December 15th, 2016 | 25 Entries

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25 Entries for “spoiled”

  1. jelly bean
    playing a game
    two that look the same
    one delicious, one atrocious
    choose wisely they said
    could be coconut, could be spoiled milk
    a cautious bite…..disgust
    but always one to win
    i chewed the curdled candy
    swallowed and smiled
    i may never drink milk again.

    By poetwarrior on 12.15.2016

  2. That’s what my parents always said I was. They taunted me with it. Made me feel bad about it. I’m not spoiled. I can and do think of myself first. and I would with so many of my clients on being self-less. This word has so many negative co

    By Denise URL on 12.15.2016

  3. When I see this word, I first think about the different meanings of it.

    The first one that came to me was about people getting whatever they want whenever they ask for it.

    Another one was when an object is torn and damaged.

    Thirdly, I think about when the word is used to describe something that is ruined.

    By Agastya Rao on 12.15.2016

  4. There she was, brushing her hair in the middle of class, and no one would dare say a thing to her. Her parents didn’t raise her any better and no one dared correct her. She would just brush, brush, brush, all through the lecture and all through the designated reading time. It never mattered if someone called on her, she just brushed and responded, always wrong, and yet always beloved.

    By Scottie Elisabeth on 12.15.2016

  5. There’s no going back. How did you care anyway?

    By po-int on 12.15.2016

  6. She wrinkled her nose at the milk and dumped the entire carton in the sink. “I can’t even keep fresh milk in the house.” She tried not to take this small moment as a reflection on her entire character, but in her current state it was hard to do otherwise.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 12.15.2016

  7. The potatoes were spoiled. All of the food, actually. It had all gone to waste. Devastation lit her eye as she stared at the bounty. It was to feed a legion of hungry children and families. How could it have all gone bad? One word. Daniel. He’d probably done something. She wasn’t sure what. But, he had.

    By Lou on 12.15.2016

  8. They scoffed at others
    for being homeless, dark-skinned
    also disabled

    these foolish children
    SPOILED brats with rich parents
    their lives too easy

    They needed to know
    discipline and suffering
    for their vile mindset

    the worst mistake made
    wasn’t the mocking of the
    others’ misfortunes

    but to be near me
    not knowing… I came from less
    I would make them pay

    I made them all scream,
    beg, feel pain, embarrassment
    for once in their lives

    as they took their joy
    from others anguish, so I,
    delighted in theirs

    don’t be spoiled fools
    if you are, mind those around
    hide your dumb ideas

    because your next laugh
    or next word could be your last
    your Fates die re-cast


    By ! Haiku-MaN ! on 12.15.2016

  9. If you give a spoiled brat a cookie, then the spoiled brat will want someone to build them a cookie factory. If you build the spoiled brat a cookie factory, then the spoiled brat may want a two million dollar loan so they can build a culinary empire. If you give the spoiled brat a loan so they can build a culinary empire, then the spoiled brat might then want to run for office. And if you give the spoiled brat a chance to run for office, then the spoiled brat might become president and scare the bejeebus out of every sane individual.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.15.2016

  10. He drove his brand new car along the narrow, winding village streets with no concern about all the children playing nearby, oblivion blinding better judgement. He knew deep in his heart that his rich parents would fix any mishap, even if it meant someone’s life.

    By Rums URL on 12.15.2016

  11. A waitress brought the meal over to the boy, and he grabbed his fork. He played with the egg for a bit, and just stared at it. He looked back at her with trembling lips and watery eyes.

    All eyes turned to his table, and a few snickers cold be heard.

    “Heaven have mercy on that child’s parents.” I thought.

    By King&Ink URL on 12.15.2016

  12. Every last item down to the preserves in their jars was spoiled. How should it be so? Dust covered every last surface. There was a creeping feeling, not of being observed, but of being on ground that too many feet had tread before. One could almost hear the steps still ringing all around.

    By TheBowlerCapFairy URL on 12.15.2016

  13. my sister said i was spoiled. i probably am. my partner said that too. i don’t know if i’m spoiled as much as not having people not spoil me. spoiled = damaged?

    By J on 12.15.2016

  14. not grateful, entitled, self focused, narrowed, little impact, little value for others created, brat

    By Rod Whitson on 12.15.2016

  15. spoiled spoiled eggs and milk
    cranes walk wobbly on their stilts
    coiled coiled pegs of silk
    pigs roll fatly in the silt

    wakey wakey, eggs and bakey
    shakey shakey, bird and drapies

    By omqwat URL on 12.15.2016

  16. The small child stomped his foot against the ground. “But why not?!” he shouted, “I want to go to the party! And it isn’t fair that they get to go and I don’t.” His mother cooed sweetly at him, trying to calm him down. “Of course, honey, I know. It’s just not a good time…. How about this: You stay home with Mama tonight and we’ll throw an even bigger party next week! We can invite all your friends, everyone who is going to be at this party plus anyone else you want to invite. We can even have clowns and cake and poneys…anything you want.” She brushed the tears from his eyes gently. “How does that sound, sweetie?”

    By Leanne URL on 12.15.2016

  17. Don’t cry over spoiled milk. Sure, cry over spilled milk; it’s a bit of a tragedy, isn’t it, a mistake that really didn’t have to happen. But spoiled milk, that’s a different story; that spoiled milk had to be left, forgotten.

    By Olivia on 12.15.2016

  18. Spoiled brat, I told you a million times, will turn this car right around, stop hitting, stop kicking, stop everything, I made you and I can take you out of this world too if I want to, quit your bitching, I’m tired of it, I’m tired of you, ungrateful, spoiled brat.

    By Dylan Chouinard on 12.15.2016

  19. when he looked back at all the interactions of his life that still held him down, he had it all and worked for none of it.

    By Addrie Moncayo on 12.15.2016

  20. The altercation had spoiled her appetite and she no longer felt like sharing a meal with him. The mere sight of him repulsed her. She wanted nothing more than to go home and pretend that the entire evening hadn’t happened. Of course, that was not to be, so she sat in silence and picked at her food like a chastised child.

    By G H on 12.15.2016

  21. “Spoiled.”
    How do you define spoiled exactly?
    Materially spoiled? Those are the easiest ones to complain about.
    Emotionally spoiled? Yeah, those are the ones you really can’t help hating.

    By Sara URL on 12.15.2016

  22. For years Christmas time with joy had me embroiled
    Now there’s no magical feeling in the season at all
    Decorating, gift wrapping, and surprises are spoiled
    Since I was told, “Honey, there’s no real Santa Claus.”

    To me it would have been better to never believe
    In false stories and be able to trust my mother
    But being lied to for years, no justification could I see
    I made it my mission, to spread the truth to others

    By Renzo on 12.15.2016

  23. she smiles, all white teeth
    she smoothes her layered hair back with
    her french tip nails
    she drives away, leaving the impression of
    everything and nothing
    all at once
    who cares if it’s fake or not,
    she’s perfect

    By Pandyfish URL on 12.15.2016

  24. It was ruined, spoiled for everyone. This whole experiment in democracy – the popular vote went one way the electoral college went another. Who would have thought it possible? And yet it happened, right here, this very year 2016, the year democracy was betrayed in America, the home of the best and the worst.

    By Alia on 12.15.2016

  25. Milk laddle rocking on a table. A small puddle of spoiled milk lying in the cradle. Big dipper, little boy drummer in the sky. We’ve been left too long outside. It’s live now or…time.

    By Eric Harrell URL on 12.15.2016