January 23rd, 2011 | 331 Entries

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331 Entries for “solved”

  1. He sat staring at the paper, his heart beating a bruised tattoo into his chest. Gnawing the pencil, he set to work, losing himself in this world of abstract numbers. With a flourish, he tossed his pencil on the desk, finished.

    If only he could solve his other problems so easily.

    By SprawlingInk URL on 01.23.2011

  2. there is a reason I never solved many problems in my life. Once, I remember seeing a strangely beautiful flower and thought about the problems in my life. In the end, there is only you. But is that so? Once I remembered people telling me that God is the end all, be, all, the alpha and the omega. But all I see is this crismon flower. Maybe that is god.

    By Harrison Gearns on 01.23.2011

  3. the man who is unlucky

    By sandeep on 01.23.2011

  4. It all seemed too easy, the mystery had been solved and there was nothing else for him to do. Isn’t this always where it goes wrong in the movies? he thought.

    By Annemarie on 01.23.2011

  5. The way I see the world in a mundane unfortunate way befuddles me and causes me to dig deeper into sleep and wait…wait for a long distance relationship to blossom. The letter will come in the mail.

    By Bub183 URL on 01.23.2011

  6. I’ve solved it. The answer is varied depending on perspective.

    By Marianne URL on 01.23.2011

  7. Her problem was never going to be solved, she knew that now. She just wasn’t prepared to accept the other side of the argument. Sophie had tried to get it through to her, but Beth just wouldn’t budge from her stance.

    By Amimee URL on 01.23.2011

  8. You’d say the problem solved, the issue done, but I disagree. I do happen to find things quite broken here, but hey. This makes you happy right. Your puzzle pieces seem ok, just don’t look at mine, they’re still a mess. Messy little table of mine, don’t worry your little head love, yours is ok.

    By Julia on 01.23.2011

  9. s

    By Emily on 01.23.2011

  10. i wanna solve a rubics cube so badly but i suppose i need to buy one first but when i do im memorising how to solve a rubics cube and then gonna be like BAM suck it mofo and everyone will look at me in awe and it wont matter cause id walk away all amazing and i think the only way that can get better is a top hat.

    By laura on 01.23.2011

  11. I’ve solved it yes. The mysterious rhythm of my heart. For years it’s been mismatched and patched and placed together in odd patterns, but now I know I’ve got to go.

    By Sara on 01.23.2011

  12. I can’t think. This is the question that all of my friends lives are involved. I must solve this riddle. If I don’t they will be… Well I don’t want to think about what will happen if I this is not solved.

    By Luke URL on 01.23.2011

  13. The solution to life is irrelevant, meaningless. Solving the impossible makes life seem less full, more useless. The endless equation of lifeblood written upon the slate of the universe, spanning dimensions and eras with ease and conquest; competency, conscious thought, salvation from idiocy in it’s wake. Divine hath solved, lest ye continue on the path without meaning, without thought.

    By theimpact URL on 01.23.2011

  14. Math class in 6th grade will always be made a mockery of. My teacher couldn’t speak english well, we talked in slang and she couldn’t understand us. Then we would laugh.

    By Emma URL on 01.23.2011

  15. I wish I had it solved. I wish I knew how to fix us. I wish I could turn back the clock and do it right. I wish you didn’t hate me. I wish we were still best friends. I wish I was there, with you. I wish I had it solved.

    By Kaci URL on 01.23.2011

  16. It’s solved. Best friends and boyfriends cannot co-exist. It is not possible and never will be. Women, they’re jealous of everyone and everything. They cannot see another person be happy. And men, they’re the same but worse. They cannot give up the ones they love for anyone. When the two are forced to compete for the same person, its war.

    By Caitlin on 01.23.2011

  17. i once solved a case involving a man with one arm. when we figured it out we had realised it was all about timing. it will make you or break you. you see this one armed man was not really a man but my subconsious

    By melinda URL on 01.23.2011

  18. Yet another challenge in the longest of days- struggling to keep his wits, nerves frayed, temples throbbing, John wasn’t certain he was going to make it through this- like cutting wires to defuse a bomb, or fumbling for reserve air on the seabed, the consequences of failing this puzzle could not be solved in this lifetime.

    By jivehoneyjive URL on 01.23.2011

  19. Solved. She slipped on the ice and fell flat on her back hearing the crack as her head hit the ground. Now she wouldn’t have to go to the airport and meet that plane, she thought as blood oozed warm down the back of her neck. She hoped someone found her soon. She was feeling chilled on the ice and black spots were beginning to form before her eyes.

    By Amy URL on 01.23.2011

  20. problem solved everyone is the problem and i considered them to be solved. i got enough mental issue so dont be tryna add yo self to the equations just be apart of the solution. then my life it self can be solved.

    By Ariel URL on 01.23.2011

  21. He withdrew his broad stick from the mud and noted the odd creatures hanging from it.

    “That’s it,” he thought, “it’s solved.”

    By Ben on 01.23.2011

  22. the problem
    the case
    my life
    your life
    the poop
    fuck you
    dont think about it
    take it easy
    its not gonna take that long
    dont worry
    you will see
    guess what?
    oh my god

    By gema on 01.23.2011

  23. Cuando colgó el problema ya estaba resuelto. Tan solo hicieron falta unas dosis de humor y palabras cargadas de amabilidad para que la discusión se diese por zanjada. Una vez más consiguió enterrar el problema bajo montones de palabras acuradamente preparadas y que no prometían nada. Tan solo enterraban.

    (Solve: Resolver)

    By Adm Poulain on 01.23.2011

  24. I couldn’t believe how simple it was.
    Everything just seemed to click, leaving no room for doubt.
    I hadn’t realized before because I hadn’t WANTED to believe. I looked at him now, my face betraying a calm I didn’t feel.
    “It was you,” I whispered.

    By Elisha URL on 01.23.2011

  25. Sometimes I think every problem is solved with an apology or maybe an I love you. It works for me. When my girls say mom, I love you, I am sorry…problem solved.

    By janet URL on 01.23.2011

  26. the equation has been clinched; the numbers we now know, but you, i cannot figure out- i have nowhere to go. i’ve liked you for so long now, i cannot count the days, i’ve liked you for eternity; here, shall i count the ways? get out of my head, you bastard, you lovely, lovely boy. i haven’t solved a thing yet; it’s not my source of joy.

    By Alli, wordgypsy URL on 01.23.2011

  27. “Solved!” He shouted, dropping his pen in victory. No one listened though, only the instructor, for if he was wrong, they still had a chance and should they stop then they would be giving up a large advantage.
    “Not this time.” she said, flipping his page over and walking away. “Try again.”
    “Oh… Not solved.” he muttered, biting his lip and picking his pen up again. “Just a second, I’ve got this.”
    “SOLVED!” a young girl shouted from across the room. The instructor made her way over and picked up the paper.
    “Solved.” she agreed with a nod, and everyone stopped. Was it possible? Had the young girl really solved their problem?

    By Mandie URL on 01.23.2011

  28. there was a problem. No one knew where the little girl had come from, but there she lay, beaten and unconscious and no way to identify her. Jennifer helped the EMT lift her onto the gurney, amazed at how light the little body felt.

    By Jessica on 01.23.2011

  29. i like to go into the shop with many decisions surrounding me, ad find out what id like to buy, not wat i think i should buy, to over come te jaws of the media and marketing tactics, te hate bredding that is, shopping.. to buy something i really want , for me .. i usually leave with nothing

    By sam on 01.23.2011

  30. What to say about solved? I have solved arguments, but never something like a mystery or anything. I’m a pretty ordinary girl. I solve my own problems I guess. That’s all I really have to say. This word didn’t get me too spicy. Thank you

    By dandyjams URL on 01.23.2011

  31. love is such a wonderful things to share with others and with yourself. your life is about allowing all the grace that is available to you in each and every moment. go forth and enjoy the slendor of each moment and smile knowing that you are loved and appreciated.

    love is foundational to life, to healing, and to all creation on this planet and beyond…

    By mayana on 01.23.2011

  32. problems are solved. the best way to solve a problem is head on. and i hate math. its my least favorite subject ever.

    By Felicia Soard URL on 01.23.2011

  33. How long until our problems dissolve into the solved mysteries of the world?

    By Lindsey George on 01.23.2011

  34. Problem solved. I had picked up the boy as he walked home from school. He’d been engaging in “S&M” activities with my 16 year old daughter. I believe that one ride with me, her mother, in my bathrobe, hair askew, gun in my lap, probably solved the issue.

    By Disorderly URL on 01.23.2011

  35. the problem with the idea of having solved something is that it means you are stop at that point. but what if there is an (even slightly) better solution, and you never discover it because you got stuck on “solved” instead of “solving.”

    By Paula on 01.23.2011

  36. How many problems have been solved by inaction. Hope is not a plan — you have to consider your options, weigh possible outcomes and then act. That is the only way to really get to “problem solved.”

    By Paula on 01.23.2011

  37. Sometimes you don’t have to say it, think about it- just do it. And before you know it, the problem is solved- not by you, but by nature. The magic of time lets it all happen- like a carpet unfolding below your feet. It’s beautiful.

    By Peggy Mativo on 01.23.2011

  38. problems get solved everyday.. we sit and ponder on where to look.. before google …. it was a slow process .. but google has made solving problems easier … we can find anything

    all we need is a hint aword a time… and type it in.. google solved the problem

    By tincanalli on 01.23.2011

  39. Is anything ever completely solved?

    By Kelsoo URL on 01.23.2011

  40. I have solved the meaning of life. It’s quite simple really. Breathe. Just breathe. That’s really all you have to do. Everything else is just details. Keep breathing and you’re OK.

    By Dorothy on 01.23.2011