January 23rd, 2011 | 331 Entries

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331 Entries for “solved”

  1. i solved the puzzle today. math problems are frustrating when there is an answer but you cant seem to find it. sudoku should never be done in pen. i can’t wait for sherlock holmes

    By Nhat URL on 01.23.2011

  2. There was a mystery at the old Heinburg house. A woman, aged 83, found dead in her bed. Her cat was sitting next to her face, chewing violently as it had not eaten in what seemed like a month considering the woman’s decomposed corpse. No one knew initially what happened to old Ms. Heinburg, until the next night…

    I recall Detective Stone and I were working on a seperate case earlier that day. When the call came in, we looked at each other, puzzled. “Why would anyone want to kill an old lady?” I thought to myself. Stone smirked at me.

    By Lindsay on 01.23.2011

  3. Solved the problems today. Meditated, relaxed, spent time with lovable people. I know there will be more to come, but I feel better and more optimistic. Looking forward to new horizons again!

    By Tkot on 01.23.2011

  4. I solved the problem. All it took was another problem, all it took was heartbreak and all this shit. I realize that the only way to get a girl to stop liking me is to be an asshole, and yeah that’s a problem, but I can deal with that problem, I can deal with being an asshole. I’m just not good at the rest of it.

    By Lee Molnar URL on 01.23.2011

  5. The inspector looked over his shoulder at the flashing lights. then he pulled his coat over his other arm and walked off into the night. After all this nonsense, all he wanted was a long, warm nap.

    By Kelsey on 01.23.2011

  6. the problem was sovled after the exam
    it was harder than expected.
    im to stoned to write a story.
    three lines and i already lost my

    By nia on 01.23.2011

  7. I solved the puzzle! What it was I can’t remember now…all I know is that I solved it.

    By Becky on 01.23.2011

  8. i haven’t solved myself. im like a rubix cube… the colors and the pieces are there, but just all mixed up. the hardest thing to solve is yourself.

    By Alicia URL on 01.23.2011

  9. solved…..we all have to solve something at one point in our lives. From solving the problems in our friendship, to solving problems in a relationship….sometimes there is just to much to solve we all just want to give up. But you must keep your head held high and go on with solving one thing at a time….. Problem Solved

    By katie URL on 01.23.2011

  10. I always thought ‘solved’ was a weird word to use for beating a video game, but i distinctly remember some survey asking how long it took, on average, to ‘solve’ a game. A kid I knew even used it that way. It was like hearing a guy say ‘nuc-u-lar’ instead of ‘nuclear’ – nails on chalkboard.

    By B URL on 01.23.2011

  11. 1solved = serving omni leverage volutinating enumerative demonstration

    By Garz... on 01.23.2011

  12. Answers arise eventually. Usually anyway. Especially when those nosy kids are involved! They have a really fancy car, lots of flowers and man they must’ve been really trippy hippies. Poor dog.

    By Mithun on 01.23.2011

  13. Math class, long hours of TRYING to pay attention but it’s just not happening. Wondering how you got from the problem to factoring it. I hate math class, so glad I passed so i don’t have to take it again next semester. I’ll go out to eat or something.

    By Laura on 01.23.2011

  14. He broke the rubik’s cube open against my chair and put together the pieces on his own. When he finished, he held it out for us all to see and said, “Problem solved.” I wondered if maybe life was that simple; all I needed to do was break things apart and put them together the right way. But that’s not how things are supposed to go. You have to take your time putting things back together, you can’t just rush it; you have to do it the way it was meant to be done, you’re not supposed to cheat. But as he walked out of the room, holding a solved rubik’s cube in his hand, I thought that even if I did spend the rest of my life trying to fix my problems, I would probably just create more along the way and never be finished.

    By Ashley Flowers URL on 01.23.2011

  15. Finally, everything i have been working for has finished, she thought with a grin. She shrugged, pushing the small jacket off her shoulders and hanging it on the end of her chair.
    Alrighty, she decided. I think it’s time to stop.

    By lilly on 01.23.2011

  16. the problem was solved. What could we do. We had nothing to accomplish the solution with. I searched for the materials I didn’t know the location of. Was this really solved? What’s the point of a solution if you can’t use it?

    By sanaathetwin URL on 01.23.2011

  17. I’VE SOLVED IT! The matter of the matter is indeed this amazingly difficult problem that I have now solved. I have come up with such the genius concotion that I must find just the best way to describe it. As it is, it certainly deserves a proper introduction.

    By L. Anderson on 01.23.2011

  18. when a math problem appears on a page. it sits. and waits. waiting for what?
    to be

    By sarah on 01.23.2011

  19. solved is the answer to the question. The crime discovered. The criminal jailed. The problem that is no longer a mystery. A love that fills the hurt. A baby fed and changed…sleeping.

    By uglyuncle URL on 01.23.2011

  20. No solutions coming around
    the corners of my mind
    only dilemma
    and dilemma

    By Musing on 01.23.2011

  21. I don’t think I’ve solved anything in my life. I’m not myself. I’m not you. But, I’m not her either. I’m not quite sure what the equation is, but I just know I haven’t solved it. Otherwise, I’d feel smarter.

    By Claire on 01.23.2011

  22. Yesterday, I have spent over forty minutes doing trigonometry homework. Within those forty-one minutes, I managed to complete just twelve math problems. I do, however, feel that the program assigned by our teacher will be very effective.

    By Alex on 01.23.2011

  23. she solved her problem; he was angry but she didn’t care. This was her time, her desires were just as important as his…if not more.She’d been under his shadow for far too long, she was going to come out…with an explosion. He was going to be blown away. She wasn’t going to hide anymore, she wasn’t going to fear anymore.

    By Jessica on 01.23.2011

  24. I have solved the riddle in my mind. If he decides to lie to me so, it only means that he had never cared about me in the way I thought he did. He only cares what he feels and wants and not whether I am hurt in the process. No matter how much he says he cares about me he chooses to hurt me in the end rather than himself.

    By Donna Tang URL on 01.23.2011

  25. i solved a problem last night. this is a difficult problem, sort of like my stat class. i haven’t been to stat in a week. i’m probably so far behind but i don’t care. i am going to get a 4.0, so i should probably start going. this semester is going to be hard. another problem without a plan. my life is awesomeeeeeeeeeeee ::))

    By lydia on 01.23.2011

  26. creating a solution to the problems beset a human or other entity, the solution, or in a word, solved. it was “solved” by the person who solves. you have solved the solution of the writing exercise on, solved.

    By d gendron on 01.23.2011

  27. i solved a puzzle last night. It was 200 pieces. Average for a puzzle, I guess. It was a picture of a wizard dueling another wizard. Harry Potter and lord voldemort.

    By olivia on 01.23.2011

  28. i never seem to solve the problems im given. with life or love, or even as simple as math. but oh well. i got friends and that solves problems i dont have <3

    By Rita on 01.23.2011

  29. I thought I had it
    solved completely but it was
    only deception.

    By Constellation URL on 01.23.2011

  30. Oh my word. Problems. They need to be solved. As do mysteries.

    It’s much more romantic to be solving mysteries, don’t you think? I have always rather fancied myself a modern day Nancy Drew. I devoured those books as a child.

    By Linda on 01.23.2011

  31. problems are diffucult to solve when a mind isnt clear of what its suppost to do. I cannot solve the problem im having right now of now being able to type correctly as im typing this. I lvoe that i solved the problem i had with my oh so loved boyfriend that almost broke us apart, the fact that he wanted to solve it so bad made me realize he loves me with all his his hear.

    By estefani cruz on 01.23.2011

  32. a math problem that just keeps going on an on. like a situation that has no resolve. like the boy in class that just wont look back. so many things that are just left hanging. with no ending. your heart on an never ending string. nothing is completely solved.

    By Calli Hansen on 01.23.2011

  33. A tiny problem
    can be the only thing
    standing between
    inertia and
    Keep working
    until it is

    By Meredith @ thinkthinks on 01.23.2011

  34. The puzzle was brilliant. Madison and Mark were together glancing over the utter complexity of it’s design. They knew it would take effort and time, time they didn’t have or care to waste to solve the puzzle. However, to advance in the dungeon, it was needed, a necessity of survival that could touch the utmost insides of a person’s soul. Whatever lay at the end, was of the utmost priority.

    By TJ on 01.23.2011

  35. life’s solution? who could know?
    can there be any one?
    Surely that will never be solved.

    By Henry Shytles on 01.23.2011

  36. The detective never thought he would come across a case this mysterious. Almost the whole community was counting on him to have it solved and bring them justice.

    By Brooke Riewoldt URL on 01.23.2011

  37. I solved the puzzle and stared in amazement. It was SO SIMPLE. How was it that this very puzzle had me stumped for the better part of the day?
    Sometimes I think we complicate things and make more work for ourselves. The puzzle is, Why?

    I’ve solved THAT puzzle before I even ask it.

    By Kat on 01.23.2011

  38. the man solved all of the problems that he had ever faced. Going back to his childhood, it first started when his parents began to solve his problems for him. problems with the schoolyard bully? No big deal, Dad was there to solve the issue. Solving things began to happen quite a lot actually.

    By Charles Howick on 01.24.2011

  39. solved

    By Ian Lawton on 01.24.2011

  40. Everything was worked out now. I would go to his parents’ house for the first half of winter break, then I could go to my own home once Christmas was over. My parents were NOT happy – that was certain, but it was okay. They were just glad to see me at all, considering the only times I came by now were during Christmas and for one or two weeks over the summer.

    By Amy URL on 01.24.2011