January 19th, 2011 | 368 Entries

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368 Entries for “spider”

  1. Itsy bitsy. Climbing up spouts of water. Then it rained, interrupting it’s ascent, causing it to fall. As the weather changes, and the sun showed its countenance, the spider was able to climb once again.

    By T-dawg on 01.19.2011

  2. Itsy, bitsy. Climbing up spouts of water. It suddenly begins to rain, interrupting it’s ascent…causing it to fall. The weather changes once again, and the sun shows its countenance. The spider is able to rise once again.

    By T-dawg on 01.19.2011

  3. i hate spiders, they are horrible. Everything about then, is horrible. The way they move, the way they look, the way they look at you – its horrible!!! I hate spiders.

    By Andrew Avila on 01.19.2011

  4. black scary and it give me shivers.
    they are beautiful but there is something about them that makes me quiver.
    they are everywhere!

    By Ayesha Huda on 01.19.2011

  5. Like an eight-legged monster
    you crawl under my skin
    and infest my blood
    with a craving
    I crawl to you
    caught in

    By Lucie URL on 01.19.2011

  6. there once was a spider who lived in a shoe. when i saw it, i began to scream, then marveled at its beauty. it leapt from one side to the other, weaving intricate streams of silk, undoing and redoing, creating a beautiful weapon–deadly in its subtlety. such is your beauty.

    By hershy on 01.19.2011

  7. Wriggling, animated, yet eerily still… such was his predicament; every moment he injected his very being into freedom, escape, but it was an excercise in futility- that said, if someone were to apply the technique and its exponential boost to the metabolism to weight loss, it would undoubtedly leave the atkins diet and pilates every bit as helpless as a fly in the spiders web.

    By jivehoneyjive URL on 01.19.2011

  8. They say if you are scared of spiders you should tattoo one on yourself, somewhere where you’ll see it a lot. They suspect you’ll get used to the image and when you see a real spider, you won’t be as scared. My room mate swears it’s working for her, maybe, or maybe it’s because we get sprayed for that kind of thing?

    By Tristan URL on 01.19.2011

  9. Crawling up spine lumps—the feeling when I shiver for you.

    By MONO URL on 01.19.2011

  10. Spiders can be scary, but I don’t like to kill them because their lives are just as valuable as ours are.

    By Janie on 01.19.2011

  11. spiders are interesting

    By janie on 01.19.2011

  12. the spider jumped, flew almost, supported by the slippery silk as it hooked onto another branch. back and forth she danced, weaving an intricate web of near nothing. a weapon of the most subtlety trapping with its invisibility. so does your face bind me in love.

    By hershy URL on 01.19.2011

  13. Arachnid parasite that scares young girls and old men alike. Why it scares them? The fucking power man, it carries its house, its home in it’s fucking ass. They can bite you and you can die, and it’s tiny. It can hide in your shoe man. Your fucking shoe.

    By Rhianna Marie on 01.19.2011

  14. The dog down the street was barking insults at me while I sat in the corner of my room, covering my ears as the spider on the celling beckoned to me, whispering intentions of stealing my blood in my sleep. A fly buzzed around my head, screaming the end was near, and the cat muttered murderous threats under its breath. I shuddered as I tried to close out the sound of the squirrels chattering about the latest scandal and the ants on the windowsill warily stared down at me. It was a simple wish, yet it had ruined my life. I reached for the knife that was placed on top of my drawer as the goldfish that I had neglected for so long smirked as the vultures swooped in for a feast.

    By stellarlights URL on 01.19.2011

  15. “AAHHHHH!” she screamed as if she were being murdered slowly and painfully, but it was only a little itsy bitsy spider crawling up her leg.

    By jocie URL on 01.19.2011

  16. When I think of spiders, I think of eyelashes. I think of badly-applied mascara turning delicate whisps into clunky, heavy yarn-lengths. I think of the lashes hanging dead, out of the corner of an eye, looking utterly miserable because their beauty has been masked by powder and paint. And I’m also terrified, because most spiders move too quick and I can’t trust a person who has any feature reminiscent of them. :l

    By Chloe. URL on 01.19.2011

  17. i like spiders they are cool because they have 8 legs and 2 parts to their body. I think its a thorax and a head? well what ever some are poisonous and some are not. Some may bite and some do not. They spin some really cool webs and have some interesting designs in them. What else should i say about a spider

    By saqib on 01.19.2011

  18. There it was a huge spider staring me in the face. I was scared, about ready to scream, when it jumped. IT FUCKING JUMPED. I jumped back and stared at it again, letting out a shriek as it came for me. I ran away, seeing it follow me close behind. Till it finally caught up, and asked for directions to get outside.

    By Ashley on 01.19.2011

  19. when I think of spiders I think of darkness. I become terribly fearful of the unknown. The fact that I do not know nor do I understand them unsettles me. I also think they’re incredibly creative capable of weaving the most intricate patternss.

    By Ruth URL on 01.19.2011

  20. I hate spiders a lot because their longs are so long and bodies are very tiny. They crawl into small places so I cannot reach them or smash them with a shoe. Sometimes I stare at a spider for a very long time, in hopes that it will crawl into some forbidden secret place where I will never see it again. Unfortunately, that never happens and I sadly I end up killing it.

    By michelle on 01.19.2011

  21. Spider webs stuck to my face as I crawled through the hedge. I just needed to get a little closer to the house to see, and more importantly, hear what was going on inside.

    By Annemarie on 01.19.2011

  22. The spider wove a web above my head. I watched it, instead of looking into his eyes. I wasn’t able to look into his eyes, full of love and life, and tell him I had cheated on him with his best friend. I wasn’t able to tell him the truth, that I had started dating him to get to his friend. I was never able to be strong enough for him and that I was sorry.

    By Sarah on 01.19.2011

  23. I am creeped out by spiders. the feeling of seeing a spider makes my muscles clinched up and down my spine and my shoulders get real tense. crawl across your arm with your fingers and see what i mean.

    By Holls on 01.19.2011

  24. It crawled and it crept,
    Deep down inside her.

    The light round her left,
    Her limbs shrinking tighter.

    It ate and it ate, until she was no more.
    And the time has now come for me to play Spore. (seriously)

    By Tatti Dorjan URL on 01.19.2011

  25. She wasn’t so itsy or bitsy anymore, this spider. No. She was all grown up and lookin’ for a fight. Or a mate. Tonight, she’d take either.

    She hung a quick left at the corner of the kitchen wall and sashayed up to the web on the bad side of the apartment.

    By hopeleslie URL on 01.19.2011

  26. black.

    By Holls on 01.19.2011

  27. My mom is afraid to write about spiders because she thinks that one will appear out of the thin air if she starts typing the word. spiders fight. that’s probably why she is afraid of them now that she has a quiet home.

    By Holls on 01.19.2011

  28. spiderman spiderman does whatever a spider can. i know thats probably cliche but i dont really care.

    By Felicia Soard URL on 01.19.2011

  29. Spiders emerge from under rocks
    Crawlling the night
    While the unsuspecting sleep
    Weaving unescapable webs
    In ear canals and dimly lit places
    Letting their venom seep in to their victims
    Slow, quiet and violent

    By visage URL on 01.19.2011

  30. o shit…I hate spiders….back at home if ever i saw one papa came to my rescue…later i discovered aan insect spray and happily sprayed it on any spider i saw..and it died…but legend says if a baby spider sits on u …u get a new dress…but still i hate it

    By Shine URL on 01.19.2011

  31. I have been given the same word -“spider” for the last three times. Is this the word of the day or what? I’m ready for a new word!

    By Holls on 01.19.2011


    By phpea URL on 01.19.2011

  33. oooo…back from work and this reminds me of work again…spider interfaces….and a pending UAT defect…oo…but it also reminds of how much I work every day…I should go on a vacation sumwhr whr no spider can infest me

    By Shine URL on 01.19.2011

  34. Has 8 legs is hairy and scary. Comes in all shapes sizes and colors. Spiders are sneaky hiding around every corner.

    By dave on 01.19.2011

  35. tarantula…poisonous,fearsome,horrible…oo i remeber a funny incident…i have a hairclip a very cute one but looks somewhat like a spider…and one day i was working with complete concentration when my tl comes and exclaims omg there is a taratula in ur hair…oggd old days…it was so much fun to be a part of otc

    By Shine URL on 01.19.2011

  36. spider

    By missi on 01.19.2011

  37. tricly fickly lovey dove
    im a spider on the ceiling above
    im sucing out brains and rippings off legs
    i just wish i had a couple of kegs

    By haleigh on 01.19.2011

  38. little miss muffet, poor girl..cudnt even finish her curd and whey for thiese silly spiders…i hate spiders from my days of childhood rhymes…i wish the world was a nice place to live without any insect around and yet the ecological balane was maintained…but guess dreams never come true

    By Shine URL on 01.19.2011

  39. Oh god am I afraid of spiders, I hate the way that they scuttle and the odd way they move. And when they die they curl into themselves. Ironically enough though, truly tiny spiders I don’t mind as they’re legs are so tiny I can’t see how they move. It’s just a strange thing I have, it makes my skin crawl to see them move.

    By Emily on 01.19.2011

  40. spiders can be kind, they can be hairry. Rather, most tend to be very scary

    By Lana B on 01.19.2011