January 19th, 2011 | 368 Entries

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368 Entries for “spider”

  1. It just hung there. It’s fat abdomen bobbing and swaying in the breeze. The spider’s web was spotted with little beads of dew, which sparkled in the morning light. It’s strange how often beauty and poison go hand in hand.

    By Mike the Magic Squid URL on 01.20.2011

  2. legs , creepy, women don’t like them, and a lot of men don’t like them. Not my favourite insects

    By DanyoGee on 01.20.2011

  3. Spider web, spider fence, keep me out, on the defence. Give me back what you just mend, in the infinite sewings of an infinite jest. We shall never stay the same.

    By Haute Royaliste URL on 01.20.2011

  4. man= peter parker fight about the crime. But only have two legs not eight.

    By DanyoGee on 01.20.2011

  5. along came a spider. spider’s web
    come into my parrlour said the spider to the fly
    webs of deceit
    eight legs
    i’ll eat yyou for breakfast, dinner.
    powerful, scary,preying, black widow

    By marie on 01.20.2011

  6. Do you know how many legs a spider has? the ‘1000 amazing facts about the animal kingdom’ book started with this not so amazing fact. Being the first , it’s only this not so amazing one that I remember. That and the one on Koala bears -they’re my favorite.

    By kimberly on 01.20.2011

  7. Did you know that most spiders have 8 eyes! The ‘1000 amazing facts about the animal kingdom’ book started with this not so amazing fact. Being the first, that’s the only one I now remember. That, and the one on Koala bears -they’re my favorite.

    By Kimberly URL on 01.20.2011

  8. Spiders creep and spiders peep. They crawl inside my head. Spiders eat my very soul and someday I’ll be dead. And spiders will just spider on. Destroy my every wish. This spider metaphore is great it stands for my disease.

    By The Freak in the Corner on 01.20.2011

  9. Little Miss Muffet…we don’t quite know what happened to her after that mysterious spider frightened her away. So let’s just hope that she found another tuffet to eat her curds and whey.

    By Magic Juan on 01.20.2011

  10. I hate spiders. They have too many legs. And they eat flies which just grosses me out for some reason. I don’t particularly like flies either, but the idea of eating them is nasty even for a spider. And they often have too many eyes as well. All the better to see me with, i’m sure. And the way they scuttle around and jump out of nowhere is just creepy.

    By Madeline on 01.20.2011

  11. She slowly finished up the last sparkling stands of her web and looked around.
    “Well, that’ll so it, then!” she said, wiping her hands on her tiny apron.
    “My new web will be the talk of the town!”
    She gazed over her masterpiece in awe. She couldn’t believe that she, just a tiny spider from Daisyville, had created something so extraordinary.

    By Pandy Fackler URL on 01.20.2011

  12. I hate spiders. Nothing ruins a day more than when one unexpectedly scurries out from under something I’m reaching for. They give me the chills. They bite. They’re extremely unpleasant to look at. I am generally a happy person, but a spider is pretty much a life ruiner as far as I’m concerned.

    By tsl URL on 01.20.2011

  13. so scarry little thing. how i hate this insect. so disgusting and grose.. ew. just ew!! they can scar me to the death. i swear so much and so loud everytime i see them. the most disgusting insect! and like animal ever. ew!!!!

    By me on 01.20.2011

  14. you better hold on tight spider monkey

    By vasiliki on 01.20.2011

  15. The spider spun its silken thread across the fence tops. I walked through them once again as they stuck to my face making me bat at my face and curse those delicate nets of death. Spiders at dusk, webs in your face.

    By Chuck K. URL on 01.20.2011

  16. i don’t mind spiders, unlike my English teacher. it was years ago – and a large spider strolled across the classroom floor. A gaggle of schoolgirls, plus their teacher, stood on their chairs. I picked it up and put it out of the window. One of the few occasions I made a difference!

    By joey URL on 01.20.2011

  17. They both smiled lovingly at each other, talking about everything and nothing at the same time. They landed on the topic of fears, and she mentioned his fear for heights.

    “I also fear spiders, you know…”

    She laughed playfully…

    “Look above, excellent timing in my opinion”

    A small, long-legged spider slid down from the roof.

    His face was priceless

    By Val on 01.20.2011

  18. Oh, Ron is afraid of spiders. I’m not really; sure, they are a little gross looking, but I’d rather deal with spiders than rats.

    I just always think of Harry Potter, and poor ol’ Ron Weasley. He really must hate spiders if that’s what he sees when there is a boggart.

    By Jamie URL on 01.20.2011

  19. The seconds are ticking by. I can’t move. The spider is inching his way closer to me. If he gets any closer I shall scream.

    By Amimee URL on 01.20.2011

  20. Ew. It’s staring at me as I try to clean up the kitchen. Legs all hairy, scuttling along as though I don’t see the damn thing. EW. Where’s my broom? I’ll sweep the ugly little thing under the rug. Unnatural, he is. With all those legs. And those eyes. No. I don’t care if he’s one of God’s creatures.

    Ew. It’s staring at me as I try to cross the kitchen. Just two legs, face twisted up .. ugh. Those humans .. I don’t care what they think. Just disgusting. Where’re my brothers? I’ll scare the ugly little thing right out the door. Unnatural, she is. With all that skin.


    By haywirehay URL on 01.20.2011

  21. The spider is a basic fear of mine, not snakes, scorpions or insects, but spiders. Too many legs, too many fangs, too much venom and too much terror. i have never been bitten, but expect to as soon as a spider is sighted. The webs is just as bad.

    By Joe URL on 01.20.2011

  22. Its a creepy crawly
    it has eight legs
    it can make webs out of its saliva
    i am afraid of it
    it is poisonous
    it is evil
    it has many eyes
    i want to squash it

    By Ehtesham URL on 01.20.2011

  23. Oh spider queen let me go
    i dont want be stored in the dungeons
    please dont give me away
    i will do whatever you say
    please dont make me your prey

    By Ehtesham URL on 01.20.2011

  24. Once apon a time there lived a spider. His name was Fred> fred the spider loved to spin webs> One day while spinning webs he got stuk> the end for Freddy.

    By kalie on 01.20.2011

  25. there once was a spider that had very short legs. It was not like any other spider. it had to try extra hard to keep up with its friends. due to this perceived disability, the spider had low self confidence.

    By muhammad on 01.20.2011

  26. If I could some up all my fear into an insect. I like to pull their legs off.

    By tog on 01.20.2011

  27. an insect having six legs and great creativity by making webs

    By Tabbu on 01.20.2011

  28. Spiders fascinate me. They’re remarkably intricate. And elegant. As is always symmetry. And the webs they weave? They are beautiful.

    By Shweta on 01.20.2011

  29. Spiders are icky and gross. One crawled up my are, and I felt it’s hairy legs. I was so afraid that I was frozed like an ice sculpture. Until it bit me, and I became a zombie.

    By Luke URL on 01.20.2011

  30. Spiders are icky and gross. One crawled up my are, and I felt it’s hairy legs. I was so afraid that I was froze like an ice sculpture. Until it bit me, and I became a zombie.

    By Luke URL on 01.20.2011

  31. four legs can bite is agile has fur sometimes can jump is abit scary first heard of one in a nursery rhyme has lots of different types of species eats insects spiderman is a famous hero based on spiders spiders make webs they come in different species t

    By al on 01.20.2011

  32. webs tangling over the trees wind rushing blowing the cobs down and around surrounding until there is nothing to be seen no one to hear you as you cry silently into the night

    By seekellygo URL on 01.20.2011

  33. Spiders are my friends – they have eight legs I think and are found in small hideyces – when I find one at school in my locker or the changingroom i think I will be okay that day becasue they can help me with bullies and teachers and maths – some people you see are scared of them.

    By scotchwhiskers URL on 01.20.2011

  34. feeling about in a blinding darkness I feel the unmistakable sticks of a spider’s legs. We both freeze: competing in our terror. Then my hand is empty and the darkness laughs a deep, yawning giggle that keeps pace with my drumming heart.

    By Fi on 01.20.2011

  35. Creeping crawling plotting spinning waiting for me to make my move. I know you see me, you know I see you. Stop playing games with me! Your silk will not be my tomb.

    By Kris on 01.20.2011

  36. Spiders dont scare me. But the giant spider from Harry Potter…. now that’s just wrong. :/

    By AwesomicaltasticfuliciousOne URL on 01.20.2011

  37. Creeping, crawling, plotting, spinning, I know you see me here. Stop waiting around and make your move! Your silken web will not be my tomb!

    By Kris URL on 01.20.2011

  38. there once was a tiny spider!
    Boy was he a fighter!
    He made no sense
    but he had his length
    to make his home a fence

    By Judy Harris on 01.20.2011

  39. Spider spider on the wall, there you go looking small. I hate spiders. What is is about them that instills us with so much fear? Terrifying, creepy, crawly, too small to know where they went, always suspecting they are hiding in a dark corner.

    By Disorderly URL on 01.20.2011

  40. man vs wild vs child vs wild child animal planet and arachnids.

    By lawfullx URL on 01.20.2011