February 25th, 2013 | 219 Entries

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219 Entries for “startled”

  1. I’m startled by your presence now that I’ve grown accustomed to your absence, yet still in the middle of cleaning out my closet and breathing dust like perfume I swoon and you catch me from hitting the floor and looking round I’m alone.

    By nannan URL on 02.25.2013

  2. It is so easy to startle an individual bean in a bowl of bean soup. What you do is drape yourself with a tomato or hide behind a piece of onion; and then, just as the spoon sweeps by, you jump out at an unsuspecting bean. It happens every day.

    By Jeff Goodman URL on 02.25.2013

  3. I was startled by the call of the birds, emerging from the silence. Something had silenced them. Whatever it was had evidently gone or changed, and things were seemingly back to normal.

    It was all very deceptive, and I didn’t trust my ears.

    By chipschap URL on 02.25.2013

  4. The sound startled all of us sitting in the bar. It was like the noise of several bands starting to play at once, all genres and volumes. I don’t think anyone realized the dam was broken until the water was sloshing around our feet.

    By Hannahey URL on 02.25.2013

  5. Means you wake up wandering about what you´re thinking only to find that you´re impressed, amazed, disconcerted with the actual thought you are wondering about. Startled means you find yourself finding yourself in a situation which you didn´t expecto to find yourself in the first place.

    By Sebastian Sarinana URL on 02.25.2013

  6. I was startled by you coming home. I was startled by you coming near. I was startled by you as you were startled by me.

    By teeda URL on 02.25.2013

  7. The stars were startled awake by the thundering snores of the suns slumber,
    and brought to being by the night.
    They twinkled and bickered and were ailed with the task of holding the sky up
    while the suns eyes were set to rest.

    By Sophia Swart URL on 02.25.2013

  8. She was startled by the loud clang of the bell. She couldn’t see a foot in front of her. It was totally dark. She heard faint rattling noises behind her. She turned around. “Rats!”, she thought, and felt a strong fear rushing through her.

    By c on 02.25.2013

  9. Perfume float into the air, startled. It is you, come and sit next to me. Fidgets in the soul, whisper hard warning. No, you don’t belong to me.

    By eicat URL on 02.25.2013

  10. startled,she jumped the tracks and kept a deer in flight,following her instinct to flee to the safety of the woods.

    By skylarkin URL on 02.25.2013

  11. Who, what, when, where, and how
    These questions pop up fast and leave in a clouded blur
    My heart
    Because we were only ever good at fighting

    But the real startling part of it all?
    I think I’m over it.

    By Emerson Kippling URL on 02.25.2013

  12. Startled the waiter turned to find Mr dewam having a heartattack. Rushing to his side he called out for an ambulance, the crowd in the resturaunt we’re a ghast a young semmingly fit man cripled on the floor. under the table conor noticed a needle. The paramedics came thundering through the door’s of the resturaunt, carrying mr dewan out as Conor looked around in his bewildered state he saw that his date was gone Everuthing seemed to happen at the speed of light on a high speed camera. Each frame was crystal clear. None of the frames induvidually or in sequence made any sense. He had turned then heard a gasp , Mr Dewan clasped hos hand to his knee then to his chest. She was sitting opposite him as he called out for a ambulance she had vanished.

    By margret on 02.25.2013

  13. He stared at her, eyes wide with surprise, anticipation, wonder and– yes, a little fear. She had dropped him like stone without even touching him, and Lee slumped against the wall. He could see the negative image around her, the darkness that stuck to her limbs and stood out starkly against Seph’s glowing radiant power.

    By Courka URL on 02.25.2013

  14. Dropping the shoes in the pool shouldn’t have startled him. A splash is not an abrupt sound. Yet his inability to focus without his glasses on kept Paul from knowing it was coming.

    By Kristen Leigh URL on 02.25.2013

  15. “Did you just fart?!”
    Casey, had woken up, startled by her own flatulence.
    “No! What? No!”
    This would have been the only time that Casey had revealed her lower origins.
    “Nothing,” I said. I didn’t have the heart to tell her.

    By Max on 02.25.2013

  16. BOO jumps out quick flash dart leap out of corner of eye bang flash running running jump log run glance back keep fleeing keep fleeing CORNERED stop! turn and face punch jab dart dodge connect run and run and run and run and run

    By AlSh on 02.25.2013

  17. “WHAT?!” she exclaimed startled.
    “Yes ma’am” the shop assistant respectfully replied “shoes are half price today”.

    By Ollie on 02.25.2013

  18. As she walked down the dark corridor with the lit candle she was startled when a small mouse scurried across the way in front of her.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 02.25.2013

  19. Startled the waiter turned to find Mr Dewam having a heartattack. Rushing to his side he called out for an ambulance, the crowd in the resturaunt we’re a ghast, a young semmingly fit man cripled on the floor. Under the table Conor noticed a needle. The paramedics came thundering through the door’s of the resturaunt, carrying Mr Dewan out as Conor looked around in his bewildered state he saw that his date was gone Everything seemed to happen at the speed of light but looked likeit was on a high speed camera. Each frame was crystal clear. None of the frames induvidually or in sequence made any sense. He had turned then heard a gasp, Mr Dewan clasped his hand to his knee then to his chest. She was sitting opposite him as he called out for a ambulance she had vanished.

    By margret URL on 02.25.2013

  20. Change makes the soul feel startled.

    It’s not about politics- it’s about movement. People began moving since the beginning because of hunger, disparity, invasion… you name it.

    I am transitioning into the all-important phase of adult stability with a lifetime partner.

    My soul is startled.

    But not the way mankind has been startled by change though the ages.

    This is bliss.

    By JP URL on 02.25.2013

  21. It is startling that the only things that seem to continue are those that clank, wash, and holler. These are coffeeshop sounds. The line moves forward, shortens and music is heard less then louder for brief periods.

    By cadypie URL on 02.25.2013

  22. I was very startled when the bear awoke and charged me. The bear was a very large, female brown bear. This was one of the scariest experiences in my life, as I could have died. I did not want to die, so I ran off to where my rifle was and shot the bear in the face.

    By Darlon on 02.25.2013

  23. One day i was at home just relaxing watching tv. I was hanging out at my dads place with the family, me and my sisters were watching a freaky movie and out of no where my dad just scream just to startle us, we all screamed.

    By Shawna on 02.25.2013

  24. Feeling a hand on her shoulder, Hailley jumped. Right behind her was Jet, smirking down on her.
    “Feeling a little jumpy?” He asked.
    She punched him lightly, “Jerk.”

    By CM on 02.25.2013

  25. I was once startled by a moose. I am sure the moose was also startled. I was taking a walk with my dog.

    By Garrett on 02.25.2013

  26. when i heard my alarm in the morning i startled. When i woke up i got ready for school, and i startled to start my car. The next day we had a basketball game and as soon as the score board go off, i startled to shoot the ball.

    By Willie URL on 02.25.2013

  27. during our last ball game of the season i was running down the court. (this is not true) i was going in for the layup and i never looked at the clock but the buzzer startled me. we won the game by 2 points.

    By Andra on 02.25.2013

  28. I startled when i heard ghost whispered by my ears. SO I went out running out the door and I never went back in that house. I didn’t even go back in that house, the only time i went in that house was when I go get my other friends to scare them.

    By tray URL on 02.25.2013

  29. i honestly don’t know what to do about this. it startled me because i have never done this before and it’s kinda weird.

    By Niketa on 02.25.2013

  30. startled is a very stange word. i don’t like being startled cause it scares me but i dont like being scared. so i dont like the word startled. the little boy startled the big man. that sentence is weird

    By Autumn URL on 02.25.2013

  31. it startled me when he walked through the door. quickly, i put my project aside. i could not afford any time interruptions but even worse was having the entire project interrupted. if i could complete this task, it could save my reputation at the firm.

    By l on 02.25.2013

  32. A startled fox, was startled by a startled wolf, which was startled by a bear, which was startled by a hunter, which was startled to see a bear. Then the bear startled the wolf, which the wolf startled the fox. Then they all were startled to see each other.

    By Anthony URL on 02.25.2013

  33. Today was the day. I saw everything clear. Was not even startled by the realization that everything around me was me.

    By Phoenix Aquarius URL on 02.25.2013

  34. They boys were startled by a sudden bright light that descended over the baseball field. Never had they seen something so penetrating, like fire works, in the Arkansas sky- glimmering like diamonds next to moon light. Joe told Peter to grab his glove and Bobby came whipping by from the outfield.

    By Emily URL on 02.25.2013

  35. raised flesh
    along every surface
    like feathers plucked.
    heave of air
    and crystals clear
    as pounding flesh
    in blues and greens
    to tempos fierce
    are frightful.

    By Ali URL on 02.25.2013

  36. Eyes opened wide, sweat beaded down smooth skin. Adrenaline-charged blood pulsed through swelling arteries, pushing oxygen to even the smallest of muscles. Nostrils flared and the urge to run filled every inch of available brain matter. Neurons sparked as limbs stiffened and coiled, ready to react.

    By KT URL on 02.25.2013

  37. Wide eyes- big and brown- look up from a box of letters and notes. A pale pink mouth opens up to apologise but already the door is closing, a heat sweeping up inside my chest. Someone reading the contents of your heart is almost as bad as having it ripped out.

    By F on 02.25.2013

  38. I am startled, frozen, standing in one place. I can’t move, just looking at her, can’t talk, just spying her eyes as she is standing over there. I am startled, frozen, like a rat after the electric shock conditioning.

    By Aldinias on 02.25.2013

  39. Phil looked up at his girlfriend, startled. Judging by Lucy’s expression, she had already called his name several times, but he was so caught up in his own thoughts that he had completely failed to notice her. He smiled apologetically, and bit back a sigh. He knew he hadn’t been such a good boyfriend, lately, and he was truly sorry. She deserved more than this, but he couldn’t help. The troubles he was having at work seemed to be getting worse and worse with each day, and he had more than once found himslef considering the idea of quitting.
    But, anyway, now it wasn’t time for dwelling. Lucy, too, had had a very bad week, and a well deserved break was in order. He suddenly realized, from her quizzical expression, that he still hadn’t aknowledged her. He smiled again, this time with more confidence, and he gently stroked his finger on her soft cheek. She smiled back, and relaxed at the familiar touch. The night was all theirs.

    By Monica URL on 02.25.2013

  40. I know a guy, and he always looks like a deer caught in the headlights whenever someone talks to him. It’s as if he goes “SHIT, SOMEONE’S SAYING SOMETHING TO ME, WHAT DO I DO” in his head. And I wonder, how come we get like that? What happens in our brain to make us think that others are better than us, and our word doesn’t mean anything so it’s best to not say anything and hope no one asks. What makes us so startled about it?

    By Jakers on 02.25.2013