his mind was as well. he did not know where he was going or who he would see. nervous was an understatement for this confused man. he saw another family there that reminded him of whom he was leaving. he took a deep breath.

    By julia on 06.14.2011

  32. ‘Hey turn that radio station back!’ she cried holding onto her newly bought straw hat, ‘I loved that song!’ Singing to herself she noticed something to the corner of her left eye.

    By Lucy Underwood on 06.14.2011

  33. Station

    I ran towards the wall as fast as I could, bashed up my grocery cart and got a huge bump on my head.

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 06.14.2011

  34. You walk into the station and you see it. It’s by the side of the railway tracks, sluggishly black covered in oil. No one notices it, except you.

    By Katrina on 06.14.2011

  35. once upon a time a girl was leaving home to and decided to take the train. but first she needed a ride to the station. searchng everywhere she could not find her phone. wehen she did she called and called many people, many of her so called friends. but none could give her a ride to the station. she walked and walked realizing how alone she is in the world.

    By Alexis on 06.14.2011

  36. I was left there. Watching the train leave. Just a green dress. Something out of an old 50’s film. Cloudy, smoke-filled. Nothing substantive. Just that damn green dress. And you…running. As if you could catch this train. Who was leaving who? The windows were stained with smog.

    By Holly on 06.14.2011

  37. the train station was cold with a thin rain swirling around the platform. i hate this bullshit i muttered. unfortunately my grandmother was standing behind me and was predictably horrified at my language. so I boarded the train and left her behind…

    By Bob Hussey URL on 06.14.2011

  38. …reminds me of the situation. Not sure why, but that’s what I saw. I do enjoy the humility, but I will add, that the burden reality television bares on those who participate is much more than the average, 20-year-old for that matter, human can handle.

    By ziptiecloud URL on 06.14.2011

  39. i had to go to a bus station yesterday and there was this really creepy guy that stared at me the whole time and every time i looked to see who was getting on the bus he would smile at me and i was like whoaaa, but he never looked away and i was coming up with all the scenarios in my head about us getting off the bus and him like following me and killing me. It was scary stuff.

    By SOT on 06.14.2011

  40. the train station was really cold because of all the snow outside. I have never been to a train station but when i think of them i imagine that they are all smokey and loud. kind of like an airport, everyone with suitcases and crying as the train drives away with women waving their handkerchiefs at their loved ones. bus stations are similar but i think of them as only underground and i think about that movie with the vampires where they are chasing that human through the subway and they have those yellow eyes that are glowing. that girl in the movie is really pretty but she always looks kind of dirty. my boyfriend really likes her. radio stations are great but i hate it when you go somewhere new and all of your stations are all messed up. I hate it when you have to scan through all of the sucky stations to get to a song that you actually like, and then the song ends and another one that sucks comes on because then you have to go searching again.

    By Elyse on 06.14.2011