March 10th, 2011 | 487 Entries

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487 Entries for “statement”

  1. He said it bluntly and out-of-the-blue. I told myself that I already knew. But still it struck me so hard my heart sped up and my breath came in sharp and I just stared.

    By Veerin URL on 03.10.2011

  2. She made a statement that made me take pause. How could such a beautiful woman think something so…unclean? That she should be allowed to die because she had made such a little mistake–It broke his heart. She had led him to his death, by way of her own. There was no Romeo and Juliet to it. It was just death.

    By Cati Rose URL on 03.10.2011

  3. My clothes make a statement. My hair makes a statement. My attitude and the way I hold myself and the words I choose. I make a statement even when I think I have nothing to say. I guess it’s probably a good thing to figure out what kind of silent statement you are making. Do you like yours?

    By pyronymph URL on 03.10.2011

  4. Words are nice and pretty, but nothing really charges up a statement like an action that follows on its heels.

    By HelenGrant URL on 03.10.2011

  5. not here to make a statement
    not here to make a change
    not here to make a difference
    just want to stay the same
    just want to feel what i feel
    and be the way i am
    not here to make a statement
    just doing what i can

    By littleblackbear URL on 03.10.2011

  6. Statement: a sincere lot of words, that you can easily say to THAT special person at any time and place!
    I think people do it a lot now a days, without really mean it, from within the heart…
    Maybe, people just say ‘I love you’ to let the other one happy, even if it’s a total lie.
    I am not the sentimental and emotional kind of girl, but I would never do a statement without mean it, without being the truest thing ever, or else I would be fooling this person and lying to myself, most of all!

    By Francielly URL on 03.10.2011

  7. short sentances paragraphs teachers teaching things to you ina classroom and DBQs and research on a laptop public statements at award shows during people talking and receiving things to win stuff making statements with a publicist and making it on the interenet

    By Michelle Scott on 03.10.2011

  8. I made a statement to the police about my whereabouts on the evening. I stated that I had been at a friends and that I’d fallen asleep on the couch and couldn’t possibly have known anything about the alleged incident. “What incident’s that then” asked the female copper. “We didn’t say anything about any incident.”..

    By RJH URL on 03.10.2011

  9. when i make one, you will know it. it will be prolific. it will be epic. it will the thing that changes your world. that makes you stumble in your own thoughts. it will deafen you. and the silence in the room will chill you to the core. nothing will be anything like it. so pure. so lifeless. so now.

    By P Mcleff on 03.10.2011

  10. I’m making a statement – neither under nor over, just a statement.

    By Marianne URL on 03.10.2011

  11. make a statement:
    be who you are,
    dress the way feel,
    be outrageous!
    be anything you want,
    cause baby you were born this way

    By Keys Denis URL on 03.10.2011

  12. I love you.

    No frills. That’s all.

    I love you.

    By Christina URL on 03.10.2011

  13. We always have a statement to say but do we ever think what it really means? Who can honestly say they’re made a solid and important statement in the past 24 hours? If you can’t think of any maybe you should think about how valuable your input is not. Statements can mean a lot if effort and wisdom is actually put into them.

    By beeper URL on 03.10.2011

  14. make one. be one. its all about getting a name out there. not for money and not for fame just because of who you are and where you cam from and where you’re going

    By Thad Mitchell on 03.10.2011

  15. the words you say that make a difference
    like what i am saying in this very moment while waiting for the next word to come up becuase now i’m certain that i’ve messed something up and its not really working for me. now i know somethings gone wrong because i have to type all over again and get my hands on a scale so i can weigh myself and give blood like a good selfless being with hammad because i love him so much and i need him and want him to fill me completely up

    By erin on 03.10.2011

  16. Statements are made everyday. Good ones or bad ones. But do statements actually mean something? not to me. People make statement that arnt true.

    By Darby on 03.10.2011

  17. a believe that you have. a simple comment. not a question or command. just something that you believe. an opinion or fact that you say.

    By peveith on 03.10.2011

  18. I often wish to make a statement but find I am too scared to do so. I fear people judging me and saying my statement is wrong. What kind of statement am I making then? If I let people get the best of me, how will anyone see the real me and what I believe in. So go and make a statement, make it loud and proud and be what I’m too afraid to be: real.

    By Kelsey URL on 03.10.2011

  19. The statement cut through the air like a sheet of glass, shattering its specs of glistening pain all over the small café table. The air grew thicker and thinner all at the same time as electric energy buzzed between the two. It wasn’t a question, it was a statement. The energy seemed to lock their eyes together. Behind one set, a mind still with anticipation. A whirlpool of shifting thoughts struggling to settle behind the other. Dry brown stretches of land meeting glassy blue depths of ocean. Confronting each other. If she had stopped to consider the clock on the wall, she would have been sure to imagine the arms still as death. If she had been able to consider the strangers stirring around them, she would have thought them to be frozen like ice covered statues of what they had been only moments before.

    By Michelle Krystal on 03.10.2011

  20. There was a statement
    declared across my forehead
    in glowing red and green.

    It flashed and it haunted
    and, it showed off all I fear.

    It’s funny you fear it too.

    Sorry you can’t read it
    as well as I.

    By Wings.Fly URL on 03.10.2011

  21. I am Jazmin Miller.
    I’m not anyone else, and I’m not anywhere else, I’m just me, right here.
    I’m not going anywhere or leaving, I’m just wasting time during a class.
    But this is cool.
    How long is 60 seconds anyway?

    By Jazmin Miller URL on 03.10.2011

  22. statements are very precise. they also seem to be something people really pay attention too. unlike ramblings. I tend to ramble myself. maybe rambling a lot is really making a statement though. a statement about how important about how important statements are.

    By wendyoneword URL on 03.10.2011

  23. She needed to make a statement. She had been kind, bordering on soft, many times with him. She had already said goodbye, but here he was reaching out…again. He knew her weak spot. What would she write?
    I’ve said all I needed to say to you. Please don’t contact me again. I’m moving on.
    There…now that’s a statement.

    By ChaCha URL on 03.10.2011

  24. It’s a statement of fact — something you want everyone to know. When you say, “NO!” That tells me everything. You don’t want me anymore — you don’t want us anymore, and the potentiality of that terrifies me.

    I’m not insecure, just well aware that nothing this good can last forever, however much I wish it could. I love you beyond words, but all you need is one to break me again. I’m not ready to be broken again, not strong enough, too much in love enough.

    By Samie URL on 03.10.2011

  25. when you’ve started that statement a million times in your head but you know it will never come out right. when every song on the radio gives you back feelings that you used to know but it doesnt matter ’cause hes in love with her.

    By Jennifer Stangle on 03.10.2011

  26. “We are going,” said the girl firmly. The three words didn’t come in the form of a question; she didn’t need to ask for his opinion, for what she said was a statement, in it representing her anger, her disbelief, and her disappointment.

    By A Bananie URL on 03.10.2011

  27. Er überlegte nicht lange. Die Sache war klar – glas klar. Nämlich scheiße. Was sollte er groß mit Euphemismen um sich werfen? Harte Fakten waren angesagt. Ich höre. Was du sagst.
    Was du denkst. Sag einfach nichts. Deine Augen sagen alles.

    By Pim URL on 03.10.2011

  28. Everyone thinks they have to make some kind of statement when they go to college.

    I remember very distinctly sitting at my kitchen table with my mom and sister, brainstorming possible nicknames for my college-self. I would put it on my dorm room door, and everyone would know me as Trixie or Teddy, or something just a little different from plain ol’ Tara.

    Then I found out that statements… don’t matter as much as actions do.

    By *tara on 03.10.2011

  29. it’s a statement. it’s a sentence. i think testament when i see “ment.” so a statement and a testament go hand in hand. a testament is said in the form of a sentence which is a statement.

    By Cara on 03.10.2011

  30. a statement is often given in the media as a kind of short encapsulated saying that contains some information. something being credited as a statement is usually assigned importance of some kind,

    By Phillip on 03.10.2011

  31. We all want to make one. Sometimes we just have a hard time actually doing it. One statement can change the entire situation. After minutes or hours of arguing, that last statement is the one that will last forever. That one statement that you can taste on your lips after you said it is the most powerful feeling in the world. Whether it’s a good or a bad statement, you’ll remember it forever.

    By Paige on 03.10.2011

  32. Something that is often said without words. It invokes emotions in the people who see it and often that emotion is either jealousy or envy.

    By Molly on 03.10.2011

  33. i made a statement with my blood
    red and running, like my mind
    and without the words to stop it
    it kept on going, endlessly

    By tayfish URL on 03.10.2011

  34. The witness’s two statements were highly inconsistent, and Anna couldn’t think of a single way to reconcile the two. The witness was key, but chances of persuading the jury that one statement was more credible than the other were slim to none.

    Anna buried her face in her hands and groaned. She couldn’t put this one on the stand – not if she didn’t want to get slaughtered in open court. She peered through her fingers at her desk and thought, yes, another bottle of whiskey was just what the doctor ordered.

    By Nagi URL on 03.10.2011

  35. lets make a bold statement. stand up for what you believe in! if you’re too scared to do that, at lease make a statement in your mind. don’t just go along with the crowd. have your own thoughts. people have become brainwashed zombies lately. its sickening. no one thinks for themselves anymore. come on people, live a little. do what you want. make a fucking statement!!

    By freesia on 03.10.2011

  36. They think they can make a statement with the hair and the makeup and the clothes and everything visual and physical and sensual too. Yes, you make a statement with your mouth. But it comes from the words you say, the syllables that bounce off of your tongue. It’s not from the lip gloss that you put on each morning.

    By Seneca S. URL on 03.10.2011

  37. She stood up on the table in the middle of her classroom and began to talk. Heads rose from desks, and people stared. People sneered and made fun of her. But she had something to say. She wanted to make a statement!

    By novella URL on 03.10.2011

  38. the end of a sentence and the result of an insult to declare a proclaimation to be formal and write in full sentences to be explosive in the fact of conclusion

    By Wings.Fly URL on 03.10.2011

  39. What is a statement? Why do we have to use them? Doesn’t it seem presumptuous to think that we have anything to say that other people care about listening to? Why do we think we’re important enough to make a decision like that? How can you justify saying something, proclaiming the truth with absoluteness?

    By Jules URL on 03.10.2011

  40. I wasn’t trying to make any kind of statement. It wasn’t mine to do that. I just wanted to help. I wanted to keep everyone together. I just wanted to keep the peace. The statement was bold, broken, and tore us apart to the threads that we were created with. I just wish that all statements could have a button that allowed us to choose which way we meant it.

    By Jasmii URL on 03.10.2011