January 25th, 2012 | 236 Entries

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236 Entries for “beehive”

  1. my husband is a bee keeper, he knows all about bees, he and his queen are very content together, i feel somewhat left out in this relationship. thankfully i get some honey to sweeten me up

    By Aimeedis URL on 01.25.2012

  2. I remember that day. I didn’t know where you came from, or where your home was located, but you hung onto my arm for dear life. I swatted you away; I ripped you off, leaving a permanent hole in my skin. You saw through me, saw my weaknesses and fears. You were the only one, and I killed you.

    By Marissa URL on 01.25.2012

  3. the maney taken from the beehive is very healthy but on the other hand it is supposed to be for the bees and not for the humans …

    By Gagah on 01.25.2012

  4. There was an explosion of activity in the office today, a regular beehive with clerks and assistants buzzing around as though they knew what was happening. Maybe they did. The grapevine often worked far more efficiently than the company memo, anyway.

    By lil_nail URL on 01.25.2012

  5. Meander with me and see the amber glow of afternoon through the corridors of honey. We’re not going anywhere special, and we can stop whenever we want to.

    By Jeff Goodman URL on 01.25.2012

  6. A beehive is where bees live. I’ve never encountered a beehive but I’ve seen a wasp’s nest. With live wasps in it. I don’t like wasps. I hope I never get stung by a bee or a wasp or a yellow jacket. Bees die if they sting someone.

    By Damaris URL on 01.25.2012

  7. The bees hurriedly work in their yellow home, scrambling about and fro. I wonder if this is how natural honey goes into process.

    By abe URL on 01.25.2012

  8. The lady who approached me in front of the office had a beehive and full pink lips, sticky with the gloss I had seen her apply at her desk. As she offered a limp hand, hooked almost like a talon, for me to shake, I looked at her.

    “What’s this?” I asked.

    She furrowed her penciled brow at me. “It’s a lady’s handshake. You’re a lady. We shake hands like ladies.”

    “Uh uh,” I dissented. “You shake hands with me like a real person. See, a gentleman’s handshake is not gender-specific. You have a firm handshake if you’re authoritative. Professional. Powerful. I don’t care how much estrogen courses through both of our bodies. You give me a real goddamn handshake.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 01.25.2012

  9. bees live there. it’s yellow like the sun, rounded like the moon and dangerous like a ninja.

    By Eugenia URL on 01.25.2012

  10. if there was a beehive that could be anywhere, it would be home. It would be the place that you could crawl in at the end of the day when you can’t keep going, and you can’t keep thinking, and it would have everything and be everything for you. And what else would you want from it? Because its yours.

    By Avigail on 01.25.2012

  11. It seemed as i watched her walk, as she got closer, her hair buzzed. It was hideous, i was hoping her hair would get caught on fire. I was almost disturbed by her stupidity. I wanted to meet whoever told her she looked good like that. Stupid beehive lady.

    By Liz on 01.25.2012

  12. Beehives are amazing because bees live in them. Bees make honey by carrying pollen into their hives and putting it into cells. They also put bee babies into those cells, so I wonder why they don’t drown their kids. Queen bees get special cells and are anointed with queen jelly, kind of like David got anointed with oil.

    By Emily on 01.25.2012

  13. Beehives are where bees live. The are generally yellow in colour according to many children’s cartoons but can be loads of other shapes, sizes and colours too.
    New Zealand’s government works in a building called the beehive, it is named this because of it’s shape.

    By Miow on 01.25.2012

  14. A bee hive is filled with colour full bees that live a secret imaginary life inside of the hive. Hive? Yes, hive. Bee Hive. Bees are colour full having yellow and black stripes. Stripes? Yes stripes. Bees have stripes and they live in a hive. Hive? Yes, hive. Bee Hive. Bees are colour full having yellow and black stripes. Stripes? yes stripes. Bees have stripes and they live in a hive. Hive? Yes, hive. Bee Hive. Bees are colour full having yellow and black stripes. Stripes? yes stripes. Bees have stripes and they live in a hive. Hive? Yes, hive. Bee Hive. Bees are colour full having yellow and black stripes. Stripes? yes stripes. Bees

    By becca on 01.25.2012

  15. A structure in which bees are kept, typically in the form of a dome or box.
    Something having the domed shape of a traditional wicker beehive: “beehive ovens”. MYSTICAL LIKE HARRY POTTER. DANGEROUS LIKE VOLDEMORT.

    By becca on 01.25.2012

  16. beehives are awesome, they house lots of bees, and bees are cool.

    By Anthony on 01.25.2012

  17. Beehive head, stinging and buzzing around are all of my regrets.

    By Emily URL on 01.25.2012

  18. Walking home from the bus stop, I was kicking rocks as I meandered my way down the long dirt road to my house. I felt something touch my ear and brushed my hand lazily in the air near my head. Thinking about my terrible day at school, I continued looking at the ground and shuffling my feet along. I felt a sharp pain on the left side of my neck. I scratched there, assuming it was just a twinge. Suddenly I felt funny. My vision began to blur and I felt dizzy. I felt my legs give way beneath me and fell to the ground. Confused, I looked around me as my vision went black. Of course, the beehive . . .

    By Eileen Maki URL on 01.25.2012

  19. That word is very scary to me . It isnt because it has bees in it . But the way a beehive looks, all rigidy and hollow , like a grumppy person not letting anyone in. The WORD itself is okay (: I just couldnt think of anythign else … But BEEHIVE

    By Amy on 01.25.2012

  20. Marge Simpson rocked the beehive like no other. That blue ‘do was the stairway to heaven.

    By Emily on 01.25.2012

  21. I love the workman ship from bees, i love honey because it had lots of vitamins, if your sick let a bee sting you. when bees sting they die.

    By Hanouf AlHowaish on 01.25.2012

  22. Oh my gosh, one time I was in my grandpa’s garage and i found this huge hornet’s nest. I thought it was a beehive, but he set me straight when i asked him about it. apparently they are worth a lot of money.

    By Katherine URL on 01.25.2012

  23. The backyard used to buzz with millions of vibrations, and I would need to brush away bees from my pathway as I approached. The beehive was stately and strong, promising flavor and community and eternal reproduction, but they’ve all all gone now…

    By rael17 URL on 01.25.2012

  24. A hive that bees live in, in there they make honey and there queen bee lives in there with hundreds of other bees.

    By karleigh on 01.25.2012

  25. Sometimes all we want to do is let go, let loose, be free, and fly far. Thoughts cannot describe what we want; we just become a beehive of emotion.

    By Andreo Bongco URL on 01.25.2012

  26. stingers everywhere, zoning into the sweet nectar as it flows, oh but if only it were mine, the risk, the reward.

    By LittleT on 01.25.2012

  27. Humans.

    By Arrisa on 01.25.2012

  28. It stung. That was the only thing I could think of as I walked away from her. Saying goodbye was the hardest thing I had ever said. I wasn’t sure I actually meant it, but it was better to close things now before the beehive was toiled with.

    By Rebecca URL on 01.25.2012

  29. The beehive was in the beech tree at the bottom of the garden. For weeks, it hummed and thrummed. The air was honey hazed. Th energy, frenetic. I watched from a distance, too scared to go near. But one day, I threw a stick at it, just to see, an object flung into the still waters of my existence. Then there was anger on the air, a black whirring cloud of it. I ran, but it followed. And maybe I’m still running.

    By siobhan347 URL on 01.25.2012

  30. The barn turned into a beehive of activity after the rumbling stopped. Jensen’s chains were unlocked and he was left sitting alone. All around him murmured voices. Panicky sounding voices. “WTF was that?!”

    By chole URL on 01.25.2012

  31. I don’t like bees, but I guess I don’t mind the hive. I mean, I guess the bees themselves are pretty marvelous creatures in that they create such a detailed structure, but shit, they are scary.

    By Sarah URL on 01.25.2012

  32. beehive is a stupid name for something that can sting you, a bee is always going to be able to sting you. Beeeee.. bzz. i think of the letter b not some annoying thing that can kill you. NO i think of the letter. hive. sounds like an std. Dontcha think ? STD. nasty …. well what do i write now. I feel under pressure. NOw i wanna go … should i , i dont knows. wellthen . Im done. ill wait for a while.

    By Vicky on 01.25.2012

  33. The bee is a kind of small insect which has wings. It is more useful to man than all other insects.

    Its body is divided into two parts. The front part has two legs, while in the hind part there are four legs. The sting of a bee is poisonous. It is so poisonous that a strong man may die. It if attacked by a large number of these insects. It has two wings and a yellow body. The body has black spots.

    Bees are of several kinds. The humming bee makes a humming sound. The flying bee and the hive bee are the common bees.

    In the same hive there are three kinds of bees. They are the queen, the workers and the idlers or drones. The drones are the male bees and they do nothing. The workers are very hard working. They do all sorts of work. They build the hive. They collect honey from flowers. They look after the comforts of the queen bee. They protect their and the ones from the attack of enemies. The queen bee is really a queen. Her business is to lay eggs and supervise the work of others.

    Bees live in swarms. They are very industrious. They are at work the whole day long in summer. They build the hive. They collect the honey. They collect it against winter. They defend their queen against other enemy insects. In winter they keep indoors and do not come out. They hate idlers and kill them before winter comes off. They get angry when they are teased. They sting the invader. They cause a painful burning sensation.

    When a bee hive is found, men keep a share eye on it. They look after it, till they think that sufficient honey has been collected. Then they light torches. The smoke and heat of fire drive away the bees. The hive is then taken away and the honey drawn from it.

    The bee is found in many parts of the world such as India, Spain, Italy, Egypt, Germany and Russia. In India bees are mostly found in the Himalayas and the Sunderbans.

    The bees are wonderful builders. A bee-hive is a good piece of architecture. It has a large number of cells in it. Some of the cells are used for storing up honey. Other cells are used as bed-rooms and sitting rooms. Long passages connected the cells. They are connected is such a way that coming out and going in is quite easy. Bee-hives are general made on the branches of trees. But sometimes they are also made the walls and window tops of the house.

    Bees are useful to us in many ways. They give us honey. They give us wax. We use honey to sweeten the milk or the curd which we take. It is also used in medicines. Little children are given honey when they suffer from cold or cough. Wax, which we get from the bee0give, is used for making candles. Many people earn their living by rearing bees and selling honey and tapers. Honey is delicious, sweet and nourishing food. Bees promote the growth of flowers by carrying pollen dust from flowers. Bees are a lesson to idle. The world would smile with health and plenty if all men are as industrious as the bees.

    By Natasha URL on 01.25.2012

  34. beehive= honey= happy pooh

    By taylorp URL on 01.25.2012

  35. It stood in the small garden with a brother. Tall, white and full of life, the beehive literally buzzed with excitement and life. The bees inside were collecting the pollen from the first day of spring.

    By ignominius URL on 01.25.2012

  36. i once ate a beehive; it was stuck in my bronchial nebula for two weeks and i recieved multiple stings from its inhabitants. i ate it due to the false images on a ‘winnie the pooh’ cartoon.

    By tom on 01.25.2012

  37. Beehives remind me of heaven and hell , since what is in is tasty (heaven) but to reach it you need to handle the bees (hell) . Death is near , Life is short. Beehives are just a reminder.

    By Hadi on 01.25.2012

  38. buzz buzz buzzzzzzzzz that sound is like a constant thing but an oscillating thing all at the same time, yet it does have a consistency it’s something that changes but always remainds the same…that…is a load of bullshit…trying to get heavy about bees…they’re just mother fucking bees in a mother fucking hive

    By Katie on 01.25.2012

  39. The beehive is yellow and bee’s live inside it. Well, I think it’s yellow. The bees that live inside make honey. I like honey on my buns. Honey buns!

    By Audrey on 01.25.2012

  40. Beehive

    The hairdo.

    What were they thinking? Seriously, what was it about those that made people think they were a good thing? I understand when someone goes through a punk rock stage or a fun or freaky stage and they wear styles that are non traditional, but I don’t understand when something like a beehive is not considered “wacky and fun” but mainstream and fashionable. Unless you’re wearing a ball gown and/or a tiara, I don’t get it.

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 01.25.2012