September 9th, 2012 | 250 Entries

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250 Entries for “spa”

  1. Well spa. Socrates. Plato. Aristotle. Or at least that’s what I was taught my Freshman and Sophomore year in Pre-AP and AP World History. I got a 4 on the test, so I guess it was all worth it. I don’t relax much though…

    By Amy on 09.09.2012

  2. I long to go to the spa. I need a break from the monotony and stress of my every day life. School give me knots in my shoulders, and headaches. My feet are ruined from walking on them all day long, and running on them at work during the nights. My nails are broken. And there are bags under my eyes.
    This shouldn’t happen to me, i’m only sixteen.

    By Lyss URL on 09.09.2012

  3. When the police arrived, Margot’s body was bloated and grey. The ruby red lip stick she’d applied after sliding into her new snake skin bikini had dissolved in the bubbling water.

    By penny dreadful URL on 09.09.2012

  4. Spa? isnt that the place where you go and relax. It sounds impressive isnt it? but I think that I would rather just go anywhere outdoors than getting through massage and stuff.Am I wrong? I have no idea cant really judge .I have never been there it is kinda expensive I think

    By sociallyawkward URL on 09.09.2012

  5. I like spas. They seem nice they seem like fruity things, i like pink things. they remind me of soap soap soap soap soap and water. relaxation and recharging mud baths and bath tubs saunas and beautiful things they are expensive greenleaves body scrubs waxing pampering messages messeuses and nature and beauty and

    By Why Do on 09.09.2012

  6. Life is a luxury spa
    A long luxurious process
    Pebbles exfoliating your feet
    The morning sun a sauna
    Pay by the hour
    and hope we leave with a sigh of satisfaction.

    By Tyler Ann Klein URL on 09.09.2012

  7. spa ? where you are supposed to relax but never really do because you’re to worried about your stressful life.

    By Mikayla URL on 09.09.2012

  8. A spa is a place where we can go to relax. It is where stress is non existent and we have personal servants. We come out feeling fresh and clean and shit what else can I say.

    By Ashley on 09.09.2012

  9. i love to go to the spa with Evangeline. We are rich so we go all the time. There are many hot guys who give us massages and smell like butterflies, but they are poor so they can’t date them. The chinese people talk about us because they are jealous.

    By Cassidy on 09.09.2012

  10. relax, a place to rest.
    there’s a smell of sea and
    tea? I like the warmth & coolness
    in this place, and the cleanness of
    the towels and sheets. It’s great!

    I would move here if I could!

    By RMH on 09.09.2012

  11. oh my god i really need this get me out of the mood really i want to have fun fun fun fun….drink

    By amal on 09.09.2012

  12. my mom once got a certificate to go to spa luna one day. i think it was for her birthday. i dont quite remember. i wish i could of gone with her, but i remember i had something else important to go to. at least i went to the one at diamond resort though. i wish i could go to spas everyday. only if i had the time and money….

    By kalea URL on 09.09.2012

  13. after long months of work and travel, i decided i needed to go on a vacation and go to a spa.

    By cream on 09.09.2012

  14. It felt so nice to relax, letting the heat and the quiet drain all of her cares away. Her hair was pulled over her shoulder, and she played with the ends as the stones on her back sucked all the tension from her. It was a momentary heaven.

    By Courka URL on 09.09.2012

  15. is a place one would go to with the intention of “switching off”, relaxing, pampering.
    I am afraid, when I’ve been to a spa, I tend to leave more stressed and tense than when I arrived.
    I want all my layers peeled off, deep cleansed and rebuilt……….
    But most of the time, the job is only half done.

    By Claudine Gabriel URL on 09.09.2012

  16. Spaniel. Spaghetti. Sparse. Sparta. Spanking. Spare. Sparkled. Sparrow. Spaniard. Spatial. Spa.

    By Maggie on 09.09.2012

  17. Relaxation, at it’s max, saunas, massages,and hat wax. Every woman wants to be here instead of work, Desires of passion trapped in a building.

    By Jennifer Louise URL on 09.09.2012

  18. Relaxation. Not a care in the world, everything just melts away. Breathing in the soothing aromas. having the gentle, but firm hands get every knot out of your back. So relaxing

    By Sammy URL on 09.09.2012

  19. The place one goes to become super comfortable. Massages, white towels, warmth, oil…all contribute to the overall comfort and happiness of the participant. Great stress-reliever.

    By Rachel on 09.09.2012

  20. My father bought me gift certificate to a spa one year ago. I’d been complaining of back troubles so he responded with a gift-wrapped certificate for a one hour massage under our Christmas tree. My dad gave me more than a massage. He gave me an hour of no pain.

    By Anne on 09.09.2012

  21. A wonderful place to relax. To be with Friends and laugh about things and create memories with them. I would like to go sometime soon!

    By Ki URL on 09.09.2012

  22. helakdf;odihalvjnd;fnaer’gijarg luxury, awesome nice stuff that spas and things have in common is the best thing in the qhole world ever

    By Hello There on 09.09.2012

  23. The beauty in those willows forming their own hammock for my pleasure. A hush falls over the grounds when I see green in every direction. I enjoy the blinding real light of the sun drifting me off into sleep. An easy smirking smile comes as I sway in the spa of my dreams.

    By masked habit on 09.09.2012

  24. I have never been to a spa, but I would like to go to one sometime soon. I especially look forward to getting a mask or something done on my face. Maybe also do some type of treatment that hels exfoliate the pores in my body. That all sounds like fun.

    By Johanna on 09.09.2012

  25. A nice day at a spa, that’s what she needed. That would give her some time to get away from the situation and have a proper think. Shame she didn’t really have any money though…maybe that last fiver in her account would be well spent on relaxing?

    By Laura Wells on 09.09.2012

  26. As a greek boy Nick was out of place on the inner city streets of Brisbane. In order to avoid beatings on the street he made it a daily ritual to train at police boys club which owned the only boxing ring south of the city. When he could muster ring time he would spa against J Ray Leonard and Rooster Ricketson. He never won a round, but taking big hits thickened his skin and besides, he knew he would run rings around them trading pornos and cigarettes when the session was done. He was always going to be a deal maker but to be the best he had to learn how to fight, and fight dirty.

    By sharon london on 09.09.2012

  27. I went to the spa the other day. I just love when I get the chance to go to the spa. I always end up getting the best massage and obviously I get the deluxe package every time (wink)! Until my wife finds out – though she probably won’t.

    By Sam on 09.09.2012

  28. She needed a break. She loved her children, but she needed to get away. One son, plus a disabled husband is a little much to bear on working woman, supporting a family and a college lover.

    By Cheryl Cummings URL on 09.09.2012

  29. A warm place to relax and unwind. Feel safe here.
    Peace, harmony and tranquility surround me. I’m alive and well. Time is precious.
    mud baths and massages take over from stress and anxiety. Everything seems to be ok here as reality takes a step back. Worries fade and relaxation sets in.

    By Lou Lou on 09.09.2012

  30. I wish I could go to a spa right now and have my favorite spa treatment. I usually feel like a million dollars after. It is the milk and honey vichy spa treatment. I smell so nice and feel so good. I’ve forgotten what it feels like to feel good. I just feel pain.

    By Diane URL on 09.09.2012

  31. She eyed him from across the pool, the salts clouding out the parts worth mentioning. He smiled back, barely believing his luck. Then she vanished.

    By Jeremiah Jaster URL on 09.09.2012

  32. Warm and tender, scalding and suffocating, caressing like a lover’s embrace.

    By S.C. on 09.09.2012

  33. That sentence, uttered carefully, decidedly, gave him back everything that he’d lost in the last months. The lilt of her burnt voice was like the gentle caress of a warm spa, spread across the surface of his skin. No price too dear.

    By Andriy Hoonk on 09.09.2012

  34. heat, sensual, wet, romance, dirty, fun times, bubbles, youth, old school, love, laughter,

    By Katie on 09.09.2012

  35. I have never been in a Spa, I think maybe it is because I’m poor and mmaybe because I have a problem with my feminity. I would like to go someday, maybe when I have one or two plastic surgerys. No, I’m Kidding. But It would be nice feeling someone else is doing something to make you feel good, and off course you’re paying but that doesn’t mean nothing if at the end you feel brand new, another woman, someone different… Man! Those advertisings are good.

    By Laury on 09.09.2012

  36. Spas are nice and warm.

    By fg on 09.09.2012

  37. The warm water splashed against my legs, and I laughed. “The water’s so pleasant, it’s like a spa.” He made me smile, and I dug my fingers into the sand beneath us. The sun beamed down sweetly, and he grabbed my hand from the wet sand. Our fingers laced together, and I smiled at the vast, endless ocean. “I like today,” I said. Without looking away from the horizon, he said, “Me too.”

    By Marissa URL on 09.09.2012

  38. She knew going would make her feel better. Stronger. She felt like she really needed time to forget everything that had happened in the last few weeks and just relax. So, without allowing herself time to regret her decision, she took the paper from her sister’s hands and sighed.

    By Andrea on 09.09.2012

  39. So one day, a sunny Friday afternoon we went to a spa. We’d never been before, me and him, and it was a weird experience. Who knew that that tautness in my shoulders wasn’t natural? Who knew that hot rocks actually were a cause of pleasure and not pain.

    By Bob on 09.09.2012

  40. I wish I could go a to a spa. I love spas and I really feel like a need a vacation, but since I cant make it to one, I think a span would be the next best thing haha. So i was really saying these words out loud as i was typing, I felt completely crazy, but i guess that really does mean i need a vacation hahaha.

    By Chynna on 09.09.2012