October 23rd, 2012 | 376 Entries

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376 Entries for “solution”

  1. is the answer to the problem, the one thing that can make it all better. a sense of clarity and closure.

    By erin on 10.23.2012

  2. She mixed the sulfuric acid into the solution. If she completed it correctly, she would have created a self-igniting cocktail, and maybe they would make it out alive. Scott took the bottle, and prepared himself to go out and face the Alpha alone. It was terrifying. He was sure to die. (TEEN WOLF REFERENCE)

    By Maya Celeste on 10.23.2012

  3. I walked down the aisle. I needed to find a solution to this. What was going to happen if I didn’t?! Oh god i didn’t want to think about it. The people in danger, my family, friends, what about THEM, oh god this was bad. I’m running out of time..tick quickly its going by

    By Shadow on 10.23.2012

  4. You are my rest. My quiet pool of water. The place where I lay my head down, where I take a deep breath, maybe even a sigh.

    By esky1118 URL on 10.23.2012

  5. My problem is that there is no solution. I keep searching for one, to ground myself in, an answer that will take away all my questions. But when I choose one side or the other, I’m not satisfied. When I choose in between, I need to pick an answer. I keep ending up undecided, but I have to realize that there isn’t a solution to my civil war.

    By LILYhibiku URL on 10.23.2012

  6. one page to write things about what? im not exactly sure what this is asking me to do….this is crazy. wtf wft……..i think its almost over…..not yet though…ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    By sean URL on 10.23.2012

  7. The solution for his problem was nothing other that Yoo Youngjae. His friemd and bandmate confused him too much, but soon he figured out that the “problem” he had was no othern than himself crushing on the latter. Daehyun shook his head.

    By jiyeon on 10.23.2012

  8. Solution. What an appropriate word for me. I need a solution. I’m ina mess. A bunch of trouble. I can’t find my solution. If only there was a solution for my problems. But now, isn’t everyone thinking the very same thing? And I believe there is a solution for each and every person. YOu just need to take the time to find it. What if I don’t want to find it? Sucks to suck. I need to find my solution.
    Just like you.
    Just like him.
    Just like her.
    Just like everyone.
    It’s out there, but it won’t be easy to find.

    By Kayla on 10.23.2012

  9. Something that solves anything; something that is possible. Everything has its own solution and everything can be fixed. People don’t have to worry about things that they shouldn’t worry themselves too much about because there is and there always be a solution.

    By Janeza on 10.23.2012

  10. The GRE’s are in ten days, and my study book has been opened twice. The page still stick together. My future lies in a closed book? Perhaps there is some meaning in that metaphor.

    By Clara on 10.23.2012

  11. Jinki never really knew how to fix anything. Everyone always thought he did, but he really didn’t. He just did what he thought would make less problems than what they had already. And really, that never worked very good anyway. It only worked because of the other members, because they actually listened, and added their own input. Jinki wasn’t the solution. The members were.

    By Alexilaihorox on 10.23.2012

  12. The solution to the problem is easy. Always love life, treat others with respect, never be afraid to do something different then what the usual is. It’s so difficult to be who you really are when so many people say it’s not okay.

    By Rachel on 10.23.2012

  13. She promisednherself she would find a solution. A solution to end her life, or to end her pain. But how could she? After she bared for so long, she dared gave up now. Her whole life led by unbroken promises she made to herself, by the mere illusion of somethig so unreal.

    By acastellanos URL on 10.23.2012

  14. Damn empty coffee dispenser. Frustrated, he tossed his styrofoam cup into the waste bin. No sleep in two nights and the page still blank. He heaved himself into the chair and leaned back, fingers kneading his eyes. Thick minutes slid by in the tiny office. There was no solution. Someone would be hurt. He had dug too deep, too quickly. It would be better if no one knew. Suddenly he jerked out of the seat and ran out the door. Street lights hid the stars. There was no god to blame. His fate, his fault. The river.

    By Doug URL on 10.23.2012

  15. A solution could be a substance, a math a equation, the resolution to a problem in life. It could result in positive or negative outcomes, but the one constant is that a solution always provides with results.

    By Ksenia on 10.23.2012

  16. The solution is nowhere to be found. What is it? Where do I look? Who do I ask? I am confused. Shouldn’t it be sitting on the pedestal next to my self denial? Where am I to go while I wade aimlessly in a pool of my own self pity and doubt.

    By sturmzie URL on 10.23.2012

  17. There is no solution to your problem but time, baby girl. So, raise that sweet little chin up and smile at this beautiful world we were blessed so graciously with. I promise you the best solution is time. Everything heals with time. Especially broken hearts.

    By mathildareese URL on 10.23.2012

  18. What a solution. Blocking all thoughts of creativity, individuality, and purity from my mind. No. Not a single fragile thought comes to mind. All such things flushed away with a pill. A happy pill. If that’s what it’s suppose to do, why don’t I feel happier? I just want my mind back, but i cannot go back to wear I was. Too dangerous.

    By Olivia URL on 10.23.2012

  19. There are always choices. No situation has only one possible solution, however, most only have one best choice. That is the solution. It means that a situation is solved to its highest capability

    By redglassesgirl on 10.23.2012

  20. There is no solution to all the issues of the world, so just quit trying to find the answer for every little thing. For once, accept that not everything has a solution, not everything can be fixed. Just live. That’s all that yo can do in life.

    By Sophia Ngo on 10.23.2012

  21. so there was a problem? Mayday! Mayday! What if you think you’re in need of a solution but…. You aren’t.

    By Effie on 10.23.2012

  22. I like thinking of how I figure out problems on my own and with others. Solutions are awensers like on a math or english or history test. Solution are a good thing.

    By Nicolas on 10.23.2012

  23. Sorry, the only thing I can think of is the smell of my mom’s new face wash, it smells like cleaning solution. Really gross.

    By labyrinthine on 10.23.2012

  24. Well I wonder if there is a solution to my main problem in life which is my inability to move forward and make progress… I can’t even progress in answering this question…

    By Kyle on 10.23.2012

  25. I can’t believe its not butter is not the solution to the lack of real butter.

    By SnyxOand URL on 10.23.2012

  26. Solution no I don’t have the solution! If I did trust me I’d be doing it! But no I’m starting to think that there is no “sound” solution only half ass attempts of trying to make a difference … Never really does though! It’s never really enough…

    By ldydai22 URL on 10.23.2012

  27. How did everything saw up so badly?
    The girl had given up on trying to suppress her tears, and let them flow free. Mucus glinted on her face, and she made a choking sound in her throat.
    Because sometimes, problems don’t have solutions.

    By ithinkhesalwayswonderful URL on 10.23.2012

  28. How did everything screw up so badly?
    The girl had given up on trying to suppress her tears, and let them flow free. Mucus glinted on her face, and she made a choking sound deep in her throat.
    Because sometimes, problems don’t have solutions.

    By ithinkhesalwayswonderful URL on 10.23.2012

  29. what is a solution to the problem of who we are. Is it even a problem, or is it only a solution of who you already are. Someone who is not in need of a solution because the problem does not exist. It is just who you have been the whole time. A problem covered in a solution or a solution covered in a problem.

    By Abigail Liss on 10.23.2012

  30. There is no tangible or permanent solution to anything. There is no remedy, no cure. Love and be loved. Laugh. Create. Enjoy. Do not look for a solution and you will not need one.

    By Luna URL on 10.23.2012

  31. Sometimes I really wish I had all the solutions. I really do. But trying to figure out those solutions is half the fun in life. So I guess I’m okay with not having all the solutions.

    By sarahorpurt URL on 10.23.2012

  32. The solution wont come easy. It will take hard work to find it. You must have a true friend with you to go along with you. There is no right answer, just a good answer

    By Khamal Iwuanyanwu on 10.23.2012

  33. He mixed and matched the solutions, and at the end of it all, he left his alchemists’ table to ponder. Was this right or was this wrong? Brewing a venomous concoction, this could lead to his head on a plate if the agents were not absolutely skilled for killing the king was no small feat.

    By Eric Harrell on 10.23.2012

  34. I’m not the solution, I’m the problem. I’m my own worse enemy. I need to get out of my comfort zone, this place where I feel secure, and explore my inklings and half-hashed ideas. That’s my true solution.

    By mkt4 URL on 10.23.2012

  35. There’s got to be a solution to this problem. Actually, there is, but of course I’m trying to find my own solution, something that will somehow get me a more positive result. But it’s impossible. Whatever happens now, I know that I have to move on. Sometimes you can fix things. But not always. Not this time, unless something changes.

    By Dane Rosengren URL on 10.23.2012

  36. I watched the sun over the hilly horizon. I heard their laughter behind me; I felt accepted. I had to get back to the bonfire; I had to get back to my friends. But I took a moment to enjoy the sun spilling its contents over the otherwise pure sky. The chatter faded, and I turned to watch them vanish from my sight. When they started needing the comfort of smoke to have any ounce of fun, I found my own solution. I left and never looked back.

    By Marissa URL on 10.23.2012

  37. I don’t have all the solutions. I don’t even know all the questions. Even if I did, I don’t think it would matter. Nothing would change. Being aware wouldn’t change anything at all.

    By kowen15028 URL on 10.23.2012

  38. There was none. He tried everything, so he just stuck with the longest one. As in the longest one that’ll take forever until he’ll find his own happiness. he was pursuing it because he had the right to, and it’s the longest journey he’s taking.

    By a boy named francisco URL on 10.23.2012

  39. Is there really a solution to anything or is life just one big problem? One that we have to figure out as we go and make sense of as we go through life. And if we ever really do find the solution who says its the right one? How is there a solution? It doesn’t make sense.

    By kierra duncan on 10.23.2012

  40. find a way to stop a 2 year old from crying out “mommy” over and over and over. Perhaps a stumble or two to pass the time away. Distraction is a great solution, but it won’t shut the kid up!

    By off centre creations URL on 10.23.2012