June 14th, 2011 | 764 Entries

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764 Entries for “station”

  1. Little miss perfect sitting at the train spot. Red nike high tops, listening to hip hop.

    By Lindsay on 06.14.2011

  2. Um I don’t know what to say about stations. I used to live near one next to my house in Chofu. It was for the yellow train, and every night the train would rush by and my bunk bed would leap into the air and and I panicked at the thought of an earthquake or something. It was intense. I don’t want to go back to Japan and see the trains at the stations again.

    By Alice Benkart URL on 06.14.2011

  3. the word station. this reminds me of paper. stationary paper/ this makes me think of old times. when people wrote on statiopnary paper. or when people would go to a train station to see their loved ones. i wish i could write on stationary paper to a loved one that i meet at a train station. I wish this so much. I wish I had somethign to write about. Something that i could finish. I wish I could write well.

    By Anna Morris on 06.14.2011

  4. At the station we’re a million miles away
    like vacation, we only wanna stay
    At the station we feel careless and free
    So if you ever go
    You should come there with me

    I can be your cloud
    that you can land on when you feel frustrated
    I can make no sound as you doze off into eternity
    At the station
    Right here with me

    At the station we’re a million miles away
    like vacation, we only wanna stay
    At the station we feel careless and free
    So if you ever go-

    We can see all we are
    We can go so far
    But the station is where I will always come back
    Always come back
    As long as I’m with you

    By Alegría URL on 06.14.2011

  5. A train station. It was very busy there, plenty of passengers running to and fro looking for their luggage or their appropriate loading spot. There was a lost child too. Not screaming or crying, but standing there with a look of bewilderment

    By Graham on 06.14.2011

  6. Station. I already got this word. And i don’t want to type the smae thing again. People are reading this right now. what do they think? I don’t know how to write. Anyway, station. Umm, train station i guess. I’ve never been to one beofre. I’ve never gone on a train. I wish I have. It makes me think of England.

    By Anna Morris on 06.14.2011

  7. picture yourself on a boat on a river, with tangerine trees & marmalade skys,
    somebody calls you you answer quite slowly, the girl with kaleidoscope eyes <3

    By chris on 06.14.2011

  8. station, station like petrol station, or train station. a place where you are able to get things or go places. train stations located everyone just like petrol station and they are for ever used and talked about. they can even be fake, toys. they can be use with little children pretending to take their young toy to a train station and for what its worth, they are used a lot.

    By Georgia URL on 06.14.2011

  9. a young man was sitting at the station about to hop on his train to now where. he wanted to get out and leave this town and start a new life with new friends and that station was the place that would allow him to do this. he stood at platform 8 and waiting, he waiting for the train of his future to come and take him away. he wanted to meet a new woman, that would change his life. he wanted to meet new friends that would show him new things. he wanted a new beginning.

    By Georgia URL on 06.14.2011

  10. i want to go to san francisco. I’m going. music festival. maybe he’ll love me again? Maybe she’ll be awful. Maybe I’ll meet someone in a crowd and fall in love. I need to be more independent. eleven hours alone on a train will be good for me. I’ll make more friends if I go alone. reading on the train.

    By katie on 06.14.2011

  11. She muttered to herself as she turned the knob on the radio. Her favorite station, the one that always came in perfectly clearly, was nothing but static today. Reflected the rest of her morning – unclear and hectic. She groaned to herself. Perfect.

    By Ashleigh on 06.14.2011

  12. the train station left the platform at midnight. noone of the passangers ever expected to go where it was taking them. through the smoky hills, under a dark tunnle it went.

    By Aisha on 06.14.2011

  13. monet painted one, there’s that. i would paint one but i am most certainly not confident enough in my skill in plein air to do so. if i were, i would pain union station in LA because it’s beautiful.

    By Sarah URL on 06.14.2011

  14. I waited at the train station, eyes frantically scanning the scene before me. I blinked, trying to force back tears that would eventually, I knew, come, whether I willed it or not. One bus closed its doors with a firm clang before speeding away to its destination. The station was alive, but I was lost.

    By Madi URL on 06.14.2011

  15. this makes me think of this random story I wrote in freshman year about a train station and being scared which is silly because that’s never actually happened to me I’ve neverbeen on a train. That was interesting

    By zoe on 06.14.2011

  16. once i was at the train station in ny, penn station. well not once but this past trip that i took to ny i had to go there. it was fun. shocking. shocking why? well, i hadnt been on a train IN ny in YEARS. must have been 10 years+ since my last train trip. well the prices had all risen. it cost me A FORTUNE to get a train to great neck! why great neck? i was going there for a friends wedding, but when she told me i would have to meet her over there I had no idea she meant that i would have to take a train to get there. subway Im used to- train- hadnt done that in a while. so it was a fun experience. something to add to my list of things i did while in NY.

    By MS on 06.14.2011

  17. monet painted one, there’s that. i would paint one but i am most certainly not confident enough in my skill in plein air to do so. if i were, i would pain union station in LA because it’s beautiful. i would use lots of greens and navy blues and of course, my favorite color, gold. the more gold the better, really. i love metallic paint. fuck my life this is boring as shit, i’m going to bed.

    By Sarah URL on 06.14.2011

  18. I saw you standing at the station, head buried in your newspaper and ear buds deep in the holes on the sides of your head. I wondered if you were sad and i Just thought sad because you didn’t seem to notice the colors of people around you, or the sounds of the train coming. Maybe you were closing yourself off from the world and I wanted to throw away your newspaper, rip your ear buds out so you could experience the world that was passing you by.

    By Rose URL on 06.14.2011

  19. i already did this word.

    By big pato URL on 06.14.2011

  20. train station. i want to go to one and ride trains
    i like trains but ive never been on one
    they are mysterious
    remind me of harry potter
    i want to go across the country on a train
    or even on a subway
    they are interesting and cool. i wonder how many trains there are in the world

    By Aly on 06.14.2011

  21. Train station, life station. It is here that I am to say goodbye. Forever. An eternal goodbye to my life here, and my love here. His eyes were gloomy and clouded over with the worst sort of tears. I didn’t know what to say, there really wasn’t anything at all to say. I knew I needed him, we were perfect in every sense. But here was goodbye. Train station, life station; I picked up my bags and left, never to look back again though the misery shook my soul.

    By Carolynn URL on 06.14.2011

  22. Sometimes I sit in train stations, because I believe train stations are the best, and I look at the people passing me by and I wonder if they’re really happy. And then I begin wondering what could make them sad or angry or terrified and I begin to worry if they’ll be okay. Recently I’ve just begun looking at the people and just hoping for the best.

    By Rose URL on 06.14.2011

  23. Unbeschwert sein –
    Das Leben nehmen wie es ist

    Unbefangen sein –
    wissbegierig in die Welt sehen

    Genießen können –
    könnten nur ewig in dieser Station des Lebens halten

    By Anuri URL on 06.14.2011

  24. The police station makes me worried. How is it that they can overlook that woman standing there? Do her tears mean nothing? Why won’t they find her child?

    The police station is busy – babbling noises, flashing lights. No one can see himself, let alone another.

    The station signals are whirring and growing louder and louder, as each moment presses on.

    By Anne Nicole Royster on 06.14.2011

  25. She walked to the station by herself in the dark of the night. Alone, she had time to contemplate her situation she was in. But instead, all that filled her mind was the dark, lonely station at this time of night. Only a couple of stragglers

    By anonymous on 06.14.2011

  26. Stations of the cross, train stations, light rail stations. The one outside my apartment that gently lulls me to sleep every night and makes me think of you and how I miss sleeping with the window open even though I pretend to hate all the noise. Stations of the cross which I didn’t even remember to look for while I was at the basilica on Sunday. Lonely cold winter nights spent sitting alone at foreign train stations with a suitcase and Bon Iver.

    By Kels on 06.14.2011

  27. I hate when you make me do this.
    Wait at the train station for you in the middle of winter to pick you up.

    Especially after you see him.
    I hate him.

    More than I hate how cold my fingers are.
    More than I hate how long you make me wait.
    More than how time passes by so slow.
    More than how many cigarettes I can smoke before you get here.

    By Dalena Huynh URL on 06.14.2011

  28. So I went to the train station the other day. I stood under a clock waiting for the next one to come by. I got on the train and held onto the bar above to keep my balance. Oh Atlanta, your Marta is wonderful.

    By Jordan on 06.14.2011

  29. there was an old lady, and all she did was stand around a train station. she always looked around, as if waiting for relatives or a loved one to show up any second. but nothing ever happened. days, weeks, months, years passed and the old lady stood there. day after day, not moving. Just looking.

    By Peettaaarr. on 06.15.2011

  30. I was in New York.
    I was in Berlin. Drunk. Actually, not drunk just a little happier and high than normal and I met a nice gErman guy with my now husband. We had a good time.

    I was in London and we saw a little guy fall asleep on another guys shoulder. They were strangers. it was cute

    By Danica URL on 06.15.2011

  31. walking, crowded, too many people are at the L. you have to squish to get into the train and there are way too many people and they are way too close to your for comfort. it’s early and the morning and you’re not ready to fight for a spot but you have to or else you’re going to be late. i miss my car. i wish i had it right now.

    By ys on 06.15.2011

  32. It was there at the train station that I first saw you. I knew from the minute we met all that you didn’t know. I knew unspeakable things. My eyes were yours eyes. A train ran through the railroad connecting our hearts. I would have told you right then how i felt but it was hidden in unspeakable fear. The fear of losing you before even saying hello.

    By Lauren on 06.15.2011

  33. The train station was never something that was quiet. Always bustling with people, and with children, men, women, even pets, it was never quiet. Ever. And one day, it did grow quiet. But mostly it had to do with the way of the future, and the way the past never could come back again.

    By alice on 06.15.2011

  34. train, beach, ben, dan, i miss him

    bus, daddy, sorta interesting


    By allison on 06.15.2011

  35. I feel like I’m stationed alone. I don’t know what to do. Do I ask him? No? No one’s going to help me out of this are hey? Not even my friends. Probably not even my family. Wonderful. So as it turns out, despite what they say, I really can turn to no one huh?

    By YouWouldn'tKnow on 06.15.2011

  36. Waiting. Waiting some more. I get so impatient sometimes. It’s when I finally stop anticipating it to come, it comes. Why is that? When it does come, is it really there? It could be my own imagination. The fact I have been waiting for so long, it’s here, but is it too good to be true? Something is going to happen to where it will go away again, and I have missed it. Maybe I am imagining my ticket. This ticket in my hand does not go to the train I want to be on. Maybe I think this only because the other trains have been full of deceit. I wish this ticket would tell me where I was going. I wish I knew what train it was I needed to be on. I guess the only thing left to do it wait.

    By Kari Norene on 06.15.2011

  37. Once I went into a train station and I was so nervous. I hate confined spaces and the crowds. I focused outside to the repetitive lights and flashing of metal walls. It was hypnotizing.

    By mary on 06.15.2011

  38. the gas station was empty… she looked around but no there was noone else… she was all alone.. what had happened? she hadnt seen a single person for the past 20 miles…

    By swallowb on 06.15.2011

  39. he met her at the station. her hair was golden and soft and everything was green and flowy and just okay. it wasn’t her, really. it was him and everything around him. things were fine now. all around him, the cars spun and crashed, and people argued and fell ill, but everything was okay

    By shalimar URL on 06.15.2011

  40. on platform eight at Wimbledon they once had a stuffed Airedale, called Laddie apparently, in a glass case. He wore a kind of saddle surmounted by a brass collection box with a coin slot. He collected money in life and death for the railway men’s children’s charity in Woking. I waited for service number thirty , terminating at Hampton Court, to take me home from school, sometimes I bought little mint chocolate biscuits from the kiosk and less frequently donated to Laddie. He’s not there anymore.

    By geraldine URL on 06.15.2011