January 26th, 2013 | 275 Entries

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275 Entries for “speak”

  1. if you wish, but I’m not expecting anything. I don’t think I ever liked to hear you speak. I just wanted an excuse to say something in return. Every time we meet, I only want you to say hello, good morning, so I can say is it really? a good morning? and then goodbye. Speak, if you wish. I can only answer.

    By Stephanie on 01.26.2013

  2. I have no tongue, sometimes, its hard for me to verbally express the beauty I see in you. I hold it in and am content knowing that I don’t have to speak, you can just feel it too. I see it in your smile. Love. its the glow in your eye. Don’t lie, just kiss me, there’s no need to speak.

    By Zach on 01.26.2013

  3. Speak?…. Well Speaking can be fun depending on the subject, for me speaking can be awkward at times if I’m in a group of people i don’t really know. I’m a bit shy. Speaking can also be enlightening, depending on what you’re listening/talk about.

    By Richard URL on 01.26.2013

  4. I’m not very good at speaking, mostly about my feelings and I don’t even know why. It’s like a block, even if I want to…. It won’t come out as words, when it comes to feelings, trying to talk about them is about as easy as walking on melted ice. Literally. I will stick to sarcasm for the rest of my life. And I have typed for more than a minute….. What is supposed to happen now?
    Damn, I suck at computers….

    By Ysabel on 01.26.2013

  5. i could never just let the words flow it doesn’t help nothing helps nothing helps i just look at her, helpless, helpless, never to know. I wish I could speak, but I could never just let the words flow. And I can’t just tell her tell her tell her.

    By mari constante on 01.26.2013

  6. Speak to everyone, just speak to them, tell theme everything yell and scream if that’s good to you, may be one day they will know what you wanted to tell them, they would understand all about you and finally be kind to you as you were once with them.

    By KokoOn URL on 01.26.2013

  7. Close your mouth, little girl, your voice is too loud. Shorten your answers, little girl, you’re words are too sharp.

    By mari constante on 01.26.2013

  8. Speak loud, Speak soft, Speak clear
    Speak of Hope
    Speak of Love
    Speak of Peace
    Speak for the end is near
    Speak your Mind
    Speak the Truth
    Speak sounds
    Speak, and recall those dear…

    By Poet on 01.26.2013

  9. “Keep pushing me, and I’ll leave,” I threaten. My hand grips the doorknob, and tears flood my eyes. “I will, Theo, and you know that.” He stands in silence, and my impatience grows. “Speak, dammit!” I feel my hand twist around the knob, and my body moves before my brain says anything.

    I’m out the door without another thought.

    By Marissa URL on 01.26.2013

  10. words can do so many things to people. people dont think before they speak. Thats a bitch okay. a real bitch. I hate people that never think about what theyre about to say. It’s a huge pet peeve.

    By Lauren on 01.26.2013

  11. I was speaking the words, I let them all flow lovely out of my mouth, trying to amze you, trying to catch you onto my hook. I wanted you to be mine and the only way was through these words spilling out of my mouth. I loved it. Loved the attention because whatever I was saying was working. You were mine even for this second.

    By Kevinn URL on 01.26.2013

  12. i speak in words, but i speak in mountains and rivers and the oceans that move. these words quick to judge like the lightning in the sky and graceful like the leaves in autumn.

    By celine URL on 01.26.2013

  13. Speak on spoken thoughts of nether times of whenst the narrow spots of evermore they intertwine betwixt between ond fro uponst a time ago evermore.That so tis the spoken word.

    By Logan Star on 01.26.2013

  14. I want to speak so many things. So many things i want to say and never do because i’m afraid that no one thinks like me. i’m afraid of sounding stupid, pathetic, afraid. i’m afraid that one day everyone will realize how afraid i am every time i open my mouth. afraid to trust. afraid to be…me.

    By Danielle on 01.26.2013

  15. the guilty pleasures that are rarely spoken about
    the secrets that whisper out
    the private one-on-one’s
    the everyday conversation
    the yelling in arguments
    all the speaking
    silence can be the best thing

    By Gabi M URL on 01.26.2013

  16. Her eyelids droop and when she speaks, the words are slurred together and form one long, seesawing drunken word: “Doyouwanttogooutsidetogetsomeair?”

    By WearyWater URL on 01.26.2013

  17. Speak. Don’t hold back. Get it off your chest.
    Nothing bad can come of speaking your mind, right?
    Just breath.
    Hold your breath.
    Say what you need to.
    It’s out in the open.
    Too late to stop yourself.
    Cringe like hell when you want to take it all back.
    Take back what you said.
    Something bad will always come of speaking your mind.

    By leigh on 01.26.2013

  18. The way the mouth moves in order to find words that somehow we all understand. We don’t think about the clicking of tongues and the way each syllable slides through our teeth. We’re usually too busy thinking of how we’re going to respond, forming our own words, to even notice the brilliance of human speech.

    By jane on 01.27.2013

  19. the perfect way to communicate. by using this word we can express and interact with people around us. to get the most of what we need.

    By Morgan URL on 01.27.2013

  20. Speak Mnemosyne,
    memories most vivid,
    memories morphed by retellings and time,
    speak to me and of me,
    speak for me,
    speak Mnemosyne.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 01.27.2013

  21. the movie with kristen stewart. i met a supporting actor from that movie. he was semi strange and i thought he was my uncle’s “partner.” he hit on me while i was wearing his baseball cap.

    By justroseplease URL on 01.27.2013

  22. I want to speak French, however, at the same time I feel it impossible task to accomplish. Fuck.

    By Elliott URL on 01.27.2013

  23. Speak your mind. Speak your heart. Speak you soul. Speak your wisdom. Speak the best you can and as loud as you can. Break down the barriers and and listen to others and let them speak, but speak the way you want and how loud you want.

    By Aurangzeb Agha on 01.27.2013

  24. Todd Kalis will speak at the Chamber’s ExCEL luncheon at 11:30 a.m. Să ai libertatea de a vorbi tot atît de important ca şi libertatea de a gîndi. Ce ne-am face dacă într-o zi ni se va interzice să mai scoatem vreo vorbă?

    By Valentin Eni URL on 01.27.2013

  25. Speak your mind.
    Speak freely,
    But what every you do, don’t speak with a forked tongue. Life is too short to be wasted on petty words whose only purpose are to drive away those who love you most.

    By Ariana on 01.27.2013

  26. Soft sigh that it was
    She turned to leave
    Nothing he could do would change her mind
    It was then he chose to speak
    But the words were gone
    And in the empty space
    No return, all disgrace

    Hide your face boy
    You should know when a woman wants a man
    Not a child playing the role of one
    Who, when under pressure, slips out of character
    Acts a tyrant and a fool, age and wisdom never once threatening his state of mind
    And expects forgiveness when he rather poorly claims contrition

    By Warped on 01.27.2013

  27. I speak to let people know what I know. How I feel but no one cares to speak out anymore. No one cares to let people know what they know or how they feel. It’s sad, and I hope everyone that was blessed with a voice will be able to speak. Speaking is the only thing between freedom and constriction. A prison and a field.

    By Obliveus Kulture URL on 01.27.2013

  28. II want to – so much. So much I don’t say, when we write, and so much you don’t say either. Every edit speaks volumes. Would we say those things if we were stood there, on the end of the pier. Or at an airport? Volumes….

    By JBaxter on 01.27.2013

  29. Speaking is important. Though even with the ability to speak some choose not too. Which is unfortunate because speech is priceless. We seek to speak and to be heard. It can be hard.

    By Estelle on 01.27.2013

  30. I winced. Spit flew into my face. “YOU LITTLE- IT’S ONE THING, ONE SIMPLE THING!” The grinding jaws of my PE teacher is the only thing in my sight, purely because they opened wide enough to fit a dog in there. I make no effort to apologize, half of the reason knowing it would be dismissed if I tried, the other half the only thing I was sorry for was myself, having to go through this.
    Mind you, it would just be the same next week. I could never regret getting out of PE by ‘forgetting’ my kit.

    By Emma URL on 01.27.2013

  31. There is something that you ought to do
    Whether or not you’re accountable,
    Whether or not you care.
    Because you are not anti-social.
    But you must prove your sociable side.
    For others- they exist. they live and feel as you do.

    By Abhineeta URL on 01.27.2013

  32. He couldn’t speak to me. Not the way that I was used to. With voices and words. I couldn’t speak to him either. But, somehow, we communicated. He spoke to me through his actions, through art. But mostly, through ASL. I studied books and watched him carefully. He read my lips and tried to speak them back to me. It wasn’t a struggle most couples have. It definitely wasn’t easy. But it was always perfect.

    By Selle on 01.27.2013

  33. talk with someone or give a speech, that’s a kind of communication, that’s the first one
    it’s incredible to see how we can speak with someone and understand all his tought

    By Pwerix on 01.27.2013

  34. Just speak, say something. I don’t even care what anymore. We used to talk for hours about nothing at all, and that’s all I want now.

    By Shawn on 01.27.2013

  35. Speak. Speak to yourself. Speak to the people around you. If you had one message, just one, that you could get across a large group of people. What would it be? What would you tell this enormous group? Would you tell them, you love them? Or that you didn’t know whether you could love…

    By .Theo URL on 01.27.2013

  36. I will speak out against injustices every way as long as I have breath. It is our duty to stand up for the poor and underprivileged every way. Our freedom and stability will only come and remain when all men are free and is treated equally.

    By victor URL on 01.27.2013

  37. I speak a lot. I say everything on my mind
    people hate it sometimes, because they always want to hear something that approves of their oppinion or them

    By Duaa Tashkandi on 01.27.2013

  38. I will speak out against injustices every where as long as I have breath. It is our duty to stand up for the poor and underprivileged every where. Our freedom and stability will only come and remain when all men are free and is treated equally.

    By victor URL on 01.27.2013

  39. It is odd to think that the sounds coming out of your mouth ans my mouth can represent thoughts. It is equally surprising to me that it doesn’t really matter at all.

    By Logan on 01.27.2013

  40. She spoke first.
    It wasn’t particularly significant. Yet her voice alone made all the impact to him.
    Her voice was soft but also demanded attention.

    By Carol on 01.27.2013