December 13th, 2010 | 321 Entries

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321 Entries for “stamps”

  1. My mom was one of those people who just couldn’t ignore the Home Shopping Network. Didn’t matter what was being offered, her credit card was always at the ready. She bought shitty worthless sports memorabilia from those over energized idiots, fake jewelry, didn’t matter.

    And when some third world country would offer new stamps of pop culture trends just to make money, she was there.

    Guess some people have sex in different ways.

    By Sid McHenry URL on 12.13.2010

  2. They have a saying “the emotion was stamped across —‘s face.” I’ve always enjoyed that expression/ It almost brings a bit of poetic imagery from an extraordinary point of view and makes it ordinary.
    I wonder what his expression is going to be when he sees what happens to her.
    I wonder where the stamp will be addressed to when he hears that I did it.

    By IsaacNoble URL on 12.13.2010

  3. I remember when stamps used to a quarter. Thanks a lot Bin Laden.

    By TC URL on 12.13.2010

  4. thank yous
    I miss yous
    I love yous
    I hate yous
    who knows

    By Rorra Sabine URL on 12.13.2010

  5. Stamps are dull to most but not to those who collect them. However, even those without an interest tend to buy many stamps because they are useful for getting in touch with those, or recieving that which, we do in fact find interesting. The huge number of stamps sold suggests that even if they are often derided as boring, people in modern society rely heavily on them for the enjoyment of their interests.

    By Gary on 12.13.2010

  6. My mom was one of those peo­ple who just couldn’t ignore the Home Shop­ping Net­work. Didn’t mat­ter what was being offered, her credit card was always at the ready. She bought worth­less sports mem­o­ra­bilia from those over ener­gized idiots, fake jew­elry, didn’t matter.

    And when some third world coun­try would offer new stamps of pop cul­ture trends just to make money, she was there.

    Guess some peo­ple get themselves off in dif­fer­ent ways.

    By Sid McHenry URL on 12.13.2010

  7. Stamps are things that you put on letters so you can mail them out. I have never actually sent one out of state. Oh wait, yes I have. Florida. Right. Snail mail! Yay! Email is way better, but regular mail is better for people who have no internet. Poor people. Aw.
    Silly postmen. Their jobs must really suck. Getting up at like 4 AM for all we know.
    I could never do that, that’s when I go to bed.

    By Cassie URL on 12.13.2010

  8. She had never left the confines of the inner city. She inherited the same money problems her mother had resentfully inherited from her own mother. It mattered to her that she couldn’t afford the same luxuries that others enjoyed but she accepted that this was to be her lot in life, for now anyway. She did inherit, however, the treasured family stamp collection. Books that contained specimens that once they were slipped out of their plastic pockets would unravel stories, secrets, fears and hopes of the people who had once licked them. She walked cobbled paths in London, visited art galleries in New York, ventured ruins in Asia, trekked mountains in the Americas, crossed the seas to the South Pacific. She understood she needn’t leave the confines of her city, her plane ticket was her mind.

    By fafine URL on 12.13.2010

  9. Today I posted that letter. I’m nervous, I don’t know when it’ll get there but you’ll get it eventually. this explains everything. me, you, us. I can’t wait for your reaction, although I’m nervous and await your reply anxiously.

    By chloe on 12.13.2010

  10. i love stamps, they are amazing, you can put them on envelops. i love the peoples faces, they make the envelope more beautiful. I hate though when you have the wrong number of stamps. other stamps are those that come in different shapes and sizes. Oh what i love those stamps. they are very fun to play with. they also brighten your day if you are in elementary.

    By Laura on 12.13.2010

  11. She stamps on my hand every time I go to pick it up. Every single time, like she gets a kick out of it or something. But I really want it so I’m gonna keep grabbing for it. In the end she gives in and lets me pick it up from the floor, but as I straighten up she punches me in the head. Turns out she really wants it too.

    By hannah on 12.13.2010

  12. The old stamp collection sits high on the shelf, gathering dust. My father tried to add to it for a while, after my grampa passed away, but lately it just seems to be a reminder of how old he’s getting, of the times that have passed. He calls my generation technology whores. But he uses it more than I do.

    By Yaar on 12.13.2010

  13. Stamps, are they a thing of the past? Do we make that assumption that everyone, yes everyone, is going to be part of the virtual email world or do we keep in mind that some still like the elegance of a handwritten note/letter? I know when I receive a letter from my mother I love opening the envelope, look at her wr

    By Kim on 12.13.2010

  14. One time I had a bunch of elvis stamps I think they were from his death or something but either way they were cool because I love elvis. I have a feeling I’m going to start thinking about elvis rather than stamps… I love the taste of stamps I think I”m the only one.

    By Jessica on 12.13.2010

  15. i use stamps all the time at work. but i feel they are useless and a waste of money. i think that people should just pay taxes on mail. screw paying 49 cents to send a letter. however i love when i get an envelope that has been prepaid. thats the best part of my day!.. shit i have a bad life.

    By paul on 12.13.2010

  16. There is this place in NYC that is maybe 10 feet by 15 feet. packed to the top with stamps. rows and rows of stamps. And when I am there, I feel at home and I feel safe and I feel alright. I don’t feel fat or scared or alone. I feel happy and okay. I feel like everything will work out.

    By colorsinchords URL on 12.13.2010

  17. stamps are really important because you stick them on postcards and packages and letters and send stuff in the mail which is important because you can’t get letters from your grandparents without stamps even though most people use email now but you have to have a computer to send an email and computers cost way more then stamps so i say go stamps.

    By margaret URL on 12.13.2010

  18. I collect stamps.


    By Janie URL on 12.13.2010

  19. I like stamps. I get mad when stamps aren’t available. Sometimes I steal them from my other job, and that makes me feel bad about myself. however, I find that I continue to do it all of the time. I use stamps a lot more now that I have this new job. I don’t like the stamps that we have here at the office. I think they are ugly. I like the ones they have available at the post office.

    By Tee on 12.13.2010

  20. I lick it and it tastes tangy, the little stamp sticking to my pink fingers as i press it down onto a crinkled white envelope. I wonder if I’ll be able to send this letter since my hands are already shaking and I can picture the scribbled words on the page, can even see some of them through the thin envelope I have slipped it into. Everything is on this paper, and I wonder, wonder, wonder what you will think, what you will read, what you will see.

    By somedays on 12.13.2010

  21. Licking your gummy underside the Queen looks at the clammy palm of my hand. This letter will be encased in the envelope and sealed with the gummy envelope seal. Placing the stamp on it is the final moment I have with this letter, these truths so I’ll savour it. All it’s gummy, clammy, licking goodness.

    By Jenny URL on 12.13.2010

  22. Stamps were written all across the driveway. Every corner, every little crevice…

    Was this some kind of sick joke? Was it a threat?

    It was not. It was a message, clear and simple; as simple as you could get.

    By Danielle on 12.13.2010

  23. They’re thinks you put on envelops with the qu’s head on them and they make things get to places quickly. Can also be a verb – he stamps -which is a foot movement and is associated with being bratty

    By K on 12.13.2010

  24. If I could think of anything that sounds lame to collect, it’d be stamps. But maybe not so. Only if you could drive, fly, swim, boat, anything, any form of transportation— get yourself over to a different place to get that stamp. You could travel, /I/ could travel, I’m getting a little wistful so forgive me, but I could travel to far away places and it would be beautiful, collecting the stamps and living the lives of so many different people.

    By Emily on 12.13.2010

  25. Stamps are the second thing that I check on a envelope after to see if it is addressed to me. My first is getting mail from other countries and looking at the stamps. There used to be a shop in my neighbourhood which had a large stamp collection.

    By Helen on 12.13.2010

  26. Stamps are what they use at the post office. Pretty places and people stamped onto them, they are stamps and always will be. They are “money” in the mail world.

    By Katherine URL on 12.13.2010

  27. People collect stamps. It’s a noble thing to do. Kind of something people make fun of though, which I don’t like. Too many people make fun of collectors. It’s not right. My grandpa collects stamps… He is going to give my brother his stamps when he dies, which makes me really sad.

    By Jaclyn Onufrey on 12.13.2010

  28. every summer since I was younger me and my best friend would go to her grandmas house, grandma char, and make cards with her expansive stamp sets. this past summer grandma char was diagnosed with cancer. I’m so scared for her, i love them both so much.

    By Meg on 12.13.2010

  29. there are stamps on my heart. I’ll turn everything to relate to him, apparently. because even though he’s not ALL that I think of, he is something my mind goes back to again and again.. so I suppose he is stamped on my brain. I can’t erase him or my feelings. I want to confess.

    By taiga tsubasa URL on 12.13.2010

  30. stamps are a way of passage. they allow people to send their loves, their hopes, their joys. and their complaints all over the world. stamps may not seem to be important, but they hold true. no man can alone contemplate how many hearts have been broken or mended through the sending of a letter. as many break-up phone calls as there are, there have been just as many break up letters. over seas and over neighborhoods, letters have been sent throughout the world. Stamps are the airline tickets of our relatioships, however little they do happen to be used now.

    By liza on 12.13.2010

  31. mauritious and that f’ing monologue. “stamps and my f’ing holy f’ing grandfather.” made valuable because of errors. the one penny AND the two penny post office. who puts post office on a stamp?

    By c.e.m. URL on 12.13.2010

  32. the thing that lays behind a stamp could be carried or filled with good news or bad. it could be a package or a gift.something you ordered from the television from that great salesman. just as long as you have the right amount on a stamp you are able to send anything you wish to whom ever you wish to where ever you wish.

    By Daci URL on 12.13.2010

  33. they go on postcards and letters when you send them to people. they cost money. they have pictures on them and sometimes they are people or animals or places but most of the time its the american flag which is stupid. america shouldnt force patriotism upon us. not everyone is patriotic or loves america. we also shouldnt have a draft because people shouldnt give their lives up for something they dont believe in.

    By Lindsay URL on 12.13.2010

  34. stamps travel the world. i want to travel the world. i want to go to venice and take in the water and buildings and love in the air. i wish i could be a stamp and just travel around the world with no real knowing of where you’re going. its a surprise. a wonderful, beautiful surprise filled with knowledge of new culture

    By Bailey URL on 12.13.2010

  35. the post came today
    as it has every day since you left
    still nothing
    don’t you think of me?
    don’t you miss me? even if only a fraction
    of the amount that i miss you..

    By sam on 12.13.2010

  36. i like collecting stamps from national parks. I have collected over 50 stamps since 1993, including stamps from cape cod and arizona. This chri

    By jon on 12.13.2010

  37. Amy stared down at the stamps in her hands, clueless. What did he want her to do with these? Of all the things he could have left her before moving away, he’d left her with stamps. She couldn’t KISS stamps. Amy sighed, setting them down on the counter before looking to her brother. “You send him mail. Duh.” he said. Amy rolled her eyes. “Can’t kiss mail.”

    By Aris Dreamer on 12.13.2010

  38. When I was a young boy, m father told me he was leaving to go buy stamps,a dn asked me to come.

    I said yes, obviously hoping to persuade him to grab some ice cream, abut I never expected what happened.

    My father bought that stamps, ate them. His head exploded and he raced off to Mars.

    By Josh on 12.13.2010

  39. postmarked by December 12.
    48 Christmas card out.
    to be opened only days before Christmas.
    some hallmark mass marketed message on the inside,
    a smiling reindeer on the front.
    merry Christmas.

    By Alicia Rose URL on 12.13.2010

  40. it’s time to mail a letter but i have no stamps. i think i must go to the post office but know it’ll be busy this time of year. many holiday cards and presents are about to be sent. oh how magical!

    By josie on 12.13.2010