November 25th, 2012 | 291 Entries

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291 Entries for “soon”

  1. the due date is sooner is closer than you think.

  2. soon i will play basketball for show low jr high school.

  3. I will be there soon

  4. I
    will be there soon

  5. she said”as soon as you get an A plus you can get an ipod touch”

  6. i will soon be in the classroom and then i will soon do my work

  7. I’ll soon go to New York.

  8. we will soon be millianar and by canada.

  9. The dark came too soon. She stumbled through the city, watching a fairygirl dance unafraid beneath the broken city lights. She wanted to smile, they all made her want to smile, but they were dangerous, so she moved on, watching the creature glitter from the corner of her eye.

    by Joy on 11.26.2012
  10. What would a habitual procrastinator know of the word “soon”?

    Given the number of times it has been said, I’d wager quite a lot actually.

  11. I must finish this soon. what happens to it once it is done I have no idea. Is this breaking board policy it could be. I must load chritkian some lunch money onhis account. my this takes a lon time to type. I fyou type slower you would not even get a sentence done

    by Deb on 11.26.2012