January 25th, 2012 | 236 Entries

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236 Entries for “beehive”

  1. The girl ran as fast as she could in the game of tag she was playing with her friends. It was her birthday you see, and therefore she was allowed to choose the game her class would play that day. Suddenly, she felt someone’s hands push at her back, perhaps a little too hard sending her forward into the tree their teacher advised the students to avoid. The impact was hard and painful, the girl was sure she would be having some splinters. But as the girl looked up, she discovered that a splinter or two was the least of here worries; because at that moment, a beehive was falling straight towards her. The girl closed her eyes for the impact.

    That was the only thing the girl remembered before waking up in a white hospital room, the only true color being the red splotches covering her arms completely.

    By Aspen on 01.25.2012

  2. buzzing honey lips
    wait for me in my dreams
    sweet kisses fill my mouth

    savor the taste

    By Michelle Williams URL on 01.25.2012

  3. In a B52, I bombed Germany with a bear as a co-pilot. We parachuted into Austria. We did what we had to do.

    By Jennifer on 01.25.2012

  4. Thoughts swarmed inside her head like bees in a beehive; not even honey would taste as sweet as the ability to clear her mind of all worries.

    By Zoë Aiko URL on 01.25.2012

  5. You are like a beehive. One little touch, and the worst of you comes out. You don’t like to be disturbed, and when you are, you have no mercy. You create your feelings inside of you, a thousand feelings flying around, not really sure where they should be. You are like a beehive, always ready to hurt.

    By emma URL on 01.25.2012

  6. bees live in a beehive they make honey all day long for their queen the females do the gathering of the pollen while the males tend to the young all of this happens in a beehive.

    By Rachel Wyatt on 01.25.2012

  7. I love to smash beehives to help the bears. they appreciate the fact that the honey spills out to feed them and their cubs. I love to help feed them and help them to survive.

    By darla on 01.25.2012

  8. Beehive reminds me about bees. I remember the last time a bee bite me. The bitch came into my trainers which where on the balcony drying and I was in a hurry so i put them and beat me in my finger. meanwhile my friend came to look for me by car but i told him about the bee, so he went to put gas on the car and he had an accident.

    By paube on 01.25.2012

  9. The palce was a beehive of purposeful activity. People worked there with quiet efficiency, packaging goods for shipment to all corners of the earth.

    By Russ on 01.25.2012

  10. On her head the beehive that contained the mysteries of her past swirled and buzzed about her frightening off everyone in the pew behind her until the entire church had emptied save for the

    By nannan URL on 01.25.2012

  11. beehives in your hair
    buzz and bumble over your words
    coating your mouth with honey
    sugar sweet like fuzzy dreams and lullabies
    pressing flower petals on your sticky lips
    eyelashes glued between fluttering wings
    as thin and soft as bible pages
    teeth hinged together with pollen
    you say you became one with the bees
    but i think the bees became one with you

    fly away, honey bee, away you go

    By Laurie URL on 01.25.2012

  12. pushing, pushing, pushing the limits – pushing my limits. please, refrain from poking the beehive.

    By t URL on 01.25.2012

  13. Bzzz bzzz bzzz! The whirl of activity in the office hallway was dizzying! Monica pushed her mail cart to the right side of the hall, worrying that the next moment someone would strut through the hall and walk right into her. No one appreciated the mail, it seemed, at least not as much as they appreciated their next cup of coffee.

    By Kris on 01.25.2012

  14. The beehive was abuzz; the angry bees indignant over the blatant invasion by the honey badger. But the honey badger didn’t care. He was getting stung like a thousand times. He wanted the larvae. How gross is that? And there was honey too. That’s where the honey badger took his name from. It was a welcome change from cobra. – Honoring Randall

    By Doug McIntire URL on 01.25.2012

  15. A beehive is a thing with bees in it. They like honey and stuff. Honey is good for bees. Bees live in a beehive

    By AshleyMarie URL on 01.25.2012

  16. Behave rhymes with beehive.

    You know, if you pronounce them with funny dialects.

    By HelenGrant URL on 01.25.2012

  17. A chaotic sense of unity. Each bee flutters around until he/she finds his/her place. There is no disunity, only a strong network cooperating together. While we slap them away, bees prove more organized, more efficient, more cooperate than even the greatest human beings.

    By Meghan URL on 01.25.2012

  18. when i think of beehives i think of those straw things and then i think of burts bees. lLeah was wearing burts bees the other day and i think it was actual like colored gloss. not that i mind but i wonder what savannah thinks. hahaha. strange how we/she reject anything of the grown up world

    By Adele on 01.25.2012

  19. The beehive hairdos rise far above the heads of the pretty women gathered in the sitting room. Their full circle skirts with floral patterns brush quietly against each other as the women move around the room sampling cheese and olives.

    By Caitlin on 01.25.2012

  20. “You kicked it?” He fairly shrieked. “Of all the things on our Good Lord’s green earth, child, whatever possessed you to do that?”

    Spring merely shrugged, turning her hands, palm up to the sky. “They were sleeping and all quiet and it’s supposed to be my time.” She shifted her chubby freckled hands to rest on her hips. “And I was being nice! I wasn’t gonna freeze ’em like Winter! I just wanted them to make the flowers all pretty and everything.”

    “I wasn’t gonna freeze ’em, Spree.” Winter sauntered over, his hands shoved into the pockets of his brown fur vest. “And you’ve got air for brains, flowerhead. Nobody kicks a beehive and lives to tell it.” His silvery brows knitted together. “You told them you were Spring, didn’t you?”

    The guilty child immediately looked away.

    Winter rolled his eyes and stomped off. “A beehive.” He muttered. “Of all the things on…”

    By Sara H. URL on 01.25.2012

  21. His love for her was nearly impossible for her to obtain, like honey from a beehive. She had tried many things, and she had failed yet again. She knew he would never see her as more than a ‘play thing’, because that’s all she was to him…while he was with others.

    Was it wrong for her to like the attention, even if she got it for the wrong reason?

    By Tiffy URL on 01.25.2012

  22. a beehive of activity
    rushing around inside my brain
    someones making honey
    while someone takes the pain
    and we all make a system
    to make the hive grow
    and we don’t stop to sit
    we just go and go and go
    and it’s beautiful and rare
    the thing that we do
    because this mind is quite the genius
    even those it’s not hard to do
    to live the life we live
    simple as bees, you see
    thoughts come simple as pollen sniffles
    that flows through trees in breeze

    © L²

    By lauren on 01.25.2012

  23. She looked me in the eye and wondered… then wandered away. I doubt it. I only laughed, half the time. Her bum is big. My words are larger. No braggadocio; showing off is no good. Or maybe I should hit up spell check and get a little more meaner with it.
    if that’s what kings do around here…

    By youand yours URL on 01.25.2012

  24. bees are yellow and black. they suck honey. bears like honey.

    By uy on 01.25.2012

  25. The bees were buzzing merrily as Meredith skipped across the field; the big hive above her door was positively bursting with energy today, and she found she rather enjoyed the melodius hums that kept her company. The bees were her friends, she had decided when she was very little, and she liked it when her friends kept her company. She loved the bees and she loved her hive and she hoped they would never die.

    By Julie on 01.25.2012

  26. A little buzzing is such a pest soon you’ll end up inside my nest of sticky honey and baby drones come inside I’ll make you a clone. Just a dip a simple dive and you’ll be stuck inside my hive. What hive you say? Oh me oh my well don’t ask me just come along and tell me of what hive do you belong.

    By Zoe Alexandria URL on 01.25.2012

  27. Why was this ever a hairstyle? Didn’t it put extra strain on their necks? Did bees ever mistake them for their homes? Is this why there’s a hole in the ozone layer?

    By ahamoments URL on 01.25.2012

  28. a place where bees live, if you kick it you might die because you are getting stung so many times, yellow, carries honny, ans have places for bees. Very yellow and cool and fun.

    By reagan on 01.25.2012

  29. jnkljlkj

    By rth URL on 01.25.2012

  30. It’s taken hours to tease her hair into a big, extravagant cone on top of her head. A beehive, just like the hairstyle her mother used to wear in those old photographs, the ones where she was also wearing a neon green pleather swing dress andwhite go-go boots. It’s one more photo down, hundreds to go. Recreating her mother’s fashion moments is somehow therapeutic, and she thinks that mom would’ve loved this way of being memorialized.

    By Katie on 01.25.2012

  31. there was a beehive at the tree and i hit the beehive and the bees flew out of the beehive and they ran and attacked me and i was scared because the beehive was really big so i was scared that many bees would come out and attack me and im scared of bees stinging me.

    By melisa de on 01.25.2012

  32. Her smile,
    you don’t want the teeth to show.
    Behind the glistening pillars wait the wailing hord,
    horrible and fighting
    for a way out.

    By ObsidianSky URL on 01.25.2012

  33. i think bess have yummy honey and its good on bread also i got stung by a bees once it hurt and i cried

    By darla on 01.25.2012

  34. If I was going to turn this into an ironic story, it would be about a beekeeper who was stung to death by his bees because something went wrong with the hive. But that’s only because I’m still fighting the war on Chinese Taoist alchemy, and trying to figure out how to turn Xiao On’s story into something vaguely palatable. I just can’t fathom how to make this stuff readable. It’s giving me more troubles than the dialogue assignment did.

    By Lancir URL on 01.25.2012

  35. A beehive sits in the tree like a big majestic home.

    By dion on 01.25.2012

  36. Stalking a Brown Bear whilst wearing a giant beehive on one’s head might not, at first hearing, sound like the most intelligent of ideas, but one must remember that bears are inordinately fond of honey and one must bait the trap with something.

    The buzzing also helps to drown out the sound of one’s screams when the bear bites one’s leg off. This is, of course, the script to a bee movie.

    By Santa Monious URL on 01.25.2012

  37. I guess you could say that we’ve settled. That we’ve settled for a beehive lifestyle. Work our asses of for the greater good. Anonymous. One of thousands. In uniform, productive, efficient, waiting for our call to duty, defending the empire at all costs.

    By Me on 01.25.2012

  38. honey hell of stingy pain. ow ow ow. i dont like these bees go away

    By Sarace on 01.25.2012

  39. My thoughts fly like flurries of bees from a hive late into the night. All I can do is close my eyes and hope that tomorrow I will find sleep at last.

    By WearyWater URL on 01.25.2012

  40. This is why they hate shopping malls, cities, crowded places, because they’re never anything but swarms of waspish people in sunglasses who never saw a shapeshifter in their lives or anything remotely like it.

    By askance URL on 01.25.2012