October 12th, 2011 | 484 Entries

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484 Entries for “spring”

  1. i was born in the spring time…but my mom was born in the winter i’m jealous because my dogs birthday is in the winter. the spring is so usual, its nice..but its an indecisive season.

    By Jess Sadang URL on 10.12.2011

  2. spring is an awesome time of year. i love to play out side and watch the leaves get reborn.

    By brayden URL on 10.12.2011

  3. rain fresh smells tulips green grass freshness, warmth replacing the cold, newness
    starting over

    By Bevy1 on 10.12.2011

  4. take me back there, to the spring when i was young. parched trees echoed sweet sway in a garden made for 3.

    By Jack on 10.12.2011

  5. the bed springs creaked as you jumped up and down on the mattress. the sun streamed through the windows, and her freckled face glowed in the light. her short, dark ringlets framed her tiny face, and her green eyes sparkled each time your feet would hit the bed and you would ricochet back into the air. so this is what having a sister was like. you try to remember yours.

    By Taylor K URL on 10.12.2011

  6. It had been autumn when she shut her eyes. When she opened them, everything had changed. The colors and the sounds bombarded her senses; the smells swept her up and out of bed. She tossed the sheets to the side, feeling the early spring air on her skin. She flung the window open, ignoring the tension that said, “where did the time go?”

    By nichole URL on 10.12.2011

  7. The spring is a great time. The move will be easier then. The weather aside, she always seemed to do better financially in the spring too. Now the next decision is where to go? The pacific Northwest is cold, yet beautiful during that time of year, but just as spring is beautiful, and summer even more inspiring, the fall in that region of the country offers its own challenges.

    By Fender2010 URL on 10.12.2011

  8. I felt this great need to spring up out of bed, to run outside, to do something other than just lying there as I had been. I wanted to move. I wondered what I would wear that day. I wondered how I was going to get anywhere without a car. I wondered what I would eat before I left. And suddenly I was exhausted enough to sleep again.

    By Natalie URL on 10.12.2011

  9. spring is sign of rebirth. Shows the love and how everything always fall into place the way you want it to. Spring is the season of love and lust. Everything is loveable and you should passionate of what you have in front of you.

    By Jake URL on 10.12.2011

  10. Spring is like a an apple filled with every seed inside and with a sweet sensation on the out side. spring has its seeds and then spring has it’s flowers but every baby grows into a young and beautiful creature that would soon die into Anouther baby and start the life cycle over again just like a human. Everyone has one life then they are born back into heaven just like a flower booming in the spring. There are always a ton of scents like lavender and dandelion floating in the air. There with never be a time when there a re no such thing as flowers because god will never let that happen to our wonderful Earth.

    By N eng on 10.12.2011

  11. summer
    no fair
    next year

    By Sarah URL on 10.12.2011

  12. In Rochester, Spring is the worst season out of the four. In most places, everyone looks forward to spring because it means the end of wetting your trouser hem as you walk through two inches of water crystals. Here, winter means thirteen foot mounds in the middle of parking lots. Spring means that now, instead of white, they mounds will be grey.

    By Clara Riedlinger on 10.12.2011

  13. spring sprung from the earth like a cat to a mouse. the fields that were once so frosty were now blooming with life and love, and we sang and rejoiced for the prettiest season of the year. the flowers would be rich and colorful, the Easter eggs gleaming in their pastel patterns. the sun would be in our favor once again. spring was here.

    By jenna ramsey URL on 10.12.2011

  14. Spring is a wonderful season. It’s warm but not too hot like summer. My birthday is in Spring which is another reason i like it so much. Everyone should choose spring as their favorite subject. Spring! Spring! SPRING! Spring is awesome~!

    By Soobin on 10.12.2011

  15. Spring. the smell of flowers swirling through sunkissed hair that glistens like the morning dew that covers the ground. spring. the smell of fresh dirt and evening rain drops scattering the blacktop. spring. light cardigans drapped over a first kiss.

    By Hope URL on 10.12.2011

  16. when the foxes play, and tulips bloom, lipped and full, fresh of life.

    By Shoshana on 10.12.2011

  17. spring. new beginnings. i need a new beginning right now more than you’ll believe. i feel weird, like my past is dragging me down. maybe I’m ready to blossom? maybe? i just want to be better and move on with my life, yeah spring, spring seems pretty good to me right now

    By Ev on 10.12.2011

  18. get sprung.

    By john on 10.12.2011

  19. spring forth from the ground you fertile seeds. the time for growth is upon you. the rains have fallen and the sunshines down. you can become anything if you only try. spring is the time for renewal.

    By Chris URL on 10.12.2011

  20. Spring is so far away now. The winter air will be rolling in soon. I wish it would just stay autumn forever. There’s no other time of year that comforts me like fall. I can never get enough of the smell of dead leaves and the crisp stars shining above a nice fire made of cornstalks.

    By B. Green URL on 10.12.2011

  21. As the flowers blood, waters spills over the banks, you know spring is here to stay.

    By Ella on 10.12.2011

  22. spring has sprung, the time of the year
    spring has sprung, the mechanism
    spring has sprung, the season has changed
    spring has sprung, the thing has changed
    spring has sprung

    By Pat on 10.12.2011

  23. Oh the Spring, it reminds me of Tigger, It also makes me happy because there are so many beautiful flowers. I love tiger lilies, they are my favorite Spring flower. I also like the rain that it brings as long as it isn’t in my hair. I like having an umbrella in my hand and twirling it around like they do in the movies and belting out “Singing in the Rain” as loud as I possibly can. You go Gene Kelly!!

    By Molly on 10.12.2011

  24. I feel the wind tousle my hair, and know that my mother with scold me for the tangles later, but I can’t seem to care. The sky is all around me, the ground is receding and my stomach drops out. I am flying. Free, weightless as a bird. Not tied down by any of the worries of the world. I can see the clouds, so close. AT my fingertips. I am on the trampoline. The springs creak and groan.

    By Maggie URL on 10.12.2011

  25. A Slinky is just a really ineffective spring.

    By YourFriendDave URL on 10.12.2011

  26. Something beautiful with flowers, colors and peace, the air ios so fresh, the start of a new season, of a new epoque of your life.
    The animals and the humans living and being happy, trying to feel the love.

    By sofia on 10.12.2011

  27. spring is an awesome time of the year. the birds and the bees come out, and there’s just so much happiness in the air. I love spring because it smells nice, but i really don’t like how muddy it is. Spring comes right after winter. Sometimes Spring is a good time of year, sometimes it’s bad, but sometimes I like it, sometimes I don’t. Spring also has really good fashion and you can wear nice floral makeup and clothes.

    By Shannon Ladd on 10.12.2011

  28. that one morning when i wake up to the birds outside my window and the warmth of the sun on my cheeks and the soft push of the breeze in my hair
    that one moment when i feel things might actually be good
    a new season, a new day, a new beginning, a new me
    but thats never the case

    By Emily URL on 10.12.2011

  29. Spring had always been her favorite season.

    Sure, the other seasons are beautiful as well, but there was just something about spring….

    She wasn’t sure why, until she noticed his eyes. Those bright green eyes. The color of spring.

    She suddenly liked spring a lot more.

    By Kat413 URL on 10.12.2011

  30. I absolutely love the flowers in the spring. The smells, the sights, the new life and everything that is perfect.
    I feel so much love in the air, even if there is so much hate in my heart. Sometimes I even get to remember it.

    By Tamara Saitcevsky URL on 10.12.2011

  31. Hope springs eternal. Birth, the birth of all that is fresh and all that is new. Finally being able to breathe again. Clear skies and seeing the moon during the day. Morning moon with fluffy clouds. Feeling like anything could happen in that moment, because there is CLEAN. FRESH. SPRING.

    By Kira URL on 10.12.2011

  32. spring is a wet season, a green season. A green and pink season of new birth and the act tha tbrings new life. spring seems to fresh for that but there yoiu have it tha tis how the world works. Seeds, chickens , grass, flowers this is spring. did you get your bulbs in? cuz if you did then flowers be a bloomin.

    By Sami URL on 10.12.2011

  33. I remember the way that spring felt on my skin. The wind was cooler and the sun was brighter. The air smelled fresh and all around me I saw the beautiful green.

    By Neha URL on 10.12.2011

  34. In spring the weather is nice. In spring the flowers bloom and the trees turn into pretty colors. The weather slowly transforms from cold to warm in spring. It is in between winter and summer.

    By Kinz on 10.12.2011

  35. spring, sprang, sprung. verb forms. must be school season.

    spring? that thing half a year away? oh yeah… i forgot that existed.

    leaves, they’ll grow back during spring.

    By Alexandra URL on 10.12.2011

  36. spring.. spring forward, fall back? spring.. find the constant k in Hooke’s law concerning forces in springs. spring.. the air is clear, the grass is wet, the birds are singing. spring.. which one do i choose?

    By Christian Mock on 10.12.2011

  37. Spring is lovely. It is a rebirth. Everything is refreshing. The smell, the feel of the air is exhilarating. Except for allergies. Those are not exhilarating.

    By Payton on 10.12.2011

  38. Spring is a time of love. A time of new life. Blooming Flowers. Tree leaves sprouting. It’s all quite beautiful and promising. For me, it’s a time of dying. I know my time is near and unfortunately, I cannot stop it. I only found out yesterday. The people around me don’t know how long I have left in this world, in their lives. I know it’s not enough. It won’t matter soon enough, I suppose. I debate whether or not to tell them. I don’t want them to act anything but normal around me for the time I have left. I want them to laugh and scream and cry the way they would otherwise, not because I am dying. They’ll have plenty of time for that once I’m gone. Then, I wouldn’t have to witness it. The pain in their eyes, the sorrow in their voice, their gentle touch because they are so afraid the wrong amount of strength or force will break me… I could not handle that.

    By Gabby H. on 10.12.2011

  39. I like chasing butterflies, but the sidewalk is turning to puzzles at the end, that are black and white, made up of notes and treble clefts, I find myself trying to get between them like stepping stones in a river, but my shoelace gets caught on the last one, and I’m falling into a white atmosphere

    By SeanPatrickArmstrong URL on 10.12.2011

  40. Spring is a season that God created to show his power and glory. Though spring may come and go His word does not.

    By Ruben on 10.12.2011