February 5th, 2014 | 101 Entries

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101 Entries for “starlit”

  1. I think most magic happens beneath a starlit sky. It is such an attractive word, a seductive thought. To be starlit is to shine in a light that is special, otherworldly.

    By Eowynruss on 02.05.2014

  2. The kings and queens of starlit are gone. The oldsters that are left see only blackness when they look to the heavens, only hear the wind sobbing… They thank their lucky moon now, for without it there would be no celestial lights setting off the waters—from rivers to oceans—like diamonds on Ms Monroe’s necklace. Her and Frank, starlit devils… The beginnings of the meanings now changed to a lustral masquerade… So they say…

    By Miss Alister URL on 02.05.2014

  3. It shot across the sky like a shooting star. But it wasn’t a star. It was a flying Winnebago. Barf behind the wheel, streaking it across the sky. Lone-star was no where to be found. He was “starlit” at the bar.

    By Rover URL on 02.05.2014

  4. She looked up at the stars, she didn’t know whether he was up there or not. She could still imagine his face, starlit with the glowing light from the sky breaks, her eyes smoothed his bumps that he believed were there. There was everything and nothing between them, and she knew it couldn’t last.

    By Zoe Jensen URL on 02.05.2014

  5. This starlit night is not bright enough to show me the details of your face. And my mind can’t quite conjure up enough to form a vivid picture.

    By esky1118 URL on 02.05.2014

  6. The music carried through the hall with a ringing, pleasurable to the ear. The dim lights and shadowy corners seemed just a little bit brighter. “I think we’ve got a star on our hands,” the manager said to me. I looked at my little girl on stage. “A starlit,” I said.

    By charlie card on 02.05.2014

  7. She was heavenly and ridiculously talented. So much so that everybody complemented her. That being said, he took a small amount of pleasure in his little starlit. He said so nearly twice as often.

    By mmlf99 URL on 02.05.2014

  8. you can dance with me in the sunlight but there’s something special about the moon giving off its white glow and things sleeping while you dance around freely in the quiet and still summer air. I wanted to know you and wanted to love you but you kept slipping through my fingers. So i’ll have to be content that things are hidden tonight.

    By Ylan on 02.05.2014

  9. I don’t know what this word means. But i think its like a girl mane character. She probably got a fat ass. Yeah she do.

    Like two big red apples. Juicy.

    By Nick on 02.05.2014

  10. This is what makes up the sky at night. Our curiosity grows in the attempt to track each individual star. This gives the sky a mysterious and beautiful meaning. It looks like a thousand curious fireflies floating through darkness lighting the way for themselves and others who wish to follow them. Each star unique and incredible, in a sense representing ourselves.

    By madison on 02.05.2014

  11. empty is the grassy headland, i lie upon the bench. the sky is so clear and dark, starlit with tiny fireballs. i will never know them as they know themselves. they are so beautiful.

    By Helena Anderson URL on 02.05.2014

  12. Starlit. Reminds me of your face the first night we hung out. The way the moon nearly gave you it’s beauty. It’s light, as well as the stars shined on you that night.

    By Reena on 02.05.2014

  13. A night that is illuminated by the stars and creates a picture but one that looks different to everyone.

    By Jasmin Lee on 02.05.2014

  14. In perfect echoe of the words “let there be light.” The unseen smile lays: hidden in the darkness of trials and suffering; hidden amongst terrible weeds and unruly vines; smothered in smog and mist. What a miracle when the unseen smile is revealed, when it is starlit, when one stream of light pierces every darkness every obstacle. In perfect echoe of the words “let there be light.”

    By Jose on 02.05.2014

  15. The sky is so beautiful. Especially at night, in starlit. It just glows so magically, so brilliantly. This can bring anyone inner peace when they look up at the wondrous night sky.

    By Kenzie URL on 02.05.2014

  16. Under the starlit sky he could see her approaching him from the car. She wore a dress in blue and she wore it well. She approached him slowly, head bowed coyly. She went to speak, and he asked her to just be here with him without the noise under the starlit sky. If only for one night.

    By Woman on Pause URL on 02.05.2014

  17. Moon,stars the never ending day and night. Looking up it seems so far away and out of reach

    By ashley on 02.05.2014

  18. starlit skies with speckles, freckles, imperfections in spontaneous and artistic, free living. you are lighted up with a sparkle mysterious and boundless

    By Anna on 02.05.2014

  19. we waited under a starlit sky, our breath streaming out into the cold November air. The silence was as absolute as the night and in all my years I will never forget it. When the dawn came, we would know for certain whether or not our home was still there and whether or not we could ever go back to it.

    By Cat on 02.05.2014

  20. speckles of imperfection like freckles on purity. seeds sown in the darkness to shine a hope and light a fire seemingly impossible to man. boundless energy in amalgamation.

    By Anna URL on 02.05.2014

  21. the night was starlit. The gleam in her eyes was breathtaking as I stared into them. Not even the sparkling sky could compare to what I saw there. A world of hope and imagination. A world of endless possibilities. there was no limits or apologizes in those eyes, no regrets or worries; they were pure hope. The stars in the sky seemed to whisper to me and tell me what to do next. They guided my hand to her neck, gently stroking the side of her face with my hand. I tossed a tendrel of hair behind her ear then softly I kissed her. The kiss was everything I was hoping for and everything I needed. It brought courage and fear to me all in one big wave of emotion and feelings.

    By Joan on 02.05.2014

  22. I screwed up I hoit refresh no.

    By nn on 02.05.2014

  23. The night was dark, damp, loney The air was humid and fell like a blanket over the people. It was uncomfortable but not all together bad, not that the people would know that. Life moved quickly, the people never took a second glance while making their way along the dark, barely lit streets of the inner city. A starry eyed child was not like the others. No, not anymore. The boy, being tugged along by his mother, took his time. His gaze matched that of the starlit sky and he stared up at the twinkling lights with wonder. His mother, too ignorant, or maybe just apathetic to notice, continued to pull him along, separating the starry eyed boy from his starlit sky until another night.

    By Foss on 02.05.2014

  24. It’s just a starlit night. Whats so special about that?
    The way he smiles at me
    The way we dance across the lake
    The way we twirl and swirl into love
    Its just a starlit night
    What could be so special about that?

    By Saffy on 02.05.2014

  25. I AM Disciplined no matter what happens I will continue on and get it done.

    By Joey URL on 02.05.2014

  26. Starlit makes me think of one of my favorite childhood movies…Aladdin. After desperately seeking Jasmine’s attention, Aladdin finally gets her to go on a magic carpet ride through the starlit sky!! <3

    By taybaybay on 02.05.2014

  27. The starlit sky has nothing compared to the lights I feel when something goes my way, inside sparks fly and the only light comparable is the one that comes out from behind the mountains after walking home during the coldest night of the year at three o’clock in the morning. A miracle that comes so vastly between times that it is almost unfathomable.

    By Liz on 02.05.2014

  28. It’s snowing.
    Flakes flutter down, litter the sidewalks with their beauty, their individuality; you’re bundled in scarves and hats, she’s holding your hand. Magic.
    You stare up at her starlit face and it hits you, once, powerfully: the grace, majestic and whimsical and so, so real, and you love her. You know now that you’ve loved her for a very long time, longer than you’ll care to admit.

    By Jordan on 02.05.2014

  29. He grabbed my hand and pulled me back trying to get me to stay a moment longer. A breathy laugh escaped my mouth, “please, don’t. Don’t leave me. Don’t ever leave me.” he whispered into my ear. This was more than I could take. I tried to break away, but my body didn’t listen it succumbed to his gentle touch and I turned towards him. His eyes sparkled in moon of the summer evening. All there was to light our way was starlight. He pulled me close, and butterflies that seemed to be holding hammers pounded around my stomach, and my heart beat quickened to an unbearable pace. His hands slithered around my waste, and there was nothing else I could even do! I wrapped my hands around his neck and he pulled me in even closer. You think I kissed him? I’m not some skank, walking around with my ankles showing.

    By Brooke Tuinei on 02.05.2014

  30. We sat on the bench together facing the bridge. My hand near enough to feel the warmth of yours, but far enough to not overstep my boundaries. But then you did. You reached over and nestled your hand into mine. And craned your head into the nook of my neck.

    I have never been so in love as I was with that starlit version of us.

    By John URL on 02.05.2014

  31. There they stood. Hand in hand, eyes looking toward the starlit sky. Moments together seemed perfect. He smiled, she smiled…life was OKAY. The breeze gently brushed against their cheeks, sending a shiver up both of their spines. This is where they were meant to be…this is where life had taken them.

    By Theresa on 02.05.2014

  32. The starlit skies bounced off his eyes as he looked up.

    By Love Hurts URL on 02.05.2014

  33. We danced on the starlit balcony, pausing to take sips from coolers and wine boxes, the sour taste lingering far after the stinging, spicy sensation of the prior hors d’oeuvres. Elsewhere, they were playing charades and laughing too loudly and talking too quickly, so for us, it was peaceful to bring away and waltz in the shower of the moon.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 02.05.2014

  34. I lied down right there in the grass, with the brilliant flames blazing in the distance against a black blanket of silk. This was the perfect night for it. The air was warm and dry, and a gentle breeze cooled the fever I could not seem to sweat away.

    By Jude URL on 02.05.2014

  35. Scott gazed up at the starlit sky, and then glanced down at Diana. “It’s beautiful, isn’t it?”
    She nodded, smiled, and linked her arm through his as they continued to walk down the quiet street. It was his last night with her, and then he’d be off to help a new client. It was silly, really, falling for someone that helped you renovate your house (and doing a very good job, to say the least). But she supposed the fact that her ex leaving her with two young boys left her feeling void, and she needed someone. Was he that someone—? She didn’t know, yet.
    He stopped walking and looked at her. “Yeah?”
    The words she wanted to say didn’t come out. Instead she smiled and squeezed his forearm. “Thanks again for everything.”
    Scott smiled back. “I’d do it again in a heartbeat.”

    By AJ Kenobi URL on 02.05.2014

  36. Starlit moons weren’t exactly a thing even if you wanted them to be. There were starlit nights and starlit skies and starlit smiles but starlit moons were never a thing. Why? The moon could have easily been lit by starts… right?

    By Anastacia Valdespino on 02.05.2014

  37. The starlit path was all I could see, everything else was surrounded by darkness. As I walked, I knew it was taking all the faith in me not to turn back to what I knew. This path was the only way to finally escape the clutches of the known and find a way into the unfamiliar. The unfamiliar to many is terrifying, but to me it’s a world of endless possibilities.

    By foost URL on 02.05.2014

  38. As she looked out unto the new world she had created thousands of stars began to fall from the sky. As she stared they stopped being stars and became angels falling out from the starlit sky.

    By Robyn on 02.05.2014

  39. The starlit night was more beautiful then anything she’d ever laid eyes on. A pitch-black background, with milky stars was more spectacular than she would expect. And with her lover right beside her on the blanket-soft grass, it was shaping out to be an amazing night.
    “Isn’t it beautiful tonight?” She inquired the boy laying down beside her.
    “Indeed- its beauty almost matches yours, which is quite an extraordinary thing.”
    She flushed at the compliment, and put her head on his chest, basking in the warmth of his body.
    And gradually, she fell asleep under the starlit sky.

    By Person on 02.05.2014

  40. Starlit skies, and sleepy dawns – that was all she ever seemed to see of the outside world any more. Her busy life kept her inside, a prisoner to grey walls, and TV glows.

    By sarah on 02.05.2014