October 12th, 2011 | 484 Entries

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484 Entries for “spring”

  1. Spring.
    Nothing is so beautiful as Spring
    When weeds in wheels shoot long and lovely and lush
    Thrushes’ eggs look little low heavens and thrush through the echoing timber does so rinse and wring the ear, it strikes like lightnings to hear him sing.
    That’s not me that’s Gerard Manley Hopkins but that’s what I think of when I see the word spring alone like that.

    By Bill G URL on 10.12.2011

  2. baseball begins in the spring, the season of new life! yea…well spring is nice and warming to the body and mind i’m sure but it also might bring a cold, and i don’t really like colds. they’re quite disgusting to be frank. all kinds nasty liquids coming out of your mouth and nose, fucking gross

    By jordan parrish on 10.12.2011

  3. I always hate the spring because it is the beginning of thinking about summer. I love summer but I hate the preparation. Spring means tanning my inevitably white body. Spring means losing 10lbs (who am I kidding 15) and spring means bathing suit shopping. Spring means work. ON the bright side I love flowers and gardening. So that keeps my spirits high during the dreaded season. In truth if it wasn’t for them I would hole up and disappear for the entire few months and skip to my favorite lazy days of summer.

    By Jessica on 10.12.2011

  4. So the winter is finally over? Such a grey dreary time in my city. And until April I almost forget how much I love this place. The shrubs and flowers come out early here…..the mild temperatures help this process along.

    By LaurieAuger on 10.12.2011

  5. muddy streets unfold everywhere. it is maybe getting warmer soon. the birds are confused, and so am i.

    By j. mcnertney URL on 10.12.2011

  6. Spring, but its the beginning of fall/winter oneword.com?
    lol, stop trying to fill my mind with flowers and crap
    I want snow
    and cold breezes
    and a chilled nose
    and silent moments
    and bare trees
    Spring is for the birds……literally.

    By Leah on 10.12.2011

  7. Spring doesn’t really arrive in Evanston until around May. Even then, when I walk around campus, I see girls wrapped up in puffy jackets, a defiant look on their faces as if the weather were a heartless playboy that dared to try and trick them with its flashes of warmth.

    I’d missed the sun.

    By Shelly URL on 10.12.2011

  8. spring is the time when flowers bloom, but it is also when you can spring into a new life. walk with a spring in your step, or just test the springs on your new trampoline

    By jezzy on 10.12.2011

  9. i hate this word it sucks like a cold in springtime, which I always get year after year. is it allergies? hay fever? what the hell is hay fever anyway?

    By katie bascom on 10.12.2011

  10. spring is when god sends his little dragonflies out to play. dance like he is watching but his opinion doesn’t matter because you’re not a dragonfly, you’re a person and you breathe

    By luna on 10.12.2011

  11. They made it through fall. Through leaves changing, through leaves falling, through leaves disappearing.
    They made it through winter. Through nature freezing, through nature dying, through nature disappearing.
    Now it was spring. Time for growth, time for sunshine, and time for new beginnings.

    By Kaylyn URL on 10.12.2011

  12. “I want to be with you when spring comes”, he said. She knew she was in love with him after that. He was everything she wanted. As it happened, spring came and they enjoyed watching the changing landscape together. Their relationship, which had began very suddenly and had taken them both by surprise, blossomed in tune with the season.

    By Rochelle URL on 10.12.2011

  13. Kennah stared at the bed, a dubious expression written clearly on her face. “That is not a bed,” she stated for the fourth time.

    This was starting to get a little ridiculous. “Yes, it is,” Narcus told her as patiently as he could manage. “Just because it has those coils inside does not make it any less comfortable.”

    There was a pause. “How can it be comfortable with metal inside of it?”

    By Ashley Shaw URL on 10.12.2011

  14. Spring is a time of love. A time of new life. Blooming Flowers. Tree leaves sprouting. It’s all quite beautiful and promising. For me, it’s a time of dying. I know my time is near and unfortunately, I cannot stop it. I only found out yesterday. The people around me don’t know how long I have left in this world, in their lives. I know it’s not enough. It won’t matter soon enough, I suppose. I debate whether or not to tell them. I don’t want them to act anything but normal around me for the time I have left. I want them to laugh and scream and cry the way they would otherwise, not because I am dying. They’ll have plenty of time for that once I’m gone. Then, I wouldn’t have to witness it. The pain in their eyes, the sorrow in their voice, their gentle touch because they are so afraid the wrong amount of strength or force will break me… I could not handle that.

    By Stringel URL on 10.12.2011

  15. how far away you are. as if some distant dream, that only existed once in another world- somewhere so far away. somewhere where the plants are always blooming.
    somewhere where the wounds heal easily.

    to say i do not think of you would be a lie: how many nights like this one before.

    When my love was there.
    Where did you go, strange love of mine?

    & who knows where the time goes.

    By j.j. URL on 10.12.2011

  16. Spring… sprung… sprooooong.

    Spring is too bright. And it’s far, far away.

    It’s fall now, but I don’t quite like that word.

    “Fall.” Sounds painful. I much prefer “Autumn:” peaceful, warm, breezy. Hmm. Sounds like summer. Oh well, it’s Alabama. It’s all the same.

    By brandeelou URL on 10.12.2011

  17. Spring was her least favorite season.

    The bright or pastel colors? Puke.

    The happy cheerful little kids? Gag.

    The cute little baby animals and waaay too optimistic Easter Bunny? Someone kill her now!

    Spring was to preppy and bright for her.

    But maybe, just maybe, she could stand the adorable, sweet face of her best friend sleeping peacefully with his head in her lap.


    By Lyssie212 URL on 10.12.2011

  18. Spring awakening was the play I was in. Hot springs hold water and I want to bathe in them like in the last airbender. Spring is my favorite season. Spring into summer. Tigger springs around on his tail. Spring is summer’s foreplay.

    By Kourtney Durham URL on 10.12.2011

  19. i look forward to spring.
    it all seems so pleasant.
    so beautiful.
    so hopeful and inspiring.

    too bad it’s always summer, here.

    By sarah marie URL on 10.12.2011

  20. She pranced with a spring in her step as the warm Spring breeze gently caressed her face. Ahhh the warmth and beauty of a renewing Spring day provided her with the rejuvenation she so badly needed.

    By BWoolley URL on 10.12.2011

  21. It’s colder than expected in Ann Arbor in the spring. Until St. Patrick’s day, when the sun always shines, and the wind doesn’t creep inside your coat and inside your lungs. The grass is soggy and leaves your butt wet after you stand up. Smells good, with the melted snow.

    By Molly on 10.12.2011

  22. Everyone will write about freshness, youth, and the new. But baby, we’re already well into Fall, dancing in October Leaves. Winter is right around the corner — and it could be a long December.

    By Chase URL on 10.12.2011

  23. Like leaves falling from the the trees, I fall away and forward. But I think back to a time when things were cold and hard, but melting and I could finally smell again.

    Smelling. What? Smelling. Smelling hearts, smelling the shine of your heart against mine.

    We were in April, still wiping our noses from February. But the city gleamed hard and fast once the ice went away.

    And that was when I heard the blackbird sing where your heart should have been.


    By haywirehay URL on 10.12.2011

  24. flowers. new. life. parks, kisses, bagels and beards. geese dogs and easter time. loneliness, cuddling. elephants and lust.

    By Meghan Tschai URL on 10.12.2011

  25. It isn’t spring. It is far from it at this point in time. The leaves are beginning to change and fall off the trees as well. The weather is rainy but cold. It is a misty rain though, not a spring storm that makes you want to run it it. The rain hits your face and you can see your breath some days. But you know what this means? It’s fall.

    By Teeps on 10.12.2011

  26. into action into today into the future and the clocks and the ticks and the tocks and the springs that wind them ’round and the numbers in a circle describing something that doesn’t exist.

    By niki sassypants URL on 10.12.2011

  27. leaves bloom. bright green everywhere. soft, warm, fresh smells hover. animals come out to play. jumping along the path. a smile breaks out with the sun.

    By Kat on 10.12.2011

  28. The flowers bloom and the grass is wet and the mud smells clean, if that’s even possible. It’s getting warmer and the sun feels good on your face even though the wind whips through your hair. It’s relaxing and nice to walk through a cornfield and not worry about things for a while. Spring reminds me of my childhood, especially at my grandma’s in the boonies, traipsing over the country roads with my cousins, kicking stones and bothering the cows. The pool opens and you know that summer is just around the corner.

    By Jessica URL on 10.12.2011

  29. The spring had sprung its last. The boy yanked his mattress off his bed and threw it out the window. It was that incident where his parents thought their son needed an activity to get rid of excess energy. So they sent him to the Military Academy. It was one of the best schools in the country, and best of all it was free.

    By Dawn Eastpoint URL on 10.12.2011

  30. in the spring time i taste salt on my tongue and feel snippets of shakespeare’s sonnets breezing through my mind. it’s times like these when you really mean the most to me.

    By Mira URL on 10.12.2011

  31. Snippets of Shakespeare’s sonnets evacuate my mind at this time. I don’t feel so insecure. I know what I want to say to you now, and I finally feel warm.

    By Mira Ashley URL on 10.12.2011

  32. Spring means pollen.
    Pollen means allergies.
    Allergies means irritation.
    Irritation means a very bad day.
    I hate spring.

    By RainbowFishie URL on 10.12.2011

  33. Spring? Eh, I don’t like spring. I like fall. I live in Houston. Spring is the beginning of summer hell. So I’ll stick with fall. Though, here, fall doesn’t look as beautiful as it does elsewhere. That’s okay. Then again I could have a lot of fun if I had shoes with springs. I’d bounce around with flare.

    By JJ URL on 10.12.2011

  34. I watched with horror as it bobbed back and forth, a ghastly smile plastered on it’s face. An idiotic, sinister, decapitated man in grease paint mocking me. I could hear the music, the old nursery rhyme played over and over again, “POP! goes the weasel!”

    By Sara on 10.12.2011

  35. Spring is too far away. Spring equals refreshment, rejuvenation, cleaning, flowers, short shorts, love, lighter hair. It is my light. Here I am, so far away, and can only see the darkness of the tunnel.

    By Jessica on 10.12.2011

  36. Springing forth into something unknown to both of us and not knowing how to proceed. I want to know that’s I am the only one that is “there” but I don’t want the emotional attachment. I hate the silences… maybe they’re supposed to be there… springing into something new is so hard. I don’t know what to do…. Talk to me.

    By Meh. on 10.12.2011

  37. lovely, flowers, baby farm animals, a new beginning OR it could be something that bounces up and down, kinda like a slinky. Always fun to watch fall down the stairs!

    By Cyndie Olsen on 10.12.2011

  38. Showers. Colorful trees and leaves everywhere. I used to love her in spring. We were Great together. Why did she let me go?

    By samuel rivera URL on 10.12.2011

  39. the air smells wet and fresh and it promises so much
    green looks so good on you
    i want to wrap myself up in you and breathe you in
    spring is here

    By scars on 10.12.2011

  40. spring is when the babies come. thats what momma used to tell me. the snow would melt and i’d cry but momma would gaze out the window in wonder. i would be confused; what is she looking at? she’d turn and smile and tell me, “the babies are coming. its spring.” i’d look out the window and wait. for the babies to come.

    By Chelsea on 10.12.2011