May 25th, 2013 | 148 Entries

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148 Entries for “spilled”

  1. The liquid spilled out of the cup and dripped onto the floor like molasses. It could only be described as horridly fascinating as the light cut in and out of it, breaking into pieces and glowing red against the dark background. Her throat tightened as she realized that it looked an awful lot like blood.

    By KT URL on 05.25.2013

  2. Drogo watched as he spilled the contents of his cup all over the the dark marbled floor of the kitchen as if in slow motion. All of the spying, killing, stealing, deceiving was obviously a waste of time if all that he was going to get out of it was a few mouthfuls and a kitchen stained with royal blood. He had to refrain himself from lapping the warm, sweet liquid off the floor, for blood this precious should never be wasted. The only reason he didn’t was for Jazmine’s sake. His only daughter watching silently on the other side of the room, a small bubble of fear that one day she will become his meal.

    By Katerina URL on 05.25.2013

  3. My head spilled out onto the sidewalk. I couldn’t see much from the contorted position my body was in.
    My legs were being pummeled by invisible trucks, and my face was being punched by the invisible lunch bully. I couldn’t even turn my head enough to see where my bike had landed. Maybe I shouldn’t have left Josh’s at 2 in the morning, but how was I supposed to know this would happen? All I knew at this point was that I couldn’t fathom the idea of moving, and the heavy weight of my cellphone in my pocket vanished. I began to lose feeling all over. I think I heard sirens through the woods, but that could just be the hallucinations that come with banging your head against the street and bleeding on everything.

    By N URL on 05.25.2013

  4. you spilled the ink. you died.
    this was your story, but
    you didn’t survive.
    you didn’t survive yourself.

    By beethemonster URL on 05.25.2013

  5. She pilled mer milk on the table not wanting to please anyone. She was tired of listening to what they had to say. The milk spilled over the edge making pool on the floor of milky whitness. She smiled to herself as her mother rose in upset. That was all she needed for the courage to walk out the door. She was only seven but she felt she was ready.

    By Catherine Ratkowski on 05.25.2013

  6. His shaking hand knocked over the perfume bottle, the soft floral liquid slipping from the jar, creeping across the dresser. A breeze sweeps through the cracked window, carrying the scent to his nose, filling his head with memories of her.

    By K on 05.25.2013

  7. This morning I spilled the coffee

    By Silke Conrad on 05.25.2013

  8. My brother spilled melted butter all over my white pants. What was he even doing with melted butter?! This was the last pair of white pants I owned and this was the reason why. I can’t keep anything white with Darren’s clumsy self around. It’s hard enough keeping regular colored clothes clean and now I have to deal with this too. He said he’s sorry…but Darren’s always sorry…

    By Rachel URL on 05.25.2013

  9. Life is spilled with negativity, it is full of ugly things but also good ones, but negativity is wining

    By Ron URL on 05.25.2013

  10. milk falling over, it doesnt matter – could be spilling a lie about something telling a friend to spill on a secret that you didnt want them to know. the liquid spilled over the rim of a glass because it was too full and it didnt fit.

    By Alexandra Miller on 05.25.2013

  11. A cup spilled on the table. I was in shock. It spilled all over my white clothes, and I cried. “The glass spilled!” I cried, screaming in agony. I melted away and became a frog. I hopped away and hoped I would see my family again.

    By Sherlock on 05.25.2013

  12. I spilled. I died and spilled. “Why did I spill?” I thought, eating my pie. My pie became a rainbow and attacked me, eating my soul. My soul sobbed. And kids, thats the story of how I became a ginger.

    By Sherlock on 05.25.2013

  13. and he called 911.
    “what’s the issue sir?”
    “I spilt milk!”

    By Ficklegirl URL on 05.25.2013

  14. The glass spilled all down her front, but Allison didn’t even notice. The person that ran into her was also ignored. She stared open-mouthed at the latest arrival to the party- a face she never though she would see again: Nathaniel had resurfaced after fourteen years.

    By Sarah URL on 05.25.2013

  15. He looks at her and his eyes are watery red.
    Maybe of joy and a bit of sadness.

    She stares at her with uncertain eyes
    as she heard all the he has kept..

    By Richmond URL on 05.25.2013

  16. today i spilled my feelings across the floor
    it made a mess, as spills usually do
    and saying i love you
    might have made the biggest mess of all.

    By claudia on 05.25.2013

  17. Time slowed as the drink spilled off of the table and on to the beautiful new carpet Marcie had just had installed, all the way from Vienna. Steve, with the reflexes of a cat, grabbed the only thing he could reach, and quickly caught the liquid as it floated to the floor. The carpet was safe! But the urn was now soiled…

    By Siege URL on 05.25.2013

  18. remember when you spilled your funny drink on me?
    and it was good, and easy.

    remember when i laughed because i could realize how minuscule that was.

    funny to think it wasn’t that long ago.

    By reilly wieland. on 05.25.2013

  19. I spilled the milk on the floor and you told me not to cry about it. But I cried anyway. Then you grabbed the napkins and started cleaning it up. I grabbed some towels and helped you, and you used the napkins to wipe off my tears.

    By Molly on 05.25.2013

  20. The white liquid began to spread like a typhoon running along the bottom of the water, skimming around the clear liquid almost as if they were strangers in passing. They hardly contact and slide right by one another.
    “And this, class, is how a precipitate is formed.”

    By redpinkandwhite URL on 05.25.2013

  21. How many times have I spilled my thoughts to the wrong person? Countless. Don’t cry over spilled milk, comes to mind when I think about this. That milk was vital for my meal. It’s a travesty.Megan

    By Megan D on 05.25.2013

  22. On the floor, the blood was deeper then she had expected. Her mind went numb as more tumbled out of her veins like a waterfall rushing to kiss the river below. She was, she thought to herself, free at last.

    By Roxxi Jaxx on 05.25.2013

  23. He was late.


    Pulling up outside my house, I jumped in his stupid car before he could open the door for me. I noticed his shirt, and even in the dark, I could tell he had spilled something on it. But I loved him so damn much it didn’t even matter. The only problem was he didn’t even know.

    By Marissa URL on 05.25.2013

  24. “Lucky I’m in love with my best friend…”
    oops, i spilled the beans. (;

    By Chris URL on 05.25.2013

  25. The art came from the bottom of the barrel and flew from the dish when the bird lost its marbles in the rain, then a rainbow emerged and struck a priest who was delivering an important letter to Anne from gables.

    By Hannah on 05.25.2013

  26. Her emotions spilled over the brim of her heart, tears rolling down her cheeks like drips of coffee, but he only tasted her mascara when he kissed her cheek.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 05.25.2013

  27. I spilled my seed

    By A False Terl URL on 05.25.2013

  28. the river over flowed it’s banks and I ran for higher ground

    By A False Terl URL on 05.25.2013

  29. Dont cry over spilled milk. I don’t know who ever said this but they were one of the wisest humans to grace this planet. Overreaction and the upsetting feelings that people experience because of simple mistakes is shocking. I will love the day when everyone grows up and doesn’t have to cry over spilled milk but focus something that is actually a problem.

    By Madelyn on 05.25.2013

  30. juan spilled eggs all over my shoe today. i thought my shoes would smell like eggs forever but it turned out they didn’t. I was mad that he didnt clean them but than i remembered than i once puked in his shoes and he didnt make me clean it sometimes i think i think hes worse than he is hes actually very sweet sometimes.

    By Alicia on 05.25.2013

  31. She had taken all she could take from him and then she had to spilled the contents of her purse on the floor and just looked at him. It was at that moment he realized she had had enough.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 05.25.2013

  32. The word spilled forth from her lips before she could even stop it. “Wait!”
    He turned, his handsome features contorted in a snarl. “What?”
    “I…” her confidence had fled. “I think I might possibly still… be in love with you.”

    By WearyWater URL on 05.25.2013

  33. I promised to never write of you. You were offended by the vow
    But the truth is I’m afraid, and that I simply don’t know how.
    Spilled ink would coat the pages with lines I cannot share
    This language has no words for you; there’s not one that can compare.

    By Carly URL on 05.25.2013

  34. i spilled milk. wow idk hat to wrte. SPILLED. like spilled milk inside the brain. i never got that metaphor. spilled apple juice on justin assad. hell. and johnnie. wow fml.

    By mir on 05.25.2013

  35. I swore I’d never write of you. You were offended by the vow
    But the truth is I’m afraid, and that I simply don’t know how.
    Spilled ink would coat the pages with lines I cannot share
    This language has no words for you; there’s not one that can compare.

    By Carly URL on 05.25.2013

  36. I spilled a glass of milk on the couch once. Some of it got on the carpet, but that wasn’t too bad. So after about forty-five minutes of trying to search how-to-clean-up-milk or whatever online… I somehow burned the couch with a hairdryer.

    By Me on 05.25.2013

  37. everything went over board and it all fell from it’s place and i didn’t know what to do. for once in my life, my brain failed me and everything froze around me but time kept moving like the bastard it is and all i wanted to do was sit down and cry

    By MaryKent on 05.25.2013

  38. i spilled my feelings to everyone and now my life is a mess. spilled milk can be cried over. you can be cried over. why do we spill things? because we are human. that is all we are. we spill things no matter what we spill. mistakes.

    By Max on 05.25.2013

  39. I can’t stop thinking about it. It’s spilling over all my thoughts. I feel terrible. Like I’m worthless.

    By Jason URL on 05.25.2013

  40. If you noticed, the way I did, that I spilled a smile, just understand it was with full regard on my part. Nothing comes naturally anymore.

    By t URL on 05.25.2013