June 25th, 2012 | 283 Entries

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283 Entries for “soups”

  1. They’re not usually what people want to eat in the summertime — now that’s it is summertime. Yet, soups are delicious this time of year:

    watermelon cold soups
    carrot ginger soups
    pea soup
    even chicken kale bacon potato soup

    By Someone Else URL on 06.25.2012

  2. Soup? Well, soup is good, I guess. Kind of a strange word to write about, though, don’t you think?

    By Zak on 06.25.2012

  3. there’s something about cuddling up on a winters evening , picking from the soups shelf in the pantry . You stand in front looking at all the cans painted with pictures of delectable treats. You just can’t stand to pick.

    By evelyne URL on 06.25.2012

  4. The married couple went to the restaurant, as usual, for their Sunday dinner. The man asked the wife, “What do you feel like having darling?” This surprised her. Often, they would regularly order soups for the two, but today he felt differently. “Could you say that again, dear?” She asked.

    By Jaymar URL on 06.25.2012

  5. chicken, broccoli, tomato
    goes with so many different meals
    for sickness
    for hunger
    any time, any day.

    By emily rose URL on 06.25.2012

  6. soups and salads and smiles from him the one you’re least likely to sway and you stand and you smile as you hope just once more thinking who knows what could happen come september who knows who you’ll be or what he will see maybe it might just turn into what you hoped and if it is not you’ll know soon enough but at least you gave in just this once hoping the one person you are never allowed to adore will fall for you just this one time over soups and far too many breadsticks

    By C. Ritchie URL on 06.25.2012

  7. Sometimes I bathe in soup, and it absorbs into my body, and I become the soup.

    By Awood on 06.25.2012

  8. Even if soups sat at the top of the shelf I’d find it hard to put into words the vehemence I’d feel for the broccoli. Damn the broccoli with their many heads and their long plantiginous stems. They have too much knowledge.

    By Ben Mattice URL on 06.25.2012

  9. I love soup and my favourite soup quote is “She smells like soup” from that movie the one where the guy and the girl hook up because of a playlist. That geeky actor and the girl with the read lipstick. Getting back to soup, I love soup.

    By Lynda on 06.25.2012

  10. My whole life feels like soup without the salt.
    No flavor.
    Soup can be so great. So comforting. So warm.
    But without the salt, it’s nothing.
    It’s bland, boring, hard to eat.
    Not comforting at all.
    Soup could be great. Just add some salt.

    By Jaimie Myers URL on 06.25.2012

  11. chicken soups. chicken NOODLE soups. AH, memories. It’s convenient that I’ve got this cold and soups came up. Salty broth and slushy meat and veggies for some reason makes your head feel better. I can’t really explain it. Is my sixty seconds up yet? NO? Ramen noodle soup, too. Ah, memories.

    By Scott D on 06.25.2012

  12. A table full of soups: creamy, brothy, wonderfully meaty. It was like she stumbled upon heaven for her empty stomach.

    By Amanda URL on 06.25.2012

  13. Full warm bowl of soup, steam curls around your face, cold and red from hours in the snow, as you breathe in its intoxicating scent. Made especially for you by Baba (“You’re too skinny! Eat more! Don’t play outside in the winter! And never,never go outside with wet hair, you’ll catch a cold!”). Chunks of chicken, squiggly noodles, bits of carrots, and you slurp them up, feeling the hot liquid travel down your throat, slowly warming every part of your body. Dip in a bit of homemade bread, soak up the remaining broth and herbs, chomp, gulp, empty warm bowl.

    By cosmic URL on 06.25.2012

  14. “Which one would you like, love?” my father asked me, squeezing my hand as we looked over the counter. Though he couldn’t afford to buy me sweets or candies, he did give me delicious soups to eat. It was all we could afford, really, but his smile made it even better.

    By Mika URL on 06.25.2012

  15. Soups come in many forms and flavors. My favorite is brocolli and cheese. When I’m feeling adventurous, I eat hot and sour soup from the Chinese restaurant. How is it that I’ve become so bland that eating hot and sour and soup is my only adventure?

    By Kim URL on 06.25.2012

  16. I always liked soups. My friend said she ate nothing but soup for 2 months and lost a ton of weight… I should try that. I get insecure about myself often, and it would be nice to not be self aware whilst wearing a swimsuit. I wish people would just stop judging others, no matter what it is. Whether it’s being gay, being overweight, or whatever. People should be happy being who they are, without worrying about what others think.

    By Katherine URL on 06.25.2012

  17. Yum? Soups are good. You eat them with a spoon. Forks are not good for eating soup, unless it has got many vegetables, and even then you can’t get the broth and such. So, spoons.

    By Emma URL on 06.25.2012

  18. Soups come in different kinds and flavors. My favorite soup is brocolli and cheddar. It is creamy and cheezy and delicious. Some people confuse soups and chowders.

    By Kaitlynn on 06.25.2012

  19. “I am a connoisseur of soups.”

    “You are not, that’s ridiculous.”

    “Wh – yes I am! Mike, how long have we known each other!”

    “Tom I legitimately NEVER noticed that you had a thing about soups.”

    “I LOVE SOUPS! There are just so many different flavours and consistencies!”

    “You are making this up to mess with the psychology major, you HAVE to be.”

    “Mike I am as serious as your Seduction Gaze right now.”

    “Yikes, that’s pretty serious.”

    By Julia A. URL on 06.25.2012

  20. I have a stack of soups in the pantry.
    I call them comfort food.
    It’s good to have soup around; it reminds you of childhood.
    Even on a hot day, you can cool off with soup.
    Then of course, there is the soup of your soul.

    By Robin on 06.25.2012

  21. soup, campbells soup. which always reminds me of andy warhol. i used to adore him. his artwork fascinates me & ive always wished i could become as great as he is. he takes so much creativity to just one picture & turns it into a masterpiece. i wish one day to be as great & have as much creativity as he did.

    By no name on 06.25.2012

  22. Yes, there was a variety. A vast variety. But she only liked the ones with rice in them. And meat.

    By Jessica Bang URL on 06.25.2012

  23. She quickly chopped the parsley; every time the knife hit the cutting board a small “whok” resounded throughout the empty restaurant. As she added the herb to the small bowl of soup, the lights over head cut out, right on time. The only illumination came from the street lamps outside. She looked around and smiled, then put a lid on the soup, boxed, and bagged it. She passed through the glass-paned front door and it shut behind her with a soft click. She twisted the small silver key in the lock and closed her small cafe for the night. She held her dinner gingerly as she walked home down the city street painted with warm hues from the setting sun. Maybe, on the way home, she’d pick up some sourdough to dip in the soup.

    By Olivia-Lea URL on 06.25.2012

  24. there are different types of soups originating form different parts of the world. in my country the common type of soup is pepper stew. you can eat it with a variety of dishes and it is popular among the various ethnic groups.

    By tutu on 06.25.2012

  25. Soups! Well, let’s see, what can I say about soups? I mean, I don’t have much…soups are essentially just various ingredients mixed into hot water, aren’t they? What’s so impressive about soup? Not much.

    By Mae URL on 06.25.2012

  26. There was this one time. I remember it clear as day. I went with some friends to panera for lunch & we had breads soups and salads. The waitress messed up on my order and gave me double the soup for the single price. My friend took it and I ate it without paying for it. I always wondered what happened to the waitress. It could have ended a rocky career or tarnished a near perfect job. I just wonder. All over some dumb soups.

    By Catherine on 06.25.2012

  27. My roommate just loves all kinds of soups though she has a hard time eating them in this texas weather. She says its just too hot to make them in the kitchen and eat them but she talks about them every day. She seems to like any while I am not fond of any. I dont like the watery part I assume. I am more for the chunky soups like baked potato soup which is amazing.

    By krystal on 06.25.2012

  28. Ive never really been a fan of soup. I dont know if it was the texture or what… Ive come to terms with some soups now in my older age, but it has to be a hot soup. me and gaspacho do not mix at all. im glad im becoming more open minded.

    By Evan Duvall URL on 06.25.2012

  29. Soups are probably close to being my most favorite food. They always have a nice, delicious flavor. My only complaint might be that you have to eat a lot to fill up, depending on the soup of course. A soup could be much better by adding a lot of meat, but then it might be more closely categorized as a stew.

    By Nicholas Reed on 06.25.2012

  30. Soups come in many shades and tastes. Some are creamy some are thick and some are just plain soupy. lol Anywho .. soups are pretty amazing for colds or cold days. Try many types, don’t shy away, you’ll be surprised on what you discover and like :)

    By Anonymous on 06.25.2012

  31. I was tossed in a pot.
    It was filled with broth, bones, and the flesh of me.
    I was stripped naked
    For all to see
    I was afraid
    You were hungry
    Enjoy your meal

    By Sarah Argory on 06.25.2012

  32. She got lobster bisque,
    I went ahead and slit my wrists.

    By Tony URL on 06.25.2012

  33. Soup is the food of loneliness, the sustenance of bachelordom, the canned means to an end, devoid of all passion and pleasure that might otherwise make it a comfort food. It’s the one unrelenting presence in the cupboard that ensures I will never go hungry, no matter how depressed or tired or worthless I feel. Particularly worthless– too worthless to care for myself properly, not even worth the dish soap required to wash more than one pot. One is not a number that is meant to be cooked for, it always ends up in too much food with too few to share with, for food is a social agent, a reason for the bringing together of those most beloved to us. If food is this timeless social element, then soup is the loneliest food there is, because in cans it comes with intent to only serve one.

    By Doctor noun, M.D. URL on 06.25.2012

  34. “But there are so many soups!”
    “Jonathan, I told you specifically which one to get. I honestly have no idea how you could have screwed this up.”
    He stared at the never ending aisle of identical cans hopelessly.
    “But…they’re all red with white writing.”

    By Madi on 06.25.2012

  35. Soups are a staple of the american society. Nothing makes you feel warmer on a cold day than a bowl of your favorite soup. Sick? mom’s famous chicken noodle will cure what ails you. But more than that there is the sense of humility and respect you gain filling a bowl for a homeless man who has never been more grateful for the simplicity of soup.

    By Audi on 06.25.2012

  36. Soft and warm, like a memory from before
    I saw you.
    You were my first choice,
    liquid and lucid.
    I was always comfortable in your presence.
    Too bad,
    I rushed in.
    I burned my tongue.

    By Miriam on 06.25.2012

  37. Panera bread has really good soup. Soup warms you from the inside out. A microwave warms things badly but soup warms you healthily. Like a tanning bad warms you from the outside in.. and really bad things happen to you on the inside. Soup warms you from the inside out and really good things happen to you on the inside.

    By Kate on 06.25.2012

  38. soups are excellent, i want me some noodle soup. if u ever feel down and out try smelling it.

    By Nixon on 06.25.2012

  39. I want to share soup with you.
    I want to sit at Panera, laughing and having some kind of
    I’d get tomato
    You’d get chicken noodle
    Cause we both know I can never decide.
    That’s what I want.

    By Casey Knell on 06.25.2012

  40. I eat soups in groups, as we jump through some hoops. We’d jump hoops in loops just to get us some soups. Send in the troops, ‘cuz we want us some soups.

    Oops, our groups got the droops as we scooped up our soups, now our soups have gone splashy-ka-poops.

    By Shaleigh URL on 06.25.2012