January 17th, 2011 | 378 Entries

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378 Entries for “sports”

  1. sports fulfills me like no other…it’s therapy to my soul…watching people engage in activity that either propels them to victory or to defeat is as exciting as actually competing myself…

    By sheri on 01.17.2011

  2. Sports. Who would pay a large man to run around and throw stuff to people. oh. that’s right. WE would. and WE would let the geniuses go unfunded because we don’t deem their programs “worthy” yet this 89-IQ football player gets paid in the millions.

    By KK2013 URL on 01.17.2011

  3. I loved sports as a child but my limbs aren’t supple anymore…..I’m at the middle aged stage so now I play golf. I love hitting the little white ball and then putting it into the hole… I crazy a waste of a good walk no not really especially when you win an xmas hamper

    By Heather Moore on 01.17.2011

  4. Sports…ahh…that dreaded thing. When I think sports, I think of teams, of pushing and shoving, of competition. I don’t like that kind of thing. Yet, I think I’m sporty. I climb mountains, practice yoga, scale rocks, run brief distances, have copious amounts of sex…all using the same amount of energy. Highschool sports…not for me.

    By dauphine URL on 01.17.2011

  5. Sports is what kept my baby boy alive. When no one was there, when his little sister was lost, when his dad abused, when his girl friend broke his heart, sports were his only friend and made him feel wanted. Sports was the savior for my baby boy’s life and the savior of my only love.

    By ET on 01.17.2011

  6. I don’t like sports. Soccer make me have asthma attacks. I once hit a home run in softball and felt like the shit because all the girls that were more popular than me finally gave me attention. Watching sports is funny because people yell at the tv. I don’t think they realize that the athletes can’t hear them.

    By Peggy URL on 01.17.2011

  7. I love sports. I’m going to play college sports. Admittedly, I’m not very good at sports. Oh well. The team is desperate. I like to play games, so why not, eh? I’m not Canadian, it just seemed like a good time to say “eh.”

    By megan on 01.17.2011

  8. There are some sports I love to watch, some I hate to watch and others I love to play. Put me in front of a NASCAR race or a football game and you’ve got a captive audience. Golf and baseball?? BORING! Hockey and fighting — GROSS! Most others fall somewhere in between. If I’m playing and ot watching? It’s all about tennis!!

    By Judy S URL on 01.17.2011

  9. Olympics! I must win, competition is in my blood! Humans, meant to combat each other to try and be much better, we must prove we are better. It’s nature, try and beat me, and the fear of humiliation. GOOD GAME.

    By Eric on 01.17.2011

  10. not as good as sex.

    By ExperimentalMeatloaf URL on 01.17.2011

  11. By the bleachers, I wave at you. You smile—face glowing red from the running, plump and dewy with sweat. You continue running down the court with a loping gait.

    By Tina Stergenhoff URL on 01.17.2011

  12. sports you can be a participant or in the audience
    sports are for young and old
    healthy benefits for all
    the competition can be not too good but friendly games are wonderful

    By she53lly URL on 01.17.2011

  13. Sports, marriage, and war are among the few institutions in which psychosis is accepted and/or encouraged.

    By oneword URL on 01.17.2011

  14. Sports can make you feel better. You feel alive. Just go out and run. When you are sad, go and do some sports with your friends. In a sportsclub you can meet people and make new friends. Sports should be a part of your life.

    By Christina URL on 01.17.2011

  15. Sports are fun, but only when you won’t get laughed at. The terror is heavy when you make a mistake everyone and their dog knows not to make! The hell that threatens, damn. I hate sports.

    By Noelle S. Helmer URL on 01.17.2011

  16. Sports are what I tried to do when I was growing up. I stunk! I like running now, but I don’t think of it as a sport. Sports are what I watch nowadays, letting the trained professionals have at it, not me.

    By David Saleeba URL on 01.17.2011

  17. sports. football. marching band. i love marching band, but its so time consuming. and i love love watching football. especially with our awesomely epic team. gooooooooooo mountaineers!!!!!!

    By Felicia Soard URL on 01.17.2011

  18. All my life, sports have popped up somewhere. Ages 5-10, Dad tried to find a sport that suited me. Unfortunately, one never stuck. I was just not a girl who played sports. I feel like today there is so much pressure on kids who don’t play sports. It’s the first question you’re asked by so many people who don’t know you when you’re a teenager, do you play sports? Going into college, I found myself frequently being asked if I was a member of a team in high school. There are plenty of other activies to be done that don’t consist of using a ball or wearing a jersey.

    By sarfen URL on 01.17.2011

  19. Sports were foreign to me then. Of course there was always baseball, the Orioles, but that was more a religion, something to be revered and practiced and mastered some time in the distant future. Sports came later, and were surrounded by dirt and blood and an awful ugliness that had to be dug through to get to the sport.

    By nannan on 01.17.2011

  20. To take the time to be involved. To push your mind and body to the limit. To be the best you can be. That is why we are continuously in sports. Not to compete with each other, necessarily, but to compete with the best in ourselves.

    By Leah Jarvis URL on 01.17.2011

  21. Those things the cool kids play. I play frolf. And tennis. You’re not so high and mighty now are you sam? The boys jeered at him. They made him sad. I’m not you, but I like me. Run and duck, tackle and hit. Get over it.

    By Josh URL on 01.17.2011

  22. Not a fan of sports. Don’t know why. Was too geeky for it. Maybe because I don’t like physical exercise. I’m more of a board game type. I do enjoy basketball though. That’s exciting to me. Baseball however, boring!

    By CB_Radio URL on 01.17.2011

  23. They are the devil if you’re as uncoordinated as I am. They are embarrassing, and cause me unnecessary physical harm that I could have avoided if I wasn’t playing a sport.

    By Abby URL on 01.17.2011

  24. I hate sports with a passion. Unless marching band counts. Otherwise, I have never been the athletic type. I even hate sitting on the sidelines unless I have someone to chat with. The only sport I think I may ever have like was basketball, which I played when I was a young girl. And I was good at it, too. I guess I liked soccer as well. But I sucked at it…. Oh well!

    By Jessica on 01.17.2011

  25. i am TERRIBLE at sports but I wish I weren’t. don’t understand football. absolutely adore watching hockey. sports get to people’s heads, though. it makes this divider between people, a whole chasm that i think is kind of weird.

    By sash URL on 01.17.2011

  26. I hate sports. I don’t even want to do today’s writing because I so hate sports. Boring boring boring. I have never understood the enticement of repetitively doing the same thing on the same field with the same tools over and over.

    By Disorderly URL on 01.17.2011

  27. Ich bin aufgewacht und habe gespürt, wie dieses Wissen langsam von meinem Körper Herr wird. Ich muss aufstehen, es wir dkalt, ich muss sport machen. ich weiß, dass ich es nciht kann, ich weiß, dass ich ausgleacht werde, doch irgendwoe muss ich die Sportstunde hinter mich bringen. Irgendwie.

    By Daba URL on 01.17.2011

  28. bars are where it always happens, he walks in and he glides around the tables and pretends he doesn’t know anyone is noticing them but they’re all looking and he knows it and he gets off on it, later he will, after he’s taken someone or something home and gotten them in his bed and knows that they worship him and always will because he’ll never speak to them again after this night

    By lettuce URL on 01.17.2011

  29. i don´t know this word, sorry.

    By Daba URL on 01.17.2011

  30. I had a dream that I could time-travel. I decided that middle school would be the best choice so I could woo my present-day boyfriend sooner and not have to go through all of the inevitable torture that my other boyfriends offered. Anyway my point is, in that dream I had to play football and I was really excited about it until I remembered that (in real life as well) I really sucked in gym class and no one liked me (also in real life). Not even my would-be boyfriend.

    January 17th, 2011. 3:47pm.

    By Christine URL on 01.17.2011

  31. I always hated it – because the goal was to win, and all my life I felt I’ve got a talent to loose.

    By mariposa URL on 01.17.2011

  32. sports has become an escape for me. instead of thinking how shitty my dad is or my dead mom i turn on espn and see how badly the redskins lost by. or see how jealous i am of every notre dame athlete. im just sad today. i guess

    By ryan charles goodman on 01.17.2011

  33. Sporting fashion on the road again, never look back unless it is to find that I was never by your side. Go, there you go champ. Always making this look like some kind of game. Sports, ha … You’re the king of them.

    By Haute Royaliste URL on 01.17.2011

  34. sports, can cause a person to lose their mind if they take advantage of it. i love sports i play many. but when you’re on you’re way to fame and aren’t going to use them bbadly, its a stress relief really. it lets you get out, meet people that like the same things as you. and its just amazing.

    By toriannee:] on 01.17.2011

  35. I have never been particularly into sports. As a kid I tried to join in, I joined little league and was one of the only girls, and I felt like a fool. I didn’t hit the ball once. Sometimes I wish I was more sporty, but then I get on stage and I sing and dance and when I am out of breathe at the end of the show I realize that I am an athlete, just not the sort of that generally is thought of when you hear the word sports.

    By rcrews on 01.17.2011

  36. sports are very important to humanity’s psyche. it hits on some older more ancient need to vie against another person: to prove who is stronger.

    By dylan on 01.17.2011

  37. I didn’t have much time to ponder this state of affairs; he dove in right after me and pulled me up and out, water dripping off of us.

    “Why did you do that if you can’t swim? And WHO doesn’t know how to swim?” he asked.

    I shrugged. “I was never into sports. Why didn’t I die down there?”

    He looked me steadily in the eyes. “You tell me.”

    By mimimanderly URL on 01.17.2011

  38. Sports are an interesting topic. A lot of the people that play them are cocky assholes, but an equal number aren’t. I prefer the sport of fencing and airsoft – military simulation sports when it comes down to it. Screw football.

    By Tkot on 01.17.2011

  39. Somewhere down the line, our relationship became a sport. One of us was always chasing the other; and because I was the needy one, the insecure one, it was usually me running after him. I never caught up, but was always left a few steps behind; when the game was over, I found I had been lapped several times by not just the one I was chasing, but by everyone else as well. I had lost the game, and in my desperation to win I had lost every other possible game as well. I was terrible at sports, and to get better, I had to give up my vulnerability. I can lap everyone else now, but I found out that it’s lonely to win first place.

    By Ashley Flowers URL on 01.17.2011

  40. I love playing them, I just don’t see the point in watching them. Where is the fun in that? If I’m sitting on the couch watching TV, I don’t want to watch a bunch of people running around and being fit and making me feel guilty for sitting on my ass. Who needs that?

    By Nutley URL on 01.17.2011