September 9th, 2012 | 250 Entries

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250 Entries for “spa”

  1. She sat in the spa, her eyes covered with cucumbers and her body wrapped in a robe made of the softest material. This is what she needed, time to relax, time to get away. She sighed softly and laid there, letting her mind wander as the soothing scents and aromas of the place went into her nostrils. This was her way of dealing, of escaping everything…

    By Wendy on 09.09.2012

  2. the spa can be a grueling place but at times is relaxing. I don’t enjoy facials much myself, but waxing can be funny sometimes. I wish that I knew how to do eyelash extentions.

    By Keenan URL on 09.09.2012

  3. The absolute place I want to be. The place I’ve never been, and longing… oh, so fucking longing, to sit, and wait, chill, the fuck out; I mean just chill. And become bored.

    By J. Cody Spellman URL on 09.09.2012

  4. I want to shut my eyes and see the coloured stars. I want to dream.

    I wish I remembered how to dream.

    By genahtastic URL on 09.09.2012

  5. cold it could cut your soul. choppy wooden hands. nails oh so dirty. dig deeper. go deeper if you can. rest assured it will not bother me even though i hate the cold.

    By Kidgold04 on 09.09.2012

  6. the inevitablitiy of having a relaxing feeling of love and hope in a physcial notation is a euphoric and emancipating time. it is having the power to relax the body in a climate of love and tranquil zen. MEtaphorically or literally this notation we all strive for is a path that is universal. I hope for a change in climate a change in feeling and love just by simply paying 100 dollars an hour.

    By Brandon Dudley on 09.09.2012

  7. I have never been t a spa. I bet it would be really fucking relaxing. I feel that I need to relax. life is really hard right now. I bet the people would be really nice, to. I think that I need a get away. I want to run away. I don’ have the money for a spa though. It is tough being strong when nothing is okay.

    By AryanaAnachronsim URL on 09.09.2012

  8. time to relax, forget about the world. no worries, stress free.
    all you need to do is close your eyes. let the rest just fade away.
    no problems, no drama, just time to remember you.

    By Aubryanna URL on 09.09.2012

  9. The spa was grate it’s so good to have my girls day out once a month, it relaxes me from the children and George, God Love him hes so great to us I dont know what I would to without him. I hope we keep this way after all these years togueher and this the spa of my life is him

    By Sylvia on 09.09.2012

  10. Spa. A luxury that I cannot afford.

    By bitter bit panda URL on 09.09.2012

  11. i love the smell of spa perfume, its intoxicating effect mesmerizes me and i find myself fresh and ready for work.

    By filza URL on 09.09.2012

  12. Spa is somewhere ive never been

    By aaaalud on 09.09.2012

  13. I went to the spa the other day. It was an interesting experience, the woman behind the counter, an elderly asian woman, was fairly pleasent all things considered, but the way she looked at me, like I was just another rich white woman gracing her with her presence. It was a bit unsettling. She gave me a key to my room and I was escorted to where I would be staying for the next two days. It was a small room, but the windows were wide and it looked out to the beach. I had come on the advisement of a close friend, one I trusted dearly. I didn’t expect much out of it, but I needed to get away from all the stress at home.

    By Jessica on 09.09.2012

  14. I was invited by a friend of mine to go to the spa. It was my first time there, I was a bit nervous, but I needed the relaxation. A lot of things were going on and I felt like it would be a good experience. I went in with her, the lobby was clean with tile flooring. We were escorted by a young woman, brunette with black slacks and a teal, satin shirt.

    By Jessica URL on 09.09.2012

  15. Relaxing sensations drowning out the worries of the world. Problems disintegrating away in the vortex that is my foot-bath.

    By Cassie URL on 09.09.2012

  16. The spa is supposed to be some luxurious and healthful thing — but in a hotel it’s usually an overly chlorinated hot tub. Chlorine makes compounds that cause cancer. Hardly seems like a luxurious or healthful thing.

    By Kathleen Gabriel on 09.09.2012

  17. Only thing I can think of relating to spa is the serenity, the sense of calmness ad internal peace that it brings. I love the concept of being disconnected from the entire world for some time.

    By Prakhar Singh on 09.09.2012

  18. the British house wife was thinking of attending a spa gathering but thought better of it as her aunt rita had just passed from cancer, and she felt like she didn’t deserve to enjoy herself in a time of sadness. Little did she know Rita was watching and plotting her revenge anyways.

    By Ryan on 09.09.2012

  19. Is a place for people to BLAH I don’t like spas..Why do you keep bringing them up even though I don’t like talking about spas.I keep refreshing and then again..SPA!

    By Jasmine on 09.10.2012

  20. spa. what a wonderful word to describe a place of relaxation. a place of total abandonment of worries, anxieties, fears and all the simple complexities that make life stressful. a place to feel good, happy and satisfied, even if only for a short period of time. s. p. a. who knew those three little letters put together cold create the sweet symphony of sounds that it does to illustrate that which it is.

    By bill on 09.10.2012

  21. Raised on the steamy mist of inspiration, her spirit reclined into a creative reverie, writing out its will upon the world’s walls.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 09.10.2012

  22. She could lie forever in a spa, her skin warm and her breath light in the hot air. She could lie forever there, her skin getting wrinkled as the air faded away. She could lie forever, and only wake up until the water was over her head.

    By emlex URL on 09.10.2012

  23. The last (and only) time I was at one was when I was a kid. It was a girls day with my cousins and my mom. I remember feeling so out of place. So excessive. All I got was a manicure because I was afraid of someone touching me. They should have known then.

    By ps on 09.10.2012

  24. Gosh! You make me remember my promise to my mom. I promised last last last month to her that I will treat her to spa. Up until now, I didn’t fulfill my promise. Thanks to you oneword! You made me remember the stuff that I need to do.

    By Camille URL on 09.10.2012

  25. I would love to go to a spa; I’ve never been in one before. There’s never been enough time or money for me to visit a spa, and I’d feel rather guilty about going to one even if I did. There’s no way for me to justify it for myself, honestly. Not when there’s so many other things that are necessary for the house and family, never mind my daily expenses.

    Even as I say that, I’d like to know what it’s like to have a ‘relaxing experience’ being pampered at a spa. I hear that sometimes you can win vouchers for a spa session at office raffles; my sister in law once won one and she said it was a good experience. If nothing else, I’d like to go just to know what it is like.

    By Rory M URL on 09.10.2012

  26. relaxation, peace in my mind and tingles in my body. im able to breathe in and out fully. cucumber water. refreshed. push harder, i wont break. steam rooms are my paradise. fluffy robes are like swaddling cloths, a giant cloud im enveloped in and never want to get out of. escape in the music. want it be be all the time.

    By Heather on 09.10.2012

  27. relaxing, expensive, luxuriant, unfamiliar, intimate, refreshing, feminine, mother-daughter days out, beautiful location, somewhat less embarrassing than onsen but can be quite mad, never been myself do I want to…?

    By Shona on 09.10.2012

  28. The waterfall crashes down, hot water splashing into the pool, snow slopes buzzing with people whizzing down them outside the open-air window frame in front of me.

    The steam rises thick, obstructing the view of our breasts from the eyes of the snowboarders and skiers, but we know. We know that we are warm and wet and naked in this hot spa with its hot waterfall, in plain view of a thousand people in one of the most conservative cultures on earth.


    By globusgeckus URL on 09.10.2012

  29. She slipped into the easy atmosphere, the mist welcoming her to its depths, encompassing her body into full submersion until all she could hear was the echo of her heartbeat.

    By sjp URL on 09.10.2012

  30. The spa was practically the definition of decadent self-indulgence — gorgeousness everywhere, people waiting to wait on you, waiting to make you feel good and great and beautiful.

    No wonder the women came here.

    By icfasntw URL on 09.10.2012

  31. The best thing about the spa was the gigantic sauna in the back. One woman, Isabelle, had just begun working at the spa and wondered how the sauna, the fire of which somehow continued burning literally all day and every day, was kept lit. She soon found out it was the small team of tiny dragons that hid in the cracks of the walls.

    By Mina URL on 09.10.2012

  32. I relaxed and allowed my exhausted and broken body to sink into the crystal clear water. He would never touch me again. His body lay on the floor, his skull shattered, while I let the water lap over me and imagined myself lost in a pool at a hideaway retreat.

    By Lisa Shambrook URL on 09.10.2012

  33. The water trickled down the rocks glittering as it flowed… So close yet fatwas it was forbidden, untouchable…she mustn’t get to close or they’d see her. Those wonderful humans wouldn’t take well at the sight of her beautiful wings and tiny fairy frame.

    By BekahCat URL on 09.10.2012

  34. spa has an important place in my life. I usually go spa when I have free me. ın my etown re are lots of spa and so with my family I prefer to spend my spre time at spa. I also like swimming and spa is a suitable place for it but I have to develop my swimming but for it I have to find cool swimming pools cos spa is a bit hot and make you tired easiy. Maybe spa is not suitable for everybody but it is very healthy for general.

    By buket on 09.10.2012

  35. Spa is a very cool place where you can rest and get fit, i don’t know much about it, but i’ve heard that is a very special place to chill out.

    By hugo on 09.10.2012

  36. The water trickled down the rocks glittering as it flowed… So close yet so far it was forbidden, untouchable…she mustn’t get to close or they’d see her. Those wonderful humans wouldn’t take well at the sight of her beautiful wings and tiny fairy frame.

    By BekahCat URL on 09.10.2012

  37. Warmth. Soaking my feet and taking a breath. Oasis of calm. Palm trees. Retreat. Massages, rocks, cocktails and coconuts. The smell of salt. White lounge chairs and rainbow-colored umbrellas. Guitars music.

    By Snow URL on 09.10.2012

  38. i hate her hands and the way she smells and i can hardly breathe. who thought this was a good idea? get your feet off my back, and get you hands off my neck. i want to go home.

    By mady URL on 09.10.2012

  39. Ah, the spa. The best place to relax after a long day. I wish I could relax, and sink down into a bubble bath warm enough to melt all of the stress and tension from my muscles. But then again, the bill for such a place is pretty steep too.

    By Laura Riddle on 09.10.2012

  40. watery people, well weathered and needing soothed materials across their spines.

    hot stones, cool stones

    By Futura Blue on 09.10.2012