November 10th, 2012 | 342 Entries

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342 Entries for “spent”

  1. I’ve spent a lot of years trying to please other people, forgetting about myself. Now, I live for me and I’m kind to my soul. I’m trying to witness my own re birth.

    By Maria on 11.10.2012

  2. Sometimes at the end of a week I feel spent. All my energy is gone and I’m a shell until I can recharge. This is a problem because in addition to being a committed literacy coach I have to be a wonderful mother, wife, friend, sister and daughter daunting!

    By Tara Neate on 11.10.2012

  3. i spent all my time on you so now that you’re gone i’m still here and i’m still empty

    By kit on 11.10.2012

  4. I’ve spent my whole life worrying about other people. I worry about my family, my friends, everyone but me. And it hurts. It hurts that I haven’t been able to spend my time worrying about what I need. I need someone to worry about me. I need me to worry about me.

    By Abby on 11.10.2012

  5. Last summer, I spent the day in wait for something better… Did I find it? But that is not the question; the question is do you ever?

    By Erica on 11.10.2012

  6. I spent away everything, and all the water
    that petered off your shoulderblades
    oh, out of the water.

    It was like you’d spent every last cent
    and were living off other people’s dregs.
    So you swam, and spun out of the orb of
    proximity that enclosed our lives.

    By es on 11.10.2012

  7. i spent all day thinking, reminiscing and dreaming of what was. what could be. what if….

    The ceiling was still too high to see, and the metal bars on the windows blocked out the view of the cement garage and the wire spikes on the fences protruded all angles of view.

    i wanted to touch the dew on the window, but this straight jacket was too restrictive…

    By Shona URL on 11.10.2012

  8. I spent my free time sitting by the fire place with a good book in those days. I would read everything from romantic novels to non-fiction. The time I spent there I could never replace.

    By Tira on 11.10.2012

  9. Spent is such a truthful word. it sounds like what it is: short, angry, easily flung from the tongue as if on fire. It smolders; it rages; it it is barely contained inside its own skin.

    By Hope on 11.10.2012

  10. spent. spent what? time, space, love
    more than that
    i tried
    but i can’t get what i spent back
    and i don’t want to try again
    but i do
    i’ll keep lying to myself until i believe it

    By olivia watts on 11.10.2012

  11. I have spent too much time just thinking about the inevitable. How am I supposed to prevent what is going to happen anyways? Our time here is spent. He knows that, he won’t tell them. I know it, I’m just too afraid. So how will this end?

    By Claire on 11.10.2012

  12. He spent the last of his change on the toilet.
    Japan sighed as the panel opened up and seven rice ball and three beers came out. He picked up the food quickly and stowed them away.
    ‘Maybe America has some change he can spare, or maybe England.’ Japan mused as he headed back to the safe room.
    ‘Perhaps next time it will be someone else’s turn to get the supplies.’

    By Tanya URL on 11.10.2012

  13. all my money, and now I’m scrounging the streets for rusted pennies and clock radios to keep track of the time I’ve spent scrounging instead of fooling around in the waves. The sand. It exfoliates my skin like a rock on a whale.

    By KT on 11.10.2012

  14. I spent a lot of money today. I wasn’t really planning on it but I knew I would. I had to buy three things. Contact solution, foundation and kleenex. But I went to Wal-mart and then saw Hobby Lobby and had to go there and since it was right next to Kohl’s I went there too. Then I got hungry and had to buy lunch from the Chinese place… So much money gone in so little time.

    By Jessica on 11.10.2012

  15. I’ve spent too much time waiting.
    I should,
    tell them.
    But I can’t.
    He could. But,
    he won’t.
    I know that.
    He thinks he is saving them.
    He isn’t.
    We have spent our last chance.
    Not we can only wait.

    By Claire URL on 11.10.2012

  16. I spent all of my cash on a pie.
    It really wasn’t worth it…the crust was rather dry.

    My mother went away on a trip.
    She didn’t send any more money…so my bank account went drip drip drip.

    By Katie on 11.10.2012

  17. I spent my time on you
    What a waste
    I spent years on you and what!
    Your careless with what you have
    You don’t have it any more
    YOu may have spent your money on it
    Now it’s mine
    Now you know how I feel ever since you stole my time

    By Maddie URL on 11.10.2012

  18. I’ve spent it all on you for it to come to this! No! I refuse! It can’t end until you give it back. I want all back if you are to end this, to end me this way. I want my time and my work, all of it, back.

    By Maddie URL on 11.10.2012

  19. I spent so much time thinking about whether I wanted to write, but it wasn’t something I should have been thinking about, it’s something i should have been doing, that’s not time spent, that’s time wasted. I spent so much time worrying about whether i’d fit in but if I had stopped thinking and just been myself it would have been so much easier.

    By alexis on 11.10.2012

  20. I spent all my love on you, and you let me down, so I will never ever forgive you, for you have broken my trust, and hurt me. How dare you be so cruel to me.

    By Jason URL on 11.10.2012

  21. Exhausted. Cracking jokes to make it easier but when you’re alone, knowing you have given all you have to give.

    By define_me on 11.10.2012

  22. I spent the whole weekend waiting to hear from you. I didn’t. I called. you didn’t answer. I waited some more and still, you did not answer. I do not know why you have excluded me from your life. It hurts.

    By Sheila Good URL on 11.10.2012

  23. i spent a dollar the other day
    I didn’t know what to do with it,
    I just gave it away.
    I think it was for a good cause,
    But I don’t really know
    I thought she could use it
    We all have lots of dough.

    By Emilee on 11.10.2012

  24. i’m spent. i feel like i’m going to burst. and deflate at the same time. i am fearful of your heart. i am fearful of the forest. and you’re everything i’ve known, everything i’ve loved and everything i’ve cared about for so long. and i can’t do that anymore. i’m sorry.

    By valerie URL on 11.10.2012

  25. I was spent. I was done. It was over. No need to worry anymore, the performance was done. My job was done. How gratifyingly awful. To be done. Lose purpose. No more action. But possibly relieving as well. Done.

    By Susannah Kay on 11.10.2012

  26. I have spent most of my life chasing some dream i didn’t believe in. And now I am stuck here sitting on my couch looking back at my life. What happened? Where did i go wrong? Was I just forcing something to happen, just so that I can feel alive. What is it that i want?

    By omarzahir URL on 11.10.2012

  27. Time wasted
    thinking about you
    addiction came from your vision
    so lost in your presence
    I’ve just so happened to lose reality
    love was the word I used to describe it
    but innocence would be more accurate

    By Jimmy Desire on 11.10.2012

  28. This is odd
    Is it odd
    Oh precious
    Thou art far away
    For the people will frown if I indulge myself
    But I do anyway.
    I lie here
    Another push
    Ten more
    Sweet unholy convulsions
    Great Expectations satisfied
    Are we done here
    Your voice is gorgeous when you groan like that
    Yes. Perhaps no.
    Do I regret?
    This is a different story.
    How do I explain.

    By Mac on 11.10.2012

  29. Spent. I have always spent too much! It’s annoying, really. I do try, but I’m not very good at staying in budget. Spent is a sad word – it doesn’t just mean money, it mean’s anything we’ve exhausted and run out of. That’s usually sad.

    By Jim URL on 11.10.2012

  30. It was time well spent. People might say that it was not money well spent, nor was it productive in general. To any observer, it was the antithesis of anything positive. But not to you. To you, it was the most valuable thing in the world. You may have just thrown caution to the wind, but it was time well spent.

    By Jordy on 11.10.2012

  31. I spent five dollars on a 60-page book. I spent three on a pack of gum. I spent twelve dollars on a heavy-metal CD set for a boy I spent seven months of stress on. I spent six months of time on another boy who’d spend more on me.

    Two of the four were worth it.

    By Eden URL on 11.10.2012

  32. i am spent. i feel like i’m in a plastic tube and there aren’t holes on the sides. i’m not spent actually, maybe that’s what it is. i wish i could spend. i mean spend time with people and use energy but what is stopping me is social anxiety and not knowing anyone. i’m spent only because i miss people. i want to spend but i can’t.

    By Ethan URL on 11.10.2012

  33. I want to do so much. And yet when I get out to do things, my legs get spent easily, as my back and spine don’t let me do as much as I’d like:(

    By marylou wynegar URL on 11.10.2012

  34. I spent money. I spent 20. I spent my life waiting for money. I spent 20 years looking for life. Life is not about all the money spent it is how you spent the money.

    By Max Graye on 11.10.2012

  35. I spent the day inside even though it probably the last warm day of the year. I didn’t know how to work the heater, either, so it kept blasting even though it was sunshiney enough that all of the passersby had their jackets draped over their arms.

    By Lily on 11.10.2012

  36. I feel spent. I have not an ounce of emotion left to give. I don’t understand my apathy. It strikes me out of nowhere and clings mercilessly.

    By Christina Francesca URL on 11.10.2012

  37. i spent five hours, or what felt like it, just sitting. didnt move not once and it was the only topic on my mind. my treachery. how could i have become this evil thing? and how could it all feel so right? who am i?

    By sloane URL on 11.10.2012

  38. ive spent all the money of the morgage on what i thought would be the deal of my life, ended up with no money and alone. money wasnt the only thing that i spent as my years have gone by and now i write in an internet page wondering what will happen next

    By Adrian Probst on 11.10.2012

  39. I spend money all day long. On things that arent even necessary. Its an addiction… people dont know how hard it is to get over it though. But I just cant help it. I’ve tried to get help, but it will never ever happen unfortunately. I need to want to stop. I dont.

    By Brianna on 11.10.2012

  40. im so tiredd I just spent the day working and running around I have spent all mu money and I am now poor the day was spent by a lke in the middle of an ocean in the middle of an island in the middle of an old country house it was wonderful and very time coinsuming to spent a few hours at the office of the vice presidant of mickey mouse club ididnot like when i was eatin dort off the floor it was gross and it taasted like candy from the store on the hill

    By Lola on 11.10.2012