January 11th, 2012 | 263 Entries

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263 Entries for “sparkling”

  1. She held the glass of sparkling wine and sip its cool liquid. The room was crowded and she wondered if she would find her quarry. Strapped to her thigh was a colt derringer; she had to complete this mission or they would kill her.

    By Helen URL on 01.11.2012

  2. When I was in grade seven, I made up a nickname for myself – Sparky. Short for Sparkle. This is the image I wanted, a sparkling personality. I told my penpal who lived 700 miles away that the kids called me this. I lied. I figured she’d never know the difference, and she didn’t. But we are still close friends. Should I confess now, forty years later?

    By Terrie Todd URL on 01.11.2012

  3. The was sparkling on her hand; she threw her hand around the room for everyone to take notice.It reflected what she thought he felt about her, a precious gem only to find out it was a fake.

    By Sheila Good on 01.11.2012

  4. Everything about you is sparking now.
    Its like my memories took all the love i had for you and sprinkled it over the only thing i have left of you.
    I can only remember your chipped nail polish and laugh now
    every memory has sunshine glowing on your skin
    and you are always smiling
    everything i sparkling about you
    when gabe calls me sister it sparkles brighter without you.
    My love didn’t know where to go without you
    so instead of you i have these sparkly memories
    i would trade this glitter for you to be here right now
    let me give you all my sunny memories to have you here next me
    let me get mad at you for stealing my clothing without asking
    steal my car keys at night so you can go meet a boy who does’t deserve you in a meijer parking lot
    i want to see you heart break by boys that will never be able to see how beautiful you are
    i just want to see you grow up
    i don’t want all this sparkle anymore
    i want to be able to feel more for you
    When people ask me how many sisters i have, i want to be able to say two
    without having to explain why they never see you

    By Harlow URL on 01.11.2012

  5. The vampire was sparkling in the sunlight and the only thing that came to my mind was ‘WTF’
    “You’re a vampire…and you sparkle in the sunlight instead of running…” I asked, incredulous.
    “Yes,” he replied.
    “That’s lame,” I snorted.

    By Aspen on 01.11.2012

  6. her eyes as shes staring into mine. how god how beautiful those eyes are. they make me feel alive. I feel alive in her arms, and in her presence. I was dead until she came along; she has awoken me. I was in complete utter darkness, now I am in the light.

    By Megan Katherine URL on 01.11.2012

  7. A burst of light, raindrops of pure energy touch lips with eternity. No one would describe a star exploding as “sparkling” from up close. Hanging in the sky, however, to see an explosion that, holding your hands up can be cupped in your hands, is more pretty.

    By David John URL on 01.11.2012

  8. The sparkling glitter is very sparkly. It shines like it sparkles. which is sparkley. Why cant you sparkle like the ir sparkles.? Bc sparkles are very sparkly.

    By Heather on 01.11.2012

  9. Why do her eyes sparkle so much, as they shine into mine.?
    Why must they capture me into them, as the light swerves against those clear, green eyes.
    Why must they be so beautiful, as it is driven into my skull like a nail.

    By Renae on 01.11.2012

  10. She had been practicing guitar for a few weeks and she thought she was getting much better. She was excited to make a video. She knew she wasn’t good enough to be YouTube famous or anything, but she thought it might be fun to share with her friends. After running through the song a few times, she hit record and played the whole song with no mistakes. She was so confident that the guitar would sound rich and full and her voice, sparkling. But when she played it back, it sounded sad and flat.

    By wretsky URL on 01.11.2012

  11. Edward lay dead, sparkling in the sun as Bella cried her poor little eyes out. Then she realized… Snape was right. And she regretted ever becoming a vampire

    By Ashley on 01.11.2012

  12. The water in the basin sparkled. Tom didn’t know whether he should heed the gnome’s warnings and let it be or go ahead and touch it. From the sloshing of the liquid seemingly came whispers. He put his ear closer to the water and heard that indeed something was trying to communicate with him.

    He could, at first, only make out a few words. “…give…”

    So he leaned farther in. “…power.”

    The voice became little more than soft hisses he could not hear. He put his ear even closer, so much that it touched the water. At once watery tendrils rose from the basin and engulfed Tom.

    By B.R.Bellerophon URL on 01.11.2012

  13. He said that my bowling name
    Should be sparkly bright as his suggestion
    But his friend gave me BottleCap
    Which is what I initially went with
    It’s silly but it made me feel part of the
    Crowd. Like sparkling braces had
    Been taken off my teeth
    And I could now smile proudly.

    By ellie griffith on 01.11.2012

  14. sparking is like the sun it shine and shines it’s so beutiful thats what I think of sparkling

    By lexie12 URL on 01.11.2012

  15. sparkles are beutiful

    By lexie12 URL on 01.11.2012

  16. I grabbed the bottle from the barman. ‘I’ve PAID god damn it!!’
    I grabbed the foil around the top and ripped it open dramatically, popping the cork and spraying it all over the bar. A bit went in his face.
    Apparently I hadn’t paid.
    I got chucked out soon after that.

    By pennyalice URL on 01.11.2012

  17. Vampires. Apparently they sparkle. God knows why. It attracts young girls, maybe. Or guys. Depending on your preference. Sparkly things used to be cool. But then Meyer just had to merge something originally badass with it. It’s like milk and fries. I like milk, and I like fries. But I don’t like them together. But the taste they left in my mouth was much better than the taste I got after reading Twilight. I fasted for a week. Screw you, Meyer. Screw you. The only reason why her book is popular is because Belle is such a blank board that even a duck can identify with her. The things that happened to Belle were generally the things every girl wants: attention, excitement, and the love of Mr. Perfect. Add some flaws that are barely flaws if you actually think about it, and viola. Instant no-hope-for-this-generation. No hope at all.

    By L URL on 01.11.2012

  18. The sparkling cider set on top of the dining room table. She politely sipped it throughout the evening, thinking only of the night she connected it to. Fighting back tears, she tried to put on the facade that she was enjoying the evening.

    By Heather Nicole URL on 01.11.2012

  19. Fish splash in the lake, sparkling, drops of water flying off them to catch the sunlight. He sits, calm, on his little raft, with the pole he carved himself, and waits for one of them to bite. They can take as long as they want to; he’s content to wait.

    By Katie on 01.11.2012

  20. I heard a song once by an Italian singer called sparkling meadows, it was a beautiful song, that made me actually appreciate the winter snows from then on. Especially on nights with a full moon shining on the chrisp snow

    By Nancy on 01.11.2012

  21. sparkling cider. this what i think of. and i also think of new years because that is what i drank with friends along with alcohol and not im thinking about a party i went to on friday. good times with alcohol and friends. cant wait to do it alll again. and my friend showed me where we should party and do all of it during the spring/summer and just have tons of fun

    By Sydney on 01.11.2012

  22. I step up to the edge of the platform and stare down at the sparkling blue water. My breath is so loud, it’s bouncing off the walls, almost echoing. Despite the serene atmosphere, my hands are shaking. I close my eyes and rub my hands on my bare arms, trying to calm myself.
    “I’m here for you,” Matt says. I can feel him beside me, but his voice sounds too distant to be comforting. “It’s okay. I’m here.”
    I open my eyes. The water is smooth, untouched. I can see the bottom like it’s right there, but I know better than that.
    Jump, I think. Just jump.
    And I do.
    But not before grabbing Matt’s hand in dragging him down with me.

    By Hayley Rose URL on 01.11.2012

  23. i like glitter, it’s really sparkly. like the vampire edward. even though bella is not nearly attractive as him, because she is not sparkling in the beautiful sunshine. but sunshine means i have to wake up. POOOOP. hahah, did it on emm. <3 nicki minaj!

    By Hannersss on 01.11.2012

  24. They looked across the sparkling water and realized that nothing would be the same. The day had taken them on a journey to new ideas and realizations that they could not ignore. It had gone quickly, more than either of them would have liked.

    By A. on 01.11.2012

  25. It tasted like cheap sparkling grape juice from the grocery store.

    By Ashley R. K. URL on 01.11.2012

  26. Bang.

    I wonder if everything is supposed to be this – short. You know. Breathing, smiling, kicking, laughing. Like the world at large is just a blink in a very long life.

    I sigh, and the girl before me reaches out to put her fingers on either side of my mouth. Her eyes sparkle in the setting light.

    “Smile,” she says.

    By bali on 01.11.2012

  27. independence day sparklers still on your floor.
    and the wooden floorboards, expanding in the heat off the furnace, and the startling-sudden loud crack-ing of stretching birch timber fibers—-
    my grandmother swore to hear her lost lover’s footsteps every time she warmed the house.

    By robyn URL on 01.11.2012

  28. I wasn’t sure what you were thinking
    I was so nervous that you were upset
    and then I saw your eyes sparkling
    one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen in my life is the sparkle in your eyes telling me you’re happy

    By Samira URL on 01.11.2012

  29. I steadied my wobbling head and held on tightly to the marble surface of the bar. I was struggling to focus through the stained glass windows of my eyes, but could just about make out the barman’s raised eyebrow and half-smile.
    “No you haven’t love,” he said.
    “Yes I fucking have paid, god damn it! I just paid you!” came my warbled reply.
    I grabbed the bottle of champagne from his grasp – there was a tiny struggle – and then it was in my arms. I was so triumphant that I immediately started hacking away at the black foil with my teeth, laughing manically. “Did you see that, Rose! Ha!” I said to my friend behind me, only to realise I was talking to no one; she was gone. I tried to look undeterred, and instead tried to concentrate on my skilful cork-popping.
    That was the last thing I remember.
    Apparently the cork whizzed off at full speed into my own eye, with the champagne following close behind and spilling not only onto the bar but also the barman’s shirt.
    My head hurt. I pulled the unfamiliar bedcovers over my eyes as I was reminded of the previous night. At least the barman had made me breakfast. His name was Mark.

    By pennyalice URL on 01.11.2012

  30. Hearts race.
    Eyes sparkle.
    Hopes soar.
    Want more.
    Hands brush.
    Lips touch.
    That’s how love would feel.

    By Dulcie URL on 01.11.2012

  31. You see that point of light up there? The one that doesn’t sparkle. That’s Venus. And sometimes you can see Mars. There’s no real way to say this and get it right but when I look up there, I knew when you were so far away at least we had the sky in common.

    By mere URL on 01.11.2012

  32. there is a star always in the sky that always sparkles more then any in life this is the same there is always someone who outshines you they are better then you and they now it this is what i have learned about life

    By taylorp URL on 01.11.2012

  33. As she thought and sat down at her 3 story house on her beautiful new house swing, all she thought about was that sparkling Champagne and and the way he moved he moved on her body. She knew that no material thing could make her feel that way again.

    By Camille Goulet on 01.11.2012

  34. I love sparkling water. It’s so damn bomb like holy shit. You take regular boring ass water, put sparkles in it, and it’s a fuckin miracle in a bottle. They sell that shit all round, cheap as fuck, and apparently it’s pretty good for you.

    By Ryan Goss on 01.11.2012

  35. I love sparkling wine! It’s so good. You don’t even know till you try.

    By Ryan Goss URL on 01.11.2012

  36. the sun fell down around her
    she was sparkling like diamonds
    i couldn’t look away
    didn’t want to
    i needed to have her
    feel her
    touch her
    it was love
    it had to be
    the way her beauty
    captivated me

    By karmachik URL on 01.11.2012

  37. dazzling, crystal ball for the national championship – roll tide roll.

    By Lee on 01.11.2012

  38. The sparkling stars in the sky took my breath away. The sparkling of her eyes when she looked at him just showed the soul crushing love she felt towards him. Everyone
    Was jealous of what they had, they could all tell it was something special and wished they could find something like that. There love, like the stars, sparkle and shone for those that wanted to see and experience the rarity of a shooting star…

    By foost URL on 01.11.2012

  39. Sparkling isn’t just a personality or a smile. It’s something that draws you in and glows with energy. Sparkling is a high compliment.

    By Kattee Rose URL on 01.11.2012

  40. i keep thinking of champagne. i had champagne at a wedding once. no sorry, two weddings. it’s so lovely. it makes you feel classy in a sense. for me anyway. i wonder if it’s socially acceptable to order champagne on a regular basis rather than a mixed drink or a beer?

    By truhle URL on 01.11.2012