November 23rd, 2012 | 220 Entries

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220 Entries for “square”

  1. The head-up, feet-down man. He stood at the corner of Waterloo and Havemyer. He was always there when we passed in my father’s car, a blue Maverick. These were days in which he’s park in the station lot and leave the keys in the car.

    By egwugwu URL on 11.23.2012

  2. squares are not rectangles. or triangles. or even rhombi. they are squares, and they are just fine with that. they like being perfectly even on all sides, and being folded into more perfect squares. most of all, they like being used in origami, as it makes them feel pretty and special; something a rectangle envies muchly.

    By Cate on 11.23.2012

  3. a box, surrounding something or keeping it in place. organization. colors of the rainbow. an idea. an emotion. a person within a square box. a shape, never changing, solid, even. perfect.

    By Aimee Joy on 11.23.2012

  4. The mold that everyone is forced to shape to. We are all pushed into the limited space, society’s uniform persona.

    By flutefrog URL on 11.23.2012

  5. A square is the second most perfect shape, after the circle. Four corners. Four sides. A beauty.

    By Sophie URL on 11.23.2012

  6. a geometric four sided shape. Something that blocks you in. Something you cant escape. it limits you and gets you stuck in places you find it hard to reverse from pointy and edgy.

    By Emma on 11.23.2012

  7. i have no idea what to write for this one. originally i saw the word and i was like ” oh, like a box.” you can’t keep yourself inside of a bx, right? that’s what everyone always tells you. Is to stop thiking inside the box. i’m sure there are typos because im not even looking at the screen right now, which is also in the shape of a square. wow, i am really rusty.

    By ashli jade URL on 11.23.2012

  8. i can see oh i can see in that square,
    people walking for his own bussiness,
    spending time spending money,
    a month before christmas,
    black friday in a square,
    i am not there,
    i am here,
    on my square,
    ten years again,
    i will celebrate it,
    with my own family,
    i hope

    By Eligia V. A. URL on 11.23.2012

  9. traflgar square is the most beautiful place i have ever seen, i would move there with all my friends. i feel at home there. beautiful feeling.

    By donatella on 11.23.2012

  10. in vivid understanding of the wickedness we surround ourselves in
    in vivid understanding of that wickedness which surrounds us
    you stumble to begin your sentences
    impromptu changes in your semantics, everything unscripted must be improv (as though we instead had ever been led by fate)
    remember those underwater mountains?
    (in the second refrain, maybe you will say to me, should you ever take me to see them?)
    then also there is time to remember that there are underwater canyons, completely distinct from ideas of despair, or any imagined comprehension of the emotion you fall into

    By robyn URL on 11.23.2012

  11. Square.
    Basket case.
    Teenage dirtbag.

    That’s all I ever hear.
    That’s all they ever call me.

    But hey,

    Those are my favorite songs.

    By IfThisIsWhatICallHome,WhyDoesItFeelSoAlone? URL on 11.23.2012

  12. The window was squat and square, and the boy had to bend down to get a good look. This was an odd sensation, he felt like he was intruding on their lives, even though the window was meant for this purpose. He watched the girl twirl around the room.

    By Kristina URL on 11.23.2012

  13. Perfect. Equal. Fair and. Harmony. Utopia. Yet so imperfect and horrible.

    By Grace URL on 11.23.2012

  14. Her life was a box. Everything she did had order, schedule, and routine. She kept her parents very happy, doing everything she was told. They were proud, and so was everyone else. The only problem? She hated it. Every second of every day, she wished she was somewhere else with a different life, a different name, different everything. But she couldn’t tell them, all she could do was write. She wrote poems and songs about the way she truly felt and then hid them away at the back of her closet. The people at school called her a “square”, she wrote about that too. She wrote about everything; that’s why it was so terrible when her mom found her journal.

    By Hazel on 11.23.2012

  15. I already wrote for this one, but now I’m thinking of other things. A square can be viewed as confinement, but it can also be so many more things. So many more beautiful things. A square can be a window, through which you gaze at the stars. A square can be a box, in which a present is wrapped. A square can be a folded note, on which is written a thousand words of love. A square can be a beautiful thing.

    By Hazel on 11.23.2012

  16. There once was a square, who sat in a tree all day and dreamed what it would be like to be a rectangle. One day, the Sage-Circle came up to his tree, and the square asked “Why can’t I be a rectangle?”
    “But you are!” Replied the circle, “You’re a perfect rectangle.”
    The young square was shocked, and thus asked the circle why he was perfect.
    “Are all your sides the same length?” Asked the circle.
    “Then you are perfect. As perfect as any shape can be. Any shape with sides, that is!”
    The sage circle cackled as he rolled away.

    By Skyapter URL on 11.23.2012

  17. There are boxes
    Railroad memories
    and dreams to sleep on-

    Someone told me once,
    That they were a hobo
    and I was a princess,
    A princess riding home
    On a boxcar
    Stuck in my square domain

    Long hair flying out the cracks
    Chasing the stars
    as we ride on to freedom

    By Laura Mary URL on 11.23.2012

  18. don’t be a square. did you know that a 3D square is a cube? my five-year-old cousin knew that and I was pretty amazed, to be honest. I mean, if they can learn stuff like that in Kindergarten, I’m pretty sure I can write this research paper, right…

    By Elizabeth on 11.23.2012

  19. Another day to square the circle, jig the mainbrace and capitilise on my emotional capital. In other words, do the impossible and try and fit in more than time or space physically permit. The secret is just to make decisions fast and keep moving. It doesn’t matter if I make an incorrect choice, I can correct and move on. The error would be to stop and become overwhelmed.

    By Meredyth URL on 11.23.2012

  20. you have always been your own ghost
    the fear that demons are real, as you flinch through the morning news,
    page one has been reserved for deaths, it seems to be, these days; the daze you walk about in was only ever your own construction

    By robyn URL on 11.23.2012

  21. A square has four sides. The general shape of a room is square. Squares are nothing like circles. Be there or be square, or so they say. I don’t know who they is. Aahahhahaha. Fdkffjdjfdgfsdg. WOO! B DER OR B SQUARE. AHAHA. ☼jÄ↨§♫▬▬↨§↑↨→→↓↨↔☻☺♥☻♣♦♠♥♣♦•◘○

    By swag on 11.23.2012

  22. I awoke to an empty room. Only my clothes and my lamp has been left behind. What could have happened? Was I robbed? That couldn’t have been possible because I fell asleep on my bed and now I’m on the floor exactly where my bed was. Then what could have possibly happened?
    I decided to get up and investigate further. What else was missing from my house? As I ventured into the bathroom, the nest closest room, I found that the sink and mirror had both disappeared, along with the lid to the back of the toilet. How peculiar.

    By Tasha on 11.23.2012

  23. Thunder without lightning. A flash of speed. The jarring shouts of a crowd aflame with passion. Screams and rage. The horses ran, foaming at the mouth, around the Italian square, their mad pursuit lit by a dying star, closing the last stretch between itself and the horizon, that solitary line across which light would vanish from this world.

    By Taylor on 11.23.2012

  24. People often feel like squares because they compare themselves to others. The ironic thing is that everyone else probably feels like a square as well. Therefore, we are a world of humans comparing ourselves to one another, feeling out of place, and not realizing we are all the same. Allow yourself to be the square, knowing that we all are made up of similar ingredients.

    By Jackie URL on 11.23.2012

  25. It’s hip to be square. Square peg in a round hole. Four sides, all the same. She squared her jaw against their hostility. Square.

    By nope on 11.23.2012

  26. you’re such a square
    He said to the lonely boy just wanting to fit in
    He then got pushed against the lockers, whimpering like a scared little puppy
    They walk away grinning, feeling successful
    While the boy sat alone and lonely
    What has he done wrong?

    By joe on 11.23.2012

  27. It’s so straight and just won’t let anything go through or come out. It’s a square. Nothing more and nothing less. Maybe it wants to be more. Maybe like a circle. A square has corners. It has dead ends.

    By JeiPanda URL on 11.23.2012

  28. so the continents became shapes, distinguishable, clean cut, and they began to float together, and he said this was good. the two that lived apart waited for the time that their shapes would meet, two triangles, so that they could finally and permanently complete each other.

    By Peach URL on 11.23.2012

  29. The square, it has 4 corners, but beyind that it means much more. it is the center peice of symmetry, it is a harmonious balance between the 4 sides. It proves us all of what we can see in side of us.

    By Syd on 11.23.2012

  30. He took the rope in his hands. He lifted them towards the sun, checking over his shoulders. The others were closer. In an instant, the rope was forced back, the deed was done. The others were not fast enough. He knew he would never have to do this again. He smiled and let go of his anxiety.

    By Steven Shafer URL on 11.23.2012

  31. A place in the street where you can find people, usually in the center of a city or village, with shops and life and very traditional somehow, I guess, reflecting a culture.

    By Ines on 11.23.2012

  32. The crystal, or, what Arabella assumed was a crystal, sat in the center off the table, glowing dark red and making a high pitched humming noise. Above the square was an unproportionally large hole in which she could only guess the mysterious object fell through, but since no one was around when the crystal fell into the the library, she couldn’t be sure.

    By Daisy on 11.23.2012

  33. The square house sat on top of the grassy hill. Its perfectly geometric angles and shapes gave it a sense of unity and peacefulness. No one would ever suspect by looking at it that it has been a feared establishment for decades.

    By SusannahF URL on 11.23.2012

  34. Be there or be square. No one likes a square…so just…be there. You know what I mean? A square is a person who would rather do something than be there. Lame. That’s all.

    By Adriane on 11.23.2012

  35. The word square means the shape of a quadrilateral. It is a geometry term. Many sophomores in high school are learning geometry, as opposed to Calculus or Algebra. I am currently in Geometry, and I really like my teacher.

    By Sarah on 11.23.2012

  36. I never understood the negative attitude towards the square, it’s just a shape.

    By Braiding on 11.23.2012

  37. Is what we learn about in math. Math is fun kind…of…sometimes but other times Mr/Benforte is a total jerk! OMG click tock click tock…isn’t it tick tock tick tock?Whatever I don’t know blu eblue square square is blue area is 20 or 25 or 30 i don’t know HELP ME

    By Devon on 11.23.2012

  38. There was a square on the ceiling that I mistook for a spider. I was scared but then relieved. It was my mind playing tricks on me. I need sleep. I probably should have slept. But I didn’t. I haven’t. Not for days.

    By Frankie on 11.23.2012

  39. The square of the hypodermic is equal to the sum of the squares of the other two scythes.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 11.23.2012

  40. She sat in the square by herself watching the pigeons peck at the ground. A man sat next to her. He leaned over and whispered “The sun shines on Africa”. He got up and left, she knew what to do.

    By Katie Coleman URL on 11.23.2012