January 11th, 2012 | 263 Entries

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263 Entries for “sparkling”

  1. Sparkling stars above my head. Let them fall down into the earth or submerge into the cool waters. As the night goes on, so do the stars. Riding on them would be fairies challenging themselves to a race. Whoever goes down earth the fastest can turn into a human. Is that even possible?

    By Nika URL on 01.11.2012

  2. she has a voice like windchimes,
    and he is dazzled from the moment she opens her mouth.
    his lips part and a smile curls at the edges
    and he wants to lean forward and press his lips
    to hers,
    soft and pink and dripping stardust in every syllable she speaks,
    and when she looks at him all she can think
    is how his eyes are sparkling in the golden sunset afternoon light;
    she wonders if she thinks he’s beautiful
    or if the light is shining too brightly in her eyes.

    By featherb URL on 01.11.2012

  3. The sparkling wine they drank on New Year’s Eve was lovely. It fizzed just right, not too much in the nose, just the right amount on the tongue. It made the evening more that it would have been without it. Even made him giggle, I think. Or maybe that was the tickling.

    By Kathleen Gabriel URL on 01.11.2012

  4. A tree covered in blood seen from a distance. Beauty from afar terror when reached. Life and death.

    By F. Lee Mayfield on 01.11.2012

  5. sparkling water is dank. ilove sparkling stars. im sparkling sparkleton. give me some sparkles to parkle my narple. i want to spank yur sparkles off you. dank sparkly cookies. im high.

    By nick URL on 01.11.2012

  6. We sat by the lake and listened to the waves crash around us.
    You looked at me and your sparkling eyes made me shiver.
    There was the sweetest tone in your voice when you said my name.
    When you grabbed my hand, the butterflies came alive
    And I couldn’t help but surrender to the feeling of love.

    By Chelsea URL on 01.11.2012

  7. He spit the water out. He almost choked.

    Could it really be? Was the water dancing?

    He knew that magical things happened sometimes, but he could have never imagined something like this. The drops flowed together as if possessed.

    By Alicia Rice URL on 01.11.2012

  8. the water sparkling with the moon it a lovely glow that most dont see. you wonder if it ever has a bottom with the darkness covering its true form. i walk towards that sparkling water its coldness smoothing my heated body with its coldness, ilook back from the place i were at once and he shows up watching me like a child. i know he cant see me the darkness had engulfed me and a long streak of black shots across the beauty i wonder if he sees the beauty of this and takes in mind that the world can be like this. who knows im not reader just a seeker

    By aisha URL on 01.11.2012

  9. Eyes. Like rivers, like pools, something like rain. Deep like a cup of coffee, black like onyx. Hiding something, some hidden passion that will manifest itself in the purest form. A form of pure good or a form a pure evil? I’ve yet to discover.

    By monroe2go URL on 01.11.2012

  10. The sparkling waters rushed over the girl’s toes like diamonds.
    She didn’t know why diamonds popped into her head as she was never that materialistic.
    Tide was coming in and she wanted to go inside for some lemonade and air conditioning.
    The diamonds made her thirsty somehow.

    By Suvi URL on 01.11.2012

  11. The bottle teased her. It mocked her. Its smooth and slender body seemed to sparkle, like it knew her. It was smiling, knowing she could never resist the liquid that it held.

    By Emily Syd URL on 01.11.2012

  12. and instead of drinking sparkling white wine like i always figured we would on a special occasion like this, we drank miller lite. it was a thousand times better than anything i had figured.

    By kate on 01.11.2012

  13. Shining, glimmering. Stars. All about. Surrounding you. Encompassing you. Enchanting you with their presence. Look how small you are, they say. Even their insults seem beautiful. You are insignificant. You are minuscule. Who will remember you, when no one remembers us?

    By Joanne~ URL on 01.11.2012

  14. he handed her the sparking glass, but little did she know even the littlest bit of a sip of the poison was all it was going to take to knock her off her feet, and land her in his bed. he couldn’t wait any longer, this is what he had wanted since the second he laid his sick twisted eyes and mind on her.

    By Abra URL on 01.11.2012

  15. The sparkling dewdrops in the morning grass, like crystals for my feet to tread on, shattering, bursting under every footstep, betraying the trail I leave across the yard as I make my way to where you hide, deep in the morning rays of sun shadows, an echo of a dream, an echo of the night, and echo of my pounding heart.

    By cmsiena URL on 01.11.2012

  16. Sparkling is much better than bland, glittering up my brain to things that are sparkling such as champagne, my face on Halloween, and some people’s personalities, most of all I think of the icy streets in the morning from a night’s frost.

    By Patricia Thomas URL on 01.11.2012

  17. I want to sparkle. I want to live in a future where I’m happy enough to smile. Maybe it won’t be easy, and maybe it will take awhile, but that’s what I want. I know what I want. I need it. You want my to stay here but I swear to god i’ll get out. I swear. I promise. I promise. I promise.

    By K URL on 01.11.2012

  18. Sparkling is something that, well, sparkles. Like sequins or glitter. The stars are sparkling in the night sky. I don’t know what sparkling apple cider is, but it exists.

    By Damaris URL on 01.11.2012

  19. Sparkling! I love sparkles. Glitter makes the world shimmer into a magic show. There is something light and playful about sparkling. Sparkling says I know what it feels like to be a happy little kid. I remember how to be that kid. I hold on to that kid see the magic that she sees.

    By J O'Neill on 01.11.2012

  20. The sparkling, glittering blackness in her heart had finally shown itself. It crawled through, burst through in redness and purple veins splayed. Slithering, like a worm, it reared itself up to its full height, to a dozen feet over her head, craned and arched, and curled around her at eye-level and whispered in her ear.
    ‘You are alone’, it said, ‘always,’ as she rested her head for the last time against the cold, pure white porcelain of the now inward-curving bathroom tiles.

    By heartsandtruths on 01.11.2012

  21. The water was sparkling. She tried to ignore it, her mood deep and black, but she couldn’t help noticing the glistening of the sunlight on the waves. Really, why did he ask to meet me here. He knows how special this place was to us.

    By Jessica on 01.11.2012

  22. Her eyes twinkling, sparkling even, in the moonlight. I held her hand tight in front of everyone present. I held my head high so she would be as proud as I was to be with such a beautiful woman. Everything I ever wanted is right next to me. I’ll be sure to never take her for granted.

    By Emily Hope URL on 01.11.2012

  23. the stars that shine in the sky. the look in your eyes, the champagne in your glass. and the love that is surrounding me as I look all around me and feel the joy that is there. The snow that i know will come and sparkle on the ground when the sun eventually does come out to shine on it.

    By Vivian on 01.11.2012

  24. Wet, and glassy, and dripping, and full. But not full in the sense of whole, and real, and genuine, and deep, and meaningful, unless your life centers around a lack of meaning and glittery goodness, which is acceptable as long as you are wary of your own lack of depth and sparkling mind. I, for one, relish in both moments of sparkling non-reality and fat, slow, depth.

    By richard braithwaite on 01.11.2012

  25. refreshing jump into the murky waters of hawaii. The water makes my pores ooze with freshness. I am sparkling. I am radiant. I am covered in volcanic water, freezing cold, but crisp. Clear.

    By Jaime Johnson on 01.11.2012

  26. like the ocean waves
    with sunlight beating down
    like your eyes
    when they catch the lamplight
    like a smile that peers out
    from beneath your scarf
    can a smile sparkle?
    seemingly so.

    By Robin on 01.11.2012

  27. When you’re this young, yet this old
    You’re not quite sure if this year will be another at the messy kids’ table
    Or at the uninteresting lull of the adults’ table
    As I’m handed a glass of sparkling cider
    I guess I’ll also take one more year
    Of being called naive

    By SubtleWhispers URL on 01.11.2012

  28. edward cullen

    By kristen stewert on 01.11.2012

  29. Bumping with light and hopping with smash rush change dapple in light green and reeming with tree-bright glisten happy mapping our moments of depth and love and happiness in a sweet supple and dark sparkling. Us. In this moment now and yesterday and next week. Bright love.

    By richard braithwaite on 01.11.2012

  30. whenever i talk to you, i can’t help but smile
    i wonder, does my face sparkle as much as i think it does?
    can you see just how much i love you?
    no, you can’t and you never will.
    i am sitting ever so still on my window sill
    wishing that you were sitting next to me
    and that we could sit ever so still together
    and not talk. not once. and then i could stare at you, for hours maybe, and watch the stars and the cars and i would know then that everything was perfect.
    even if nothing was right, everything would be right because of you.
    i wish your face sparkled for me too

    By Mackenzie URL on 01.11.2012

  31. its bright, tonight, i wonder, in slumber, where are you, where are we, in the flight plan, the right plan, i look to you, i’m torn from you, I still dream of you, you’re sparkling and darking me

    By M.Z. URL on 01.11.2012

  32. I think of artificially white teeth, drinks that are like wine but not quite wine, water on a lake with a little bit of rough water and sunshine, snow on a crisp winter day.

    By Kathryn on 01.11.2012

  33. that person’s smile
    child’s laughter
    sun on water
    the world after it rains

    By t on 01.11.2012

  34. “And really, you know, it wasssn’t even a GOOD case affter awl,” Sherlock slurred, leaning heavily across the freshly-cleared kitchen table. “Jusht because we got paid alott, doesn’t mean I’m not BOREDDD.” He gestured with his glass, spilling the sparkling champagne onto the doily Mrs. Hudson had put on the table with the morning’s tea tray.
    John patted Sherlock’s shoulder bemusedly, gently pushing him back upright into his chair. “Come on, Sherlock, looks like it’s time for you to go be bored in bed. The other bottle can wait until you’ve finished a case YOU like.”

    By floppybelly URL on 01.11.2012

  35. The sparkling unicorn pranced over the magic rainbow while singing merry songs. But then it had a stroke and died. Rest in peace, magical unicorn. DERRRRRP.

    By Bob on 01.11.2012

  36. I think of stars, first of all, twinkling and blinking likes so many eyes cast upon a moon-lit gem, illuminated in the night like some sort of miraculous eye. I think of grains of sand caught unawares in the glimpse of a hot summer sun, fractured into millions by disillusioned sight on a blacktop, a beach, a back road winding south.
    I think of seashells and other beautiful, solid things, each representing glimmers of magic shaped to the peripherals of peoples’ pupils when they think they may have mistaken but are truly truthful in their sightings of Beings breached in beatitude and magnificence.
    What wonders are held in palms bleached white and wrinkled by water? What wisdom is weaned from a moon waning into waif-like worth from crown to crest?
    It shows in sparkling images of insanity, when we are least aware of assumptions painted silver by starlight; we must make it new.

    By MorganLovell URL on 01.11.2012

  37. …… Edward?

    ok, no. I’m not talking about… about…that. Ugh… now I have to derail…. what to talk about that’s to do with sparkling?

    Sparkling water. Sparkling stars. Sparkling sea…

    …you know what isn’t sparkling? Isabella Swan -..- ugh. You know, I wouldn’t be so upset with Twilight… but I really just don’t like Bella. The mythos is interesting enough to consider on it’s own… I just don’t like that character… and it’s mostly told from her POV :| It’s hard to critique a story told from a character you don’t like objectively.

    By MsMoon URL on 01.11.2012

  38. Sparkling stars, hidden between branches. I look up and I can see only a few of them. It is cloudy tonight and the moon is young. Or old. Tomorrow will be the new moon, and that makes tonight a night of shades and spectres; and they sparkle, too, with sorrow or malice.

    By Ama Marie URL on 01.11.2012

  39. If I had a ring that was sparkling, I would be the happiest woman on earth right now. But even if that ring was just a sparkling silver band my heart would be full of joy.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 01.11.2012

  40. sparkling, sparkling. is it all what it seems? my eyes sparkled every time he walked in the room. i was happy. for the first time ever, i was thrilled. but it wouldn’t last. he’d get bored and my eyes would dim. happens every time.

    By Kae URL on 01.11.2012